Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Wife, Her Ex, and I Part II

Life had certainly taken an unexpected turn. Watching my wife getting
fucked by her ex-husband was one thing. She and I had fantasized about
her with another man. But me getting fucked in the ass by another man --
let alone her ex -- that was just something I never expected. I mean, I
am straight...well I suppose I was until that moment.

After our morning fuck session my wife showered and left for some
listings -- she is a realtor. Joe also showered and left, telling me
that he would probably be back sooner than expected. I just remained on
the bed...kind of in a fog...taking in the fact that I had just taken my
wife's ex-husband's cock into my ass. Not just his cock, but his
sperm! My wife and I now shared the same lover: his cock and his cum.
Part of me was revolted, but a bigger part of me was excited by this.

As I lay in the bed I reached down and felt my stretched out asshole. It
was still partially opened, wet and oozing cum. Kelly was right. -- big
things do come from Texas . Every load that Joe had shot with Kelly and
I had been substantial. I thought to myself how amazing it was that he
could cum so often and still manage to pop off large wads of thick cum.

That afternoon I had finally showered and was enjoying the day off.
Kelly had phoned to tell me that she was going to be showing a few more
homes and then meeting with a seller to sign a contract for sale. Joe
came home shortly after and sat on the couch next to me. I was a bit
taken back, not sure how to act around him. I had, after all, gotten
fucked earlier in the day by him. He and I had some small talk then
confessed that part of he and Kelly's divorce had been infidelity on
both their parts. She was sleeping with whomever she could -- she had
been quite the whore in her day -- and he had been sleeping with a male
friend from childhood. She walked in on them in mid-action and it was
divorce city shortly after. He confided that she was embarrassed to
admit her husband was cheating with a guy and kept it quiet.

Joe leaned over and began to kiss me and having no time to react, kissed
him back. It was different than kissing a woman...but still enjoyable.
Soon the kissing became comfortable and we were groping at the other's
crotch. We headed off to the bedroom where we stripped naked. Joe lay
back on the bed, his large cock sticking up, just as he had the night
before for my wife. I grabbed the base and lowered my mouth onto it
and began sucking. I was a novice, but he moaned in appreciation and
slowly moved his hips around in a grinding manner. He held the back of
my head and guided it up and down on his shaft. He commented that I
could take more than Kelly and I found that to be a compliment.

After a few minutes of sucking Joe moved me towards him and guided my
pucker to his waiting cock. I squatted over the large head and guided it
to my pucker. I slowly lowered and felt his head enter my hole. It was
more comfortable this time and I slowly continued to slide down his shaft
unit I bottomed out on his pubes. He moaned and I let out this deep moan
that showed how much I enjoyed his cock. I began to ride and Joe met my
movements with deliberate thrusts -- driving his cock the full eight plus
inches into my rectum. His hands held my hips and seemed to guide me as
we fucked. I put my hands onto Joe's chest and held tight, telling him
how his big cock felt so good up my ass.

"You like that, don't you?" Joe moaned as he buried his member deep
inside me.

"Oh, God, yes. I know why Kelly moaned so loud with you" I replied
back, grinding my ass onto him.

"She never could take it up the ass though" Joe said, again paying me a
compliment that I was in some ways better at some things in bed.

After ten minutes of riding, Joe ordered me onto my hands and knees. I
complied and got into a doggy position. I felt like a slut. I was on my
hands and knees and my ass was offered to my wife's ex. I could feel my
hole wide open -- waiting to be penetrated again. Joe did not disappoint
and slid his dick back up my ass. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck
me. He was determined in his actions and he took long, deep fast
strokes. His cock had swollen to maximum thickness and my asshole was
stretched full and wide, taking his drilling.

I started telling Joe to fuck me, that I needed to feel his cock deep up
my hole. Joe just kept moaning, calling me his slut. I fantasized about
Kelly on her hands and knees taking Joe's massive meat into her pussy.
Now I was just like her. Joe suddenly started pumping in a quick manner
and I knew he was about to breed me. He took one last pump then drove
his cock balls deep as he began to pump his cum into me. I felt the heat
of his wads as his seed was emptied over eight inches deep inside of my
rectum. He came in six or seven strong spurts before he seemed to come
down from his orgasm. He left his cock in and took slow strokes as he
emptied the last drops of sperm into me. After a few minutes, his
softening cock plopped out. I rolled onto my back as a stream of load
oozed from my gaping hole. I grabbed my dick and pulled it to a quick,
powerful orgasm. Joe just smiled and went off to shower.

I must have dozed off -- I was exhausted after such a hot fuck. A good
45 minutes or so had gone by and I heard the shower running. I also
noticed the trail of clothes -- a thong, shirt -- and others leading to
the bathroom. Kelly must have come in, I thought. I got up and worked
my way to the bathroom. As I got closer to the door I heard moans and
Kelly's orgasmic sounds. I opened the door to find Kelly and Joe in the
shower. Kelly was standing and bending over while Joe was fucking her.
He had his hands on her tits and was pumping his dick in and out of her
pussy. I watched for a few seconds when they realized I was there.
Kelly just smiled and said that she needed a big cock in her. Joe kinda
laughed and said that my ass was nice, `but pussy is still pussy'.

I watched for several minutes as Joe continued to assault Kelly's pussy
with his massive cock. Kelly came several times before Joe pulled his
cock out and Kelly dropped to her knees. She took his dick into her
mouth, grabbed the shaft with her right hand, and jerked and sucked
Joe's cock. He grabbed the back of her head and yelled "cumin...".
Kelly moaned as she took Joe's load into her mouth. I could see her
swallowing Joe's creamy load. A good minute passed as Joe unloaded the
last drops of sperm into Kelly's hungry mouth. She licked his dick and
sucked on his piss slit.

By now I had found myself jerking on my own cock. Kelly smiled and
beckoned me over. She began to suck my cock while Joe reached around to
feel my wet asshole.

"Still got a lot of my load in you" Joe moaned.

I was hard, horny and turned on by the fucking action that I had seen and
popped my own load off into Kelly's mouth. She swallowed my cum and
licked my cock clean. Kelly smiled and said she never realized how much
fun two husbands could be.

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