Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alan, Todd and Lisa: Best Friends

This is a story that just proves that you never know what might happen at
any given time. My name is Alan. I have been friends with Todd and Lisa for
a number of years. Todd and I went to high school together and we ran
around together all through our high school days. Now we are both twenty
four years old. Todd has been dating Lisa for about four years and the
three of us have hung out together the whole time they have been dating. I
have dated about six different women during this time but other than having
sex with them I would rather spend my time with Todd and Lisa. We go out
drinking, go to sporting events, we even go on vacations together. I hang
out at their place more times than not during the weekend and have often
crashed on their couch for the night.

Well, things got a lot more interesting a couple of weeks ago. It all
started when Todd invited me over to watch football and have dinner.
Dinner was pizza and beer that I brought over. After dinner Lisa offered
popsicles for dessert. Yeah, I know, pizza, beer, and popsicles aren't
exactly a gourmet meal but it is within our collective budgets. Lisa knows
I like popsicles and also knows my favorite flavor is orange so when she
came into the living room to ask if Todd and I wanted one she was already
handing me an orange one. Todd declined so Lisa and I enjoyed the fruity
treats while Todd opened another beer.

As Lisa and I were licking and sucking our popsicles, Todd made some
predictable comments about how Lisa looked good with a popsicle in her
mouth. Lisa in turn teased me by saying I looked like an expert popsicle
licker. I played along by taking the whole length of the popsicle in my
mouth an moved it back and forth. Lisa's eyes opened wide and Todd said
that I looked too much like a natural. I looked over at Lisa and said she
was the one who looked like the natural. This was not anything new in that
we kidded each other about sex often but never had we talked in the graphic
terms we were now. Of course we had all drank a bit so we were quite buzzed
so the inhibitions were somewhat subdued. I didn't realize how much until
Todd said he thought I could give Lisa a run for her money at giving a blow
job. I just laughed because I assumed he was just trying to give Lisa
motivation for giving him a BJ.

I would later find out from Todd that his motivation was for Lisa to get
more into oral sex. Lisa had a different take on the comment however.

"Well I bet he can't" she said, "There is a big difference between a
popsicle and a cock!"

"No there isn't, they are both the same shape. The only difference is one
is cold and one is hot" was Todd's reply.

As I sat and enjoyed my popsicle and their argument they actually started
to get a little upset with each other until Lisa said "Okay, if you think
he is better we will both suck your dick and then you will know!"

I don't know who was more shocked, Todd or me.

"Now wait a minute" I said, "you guys are getting a little bit out of

"No, Todd thinks there is nothing to giving a blowjob. There is an art to
it and he needs to appreciate that fact. I say the only way for him to
understand is for him to experience it and compare."

At this point I thought that they were playing a joke on me so I responded
"Look, it wouldn't be fair because I would win. I am a man and I know what
I like so I know I could give a better blowjob than you."

The look on Lisa's face made me realize that she wasn't joking and I think
I pissed her off.

"That's it then, you two are full of it. Todd, drop your pants because I am
going to prove right now how wrong you both are."

Todd kind of laughed and stood up and started acting like he was going to
take his pants off. As Lisa continued to watch, he hesitated. Then she
reached over and finished what she started. He protested just a little but
soon he was naked from the waist down. I couldn't believe what was
happening. I couldn't take my eyes off of the two of them and thought that
Lisa was going to give him a BJ right there in front of me. Todd did too
because his cock was rapidly growing. She was stroking it with one hand
while looking into his eyes. Todd didn't have a huge cock, it was not as
big as my 7 inches but I would guess it was at least 6 inches.

As she stood there stroking his cock she looked over at me and said "I'll
even let you go first."

I just sat there dumbfounded. But she wouldn't take her eyes off of me. The
thought of giving Todd a blowjob had never crossed my mind before this
moment and now that Lisa was inviting me to do it I was surprised by the
fact that I was getting turned on watching her stroke him. I realized that
my own erection was complete and I was extremely hard. I adjusted myself
and Lisa looked at my bulging shorts.

"Look Todd, Alan is hard too. I think he wants to do it."

