Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kyle and Me, Part III

Jean and Kyle and me soon fell into an easy routine. Kyle and I fucked,
and Jean watched and masturbated. Kyle basically refused to touch Jean, as
she was his daughter. Jean and I often hugged, naked, and even kissed.
Soon I began feeling her firm young tits, and even sliding my fingers down
her slit, feeling her moist, juicy pussy. Jean really developed a thing,
and I guess it was from watching me and her dad fucking, but she loved to
feel my fingers probing her tight asshole. And tight it was. It took a
lot of spit, and finally some lube before I could finally probe her hole
with my index finger. Her hole was tight, and her muscles were hard, and
she squirmed when I fingered her, with Kyle watching, slowly stroking his

"That's more virgin than I was when you first fucked me, dude" I said to
Kyle. He just grinned and continued stroking.

"I want you to fuck me, in the ass" Jean said. "That feels so good!"

I laid Jean down on her back, but I wasn't ready to fuck her quite yet. I
went to the bath down the hall, and got some shaving cream and a disposable
razor. I approached Jean and she said "What's this?"

"Got to shave your puss, honey. It won't take but a few minutes." I said.

"Why do you want to shave it?"

"I want to see every detail when I eat it. I'm kinda freaky about details.
I want to see every wrinkle, every twitch you make. I don't want to eat a
mouth full of hair every time I eat that cunt of yours."

Jean laid back, and spread her legs. I took my time, and gently shaved off
all her pubic hair, not just the bush, but around her lips. I took each
one gently between my fingers, and carefully shaved the hair off. I turned
her over, and shaved inside her ass cheeks as well. She only had a little
bit of downy fur there, but I carefully shaved it off.

When I was finished, I tured Jean over, on her back, and kissed her pussy.
Then I french kissed it, sticking my tongue inside. Kyle moved up behind
me and began rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack. Kyle reached
around and pulled on my nipples, and I moved up and began sucking Jean's
generous breasts. I licked and sucked her nipples, while her dad pulled on
mine. Jean groaned, and closed her eyes.

"Where do you want it, honey? in your pussy or in your ass?" I asked.

"In my asshole... Please, fuck me in my asshole" Jean moaned as I licked
her hard nipples.

I turned Jean over again, this time with her ass up in the air. I dove in,
licking and pushing my tongue up it, and spit into her asshole. It was
still tight. I grabbed some Astroglide, and lubed up 2 fingers, and pushed
them slowly into her tight hole. Jean groaned, but moved back against my
fingers. Her hole was a littly slippery with some residual shit, but that
was good. I could fuck her. I lubed my very hard cock with some more
Astroglide, and began the assault. I pushed my cut, 7 inch cock against
her virgin asshole, and felt her sphincter give a little. Pop. The head
was inside. I pushed a little more, and finally my cock slid in, right up
to the hilt. Jean gave a bit of a scream, that lapsed into a moan. I held
the position, just letting Jean get used to the feeling of my cock up her

My fingers were still lubed with Astroglide, and I felt under my balls, and
finally located her very wet vagina, and slipped a couple of fingers
inside. God she was hot! Absolutely dripping from her pussy. I finger
fucked her for a minute while she relaxed, and finally began pushing and
pulling my cock out of her incredibly tight asshole. The feeling was
imense, and I knew I couldn't last long.

That's when Kyle jumped into the game. I felt his tongue at my back door
and stopped. Kyle eats asshole like nobody else. He tongued it and lubed
it with his own spit, and then I felt him clutching me around the waist,
and felt his 8 inch, cut cock at the entrance to my hole. I relaxed my
hole, just a little, and Kyle sank his cock into me, his cock forcing it's
way past the shit that I frankly had putting off for about an hour.

It was very awkward at first, but eventually Kyle and me settled into a
rythym, with me pulling back from Jean's ass and forcing his cock up my
ass. I was in heaven, and was fucking a tight ass while my lover was
fucking my ass. In about 5 minutes, I couldn't take anymore. "I'm
cumming, Jean" I gasped.

"Me too!" she grunted.

I shot my wad in her hole, 5, maybe 6 good spurts, and I felt her cum spray
agains my balls and my thighs. She had cum really hard. Kyle bit my ear,
and then shot about what felt like a quart of cum into my insides. We all
collapsed in a big heap, with me in the middle.

After a few minutes, Kyle pushed himself up, his softening cock popping
from my asshole. He immediatly repositioned himself, and began licking and
suckng my hole. He was after his cum. I lifted myself off of Jean, and
backed up, Kyle staying with me every inch of the way, and began sucking my
own cum out of her asshole. A few minutes later, Kyle and me shared a
kiss, pushing each other's cum and shit from mouth to mouth. When Kyle was
done, Jean and i shared a kiss, and I had saved some of the cum and shit,
and Jean and I shared it. Jean then surprised me by diving between my
legs, and licking my asshole, as if wanting more cum. I pushed, but all I
could produce was a little fart, but it had a little cum attatched. Jean
licked it up, and then put her hand around my now soft cock.

"I want this in my pussy!" Jean said.

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