Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anal Fixation

Quick recap if you're just joining my adventures. My name is Alex, and I've
just been in Miami Beach for two days now with my two buddies, Anthony and
Adam, and a friend with benefits by the name of Maddison.

As it was, I had gone into Miami Beach not thinking that Adam, the taller
of two, athletic, fit, jet-black hair, a good looking man, or Anthony, your
blonde, all-around American good ol' boy, would introduce me to the joys of
same-sex pleasure.

Right now, we were at the beach, at night, sort of people watching.

"So, she didn't mind at all?" Adam asked, referring to what I had told my
friend Maddison about me suddenly going bi on her.

"No, well, I don't think she did. I mean, I just told her, and she thought
it was awesome."

Anthony cocked a suspicious eyebrow. "Judging by the sudden bulge in your
shorts, I think that wasn't her only reaction."

I laughed. "Alright, as soon as I told her, she got this mischievous smile
on her face. She asked me if I had gotten my cock sucked, and I said that I
had. She asked me how I enjoyed it, I said it was pretty awesome. I think
she took it as a challenge and went down on me and had me cumming within

"I can only imagine the great head she gives with those lips." Anthony

"Speaking of lips, but not really, what's with the ankle bracelets?" I
asked, nodding at the black and red bracelet on my right ankle that Adam
had put on last night. Anthony had a similar one.

"Don't you remember what we talked about yesterday?" Adam asked. "You're my
bitch, and that's your collar. Now, speaking of which, I want a foot

"But won't people see?"

"Who cares? Let them know what a whore you are."

This stung, but I was his bitch. I nodded obediently and crawled to the
edge of the towel, kneeling down at his feet and taking one of them. I
began to caress it gently, and began using my the pads of my fingers to
massage the foot. Then I grabbed the left foot and repeated the treatment,
alternating pressure. "Use your mouth."


He used his toes to lift up my chin. "Yes, what?"

"Yes, master."

I breathed in the musky, but not unpleasant, sent of his feet and kissed
his toes, and began using my tongue to lick the length of his soles and
began sucking on the toes gently, as if each was a little cock.

"That's a good girl, now get Anthony's"

I reddened a bit, but I was too enthralled by my job to concentrate on the
shame. "Now, right now, we're going to introduce you to a friend, and then
we're going to introduce you to my cock when we get back to the room."

I muttered an agreement through a mouthful of Anthony's toes. After a few
more minutes, Adam commanded me to stop. "Alright, time to meet our

We got up, picked up our towels, and headed to a row of individual showers
near the beach's entrance. They were covered, for the most part, exposing
only the feet, shoulders, and head of the occupant. We stopped at one whose
occupant was a black male, a few years older than us. Adam knocked on the
door, and the man turned. "Hey Adam!" the man in the shower said. "Hey
Vince, I'd like you to meet my friend, Alex." He gestured at me. The way he
said friend, implied something far deeper. "Ah, this is your new
olive-skinned toy?" Vince asked, grinning. Adam nodded. "And I'm going to
break him in tonight, but I wanted him to get a taste of chocolate before I
did." Vince's grin got wider.

"Alex, step in. No clothes."

I nodded obediently and stepped out of my trunks, and then stepped into the

And then what I saw just amazed me.

Vince was a sort of black Adonis, a stockier, darker version of Adam. I
looked him up and down, washboard abs, ripped biceps, and of course, a
well-endowed cock. I traced my hands up and down his abs just to make sure
they were real.

"So, the stereotype is true?" I asked in wonder. Vince laughed, and then
said. "You bet your ass. Now on your knees."

I nodded, and got down on my knees. His erect cock, a scarce inch longer
than Adam's seven incher, and about an inch wider, dangled in front of my
face. "You know what to do, little whore." He commanded, and I opened my
mouth and went to work.

The feeling was amazing, the water beating down on my head as I struggled
to take in all of Vince's cock. My lips formed a tight ring as I moved my
head back and forth, my tongue swirling around the man's monster,
struggling my hardest against the gag reflex.

"Yeah, that's good, suck it." As I pulled back, my right hand wrapped
around the shaft, and pushed along with my mouth. I turned my head to my
right and then my left every couple of seconds. "Ah yes, Adam, I don't know
where you found him, but he sucks like the best of them."

