Monday, May 11, 2009

potential - 3


"So how you been, man? Ain't seen you in awhile." said Flex, finally
catching Devon in the kitchen of the rented house early one morning. Devon
had been avoiding Flex ever since their encounter over a week ago.

"I'm fine." said Devon, not looking Flex in the eye as he continued to eat
his Fruit Loops.

"You sure, man? I haven't seen you since that night we..."

"I'm FINE!" insisted Devon, cutting Flex off before he could finish. Flex
sensed he really wasn't. He kept an eye on Devon as he reached into the
fridge for the milk.

"Look Dev'..." he said, grabbing a bowl and a box of Corn Flakes from the
cabinet. "...if you're still fucked up over what happened between us, don't
be man. It's over and done with!"

"I'm not `fucked up' over anything!" defended Devon, defensively.

"I'm just saying..., just incase..., everything's kewl!"

"Why wouldn't it be?" asked Theo, walking into the kitchen unexpectedly and
coming in on the tail end of the conversation. "What you two assholes up to
now? Did Flex try to come onto you girl or something, Devon?" he joked half

"Fuck you, Theo!" responded Flex. "Now why I gotta be an asshole and come
onto Devon's girl? I get enough pussy where I don't need to steal of the
crumbs off another man's plate!"

"Just joking, nigga...calm down!" chuckled Theo. "So what you apologizing
for if you didn't do anything wrong?"

"I'm not apologizing for anything..., I'm just straightening some shit out
between me and Devon, if that's alright with you?" questioned Flex,
jokingly sarcastic.

"Whatever he did, Dev'..., make that nigga BEG for your forgiveness!" joked
Theo, grabbing a bowl and the Fruit Loops off the table.

"Since when did you start eating that sugary shit?" asked Flex, knowing
Theo was a gym rat who liked to keep his muscles bulging (old habit from
his high school football days).

"You know I don't eat this shit man..., no offense, Dev'."

"None taken." said Devon, spooning a mouthful of the sugary cereal into his

"It's for my daughter, Brittney!" answered Theo.

"Your daughter's here?" asked Flex, enthusiastically.

"Yeah. Her mom wants to see her today, so I picked her up at my mom's on
the way home from the club last night." explained Theo. "She's in the
living room watching cartoons. You mind if I give her a bowl of your
cereal, Dev'? She won't like the stiff Flex and I eat."

"Sure, it's cool." said Devon, trying to avoid eye contact from both
men. Both Flex and Theo walked around casually in the boxers. Flex wore
loose fitting silk boxers, while Theo wore form fitting boxer-briefs. Both
men had amazing physiques. Flex had a medium built basketball player's
build, while Theo had a buffer football player's build. Both men had big
packages in their shorts, but acted very nonchalantly about it. Devon found
himself stealing looks when they weren't looking, unable to keep his eyes
to himself.

"Let me take this in to my daughter..., I'll be right back." said Theo,
walking out with a cereal bowl in his hands.

"You sure you okay?" asked Flex, still probing. "I want you to know I'm
here for you man, if you need to talk or anything."

"Anything?" asked Devon, suspiciously. "You mean if I want to suck your
dick again, you'd be down for it?"

"Well..., yeah." answered Flex. "But beyond that, if you just want to talk
about how you feel, I'm down with that too." explained Flex. "I'm not
trying to get you to do anything you don't want to do, or don't feel
comfortable doing..., but you came to me with your concerns, and I like to
think I was being a good friend when I tried to help you out."

"You were,'s not you, it's me!" said Devon, feeling guilty for
blaming Flex for trying to exploit his confusion. Devon thought back to
just a few days ago, when he snuck into Flex's bedroom after he'd just had
sex with a girl, and drank Flex's semen straight from the discarded condom
he found in Flex's trashcan. Flex knew nothing of this of course, or so
Devon hoped as he looked into his roommate's face for the first time since
he entered the kitchen. He could feel his loins starting to heat up as
imagines of Flex's manhood filled his memory.

