Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Man Makes Amends With A Husband

Years ago, at the age of 44, I met a woman at my workplace with whom I
began a hot and passionate love affair. She was 28, married with two young
boys ages 4 and 6, and with a husband, Mike, 35 serving several years in
prison for drug convictions. I too had been married for 15 years, but had
no children. The affair continued without any difficulty for almost a year
when her husband was suddenly released on parole. When her husband returned
he soon found out about our relationship and "all hell broke loose." He
ordered her to stay away from me, which she didn't do, and he ordered me to
stay away from her, which I didn't do.

Rhonda and I continued the affair as secretly as we could, while her
husband, Mike, sought to win his wife back fully. Rhonda had avoided sex
with Mike, but finally relented to his demands. In the end she made him
move out of her apartment, which then caused Mike to call my wife, Mary,
and tell her of my ongoing affair with Rhonda. Even after all of that,
Rhonda and I managed to get together for passionate sex as often as
possible, which finally resulted in her becoming pregnant with my child.
Mike was furious, hurt, and disbelieving of how all of these goings on had
ended up. Rhonda filed for divorce, and Mike was resigned to the
inevitable. His wife was going to have another man's child...my child, and
there wasn't anything he could do about it.

As for myself, I did not leave my wife, as she decided to stick it out and
go on with our lives. Mary had become pregnant some 4 months before I'd
gotten Rhonda pregnant, and had our son, Jonathan. Rhonda finally gave
birth to a son, David, and I supported and visited him regularly. At the
same time Mike continued his relationship with his two boys, and he
regularly was at Rhonda's to visit them, pick them up, and help his ex-wife
in ways intended to help her with their boys.

After about a 18 months, when Mike's anger and grief had subsided, he and I
were able to amicably communicate about what had happened, and what was now
going on in all our lives. Of course, he didn't know that Rhonda and myself
were still regularly having sex, and that our affair had not totally cooled
or ended. It was during this time that I began to feel strong pangs of
guilt...remorse for what I'd done to Mike...and to my wife. I was secretly
trying to sort out in my mind what I could do to make it up to Mike. What
would allow this man to feel better about what I'd done to him...to
eliminate his humiliation, to allow him to feel that he was now above it
all...and most of all, above me, better than me, had finally bested me.

It then began to grow in my mind....a sort of kinky yet very surprisingly
erotic seed of thought. I could give Mike a blow-job! Rhonda had told him
of how great she thought sex was with me. She'd told him that we'd done
"everything." Mike had been very curious and insistant that she reveal
details about our lovemaking and physical experiences to him...which she
did. It had infuriated, humiliated and aroused him all at the same time,
although he didn't dare admit to it.

Rhonda had also told me quite a bit about Mike. She'd said that he was a
premature ejaculator. He couldn't help cumming in less than 2 minutes. It
was always a "slam-bang-thank-you-maam" thing when they had sex. He was so
excited when he got inside of his wife that he went off like gang- busters,
noisily and violently squirming and wriggling on top of her. He even got
himself circumsized shortly after they married, so that he might not cum so
fast, but it hadn't made much difference. He still went off way too
quickly...long before Rhonda could begin to be satisfied. Mike even would
cum while he ate her pussy...often in his boxer shorts, if he was wearing
them. Rhonda said that he came a whole lot, but that his semen was more
runny than mine..."Yours stays in a lot better than his does," she once
said. Mikes cum would run out of her and down her legs very soon after
she'd get out of bed and stand up.