Todd looked over at me and said "So you want to show Lisa how to suck a
cock or what?"

"I don't know. Are you guys serious?"

"Sure, show her how to do it right."

"And if you give a better blow job than me I will give you one as a reward"
added Lisa.

Todd looked at Lisa and said "Are you sure about that?"

"Hell yeah, because there is no way he can win."

"So what do I get out of this?" I said.

"What do you want?" asked Todd.

"Well I guess I have to earn the blow job so how bout I get to watch you
two have sex. At lease I get to see her naked!"

Todd and Lisa looked at each other and Lisa said "Okay."

As I stood up Lisa suggested we go to the bedroom. When we were all there
Todd suggested we all get naked. After a nervous silence Lisa began to
strip and I followed her lead. Todd only had to remove his shirt and then
he lay down on the bed. I tried not to stare at Lisa as we stripped but I
couldn't help myself. She is very athletic, small firm breasts with hard
pointy nipples. When she removed her panties I could only admire her firm
ass and as she turned around I could see she trimmed her bush very close in
the middle while the sides and around her labia were completely shaved.

"Wow!" I stammered without realizing it.

"She does look great doesn't she?" Todd responded "Makes giving me a
blowjob seem to be a small price."

That last comment brought me back to the reality of the situation. I am
standing in my two best friends' bedroom, naked, about to give him a
blowjob while she watches me. My cock twitched in anticipation. I turned my
attention to Todd.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"Are you?" he replied.

I just got on the bed and crawled between his legs. His cock was hard and
he too had closely trimmed his hair everywhere except his ball sack which
was completely shaved. As I admired the look of his cock and balls I

"Go ahead Alan, give him your best shot and maybe he will give you his best
'shot'" Lisa encouraged.

I glanced over my shoulder at her beautiful body and said "I plan on
winning this bet so I can see that head bobbing on my own cock."

She just smiled at me and said "Good Luck!"

As I turned back to Todd's cock it occurred to me that she might have even
meant it. I reached out for and grabbed the first cock I have ever felt
other than my own. I admired the warmth and the smooth feel of it. As I
contemplated what I was about to do I thought "How hard can this be" and
the pun in my thoughts made me smile and giggle just a little.

"What's the matter?" Todd asked.

As an answer I lowered my mouth around his cock and took half of it in. He
let out a soft moan and leaned back on the bed. Here I was with my best
friend's cock in my mouth and his long time girlfriend watching. It is
difficult to describe what I was feeling and thinking because so many
things were racing through my mind. What would happen to our friendship,
would either of them respect me, why am I doing this. All of those thoughts
quickly went out of my mind as I focused on the fact I had a cock in my
mouth and a bet to win. As I started to move my head and hand up and down
on Todd's cock I felt Lisa crawl on the bed beside me. Her naked body
brushed up against mine and tingles ran across my entire body. She moved up
and brought her face up close to mine to watch me and, I think, to try to
distract me. Although she was distracting me I was surprised to find the
feel of Todd's cock in my mouth was even more of a distraction, and a
pleasant distraction at that.

I knew what made a good blowjob because I have had many a blowjob, good and
not so good. There is no such thing a bad blowjob but there are definitely
blowjobs that are better than others. In my mind I was trying to remember
what I thought made a good blowjob. Number one to me was believing that the
person giving me the blowjob actually enjoyed doing it. Other things that I
liked were a combination of mouth and hand working my cock at the same
time. I liked to have my cock sucked slowly at first to warm me up. Toying
with my cock by kissing and licking and sucking on my balls also helped get
me excited.

"What's the matter, are you giving up?" Lisa asked.

As all of my thoughts of a good blowjob were running through my mind I must
have been distracted and paused. I briefly removed Todd's cock from my
mouth long enough to say "No, just surprised at how good Todd's cock feels
in my mouth!"

I slowly stroked Todd's cock as I looked into Lisa's eyes for a reaction
and saw surprise that quickly turned to something else as a big grin spread
across her face. I turned my attention back to Todd's cock and when I
looked up I saw a big grin on his face too. I had a bet to win! I took his
cock into my mouth and started to slowly suck him as I stroked his shaft at
the same time.

