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Tom and Len have been friends for 7 years since they were 13 and both
have girlfriends. However their sexuality has developed in different

When you are young and in love sex is straight forward. You could say
"vanilla." As long as I was getting sex I was happy. When I came across
internet sites showing anything other than straightforward sex it was
interesting but I couldn't quite understand why people needed to dress
in leather, or have orgies to enjoy sex. All I needed was my cock in a
hole and I was in seventh heaven.

At 20, my life consisted of my job as a mechanic, Tanya, my 19 year old
girlfriend and some nights out with my long-term friend from school, Len
and his girlfriend Lisa. We always laughed at the "Len and Lisa"
scenario as my name was Tom so we also had a "Tom and Tanya."

I met Tanya two years after this event and quickly introduced her to my
two friends. We were soon going out at weekends in a foursome and headed
back to whoever had a house available (subject to parents going out for
the evening). Many a Saturday saw all four of us fucking in separate
rooms. We rarely met during the week and I knew that Len and Lisa went
out and also had other friends whom they met in the weekdays.

Tanya was a pretty and feminine little bundle. She oozed innocence
(thought she was a randy little whore when we were in bed.) Her short,
styled blonde hair and fair skin turned a few heads and when she
"dressed to kill" I enjoyed the attention she got in the pub. Len's
Lisa, was a different kettle of fish. She had a piercing in both ears and
also through her lip, she liked dark colours and her dark hair had light
orange streaks. She looked like she would do the business without
blinking which, according to Len, she did. She was taller than Tanya and
quite slim. Her breasts were smaller but firm and she loved either long
black dresses or black trousers. She was attractive but I hadn't really
given her much notice as I had Tanya and Len was my friend. The closest
thing to thinking sexually about them was on the occasion when we were
shagging in separate rooms and I often had a hankering to look and watch
them as they shagged. The thought brought me to a climax many times but
that was it -- a thought.

It was a Saturday night and we had changed pub to a slightly trendier one
in the town centre. The music was better and we had obtained a great spot
to sit. We had been chatting to others and the bar had more traffic than
our regular. It looked more of a "pick-up" bar in that there were more
singles. Len and I had gone off to the toilet and were to get a round of
drinks on our return. It was well on in the evening, probably about 11.00
pm and we had been drinking steadily since 8.00 pm. We weren't drunk but
were certainly merry.

Len and I, chatting as blokes do, came out of the toilet and joined the
throng at the bar for the drinks. I looked over to see that the girls
were ok and was surprised to see two young black guys sitting either side
of them. The guys were smart and were not being objectionable but it was
obvious they were trying to chat the girls up. Lisa was in full bloom,
touching the guy beside her on the arm, smiling and laughing. Tanya
looked slightly more uncomfortable with the situation but was noticeably
blushing. I nudged Len to have a look. In his slightly inebriated state,
it took him a moment to latch on to what I meant then he looked over.

He smiled and laughed, "That should please her, she hasn't had a black
guy yet!"

"How do you know," I asked?

"Cos we haven't met one," he replied.

"We," I was missing something here?

"She'll be fine," he said changing the subject.

I was concerned so kept a close watch. Tanya's guy was sitting beside
her and she was obviously enjoying the chat but kept looking at me and
shrugging with a "what can I do" look? The situation was somehow erotic
and I didn't know why. I should have been angry or at least annoyed
enough to go over and clarify the situation but I hung back watching this
tall attractive and slim guy making a move on Tanya. At one point he
touched her knee and as his leg moved round, I found my eye drawn to his
crotch area and wondered what his cock would be like.

The drinks came, the spell was broken and we went across. The guys looked
at us and, realised the situation and immediately stood up to apologise.
We smiled and they shook our hands to head off up to the bar for a drink
and the evening continued though Len and Lisa chatted very animatedly in
private for a short time. We then got back into our stride.

About 45 minutes later, Len again went off to the toilet and I stayed
with the girls. He was gone about 15 minutes and I assumed he had gone
for more drinks. I looked around and could just make out his back at the
other side of the bar. I realised he was talking to the two young black
lads and assumed they were just continuing the joke about them chatting
up our girls. He returned about 5 minutes later and smiled at Lisa,
nodding. She smiled back.

