Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became bi........... part 5

Once again, thanks to all of those who have responded. You've fueled my
incentive to continue !
For those of you that have asked if I ever got around to having anal sex
with Ken, I told you yes, and here's how it happened (At least going in this
direction. Going the other way is another story).

By the time we get to part 5, both me and Mary had enjoyed the bi-sexual
aspect of our 4-somes with Ken and Leslie so much, that we start to have sex
with them independently.

One night, when I was away from home, due to work, Mary spent the night with
Leslie. Their desire was to have lesbian sex with each other, without any
interuptions. Ken was told he could watch, but not touch. The two of them
made love in every way two women can, including fucking each other with
vibrators and a strap-on dildo. "Poor Ken" had to sit back and stroke his
dripping cock.

Of course, once Mary had "the dick" strapped on, and had gotten the hang of
using it on Leslie, she wanted to use it on Ken. She said that Leslie "held
him open" as she pushed the lubricated rubber cock into his ass and fucked
him with it. The girls brought the evening to a close by having "poor" Ken,
jack-off while they watched. Mary said he shot three ropes of cum clear
up to his nipples.

My excitement with her story about her night at Ken and Leslies house was
obvious. We were in bed at home......... I was laying on my back, as she
stradled my legs. In her position, it was as if my cock was extending out
from between her legs and belonged to her. While she talked about fucking
first Leslie and then Ken, she was looking down at "her cock" and jacking it
off with a slow, tight, twisting motion, using both of her lubricated hands.

She looked right into my eyes and said.......... I'm going to shoot my cum
all over your face !

She almost did ! The first wad hit me in the throat and the next three,
painted lines of thick jiz across my chest and stomach. She continued to
milk my cock and watched as the cum oozed out over her fingers.

Looking back up at me, she lifted her hand to her mouth and after licking my
cum from her fingers, she smiled and said............. you taste just like

Three days later.................. I was home and had the day off. So did
Ken and he was obviously glad I called. He was just as anxious as I was, to
go over that nights action and invited me over to talk about the exciting

After arriving at his house and getting a cold beer from the kitchen, we
went into the living room to talk about what happened. My cock was half
hard from anticipating the story and what I knew was going to happen.

As Ken filled in some of the details about what he saw that night, I had to
unbutton my pants to free my quickly bending erection. I continued to
massage my cock as he detailed how he watched his wife suck Marys cunt and
asshole from behind, in preperation to fucking her in both holes with her
hand held vibrator.

I was ready to get started ! I got up and moved to where Ken was sitting
and held my hard cock in front of his face. Neither of us said anything as
he looked at it for moment. Then he reached out and took a hold of the
shaft. I felt his grip tighten and watched as the head turned purple and
swelled in size and a drop of clear precum showed itself at the hole. Ken
lightly licked the bead from the tip and tasted it for a moment before
moving his mouth down over the tightly swollen head.

It felt good. I had to start concentrating on not cumming and making sure I
controled the stimulation or this would be all over way too soon.

I pulled back and told him I wanted to see his cock. We were both out of
our clothes in seconds, and went straight into a 69 on the carpeted living
room floor. For the next 10 minutes or so, I enjoyed leisurly sucking Kens
balls and sack and then moved to his cock, where I basicaly just let him
fuck my mouth while controling his movement enough that he wouldn't push too
far down my throat.

I found myself thinking that I was really enjoying this. I was on my back
with Ken on top. He had my legs hooked behind his arms and pulled back
toward my chest as he buried his face into my ass. I could feel him sucking
on my hole and pushing his tongue into me and I could taste the increased
flow of his juices as he really got into what he was doing.

I noticed a slight change in the flavor of his cock as he fucked my mouth
and then......... it was filling up with his cum.

I swallowed a couple of mouth fulls and then it was over. He rolled over
onto his side and his cock slid out of my mouth. I heard him say.........
fuck, that was good !

