Thursday, May 14, 2009

the big surprise 3

John and Karen awoke the next morning laying in each others arms. They awoke
much later than normal. They were drained from the amazing sex last night.
Karen leaned over and gave John a kiss and he could still taste a little bit
of Samantha on her lips. He commented on how hot it was to see her eating
pussy for the first time last night, and how much he would love to see it again.
She smiled and let out a little mmmmmm and said "anytime Honey anytime."
They cuddled up and gave each other a big squeeze and layed there for a while.
John then told Karen that he would arrange for Mark and Samantha to come back
over, if she would reveal her secret man to him from his big surprise. She
agreed to bring him back if all five of them could get together for some no
holes barred fun. Of course John agreed to that so they decided to plan it for
next weekend.

It was a long week that week. John couldn't wait to meet the mystery man. He
kept trying to figure out who it could be, but kept drawing blanks. He was
extremely horny all week too and must have masturbated 5 times a day imagining
what would happen this weekend. Karen too was horny all week. She couldn't
wait to dive back into Samantha's hot pussy and lick up her juices. She also
hoped that maybe she would be able to fuck the mystery man. It was someone that
she had wanted to for a while, but she never did any more than some innocent
flirting with him. Didn't want to hurt John or screw up their marriage. Now
though maybe she would get to. The thought of that and Samantha had her
extremely hot all week too.

The big night came and John and Karen had told everyone that the door would
be open when they showed up, just come on up to the room and have some fun. Of
course John and Karen couldn't wait for everyone to arrive they were so hot
and horny. They were downstairs talking about what might happen tonight when
John couldn't take it anymore. He leaned in and started kissing Karen. First
with a light kiss, he let his lips linger on hers for a little bit. He pulled
back looked into her eyes and went back in and started to kiss her deeply
and passionately. Karen returned the favor and they were intertwining their
tongues as deep as they would go in each others mouths. Johns dick was growing
quickly and he had to rearrange it in his pants. As he reached in Karen moved
his hand and ripped his pants off. She went down on him and had the full
length of his erect shaft down her throat. She then put her hand at the base off
his cock and her mouth on top of it and started slowly stroking up and down
the length of his cock. He felt like he was going to cum right there. He
wanted to build it up though so he stood up and picked Karen up. He carried her

While he carried her upstairs his hand found its way to her pussy. It was
dripping wet. She was super horny and his touch almost sent her over the edge.
He layed her on the bed and started kissing her again. He slowly worked his
way down from her mouth. He slowly kissed down her collarbone to her tits. When
he got there he first lapped at them with long full strokes of his tongue
making sure to stimulate the entire nipples. He then used the tip of his tongue
and teased each erect nipple with a flittering of his tongue. She was
moaning in ecstasy from this. She loved having her nipples in his mouth. He then
nibbled gently on them before starting to move down more. He kissed down her
belly to her inner thighs. He kissed each one driving Karen wild. She told him
to eat her hot pussy. She said "Eat me damn it I want your hot tongue in me.
Make me cum in your mouth.. " This dirty talk made John dive right in. He
loved it when she talked like that. He started at her pussy with a long wet
stroke of his tongue. Then he inserted it as far in as he could and lapped up her
juices. Then he moved up to her swollen clit and gently kissed it increasing
the pressure as he went along. She was just about to cum when in walked Mark
and Samantha.

Samantha yelled at John" Hey get away that's my pussy!!!!" She pushed John
out of the way and dove right in. She had her tongue on Karen's clit in an
instant. Karen came immediately. She was grabbing onto the bed squeezing it as
hard as she could as her body contracted with a huge orgasm. She was moaning
loudly and grabbed the back of Samantha's eager head and pushed it down hard
on her hot pussy. Mark looked down and saw John's engorged cock and went down
and started sucking him off. The pre cum was flowing freely and Mark was
licking it up. He would use the tip of his tongue and pull away leaving a stream
of it from John's cock to his tongue. The sight of this was almost enough to
make John cum. John started sucking with hard fast strokes and John soon
Yelled " oh yeah I'm cumming!" John pushed down on Mark's head as Mark tried to
swallow it all. It was too much though and some started trailing out the
corners of his mouth. John had been saving up and there was a lot.