"So Dev'..., ain't seen you inna while, dude. Where you been? Hanging over
Yolanda's, getting your board waxed?" asked Theo, walking back into the
kitchen. "You moving out on us?"

"Naw man..." smiled Devon as he looked down into his cereal bowl. "I just
wanted to spend some time with my girl, is all."

"Well, you better watch that man..." warned Theo. "...chicks start thinking
marriage and babies when you start hanging up under them like that. And NOT
always in that order!"

"Man..., you're just paranoid!" laughed Flex, flagging Theo off. "You think
because your ex-girlfriend got you with Brittney, that ALL girls use
pregnancy to trap men!"

"Happens more that you think, hommie!" predicted Theo. "Don't get me wrong,
I LOVE my little girl..., but if I could go back and change things, I
would! I didn't want any kids at 16! If it wasn't for my mom doing most of
the work raising her while I work two jobs..., I wouldn't be able to do it
at all!"

"You're doing a pretty good job, man..., most dudes our age don't even see
their kids, let alone take care of them!" encouraged Flex.

"Thanks man. But it's hard! And I ain't trying to get caught again until
I'm ready!" assured Theo.

"I hear that." said Flex. "That's why I strap up EVERY time!" Devon said
nothing, having found Flex's last loaded condom and drained it. "You
should've seen the bitch I had over here the other night man! Remember
Desdemona with big ass and tits?"

"The one that used to work the strip club on 27th?" asked Theo.

"Yeah, man..., I damn near BROKE that pussy in half, man! Had that bitch
screaming my name, and shit! I damn near busted the condom IN her when I
came! I flooded that thing, man! Bitch definitely wouldn't been pregnant
had any of that potent juice got inside of her!"

"See..., that's what I mean! Then you'd be taken care of you child for the
next 20 years!" said Theo.

"Only, the condom didn't break, man!" reminded Flex. "I pealed that shit
off carefully and threw it in the trash before I took her home! No
pregnancies here, dude!"

"Excuse me...!" said Devon, unable to listen to anymore as he sped quickly
from the kitchen.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Theo, concerned.

"I dunno..." said Flex, playing dumb.


Theodore Jones waited and waited all day on his day off for his
baby's momma to call for her to schedule a time to see her daughter, but it
never came. By early evening it was plain to see that Brittney had been
stood up by her biological mother. Theo was livid, particularly since it
was Lisa's idea that he get the baby from his mother's so she could visit
without his mother's interference. Mrs Jones never approved of Lisa's
lifestyle. Lisa is a stripper who travels all around the country to
dance. She makes very good money doing what she does, but mrs Jones
couldn't see how a mother could choose to leave her new born daughter
behind to dance in front of strangers for money.

Meanwhile, Devon had spent most of the day hanging with Theo and
little Brittney. He was well aware of how angry Theo was that Brittney's
mother never called to confirm the meeting with his daughter. He had very
choice words for the 25 yr old whom seemed to care less for her own flesh
and blood. Theo called his mother to tell her of Lisa's no call no show,
but his mother was none too surprised by her antics and told Theo to bring
the baby back home as soon as possible so he could still commit to his
night job as bouncer at the club. Meanwhile Brittney was in Theo's bed
taking a nap, and Theo was much to fired up to drive his daughter
anywhere. "I need to calm down and relax..." he told Devon, feeling angry
and frustrated all at once. "I mean..., I don't mind that the bitch lied to
me..., but don't promise my baby you're gonna come see her and then stand
her up! I don't play that shit! Leave my daughter out of it!" complained

"Why don't you just take a nap before you take Britt' home?" suggested

"I'm too wired to nap, man! What I need is a massage! That always relaxes
me!" said Theo. Devon thought about it for a moment, looking at Theo's
large muscular body as he stood around in jogging shorts and a wife's

"Okay..., so lie down on my bed and I'll give you a massage." suggested
Devon, daringly. Theo looked at him with a surprised expression.

"You know how to massage?" asked Theo, having had many as an athlete.

"Sure. I massage Yolanda all the time. She loves them." bragged Devon.