With my other hand I couldn't resist playing with his shaved balls. I
started to moan myself as I continued to suck his cock. I would take as
much into my mouth as I could and then I would take it completely out of my
mouth and rub my hand over the head. Then I would immediately plunge his
cock back into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. I could tell
Todd loved what I was doing because he was moaning himself by now and I
could feel the twitching of his cock in my mouth.

When I felt the twitching it reminded me of another aspect of a blowjob
that separated the great from the good. I had a decision to make. Was I
going for a great blowjob or just a good one. I knew from talking to Todd
that Lisa didn't swallow so now I had to decide how bad I wanted to win the
bet. I decided that I wanted badly to see Lisa's mouth on my cock so the
decision was made.

Todd's cock was hard as steel and I could tell he was close. I picked up
the pace working him with my mouth and hands. I started moaning as I tried
to take more and more of him into my mouth. I was getting more and more
excited and as a result I was able to take more and more of his cock into
my mouth until I finally was taking every inch. At one point I had the head
down my throat and felt like I was going to gag but I held it there. When I
did this I could tell Todd was really close to cumming. I went back to a
steady quick pace and very shortly I heard him say he was going to cum. The
only response I gave him was a moan and I kept sucking his cock.

When he started to cum I plunged his cock deep in my throat and continued
sucking. His cum filled my mouth and some dribbled out over his balls. I
tried to swallow it all but as I said some of it did leak out.

Even after his orgasm I slowly sucked him until I knew that all of his cum
was used up. Then I licked his balls clean, even running my tongue lightly
over his asshole.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Lisa, "That was so damn hot. I can't believe this
was the first cock you ever sucked."

"I just know what I like, it's not so hard" I responded.

"Well you give one hell of a blowjob" Todd said "I think Lisa owes you a

"Now wait a minute, I haven't had my turn yet" she pleaded.

"After what he just did I think he has earned one from you"

"So you're telling me his blowjob was better than any I have given you?"

"I didn't say that, I said I think he earned his own blowjob" replied Todd.

"Then you give him a blowjob"

"I am not the one who made the bet"

I didn't want them getting into an argument over my getting a blowjob so I
told them to forget about it. I would be happy just watching them
fuck. They agreed and so Todd went to the bathroom to clean himself up as
Lisa and I sat on the bed awkwardly trying to figure out what to say.

"You aren't mad about the blowjob thing are you?" Lisa asked.

"Well, the only reason I went down on him was because I wanted to see your
mouth over my cock." I laughed as I said this so she was sure to know I
wasn't upset.

"Come on, you enjoyed sucking him didn't you?"

"What do you think?" I asked.

"I think you more than liked it. I think you would do it again."

"Hmmm, probably, but I would prefer to lick your pussy."

"Then do it" Todd said as he returned from the bathroom. "Warm her up for

I looked at Lisa and instead of saying anything she just laid back on the
bed and spread her legs. This was a dream come true. I have always been a
bit jealous of Todd because Lisa is gorgeous. Her lithe, athletic body has
often been the motivation for nights of masturbation. Now here she was with
her legs spread waiting for me to eat her pussy. I looked back at Todd.

"Go for it" was all he said.

And I did. I have gone down on many a woman but I felt tremendous pressure
this time. I didn't know what was going to happen between the three of us
from this point on but I wanted for her to enjoy this as much as I knew I
was going to. I was thinking if she enjoyed it then maybe we would be doing
this more often.

I started by lightly touching her legs and thighs. As I touched her I could
see the goose bumps rise on her body. She trembled slightly at the touch of
an unfamiliar hand. Her nipples were hard and her breathing was already
rushed in anticipation of what was to come. I lightly moved my hands over
her body including her breasts and nipples. One of the most erotic things
on a woman's body is her nipples. I am completely enamored with nipples,
how the nipple rises out of areola, how they grow hard and stick out, the
softness of the surrounding breast, the feel of the nipple between my lips.