Karen then looked at Samantha and said" I think its my turn to eat that hot
pussy of yours!" She leaned in and the two women started making out. It was
like they were long lost lovers who hadn't seen each other in years. They were
kissing each other deeply while fingering each others pussies. They would
bring their fingers up to each other and share each others juices while looking
over at the guys. The sight of the girls sucking on each other fingers and
making out was driving the men wild. John was already back to full hardness
after his huge orgasm. He went down and took Marks hard cock in his mouth and
started giving him a blowjob. He was really into it and didn't even notice the
stranger walk in.

Karen noticed though. He was a guy that she had went to a class with. His
name was Moe. He stood in the doorway and had to bend down. He stood 6'8" tall,
probably about 220 good looking. Karen had the hots for him when they took
the class together and now she hoped would be her time to fuck him. He was the
man that fucked John in the first surprise. Karen motioned for him to come
over by her. Samantha saw him and took a big gulp. She also found him
attractive and wondered how big he would be. She hoped the size of the present would
match the packaging. The girls unbuttoned his pants and started sharing his
cock. They would lick the length of it then take it in their mouth and then
share it back and forth. As his cock grew they were not disappointed. It grew
to around 10 inches in length with a nice hefty girth. John was able to
experience it first hand a couple of weeks ago.

John looked up and saw the man. He knew who he was immediately. At first he
was at little mad at who it was. He had been jealous of him when Karen and
Moe were in class together. She would come home and talk about him and John
worried what they might be doing. He knew she liked him. The anger quickly
passed as Mark started to lick Johns ass. Mark lied John on the bed and rimmed
him real good. He slowly inserted a finger at a time , adding one then two and
three. When John was ready Mark again started to fuck John with his cock.

Karen then lied on the bed next to him. Samantha moved up to her head and
sat on her face so that Karen could eat her out. That's when Karen would get two
things she had been wanting, she started eating out Samantha when Moe walked
over and inserted his big hard dick in her. She moaned loudly as he was
stretching her out to her limits. Moe was larger than John who up until the was
the only man she had ever fucked. John looked over at this and squeezed her
tit as if to say have fun baby. There they were John being fucked by Mark and
Karen being fucked right next to him by this huge man who months earlier John
had been insanely jealous off. Right now though he didn't care he was
concentrating on the cock that was slowly and deeply going in and out of his ass.
Samantha started bucking on Karen's face she was having an orgasm. When she
stopped she got off Karen and watched as Moe fucked her new girlfriend. She
leaned in and kissed Karen and that was enough for Karen to lose it again. She
started bucking wildly on this huge cock. It was a long lasting orgasm and she
could hardly breathe. She was just about done when Moe grabbed her tight as
he was cumming in her. She loved it when John came inside her and this was no
different, she immediately started another long orgasm. They each collapsed
on the bad as John and Mark continued fucking.

Moe then moved his cock up by Johns face and John devoured it. Moe said" You
like tasting your wife's cum on another mans cock!" All John could do was
swallow harder. There he was getting fucked deeply by Mark and giving a blowjob
to this huge dick that had the taste of his wife all over it. It sent him
over the edge. Nobody was even touching his cock when it erupted in load after
load of cum. It shot all over his stomach. The sight of this and John
squeezing his tight ass made Mark cum as well. John was spent. He was also extremely
happy. He wanted to finish off Moe who was getting pretty hard now also. All
four John, Karen, Samantha, and Mark moved in and began taking turns with
Moes huge cock. Moe moaned loudly and started stroking himself and shot his cum
on everyone' faces. He made sure he hit everyone. Everyone looked at each
other and laughed then collapsed on the bed. They all fell asleep together. It
was gonna be a good morning tomorrow.

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