"I bet she does..., but we're not dating!" countered Theo.

"Man..., just lie down and shut up!" ordered Devon.
Theo laughed, but seemed really reluctant to leave the baby.

"I don't want to leave Brittney unattended. If I lay down in your bed, I'm
likely to fall asleep if your massages are any good." worried Theo.

"So sit in the chair..., that way we both can keep an eye on her incase she
wakes up." reasoned Devon. Theo hunched his shoulders, then pulled off his
t-shirt overhead. Devon couldn't believe his luck, as Theo's muscles came
into view.

"I have baby oil on my dresser." said Theo, taking a seat in his high back.
Devon walked over and grabbed the baby oil with trembling
hands. What was he thinking offering to massage his roommate? Was he
looking for trouble? Wasn't it bad enough that he already jeopardized one
relationship by being too impetuous, now he was risking another?

He approached Theo as Theo sat back with his eyes closed in
anticipation of a mild massage. He was feeling a little tense in the neck
and shoulder areas, and knew a massage was what the doctor prescribed.
Devon walked to the back of the chair, and poured a generous amount
of oil into his hands and rubbed them together. Tentatively he placed his
hands on Theo's broad shoulders, and gently started to rub the oils
in. Theo said nothing as he waited for Devon to start working. Devon was
very timid at first, unsure just how aggressive he could be without drawing
attention to the true nature for why he offered the massage.

"You can do it harder than that, man..." suggested Theo. "...I'm not
Yolanda, I won't break."
Devon tightened his fingers as he dug into Theo's shoulders and
began massaging harder. "Yeah..., that's it..." moaned Theo, feeling some
of the tension ease out of his body. Devon started to get hard from the
body contact and hearing Theo moan. The first thing that entered his mind
was the night he caught Theo jacking off alone in front of the downstairs
TV (chap-1). Devon hadn't yet known he was a dick sucker then, but he was
very intrigued by what Theo held in his hands that night. Now knowing he
was just a few inches away from it, had his loins working overtime.

Theo was completely unaware of Devon's dilemma. Theo was enjoying
the massage as Devon's strong fingers massaged into his shoulders and crept
up into his neck. Theo leaned forward slightly so Devon could have free
reign of his top half. He was lost in utopia as Devon's hand sent his mind
into another world or total relaxation. Theo hadn't had anybody touch his
body even remotely sexual in months. Feeling Devon massage and squeeze his
muscles make parts of his body tingle with rare excitement. Theo wasn't
even aware that he'd managed a full fledged hardon in his baggy shorts
while getting the massage, but Devon's eyes were planted on it as he
massaged from above. The tent was well visible in Theo's shorts, indicating
an arousal of some sort. Devon found the package too inviting to pass up.

Abandoning Theo's shoulders, Devon walked around until he was in
front of Theo and the chair, then knelt down before them. He squeezed more
baby oil into his hands, then applied them to Theo's muscular thighs.
Theo's eyes opened when he noticed Devon's change of position. His
eyes widened when he finally realized he was sporting a total hardon, which
was obviously visible to both of them. Devon said nothing as he pretended
not to notice it, so Theo did nothing to cover it. It was like ignoring the
large pink elephant in the china shop, but both men managed to save the
other embarrassment.

It wasn't until Devon's hands snaked up into the inside of Theo's
shorts, that Theo began to suspect something suspicious. Up until now,
neither man mentioned his hardon, but it was now plain to see that Devon
was well aware of it, and was trying to make some sort of contact with it.
Theo said nothing as Devon's hand reached higher. Soon his
fingertips were grazing pubic hair as the tent began to grow a wet
spot. Too intrigued by what Devon would do next, Theo said and did nothing
to stop what was happening. He merely sat there was Devon explored his
lower half, encircling his hardon with his hand underneath the short's pant

Devon's and Theo's eyes met briefly as Devon started to slowly jack
Theo off. Theo watched questionably as his friend molested him with his
consent. Sensing no resistance, Devon pulled aside the pant leg, pulling
the hardon out from under. He gasped when Theo's 10 inch dick came into
view, the base covered by his encircled fist.
Without asking for permission, Devon leaned forward and licked the
head of Theo's dick. Theo jumped in his seat at the unexpected swipe, but
said nothing to deter it. He merely braced himself as Devon licked him
again, and again, and again. Theo spread his legs as Devon settled in
between them, and took his dick into his mouth.