As he rolled over onto his back, I watched his still half hard cock fall
across the top of his leg and a thick glob of cum ooz out. As it started to
drip down onto his leg, I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth. Adding
it's texture to rest of his jiz, already coating the inside of my mouth and

After a couple minutes rest, I noticed Ken was still at least half hard. He
had started playing with my cock again was starting to go down on me when I
made a sugestion. I said.......... I wanted to do some of the things that
the girls had done. He said.......... Ok ! What do you want to do ?

I told him to go get the vibrator and some lube. He smiled and said.......
be back in a minute.

While he was gone in search of Leslies toys, I decided it was time to get
rid of some of the beer we had been drinking and got up and headed for the
bathroom. My cock had gone down enough to allow me to take a comfortable
piss and I was watching and listening to a heavy stream arc down into the
toilet, when Ken walked into the room. He smiled and said........ sounded
like there was a horse in here. Thought I'd better come in and investigate.

He watched as I finished and waited for the last drops to fall into the
toilet. When I was done, he smiled and held up Leslies torpedo shaped
vibrator and said........ look what I found.

I reached down to flush the toilet, but he stopped me and said........ I've
got to go too.

I watched him aim his still swolen cock and waited for him to start. It
took a couple of seconds but soon he was flowing a thick stream into the
water. I bent down close and started to teasingly run my fingers across his
cock to see if I could make him stop pissing. He put his hand on top of
my head and said...stop that you fucker or I won't be able to finish. I
thought about sucking him into my mouth, right then and there ( I had tasted
my wife before and liked it) but I thought better of it and backed off to
let him finish.

>From there we moved into the bedroom where the girls lesbian adventure had
taken place.
I said............ get on the bed Mary. Leslie is going to take care of
you............ :-)~

I followed him onto the bed on all fours and my hands went directly onto his
ass cheeks, spreading him to expose his hole. I took in the sight for a
moment and enjoyed the clean but slightly musky smell. I ran my tongue
across the puckered opening and felt it tighten, and then loosen again, as I
pushed my tongue inside past his initial resistance. I could feel Ken
pushing his hips back at me. A sure indication he liked what I was doing.
I was just doing what I had learned over years of trying to please my female
partners and so far from what I could tell, there wasn't any difference from
Kens asshole and his wife, Leslies.

I have always enjoyed oral sex. I've been told by several women that I've
eaten their pussy better than anyone else had ever done, and of
course............. I believed them......... ;-)~

Having always tried to find what worked best for each individual, I always
paid attention to what consistantly got a good response. I've found that
with almost all women, some type of anal stimulation at the right time
during oral sex, will get them off. Sometimes that's no more than a light
touch of the finger tip, some times deep penitration and then slowly pulling
it back out as they approach orgasm.

I had learned to appreciate the wonders of a sensitive asshole and it's no
wonder to me that a guy would enjoy the same stimulation.

With that in mind, I dribbled some of the lubricant onto Kens hole and
started sliding a finger into him. Within a minute he was ready for the
vibrator and I fucked him slow and deep with it for another minute before I
turned it on.

He was enjoying the hell out of this and was rocking back onto a full 8
inches worth of this rubber device as I held it in place and watched his
stretched open hole move over the shaft.

I felt him reach back and touched me to see if I was hard. I was !

He said....... Steve...... would you put your cock in my ass ? I want to
feel you cum in my ass !

Without hesitation I pushed my cock into a mans ass for the first time. He
was loosened up from the vibrator (and probably Leslies strap on) and I
easily slid all the in.

After going slow and carefully at first, soon I was pumping smoothly all the
way in and out. His ass was warm and tight and as I recalled fucking Leslie
just like this before, I filled his ass, just like I did hers.

Afterwards as we chatted about our turn of good fortune, he told me thanks.
He said he had wanted to experience that for years and would tell Leslie
when they were in bed later, that his ass was full of my cum.

Well that's the story of the first time I had anal sex with another man.
Who would have thunk it ? Not me !

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