Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feeding my underwear fetish: my secret life

As I sit here at my computer writing this diary to you, I'm wondering how
much you want to know about how I made the journey from straight super-hung
hunk to an eager participant in man-to man- sex and enjoying pleasures I
never dreamt possible. So I will write on and send you a few chapters and
see if you want me to quit or continue. IT WAS NOT until later in life that
I admitted up to my fetish for men in underwear and how they turned me on
to sexual experiences that were so pleasurable that it drew me into a
secret life of man- to- man pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. So in the
next chapters read about my transformation into that secret life

Chapter one: My history and early experiences with sex.

Even when I was in high school I knew that seeing guys in my gym class
wearing hot underwear or better yet just a jock strap made my dick get
semi-hard and gave me a funny warm feeling down in my groin that was real
pleasurable. Some times when I jacked off alone in my bedroom I envisioned
a guy posing in his briefs with his cock clearly outlined and his balls
being caressed by his soft cotton white briefs. I didn't think too much
about fantasizing about guys because I was pretty active with the girls and
getting as much pussy as I could handle, and never having a problem getting
it up but that is another story.

ANOTHER FACT for you to know is that I am extremely well-endowed in the
dick department, nothing I did on my own but inherited from my father. I
used to be mesmerized by watching my dad's dong when he stepped out of the
shower or when we took a leak together. He had this long sausage between
his legs and even before I knew all the names for a man's prick I realized
that my dad had a bigger penis than anyone else I had seen.

So when I began to go thru puberty I wasn't surprised when my dick got
bigger around and longer. I love playing with my hose and watching myself
in the mirror and then I could make my cock grow just by thinking about how
big and beautiful, yes beautiful, my cock is. And then there is the matter
of cum-load. I guess because my prod is so big that means I can make more
cum and precum too. When I shoot my load that first shot fires out like a
rocket and if I aim my pecker in the right direction I can shoot my cum
right up onto my face, then all over my chest and the final little shots go
into my pubic bush! I spent a lot of time cleaning my cum off my body, my
clothes, the rug and sometimes the mirror where I spend many hours admiring
my developing body.

So now you know about two of my best attributes...things a man really is
proud of.

Getting back to the size of my equipment, in high school when I went into
the locker room and dressed down I noticed the other guys sneaking glances
at me wearing my tighty whities which could barely keep my prized
possessions in the crotch of my briefs. And when I stripped down to
shower, guys would stare at my meat hanging proudly between my legs and
jutting out over my orange-sized balls. Even when I wasn't semi-hard, my
cock hung down like a thick hose with a big mushroom cap and a deep
piss-slit. I secretly reveled in the pleasure of having other guys staring
at my equipment in amazement and envy.

Once in a while I would sprout a hardon in the shower thinking about any
thing sexual and then the guys would really stare, even commenting under
their breath, "amazing, incredible, look at that weapon," all with envy in
their admiration. I wasn't much of a basketball player but I hung out in
the gym a lot during my high school years because secretly I liked showing
off my equipment.

I never stroked my dong in the shower even though I really wanted too, but
I was afraid I would shoot my cum load right there and make a mess and get
all embarrassed. But I was always aware of my prick waiting in my pants for
ay chance to get massaged, get hard and give me a wave of pleasure through
out my entire body. I bet you went through this same stage where you dick
keep leading you in a search for a secret place to jack off. True???

Chapter: two getting married and learning bout kinky sex

But enough about me in high school, now fast forward to the present. Like
any red-blooded male, I married my high school sweetheart and we had good
to great sex for the first couple of years. We even experimented with some
kinky sex, or so my wife would say. One night in bed when we hadn't had
sex for a long time, as I was contemplating pleasuring myself with a hand
job, she reached over and pulled my prick out of my pj bottoms, and
silently she bent down and took my semi-hard dong in her mouth. The feeling
of that warm moist mouth made me instantly hard and I submitted passively
to my first blow job. I could focus completely on the sensations as my
prick was bathed, massaged and teased. Fantastic! It didn't take long for
my body to respond and suddenly I felt that tingle in my loins and my balls
drew up. Before I could warn my wife, I started to shoot my load.

At the first shot of jizz, she pulled off my cum cannon and I shot volley
after volley of hot creamy manjuice in her face, all over my chest and
finally onto the sheet. My wife screeched with delight watching for the
first time how a man can ejaculate sperm with great force and great

"Wow you really make a lot of that man cream; I bet we could whip up a
delicious desert with all that jizz!

We were both dripping with my manjuice and I sure enjoyed the whole scene
and told my wife,

"You can give me a blow job any time you want, that was great! "

We kissed passionately and I thought I could probably taste my own cum on
her face.

All of these new experience brought another amazing occurrence; instead of
going limp, my cock stayed hard and sensitive, so that when I scooped my
cum off, it sent shivers through my body and it seemed that I was ready for
another round of prick pleasure. I hadn't cum twice since I was young and
really horny.

After that, If she thought I was getting horny she would unzip my pants,
reach in and pull out my meat and give me a great blow job, letting my dick
free just before I shot my load cuz she hadn't developed a taste for my
jizz. She even got into the oral sex because sometimes she put her finger
up her pussy and massaged her clit and even had an orgasm just as I was
shooting my load. We were both satisfied with this kind of sex for a while,
but then even that started to grow less frequent.