"Oooo fuck..." moaned Theo, rolling his eyes up into his head. He hadn't
felt anyone's mouth on him in such a long time, that he nearly forgot what
a blow job felt like (even a bad one). Devon bobbed his head back and
forth, as he stretched his mouth to accommodate Theo's huge appendage.
Still a novice at sucking dick, he did his best to suck it without
scraping the tender flesh with his teeth. He remembered some of the tips
Flex gave him when he sucked him off over a week ago, and implemented them
with Theo's blow job.

Devon couldn't believe that he was blowing his second roommate's
dick. He maneuvered himself between the man's legs, and feasted in his
enormous meat while trying to jack the rest of him in his hand.
Theo moaned quietly as he closed his eyes and let his imagination
go wild. In his mind he was being blown by one of his old girlfriends,
someone he'd been lusting over for a long time. He imagined her on her
knees, servicing his dick as if he were king. Devon could barely fit the
top part of Theo's dick into his mouth, so Theo really had to work on his
imagination to help get him off. The combination of a hot mouth, a jerking
hand, and his own daydreams, had Theo's dick leaking pre-cum almost
instantly. Devon could taste the sweet nectar as he suckled along the
head. It was different from Flex's, as it wasn't as salty and tasted
sweeter. Soon he could feel Theo's dick starting to throb. Theo grabbed his
dick from Devon's hand and began to jerk it profusely. Devon never removed
his mouth as he continued sucking on the head.

"I'm getting close..." warned Theo, reaching down to cup his balls as he
jerked harder. Devon knew by eating Flex's load (chap-2), that he wanted
Theo's without a doubt. While he drank Flex's cold cum from a used condom
he'd found in Flex's bedroom trashcan, he fully expected to eat Theo's cum
straight out of the pipe, consuming it while it was still warm. The thought
of eating his friend's cum had his own dick (trapped in his jeans) pulsing
with anticipation.

"I'm gonna cum, seriously!" warned Theo, squeezing his balls as his shaft
thickened. "Move your mouth Devon! I'm about to blow, man!" he warned one
last time, before his entire body stiffened like a board, and he started to
cum with machine gun force as he fired round after round of hot ropey cum
buckshot into Devon's overflowing mouth.
Devon could barely keep up with the flood of semen as it fired from
Theo's dick like a cannon. He sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed,
sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed until what he missed was painted
all over his lips, chin, and cheeks like icing from cream pie. Theo
released his dick as Devon went back to nursing on it like a baby lamb. He
suckled the softening phallus until it was soft and rubbery. Theo lay back
exhausted and ready to sleep as his body completely relaxed.

"Oh shit...!" he gasped, as he suddenly peeked over at the bed to find his
daughter sitting up staring at them curiously. Devon fell back on his ass
as Theo jumped up and tucked his dick back under his jogging shorts. He
walked over to the bed and picked the baby up into his arms. "You awake,
mama?" he asked, trying to act as if nothing happened. The baby didn't seem
traumatized or upset in anyway, leaving Theo to believe she was too young
to really know what was going on. "I'd better take her home to my
mother's..." he suggested to Devon, who got up to his feet, still liking
the goo from his lips. "I'll, uh..., I'll see you later..." he said
awkwardly, as he grabbed his t-shirt and rushed out the door as if his ass
were on fire.
Devon couldn't believe his fortune, having successfully sucked off
both of his roommates. What was he trying to prove? And what did this mean
in terms of his sexuality? While Theo rushed out the front door to take his
daughter home so he could work late at the club, Devon peeled off his
clothes and his cummy underwear, having ejaculated once again without
touching himself.

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