Now I was very curious. When we left and returned to our venue for this
particular evening, Lisa's parents' house, we continued our drinking. I
made a point of finding time with Len and asked him what he had meant by
"we" when he spoke about Lisa never being with a black guy. He then
said in a slurred voice, "But I'm rectifying that."

Now I was curious. I had a feeling what he meant but this was my best pal
and I knew nothing of these thoughts and I had to know.

"Come on Len you've said plenty and now I want to know everything."

"Can't," he replied, "I promised Lisa we wouldn't."

"I'm you best pal for Christ's sake!"

"Yes and you're my plain Jane best pal aren't you. Tanya would blow a
fuse if I told you."

"Right," I said," that's it. Tell me right now what is going on."

"Fuck, you need to keep quiet," he mumbled as he headed over to close
the kitchen door.

"We've been swinging!"

"Eh," said I looking a right idiot. "You're only 20 for God's sake,
only kinky old farts swing."

"Oh that's where you're wrong," said Len. "I just love seeing Lisa
being fucked by another man and tonight I have organised for one of these
black guys to come round and fuck her brains out tomorrow."

I was struck dumb. I spluttered out "How do you meet^�^�where to you
go^�^�what type of people^�^�..what do you do?"

"Don't tell me you've never looked at Tanya and wondered what she
would look like being fucked by a stranger. I'll tell you I've looked
at Tanya and wanted to bury my cock in her."

Now I was struck dumb. Suddenly a picture of Lisa with a black guy's
cock in her flashed across my mind followed by one of Tanya naked next to
her and the other guy embedded in her.

Len was on a roll. "Sometimes when you stay over and you're fucking
Tanya next door, I wish I could just walk through with my cock in hand
and watch your big dick sink into her. You always did have a bigger dick
than me. Then I would want to push you aside and shag her brains out."

My cock was brick hard. It had slowly grown without me even noticing it.
Len then made me jump by squeezing it and saying, "Just as I thought.
Wouldn't you love me to fuck Tanya?"

"She wouldn't do it," I said.

"Have you asked her," he replied?

We stood in silence for a few moments.

"Tom," he said, "if you can escape tomorrow night, why don't you come
round here at 8 o'clock and watch the fun or even join in. Lisa fancies
you and has no guilt conscience I can assure you."

The door opened and Tanya came in followed my Lisa. I jumped, looking
really guilty.

"Come on you lazy buggers," came the voice of Lisa from behind,
"bedtime. I need my rations."

We headed to our separate rooms and after showering, I was thankful that
Tanya was a little worse for wear. I shagged her and she seemed to climax
but I didn't. It was a twin bedroom with the two beds pushed together so
Tanya very quickly rolled to her side and was soon sleeping deeply. Not
so with Len and Lisa. I could hear them warm up, and the sloppy sounds of
cock being sucked and vagina being licked. I was hard.

I slipped out of the bed and walked quite noisily back to the bathroom at
the opposite end of the hall from their bedroom. I then flushed and
walked back, opened our bedroom door but didn't close it fully, standing
just inside instead of going back to bed. I heard them start again and
gently walked into the hall to listen. I could hear Lisa in a loud
whisper saying, "Yes, fuck me. Tomorrow I'll have a big black dick
inside me." I touched my hard cock and it shot cum everywhere. It was
over 10 painstaking minutes before I could remove with my t-shirt, the
liquid running down Lisa's parents' hallway wall and then carefully
tiptoe back to bed.

In the morning, well almost afternoon, we had some cereal and prepared to
leave. As I left, Lisa said to me alone, "Maybe see you later then

I smiled as Tanya approached and we left. As Tanya and I walked back to
her house I said to her, "How did you feel when those guys were chatting
you up last night?"

"Flattered," she replied "actually slightly embarrassed and

"Do you know that Lisa wanted one of them to have sex with her while Len
was present," I said.