"You can suck them if you want"

Lisa had noticed how I was staring at her nipples and gave me the okay to
suck them. I didn't need a second invitation. As I took the first one in my
mouth it was obvious she had very sensitive nipples because she immediately
began to moan and squirm. I snaked my arm underneath her to pull her closer
to me. As I lifted her up I sucked harder on her nipples and she began to
moan louder. I switched back and forth between both nipples for what seemed
a short time when she told me I had to stop because I was making them too
tender. She pushed my head down toward her pussy.

I now had a close-up look at her trimmed and shaved pussy. She was very wet
from the attention I gave her breasts and her juices were already running
down the crack of her ass. I put my hands underneath her ass and grabbed a
cheek in each. This was better than any fantasy I had ever had about her. I
lowered my mouth to her glistening pussy and tasted her wetness. I ran my
tongue along the crack of pussy and gently took her fleshy labia into my
mouth. I sucked the juices from her as she grabbed handfuls of sheets and
softly moaned. It wasn't hard to find her engorged clit. It wasn't the
largest clit I have ever seen but it definitely stuck out looking for
attention. I took the invitation it seemed to be giving me and began to
gently lick and suck that beautiful little nub.

Lisa began to squirm and moan louder. I concentrated on her clit, licking
back and forth faster and faster. She soon began to lift her hips to meet
my tongue. It was hard for me to keep on target with her wild thrust so I
essentially pinned her to the bed with my arms so I could make sure my
tongue was able to bring her to orgasm. She continued trying to thrust her
hips and moaned in excitement with a hint of frustration. When her orgasm
finally came she let out a long low moan and then a few high pitched "ahs"
and "yes's." When her orgasm subsided she pulled me up to her face and
kissed me deeply. I am sure she could taste her juices all over my face as
she kissed me.

"That was fantastic," she said "you seem to have a very talented tongue and
mouth. Maybe we should keep you around."

"I wish you would." I said.

Todd had watched the whole thing and when I looked over at him I was
nervous that he might not like the fact that I just went down on his
girlfriend and then she passionately kissed me afterward. But when I looked
over at him I could tell he enjoyed it because he was standing there with
another full erection and was slowly stroking himself.

"Now don't you think he has earned that blowjob?" Todd asked Lisa.

"Mmmm, I think maybe he has."

She rolled over and kissed me again and then made her way down to my
chest. She sucked my nipples and pinched them which sent tingles of my own
throughout my body.

"If I am going to do this, you need a trim. I don't like hair down
there. Todd, can you help him out."

"Sure, come on Alan. I'll let you borrow our trimmer."

Todd left me in the bathroom and I soon heard them in the bedroom obviously
starting without me. I finished trimming and cleaned myself up. Returning
to the bedroom I was just in time to watch Todd guide his cock into Lisa's
pussy. When she saw me enter she motioned for me to join them. When I got
on the bed, Lisa and Todd changed position from missionary to doggie
without Todd withdrawing his cock from her. She motioned for me to move
underneath her so she could suck me. I eagerly moved into position and
without hesitation she took my cock into her mouth. Todd was thrusting into
Lisa and each time he pushed in she moved forward and took more of my cock
in her mouth.

Although it wasn't the best blow job I have ever had, the excitement of
being in a threesome and a fantasy being fulfilled of being sucked off by
my best friend's girlfriend quickly had me near orgasm. I told Lisa I was
close to cumming and she stopped sucking just long enough to say "give it
to me."

A short time later my cock began to spasm and she continued to suck and
massage me. She managed to make her way up my body to kiss me as Todd
continued to pound her pussy. As she kissed me it was apparent that Todd
told the truth, she was not a swallower. As she kissed me she let my own
cum slide into my mouth. She continued kissing me to make sure I couldn't
spit out the cum. I knew what she was wanting, she wanted me to swallow my
own cum. I didn't want to disappoint her so I swallowed. When she was
satisfied that I swallowed it all she stopped our kiss. Raised her head up
and looked me in the eyes.

"I think I just made a cock sucker and cum eater out of you."

Just as she finished her declaration I heard Todd moan and I could tell he
was cumming again. He started deep stroking her and declaring how great her
pussy felt and how he was pumping his load deep into her. Lisa was moaning
as well and on a few of the deeper thrusts she squealed in pain.