To describe Mike....he was 35 years old, 178 lbs., only 5'2" tall, very
stocky so that his fellow inmates in prison nicknamed him "fireplug." He
was prematurely balding and sligtly gray haired. His penis was about 6 1/2"
cut, but not as thick as my 7" cut...so Rhonda had told me. Mike was fairly
hairy all over, and had a very light...even pale complexion. He also wore

Attitude-wise, Mike had told his wife that he'd never been into any male to
male sexual activities... that it turned him off. He also once told her
that he rarely jerked off...maybe a reason why he came so fast? All these
things I knew about this man about whom I was entertaining thoughts of oral

I began to get excited just contemplating giving Mike a blow-job...maybe
even swallowing the guys semen. I'd never ever done anything like
that...only jerked off a 13 year old friend when I was 14 or 15, in
exchange for the same service. He'd wanted to mutually suck, but I'd felt
that it was to "homo" a thing for me to do. Now, here I was planning on how
to approach my mistress's ex-husband for gifting him with oral
service. Wow..what a hot turn of events!

About a week after my idea for sucking off Mike, the opportunity presented
itself. Rhonda was out of the apartment for most of the day, and the boys
were with her. Mike had dropped by to fix something in the kitchen, and I
had come by to pick up David who was fast asleep having just been put down
for his afternoon nap. Mike greeted me amicably when I arrived, and we
chatted about trivial things for a few minutes. It was then that I began to
express what was on my mind.

I began "Mike, I know that I really hurt you, and that I messed up your
life after you'd just gotten out of prison. I also know that there's not
much that I can say to make up for it all. But let me ask you
something. How would you feel about me giving you the chance to get back at
me without you having to do anything but letting me please you?" Mike
looked me in the eye and asked "please me how?" I said "well...please you
in a very personal, very intimate way. This isn't to say that what I would
do will be saying anything about you that you wouldn't like...it's not like
that. What I want to do for you is going to be a good way for you to feel
justified...for the wrong I did you to be avenged, if you'd like to think
of it that way." He was looking slightly befuddled, but very curious about
what I was hinting. He said "just what is it you want to do for me to make
up for you and Rhonda's goings on?" I looked him in the eyes and said
"Mike, I want to service you orally. I want you to let me give you a
blow-job...or maybe even more than one blow-job, whatever you feel I should
do to make you feel better about what I've done to you....to humiliate me
some that way."

There, I'd said it. I'd made my proposal. Mike stared at me for a few
seconds, and then said. "My God. Are you serious?" He was sitting on the
couch wearing a t-shirt, short pants and sandles...bare footed and without
socks. His short hairy rough skinned blemished legs of a prematurely aging
man were evident. He sort of shifted his weight and squirmed for a moment,
and he closed and opened his rough masculine legs...rubbing them together
briefly. I could swear a slight tenting was ocurring in his pants. I
answered "yes, Mike, I'm really serious. I want to give you a blow-job if
you let me. I've never done it for anyone, and I don't want my wife to
know. But I'll not object to you telling Rhonda if you want to....to help
make it more humiliating to me, if it helps you.

Mike then asked "When do you want to do it?" I said "Now, if you'd like. We
can go into the bedroom and lock the door. Nobody will know. It's ok for
you to cum in my mouth, Mike. I want you to. I'll even swallow your load if
you want me to. You don't have to do anything...just enjoy it. I want you
to let me submit to your pleasure, Mike. Just use my mouth...it's my way of
righting the wrongs I did to you as best I can think of."

Mike arose from the couch as I followed him into the bedroom. As he walked
ahead of me, I couldn't take my eyes off the man's hairy rough stocky
legs....his large knees, and thighs. I was about to let this man ejaculate
in my mouth! I was going to be hearing and feeling him when he has an
orgasm...wow! What is it going to be like? What's he going to say? Rhonda
said that he cums alot, and that he makes "A lot of noise when he cums."
What's he going to taste like? She'd never told me about how he tasted.