He turned down to face me. "I'm going to cum, and I want to cum in your
face." I nodded and with a last gulp, I pulled back, my hand finishing my
mouth's job with the cockhead an inch away from my face, and then he
exploded, sending jet after jet of seed on my face. I licked what I could
off my lips.

Adam, who had peeked to watch, laughed. "He's good. Now, could you wash him
off for me, please?" Vince nodded.

"On your hands and knees." He commanded, and I obeyed, feeling cramped in
the little space. I sensed Vince unhooking the showerhead, and then I felt
a strong hand grasp a buttcheek, and then water started flowing into my
ass. The feeling was a bit weird, but I got used to it. After ten minutes,
I felt another presence, a thick finger circling the entrance to my ass. It
went in deep, and I shuddered involuntarily as I was fingered for the first
time. After a few minutes and more water, the presence in my ass left, and
I breathed a sigh of relief. "He's clean." I got a good spank on my ass for
my trouble, and stood up. Adam tossed me a towel, and I wrapped it around
my waist. "You're tight. Adam's going to enjoy you, and so will I, soon
enough." Vince said. I smiled in response as I stepped out of the
shower. Anthony grinned, and stepped in, shutting the door. I saw him turn
to Vince and their lips met.

"Let's go." Adam commanded.

Even though I wanted to see what was going to go on, I knew better than to
cross my master again.

We walked back to the hotel, made our way back up to our room, and walked

We heard noises in the bedroom where I had been introduced to Adam and
Anthony's cock the previous day, and walked in. What I saw I could not
believe. Strewn clothes everywhere, and in the couch, Maddison, spread
eagled, with a cute Hispanic girl on her knees in front of her, pleasuring
Maddison even better than I could. I cleared my throat, and the girl jumped
up, surprised.

"No, you stay there. Maddison, would you like to see what a bitch I've made
your boyfriend?"

Maddison, a beautiful raven-haired voluptuous beauty, wasin the throes of
orgasm, fingers and toes curling, and she could only nod.

"Alex, get on the bed, flat on your back, with your head leaning back over
the side."

"Yes, master." I removed the towel and did as he ordered.

He stepped out of his trunks and stood at my head, and stuck his cock in my
mouth for the second time in two days.

"Ah, that's the ticket. Your Alex here is an incredibly good cocksucker."

There was something about Adam's cock that was addicting, as I suckled on
it like I had sucked on Vince's cock earlier. Sure enough, within minutes
he was sending a hot stream of semen down my throat. "And he swallows,

He pulled out. "Lie down properly."

He reached inside the bedside drawer and lathered a big glob of lubricant
on his penis.

I put my head on the pillow and he lay on top of me, pressing his body
against mine. He pressed his lips against mine, and then the fun began. I
flicked my tongue across his lips and then accepted his own inside my
mouth. He pulled back, nibbled on my earlobe and my neck, then headed back
for the kiss. Our tongues danced and I bit his lower lip gently, my
breathing and his becoming more labored. I was ready to go, and he sensed

He laid back, his cock jutting up as straight as an arrow. I squatted a few
inches over it and he took my hands. We made eye contact, and I took the
head in. I winced in pain. "Push against my cock with your ass as if you're
taking a dump." I obeyed, and it became easier. I eased myself very slowly
down, letting my ass get used to its new owner, and then with a grunt, I
sat down, and we became one.

He pushed me back so that he was on top and I was on the bottom, my legs
crossed on his back for better access to him. Already adjusted to his cock,
I smiled. He began entering me with long, slow strokes, and pulling back,
but not out of my ass. And then I began to moan. He slapped me in the ass a
couple of times. "Ah yes, you love getting fucked, don't you, bitch?"

"Yes, master!" I moaned. My moans began to mix in with Maddison's moans as
she too, was nearing orgasm. I could feel the long strokes quickening and
Adam's breath becoming faster, and my own orgasm began to build up, and
then, as one, four people screamed in orgasm. I exploded into Adam's
stomach and he filled my insides with warm semen.

He turned to face the two girls. "Both of you, in the bed, now."

They obeyed his commanding tone, and Maddison crawled on top of me, and all
of a sudden, I was hard again. Adam took the other girl and began making
love to her like he made love to me. I followed his leads, and the four of
us fucked well into the night.

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