"I had a feeling those two weren't quite as squeaky clean as they
sometimes portray," she said. "Lisa has often asked me how I would feel
about sex with another man or two men."

"What did you say," my heart skipped as I asked?

"I couldn't really answer," she said. "I could do it if I fancied the
guy and we weren't still together but I couldn't offend you."

"And if I said it turned me on," I said?

"Maybe, if the guy was right and you were horny enough." She looked up
at the sky and repeated, "Maybe."

"What about Len?"

"Actually I quite fancy Len but he's your friend and Lisa's boyfriend
so that kind of blocks him out. Mind you sometimes when we are next door
to them having sex, I get turned on listening while we are doing it."

"SO DO I," I almost screamed.

We reached her door and she kissed me before heading inside, the
conversation left hanging in the air.

At six o'clock, I sat in my room in my briefs and t-shirt, playing
around on my computer and stroking a very stiff 8 inches through the
fabric. "I could be fucking Lisa in two hours," I thought.

My conscience was saying a definite "No!" Tanya would be hurt and it
might also scupper any chances of developing her for a foursome with them
in the future. I had a shower anyway and pulled on some fresh jeans and
shirt. At 7.15 pm I called through to my parents and told them I was
going for a walk. Somehow at 7.45 pm I was across from Lisa's parents'
house. They were away to Minorca for a week so Len and Lisa were playing
"house" in their absence. I walked up and down until 8.15 pm and then,
in a moment of madness, I knocked on their door.

Len opened it almost immediately. "Oh Tom -- wow -- hi"!

I entered and found him and Lisa sitting alone on the couch drinking a
bottle of wine. It seems the black guy had sent a text to delay the meet
for a couple of days. I had a glass of wine and we stood around slightly
awkwardly. Lisa then asked if I had told Tanya about them. I told them I

"Is she game," Lisa asked?

"She might be," I replied.

"Well see what she's missing," said Lisa as she grabbed Len's crotch
and started to kiss him.

"I'd better go," I said, "and leave you two to it."

Lisa stood up and walked over to me. She kissed me deeply as I stood like
a statue. She groped my cock which reacted (partly due to an afternoon of
self stimulation).

"Bloody Hell Len, you didn't tell me this boy was hung," she said as
she dropped to her knees and unzipped my jeans. She fished inside and
pulled my semi-hard cock out of the fly front of my knitted boxers and
devoured it with her mouth. Len looked on, stroking the front of his
pants. I knew I was going to do it at that point. My cock went to full
mast as Lisa slurped and commented on how beautiful it was.

"I'm so fucking rampant," she said. My jeans were at my ankles and my
shorts followed. Lisa was a bitch on heat, licking up and down my cock,
pulling back the loose foreskin and sucking the head. She licked my balls
and even ran her tongue under near to my hole. She was hot stuff. Len had
stripped and was stroking his cock. It looked to be between 6 and 7
inches and much as I remembered it from school. Lisa was wiggling out of
her clothes without letting my cock go. She ended up in black bra and
briefs. Len came over and undid the bra cupping his hands around her
petite but perfectly balanced tits. They turned up slightly at the end,
her nipples looking up at me. He rubbed his cock against her back.

"You're going to fuck her and I'm going to watch you," he said.

She stood up to kiss me again, allowing Len the opportunity to pull her
briefs off. Her pubic hair was neatly waxed and trimmed into a "V"
shape. I slid my finger into her. She was dripping wet and two fingers
slid in easily. Len's cock slid between her legs and I felt the tip with
my fingers as he pushed against them. Her juices coated the head of his
cock. He was also not circumcised though the skin slid back giving the
impression that he was. I gripped his cock and pushed the head gently
into the entrance of her cunt. She moaned.

I stepped out of my jeans and pants and pulled off my t-shirt. Len came
around and knelt with Lisa. I was amazed that he gripped my cock and
shared the sucking with her. My cock popped from one mouth to another.
This amazed me. In our games at school we had never done anything like
this. His relaxed manner suggested that this wasn't his first time to
suck cock. Lisa lay on the floor and I knelt across her shoulders putting
my cock, once more into her mouth. Len prepared to fuck her. He lifted
her legs and entered her.