When Todd was done he pulled out of her and fell onto his back. Lisa then
straddled my face.

"Clean up my messy pussy, Alan. I know there are at least two things you
are good at. Eating pussy and cum!"

I didn't care that Todd's cum was in her pussy. I wanted to eat her out
whenever the chance presented itself. Besides, I had already tasted his cum
earlier and it wasn't so bad. So I started licking and sucking to make
sure I cleaned her out as well as possible. I also took the opportunity to
lick and suck on her clit because I wanted her to cum again and I was
pretty sure that Todd's pounding didn't give her an orgasm. But she had
other ideas.

"You can give me another orgasm later. You need to finish cleaning up the
mess Todd made."

"I don't know how much more I can clean you up."

"Not me, you need to clean him up" and she looked over at Todd. "Besides, I
think he really likes the way you suck dick!"

Todd just smiled at me. I assumed he was okay with it and as I said, I
would do anything to continue to have an opportunity to see Lisa naked and
eat her pussy. I was hoping that I might even get a chance at fucking her
myself but I figured that wasn't going to ever happen. Even so, I would
gladly exchange blowjobs with her. Anyway, I didn't hesitate. I crawled
over to where Todd was and began to lick and suck the mixture of pussy
juice and his cum off of his cock shaft, balls, and even around his
ass. Todd seemed to really like it when I licked his ass so I spent a
little extra time there. As I was doing this Todd again began to grow an

"I guess I need to watch what you are doing because I don't recall ever
seeing Todd have three erections so quickly after cumming like he has" Lisa

I just smiled and said "I don't mind giving you some private lessons
whenever you want!"

They both laughed at my comment and Lisa said "As long as the lessons
include you showing me on Todd's cock then you're on."

That night I spent the night with them and we all slept nude in their queen
sized bed. Lisa was in the middle and it was quite enjoyable feeling the
touch of her naked body on mine all night long. I woke up many times that
night to the feel of my rock hard cock pressed up against her body. Once I
woke up and she was awake and looking at me. When she saw my eyes open she
smiled at me. I realized she had my cock in her hand and was gently
caressing it. I just lay there enjoying her touch. I could hear Todd's
heavy breathing and faint snoring. I wanted to feel guilty about her
touching me while he slept but I was enjoying it too much. Besides, I
thought, I had given him a good if not great blowjob and then sucked and
licked him clean after he had fucked Lisa. He invited me into his bed so he
must be okay with whatever happens. I was sure that Lisa and I wouldn't
have intercourse, at least not without Todd's permission (if he ever gave
it). But I was also equally sure that we all would be doing more of what
went on this night.

Just as I was thinking about all of the different ways this could go Lisa
started rubbing the head of my cock on her clit. She was masturbating with
my cock! How erotic this was. A couple of times she even placed the head of
my cock between her labia and all I had to do was push forward and I would
be inside her. I didn't though because whatever happened I wanted it to be
her decision. Her breathing started getting labored and heavy and she
started really working her clit over with my cock. She began to moan and
squealed in orgasm loud enough that Todd woke up.

"What are you two doing?" he asked. It wasn't accusatory and there was no
anger it was more of a tone of can I join you.

"She just masturbated herself to climax using the head of my cock" I
quickly responded.

"Really? You have never done that before. I wish I could have watched that"
was Todd's response to Lisa.

"Sorry baby, but Alan was asleep and his hard cock was poking me. I woke up
and just started playing with it and I got so horny I wanted to cum. His
cock was the most convenient thing to use."

"Don't worry, I'm cool with it. But what about Alan, did you leave him

"Well, I just finished up with myself. I haven't had time."

She asked me what I wanted her to do for me. I told her that I didn't think
she would do what I wanted. Todd jumped in and said he knew what I wanted
and the decision was Lisa's. He wouldn't stop her. Lisa looked at me and I
could tell she was doing a lot of thinking.

"If I did that for you what would you do in return?"

"Anything you want" I said way too quickly.

"Anything?" she asked with a big grin.