Chapter three. Three things bring big changes. Finding pix on the internet
and discovering a new world of guyz in underwear and meeting Brad

My fetish for underwear got a good start as soon as I discovered the world
of pix on the internet. But even before that, I noticed in the gym that I
was almost the only guy wearing tighty whites; most of the guys were
sporting colored underwear and brief-briefs seemed to be the style.
Somehow watching guys parading around in their briefs intrigued me and I
decided it was time to get into style. At about the same time, I spent
time surfing the internet and discovered men's briefs sites like Paul's men
in underwear" which had guys posing in the briefest of briefs and some even
had their dongs hanging out. I decided I would get myself some of these
undies, but not the really brief thong style yet.

So working up my courage I wandered into the men's department of our local
department store and boy was I amazed at the choices available. Just
fingering the different packages of briefs had me getting a hardon. I
decided on some bikini style briefs, made of spandex and acetate. I
couldn't wait to get home and try on my purchase. As soon as I got inside
the backdoor, I dropped my pants, pulled off my whites and slipped on a
pair of the newly-purchased bikini undies. Wow, were they stingy with the
silky pouch. I could just barely stuff my meat into the pouch but when I
did it felt so goddamm good and my equipment was pulled by right up and

"You look really sexy and studly" I said to myself. As I ran my hand over
my crotch, I could feel my prod getting hard and lo and behold a small wet
spot appeared right where my prick strained against the taut fabric. I had
no idea I could get hard so fast and feel so turned on over just a pair of
briefs. But what the ho! Then I began to wonder what my wife would have to
say about this sight and also how about the guys in the gym? Even though
some of the guys were wearing g-string thongs I never dreamt I would want
to expose myself with something like these, yet there was that temptation
to tease them wearing only my bikini.

When my wife arrived home, I told her "I have a surprise for you; do you
want to see it?"

She knew from my shit-eating grin I had something special to show her.

"Sure I want to see what you got" she replied suspecting I was doing
something special. So I dropped my pants and let her see my new bikini

"Well, you finally got out of those regular briefs and into something more
"sexy". "Yea I really like them, and I am getting turned on admiring your
big fuck-tool straining to get out of its cage! "

"Was this really my wife talking like this?" I thought. If so I guess these
briefs have magic power over me and her.

"Fuck me right here and right now' she demanded. She pulled up her skirt
and pulled down her thong panties and made herself ready for my fuck-tool
to hit her target. I was so turned on that I obeyed her command and stroked
my now hard rod to get it ready and lubed with plenty of precum. So still
wearing my new briefs, now hooked down underneath my balls I shoved my
steel-hard cock into her hot pussy with a force I hadn't felt for a long

"Oh yes Jed, shove that hot poker up my cunt, massage my clit and make me
cum big time"

We were both so hot into fucking that we didn't realize we were in the
middle of the kitchen with the shades wide open so anyone could see
in. Somehow that made it even hotter thinking some voyeur could see us
fucking like a couple of wild animals. With about a dozen humps of my hot
blood- engorged prick I could feel that tingle in my loins and feel my
balls pull up tight as my cum juice began its trip out of my balls and into
my prick. With all that pussy juice and precum my steel hard rod was
slipping around in its hot enclosure, but I knew my wife needed her clit
massaged and I concentrated on pushing my cock head up against her cunt
lips and onto her engorged clit. Suddenly my wife was shouting as she began
to orgasm and I let out a primal shout as I shot my first spurt of cum,
followed by another and another volley of hot creamy manjuice. I shot spurt
after spurt of my seeds until I could cum no more, and then felt my body
that had been completely tense begin to relax and transform into that state
of exhaustion following great exertion.

After a few minutes we both came down from our orgasmic high and realized
we were still dressed from the waist up but covered in sweat and cum. My
wife bent down and took my dick in her mouth and licked off the combined
juices of mancum and woman cunt, and savored every taste. At this point I
was ready to just have some dinner and go to sleep on the couch.

Days later I decided that if wearing my new briefs could have such an
effect on my wife, wearing them to the gym might just have some special
effects too. I wasn't too sure what that might be but the risk of something
happening made me horny and ready to try. After a pick up basketball game,
I went into the locker room and started to change for my shower. When I
dropped my shorts, I noticed a friend named Brad, who I have chatted with
in the locker room before, looked my way and had a big smile.

"Hey Jed, what happened to the tighty whities you always man
those are hot togs."

Brad came over and got into my space, and surprised me so I stepped back.

"Whoa man, I just wanted to see if what you have packed in those briefs is
all real! You are one hung dude!" I was flattered by Brad's attention and
surprised by his direct admission that he was ogling my equipment.

"Those briefs really show off that monster meat you're packin. How big are
you man, ever measured your meat?" I felt myself getting hard and my face
flushed. Suddenly Brad reached out and gave my prick a squeeze...was this
guy feeling me up???

I stepped back but I knew I enjoyed the sensation of brad's hand squeezing
my prick, and I felt myself get totally hard. I panicked trying to figure
out what was happening to me. I decided I had to stop now or let my self
succumb to this stud's manipulations.

"Hey man I got to get a shower and get home, see you later, "I announced as
I headed for the showers.

When I dropped my briefs I discovered that even though I wasn't totally
aroused there was a shiny drop of precum in my piss slit. What was my body
truing to tell me??? I showered quickly, dried and headed home trying to
figure out why I liked brad feeling me up and what might happen if I let
him go farther.

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