Lisa wrapped her legs around Len and he started to hump. I HAD to watch.
I stood up and stroked my cock as I watched the two of them. Len was an
attractive guy and I hadn't realised how sexy it was to watch another
man's buttocks pumping in and out of a woman, the muscles contracting as
he did so. I knelt beside them and watched the actual penetration before
moving down to take Lisa's nipples one at a time into my mouth. The
nipples were brick hard, like little nuts on the end of her tits. I
cupped each breast as I sucked and Lisa howled as Len fucked her. They
obviously enjoyed an audience.

"Let me have his big cock Len, "she said.

Len withdrew and stood up. He went to his wallet and took out a condom. I
was glad of that. I went to take it from him but he opened it for me. He
then stretched the top and placed it over my cock. The sensation of his
rough hands holding my stiff cock as he pulled on the condom was
electric. Lisa watched and when she saw me, she opened her legs and
stretched her vagina lips wide. I bent over and licked her out, the
thrill of her cunt being so wide after fucking really got me going. My
cock stood out like some independent body with a mind of its own. This
was it!

I turned Lisa over and spooned in behind her. Gripping my cock I slid it
into her from behind, a position I had always loved. It was a little
tight at first and she gasped but slowly my cock slid in, lubricated by
the mixture of my saliva and her flowing juices. I started to fuck. She
gasped with each push. Len stood, glassy eyed, watching while he stroked
his cock. He knelt before her and pushed his cock into her mouth making
her gasps as I fucked her sounds slightly odd with a mouthful of meat. He
pulled back out again and lowered himself until his face was tight beside
her cunt. He said how much he loved being close up as she was being
fucked. Then he started to lick me as I fucked her. He licked her
clitoris as it bobbed in and out, then my cock, and then licked my balls.

"Len I'm not going to last, I'm really sorry," I said.

He slid more comfortably into a `69' position with his face still at
Lisa's cunt and his cock in her mouth. She gripped and started to wank
him as I began my climax. I stopped fucking then thrust, then stopped and
thrust. Lisa went over the edge and started to whimper like an injured
animal as my balls emptied into the condom and Len's tongue licked my
balls. As my cock slipped out, he put his mouth straight over the warm,
filled condom and started to suck my covered cock. He came over Lisa's
face and mouth.

Everything went silent, except for the sound of heavy breathing as we all
slowly came down to earth.

"Who needs a black man," said Lisa, trying not to drip Len's cum on to
the carpet.

When we were dressed, they both promised not to tell Tanya but made me
promise I would try to talk her into sex with them the following week. I
certainly didn't need convincing. Having seen how excited Len was
watching Lisa, I knew I really wanted to see Tanya with another man and
Len would be ideal.

It didn't work out as planned though. Tanya was keen but scared and I
couldn't talk her into sex with them the following week. Strangely Tanya
wasn't scared of having sex with Len; it was Lisa's presence that
bothered her. She didn't fancy having sex in front of another woman
(something that would have really turned me on). Tanya also didn't want
to do things behind Lisa's back. I so wanted Len to fuck her!

Then things went a bit haywire when Lisa and Len had an argument over her
going on holiday with friends and she stormed off for two weeks leaving
him alone. We met him on the Saturday night a few hours after she had
left and he was sinking a few pints. I suggested we head off to the other
pub or he was just going to sit and drink and he agreed. Tanya was in
very relaxed mood and I kept whispering to her that this could be her
chance to get Len to fuck her. She didn't say "no."

Tanya's parents were away for the weekend so we had a place for the
night. All I had to do was to talk Len into it (without Lisa) and make
sure Tanya didn't chicken out. At about 10.30 pm trying to sound as
casual as I could, I said I was getting a bit short of cash and perhaps
we ought to crack a bottle or two at Tanya's parents place.

"Cool," said Len. If he had an idea then he certainly wasn't letting
on. We were back there in 15 minutes and I wasted no time in suggesting
we have a few more drinks. Tanya changed out of her "party" gear as she
didn't want to crush it any more. After a quick shower she came back
into the lounge in flimsy top and loose fitting shorts and said, "Hope
you don't mind Len, I feel better in these!"