"Anything" I again stated with just a little bit of apprehension.

"Just remember your promise"

"I will." Now I was really a bit uncomfortable with her tone and the
implications but the only thing I could think about was feeling the inside
of her pussy.

I didn't have a condom and I knew that Todd didn't use them so I thought it
was all going to fall apart right there. But when I assured them that I had
no diseases and had been safe with my previous lovers and Lisa confirmed
she used birth control, we started making out while Todd watched. As she
rubbed her naked body over mine she started nibbling on my neck and
ears. She paused and whispered in my ear that nothing is free and the price
I would pay would be steep. Before I could respond she grabbed my cock and
pointed it toward the slit of her pussy and quickly took my entire length
in one wet long stroke. She just sat there on top of me looking into my
eyes. The feeling was exquisite. Again, this was beyond anything I had ever
fantasized about with her. She continued to look at me and smiled.

"You feel good inside me. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a
woman? What a woman feels when she has a cock buried deep inside of her?"

In fact I had wondered just that and I told her so. She then tried to
explain the feeling to me but she struggled with it. She then slowly
started riding me and told me how great it felt to have a cock inside of
you. She kept saying things like it feels like a massage inside your body
or how the friction sends tingles throughout the body.

At first I didn't understand why she was talking like she was but then I
understood. I knew what she had in mind as payment. So I started talking
back to her about how great it sounds to have that feeling of a cock
inside, how great it would feel to have tingles all over my body. She had
been riding me with her eyes closed but when I started saying these things
she opened her eyes and couldn't move them from my own. I then surprised
her and myself with the next words out of my mouth.

"I would love to see what it feels like to have a cock grow inside me as
its orgasm nears and then feel the spasm of it as it shoots its hot load of

She started riding me harder and faster.

"And after the orgasm is over, it must feel really cool as the cock slides
slowly out of you and then you feel the cum start to ooze out of you."

She started moaning and I could feel her pussy contract in orgasm. She kept
riding me and soon after her orgasm I had my own. I thought she would make
me pull out but when I told her I was going to cum she just sat down on my
pelvis and continued grinding her pussy as my cock spasmed in orgasm.

When I was done she allowed my cock to slowly slide out. It was like she
was trying to create what I described. After my cock was out of her she sat
back down on me and we both watched as my cum did indeed ooze out of her
and onto me. She again looked at me and smiled.

"Your turn" she said.

She looked over at Todd and asked him if he was up for taking my virgin
ass. Todd looked at me and I just told him if he was okay with it then it
was a price I was willing to pay for what Lisa had just done for me.

"Well, I have tried to get her to let me do her ass and she won't even
consider it. Kind of ironic she brought this up."

"Well, you wanted anal sex, here is your chance" Lisa responded.

They both have a knack for bantering and they continued for a while on this
subject almost like I wasn't even there. Todd saying that if she expected
me to take it in the ass that she should be prepared to also. It was almost
like they were formulating some sexual fantasy as they argued. Todd finally
suggested that if I took Todd in the ass that she should take us both at
the same time, one in the ass and one in the pussy. Even though I now know
that Lisa had no desire to experience anal sex, the thought of having us
both at the same time seemed to excite her. Their conversation ended with
her saying she might consider it if Todd and I did it and maybe Todd should
take one in the ass too since everyone else was. Todd kind of laughed that
last bit off but I noticed he didn't say no either.

"I don't mind not paying up but if we are going to do this lets get it over
with." I said more to stop the conversation and get back to the awesome sex
I was experiencing.

I asked if they had some type of lubricant because I was sure this wasn't
going to be easy. Lisa pulled out a bottle of Astroglide and lubed up both
Todd's cock and my ass. I was pleasantly surprised that she actually probed
my ass with first one and then two fingers in an effort to loosen me up.

"Well I think it is obvious you have never taken anything in this ass" she
observed. "You are going to have to take it slow Todd or you might hurt

"Don't worry Alan, I'll let you control it at first until you are used to

"Gee thanks!" I replied with a nervous laugh.