We closed and locked the bedroom door, and Mike stood by the bed, unzipped
and unbuckled his short pants, let them drop to the floor, and then
unsnapped his boxers letting them also fall to the floor around his
ankles. He then stepped out of that heap of clothing and sat on the edge of
the bed. I was quickly arouse by the sight of Mike's naked lower body. His
wet erect penis, with it's glistening tip was so inviting to me. My mouth
actually watered at the thought of taking it inside my lips. I walked over
to him and fell to my knees between his hairy legs. I bent down and began
to kiss his ankles while my hands caressed his legs ahead of where my lips
were headed. My kisses were passionate and wet over his shins, knees, and
thighs...especially his inner thighs, which he spread for me as I neared
his crotch. He gave a soft sigh in response to my ministering to his
imperfect but so sexy body to me. He let his hands rest gently on my
shoulders, and then he placed his hands on my head...gently stroking my
hair. I was now becoming totally aroused. My erection was hard and wet in
my briefs. I might even cum while doing him, I thought!

Mike whispered "God, Frank, this is good. I never thought I could get this
excited with a guy. You've got such a touch. You've never done this
before?" I answered between my wet kissing of the skin on his knees and
thighs, "No never. You're such a sexy man, Mike. You're so manly. I think I
really want your sperm now Mike. I really want to suck you off and drink
your cum. It's going to be an honor for me. I need it, Mike. I want you to
give up your seed to me." With that Mike gently closed his legs on my head
while I moved in to his crotch with my mouth. I began to lick and kiss his
testicles, the shaft of his hard wet cock, and finally I puckered my lips
and gave a strong sucking kiss to the tip of his beautiful penis. I was
sipping his copius precum and tasting and swallowing it. Mike sighed in
response, and I felt his hands tighten on my hair and head. He was really
enjoying my service.

I looked up at Mike, and we made eye contact. I said, "Mike, when you cum I
might fall in love with you, guy. I know I'm going to feel very close to
you." He just smiled, and then his eyes closed. I now was ready to bring
him off. I began to suck the crown of his hard throbbing penis. It was
almost hot to the touch. It felt so alive in my mouth...his heartbeat was
in my mouth through his cock! Precum oozed onto my tongue... silky, warm,
sweet. I was drinking this man's precurser to his precious seed, and I
loved it. I think I loved him, too. Mike began to moan and breath harder,
deeper. I was bobbing my head up and down. His penis was sliding easily and
invitingly along my tongue and just bumping the back of my throat. His
penis head had grown so...it was very big now. Mike's legs started to move
about some. I held them as I kept his cock engulfed by my mouth. I let my
tongue tittlate his piss slit, and I was now sensing his impending
explosion. Mike's skin all over his legs began to sprout goosebumps. He
was wriggling and squirming even more. Then my gift began arriving.

Ohhh, oooohhhhhh, Frank, Frank, I'm going to cum, cum, I'm going to do
it. Oh, god, oh, God, it's so good, so good. Aaahhhhh, aaarrrgggghhhh." It
was happening. Hot semen was spurting on my tongue, teeth, palate, and
hitting the back of my throat. Mike was mine, and I was now his, too. He
blurted out "I love you, Frank. God, I love you." Mike had totally lost
control of his body at the hands of his lover...me. He gave up his seed
amidst pure ecstasy. It was such a wonderful thing to hear. I lovingly
drank from my newfound lovers body... from his beautiful penis. His gift
of semen to me was proof of the peace being made between us for the wrongs
I'd done him. Mike was in a pure state of bliss as he poured his soul fluid
into my mouth for me to drink... and drink it I did. It was about 5 spurts
of almost hot semen...very sweet, thicker than I'd expected, too. I was
pleased, and I know that Mike was.

After about a minute I milked his softening cock of all the residual semen
I could squeeze out. I loved seeing the small white droplets oozing out of
his penis slit. I lovingly licked them up to swallow. Mikes eyes were
closed, and when he opened them he smiled at me. We now had a new and
wonderfule bond. We'd both shared the same woman, and we now shared
eachother as well. This might just be the beginning. I now wanted more of
Mike. I wanted to be taken by him anally.....oh to have this wonderful man
off his load deep into my bowels. I was so in love with him. There had to
be more to cum.

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