"No, cool," he said as he carried on talking. I decided to follow her
example and had a quick shower.

When I returned, I realised I was no longer the predator. Tanya was
obviously getting hot about the idea as she had moved over to sit on the
floor between Len's legs as we watched television. He lay back on the
couch and her head was placed using his balls as a cushion.

"Keep doing that Tanya and the pillow won't be so soft," he said.

She rolled over on to her knees facing him and buried her face in the
crotch of his jeans. "Will this help," she said?

He looked at me as if to say, "This isn't my doing," and I smiled
approvingly. His cock was definitely rising. Tanya slipped off her top
revealing her lovely little tits, and then without a word, slid off her
panties and shorts, standing naked in front of him. She leaned over and
kissed him. "I want your cock," she said.

Just hearing these words leave her lips brought my cock to full erection.
I stripped naked so that the pair off us stood in front of a fully
dressed Len. Tanya started to strip him and he helped, lifting his back
up to allow his pants and boxers to be pulled down. His cock was almost
fully erect and it raised then flopped to one side as she completed his
strip. As soon as his clothes were discarded her mouth wrapped around his
cock which soon reached it's full potential. He took control of her and
laid Tanya on the floor, licking and kissing her naked body. I stood
wanking my cock as I watched them. He summoned me over and took my cock
in his mouth. I saw Tanya's eyebrows rise. She hadn't expected this!

He flipped her over on all fours and started to lick from her arse to her
cunt from the rear. He then took his cock and rubbed it in his own saliva
up and down her parted legs. I stuck my cock in her mouth and she sucked.
Len went back to licking her and judging by the groans, he was going to
bring her off without even sticking his cock inside her. She was bucking
and whimpering as he worked on her clitoris with his tongue. He grabbed
his jacket and pulled a condom out of his wallet, ripped the packet and
stretched it over his cock. From the rear he entered her easily. His
fucking was quite frantic. He held her hips tightly and hammered his cock
into her cunt from the rear. The slopping sounds of her juices only
helped to arouse me.

I tapped his arm and he pulled out quickly allowing me to enter her with
only a two second gap. I forced my cock straight into her, such was my
heat and I started to continue where Len had left off. I fucked her with
no mercy and then withdrew, flipped her over and opened her legs to stick
it in from the front. This allowed Len to stick his cock in her mouth.
She sucked, mewed and gasped all at the same time as he face fucked her
and I rammed my cock into her wet cunt. Len reached over, grabbed me by
the back of the head as we faced each other over Tanya's body, and
kissed me. The shock, made me start to recoil but he forced my face on to
his lips and his tongue into my mouth. He knew I was trying to pull off
but he held tight. His tongue was exploring my mouth, the taste of beer
on his breath. When he was done, he pulled his mouth off me, the sound of
a gasp from me as he did so, then dropped his face to Tanya to do exactly
the same with her. Tanya came a noisy, loud climax as I fucked her
ruthlessly and Len kissed her.

I was going to cum. There was little I could do to control it and I said
so. I pulled my cock out as the first shots started and they traced from
my exit at her cunt and then started spurting up her body. Some hit her
tits and one hit the space between their two mouths. Len knelt upright,
taking his cock in his hands. His cock went off like an express train.
Large arcs of thin milky liquid spewed out of his cock, covering poor
Tanya's face and tits. She was awash with our mixed cum, the warm liquid
mixing on her body.

As we slowly stood up and I went for some towels, I looked back at my
Tanya. Her cunt was lying open and red, her entire body was awash with
cum, and her mouth was slightly reddened by the aggressive kissing from
Len. Even her tits had red marks with his large hands holding them. I
thought she might have been upset at the amount of aggression but her
smile and comments of, "that was the best," reassured me.

After we had partially dressed and had some coffee in hands, Tanya then
said she thought one was enough, and then two would be good but after
this she might manage an extra one or two. It seemed I now had my slut
and couldn't wait to try her out again.

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