Todd lay flat on his back and I straddled him and guided his cock to my
ass. At first I couldn't even get his head in but I kept trying. Lisa also
helped by again probing my ass with her fingers and making sure we stayed
lubed up. I finally got tired of trying to squat on his cock so I got on
all fours and let Todd and Lisa do the guiding and pushing. Lisa was really
getting into this and was "helping" as much as she could. She kept probing
and encouraging. Finally Todd decided it was just going to take some good
old brute force. He placed the head of his cock at my opening and pushed
until he finally broke through. It hurt like hell at first and I was sure I
was going to have to stop. Todd was patient and just let his cock sit in my
ass as I eventually did get used to it. He only had about half inside me
but it felt like he had a foot in there.

Finally I said I felt okay and that we should try to actually let him fuck
me. I felt his cock twitch at those words and then I began to rock on his
cock. I was not comfortable but I could tell that Todd loved the feel of my
tight ass. As uncomfortable as it was I couldn't believe how wonderful it
felt. Tingles began in my ass and spread throughout my body. Even as I was
getting used to his cock in my ass there continued to be pain but at the
same time the pleasure grew more and more. I soon realized that I loved
having Todd's cock in my ass. I started to moan and told him how good it
was beginning to feel.

Lisa was watching us and started to play with herself. I even saw her slide
a finger into her own ass as she watched us. When she heard me say I liked
having a cock in my ass, she quickened her pace on her clit and began
moaning as she neared her own orgasm.

Meanwhile Todd was quickly approaching his own orgasm and his breathing and
pace increased.

Consequently he began to be less in control of how deep he went and the
pain increased. I knew he was close so I didn't say anything. Instead I
just encouraged him to pump his load in my ass. That was all it took and I
felt his cock begin to spasm and soon I felt the first load of cum filling
my ass. What a feeling! He buried his cock as far as he could inside me and
even though that hurt like hell, I loved the feel of his cock as it moved
in orgasm.

When he was finally done, he slowly removed his cock. I concentrated on how
that felt and I even loved the feel of the emptiness. The reason I loved
the feeling is because I did feel empty, like something was missing. I
realized that I wanted to feel his cock in me again! "Wow Todd! I hate to
say this but I actually kind of liked being fucked." I said.

"From the look on his face I would say he liked fucking you!" Lisa replied.

Todd was quite for a moment. He looked over at Lisa and then to me. I could
tell he was a bit confused. He obviously liked fucking me but didn't want
to admit it. Maybe because he was afraid it might mean he was gay. Finally
he smiled.

"Yeah Alan, I have to admit. You are a pretty good fuck"

So much had happened in this one night that we all felt like we needed to
talk about it. I told them that I had actually had fantasies about Lisa and
what happened was better than any fantasy I could ever dream up. I also
told them that I had never thought about having sex with Todd but I
actually liked both the fucking he gave me and going down on him. Lisa
admitted it turned her own as much as anything she had experienced to watch
the two of us. In fact she had even had fantasies about just such a thing
happening and had made the comment about me being an expert popsicle licker
in hopes that what just happened would happen. Todd was just surprised by
the whole thing. Surprised that I had fantasies about Lisa, that Lisa had
fantasies about Todd and I, and surprised that his best friend, male
friend, had just sucked his cock and that he just fucked his ass. Even more
of a surprise was that he liked it.

We discussed it some more and convinced ourselves that we weren't
homosexual but that we definitely liked what just happened and wanted to do
it again. I promised that I wouldn't go sleep around with other people
without telling them but I was sure that the two of them would be more than
good enough for me. We worked out some rules which included we kept no
secrets. They were boyfriend and girlfriend still and I was just an
enhancement to their relationship. I was fine with that and asked if that
meant that I couldn't have sex with one without the other. It was agreed
that we wouldn't make that a hard and fast rule but it was preferred that I
didn't have sex one on one with either of them.

Since that night I have stayed more nights at their place than mine. Though
we don't have sex every night, we spend a lot of time together doing the
same things we did before we started having sex.

Todd and I have had sex more than Lisa and I because Todd and I both would
like to have sex more often than Lisa does. However, Lisa loves to watch
and likes to direct too. More on that later.

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