Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Can't Believe I Did It 3

It had been three weeks since I sucked Mike's dick for the first time. I
can't believe I did it.

Since then, we had become more intimate. Although I had sucked his dick
several times, he had not reciprocated. I'm was okay with that and we are
learning to enjoy each other's bodies, one on one.

We were preparing for Pam's birthday. When asked what she wanted for her
birthday. she replied, "A good meal, my two favorite men and my two
favorite dicks. Be naked when I get there."

I cooked her favorite dishes. Fried shrimp, stir fried shrimp, steamed
rice and broccoli. I also made a batch of my special sweet and sour
dipping sauce. Mike had a cake specially made, a dick, eight inches long
and five inches around with pink icing. Pam liked Mikes' length and my

We were having a candlelight dinner and then would move to the livingroom,
which we decorated with pillows and balloons, for the main event. I was
excited and Mike was already dancing around naked, pulling on my dick and
slapping my ass as we passed each other. I finished preparing dinner just
as Pam arrived at the door.

I opened the door and there stood Pam wearing pink pumps and a sheer pink
peignoir, nothing else. I couldn't believe she had crossed the courtyard
like that. She walked into the house and I just stood, taking in her naked
body. Mike came into the room, grinning, arms outstretched. "Happy
birthday, sexy lady," he exclaimed as he hugged her. He kissed her on her
lips and stood back. "May I take your rap."

Mike removed Pam's peignoir and to my surprise put it on himself. "Don't
just stand there, E, show the lady to her seat". I took Pam's arm in mine
and led her to the kitchen. After seating her at the head of the table,
Mike and I, took turns feeding her. "Enough," she finally laughed, "sit
down and join me."

As we ate, we made small talk and joked. Pam was radiant. Mike was funny
as hell sitting there in the peignoir. I enjoyed myself. Pam had not seen
us since the talk and bought up the subject of me sucking Mike's dick.
"Have you two worked things out?"

"We have a mutual agreement," Mike answered, winking at me.

"We're fine," I smiled at Pam and she nodded.

Mike got up. Spinning around in his peignoir. "I think it's time for the
'coupe de grass'", he said laughing. He pulled out Pam's chair and helped
her up. "I'll show the lady to the playpen."

Mike led Pam to the livingroom, as I grabbed the bowl of special sauce from
the table and followed. Pam stopped and looked around the room, which was
filled with pink, black and white balloons. "You guys are too special,"
she gushed.

"Tonight is your night," Mike said, guiding her to the pillows on the
floor. "Just lay here and relax." Mike spread Pam out on her back on the
pillow sand we kneeled on each side of her. "Happy birthday, your
sexiness," Mike said giving her a big kiss. "Happy birthday, tonight you
are our queen," I said when Mike was done and leaned down and gave her a
kiss of my own.

"Well, happy birthday to me she laughed," and pulled us both into a three
way kiss. We layed back her head and smiled down at her as I picked up the
bowl of sauce. I dipped two fingers in the sauce and began rubbing it
around and into her nipple closest to me. When I finished, I stuck my
fingers into her mouth and she cleaned my finger. I stuck my fingers back
in the bowl and began on her other nipple. This time when I put my hand to
her face, Mike pulled it to his and sucked my fingers clean. "Mmm, good,"
he smiled when he finished. I placed my finger back into the bowl and made
a trail with the sauce from her cleavage to her navel. I made sure to coat
her navel with sauce. When I finished, I looked up and Mike was kissing
Pam and stroking his semi hard dick. I licked my own fingers clean.

I placed my hand on Mike's head. "Ready?"

We each leaned down and began licking around one of Pam's nipples. As her
nipple hardened, I began sucking. I looked over at Mike and he was
following my lead. Pam was sort of softly purring. I raised up and tapped
Mike, when he lifted his head, I took Pam's breasts in the palms of my
hands, spread them and began licking sauce from her cleavage. Mike moved
down to her navel and began licking sauce from her navel. Mike licked his
way up her body, as I licked my way down. When our heads met, Mike watched
as I cleaned the remaining sauce from her body. When I lifted my head, he
grabbed me, pulled me to him and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

We broke the kiss and looked at Pam. She was laying there with a smile on
her face and a glazed look in her eyes. Mike placed his palm on her pussy.
Pam spread her legs a little. "I think the lady is ready," Mike said. He
jumped between her legs, made a big show of adjusting the peignoir around
him and latched onto her pussy with his lips. Pam moaned as he went to
work, licking her snatch with his lips attached to her pussy lips. She
grabbed my dick and began stoking gently, while I massaged her breasts with
both hands. She pulled my dick towards her face and I moved to her head.
She licked at my now hard dick. After a moment, she screamed and jerked.
I knew she was having an orgasm. Mike lifted his head and smiled.

As she recovered from her orgasm, Mike stood, "time for her favorite
position." I crawled between her legs as Mike staddled her head. I spread
her legs and crawled between them. Mike's long dick was nestled on her
chin as she licked his balls. He smiled at me and nodded. I slid my dick
into her tight warm pussy, she moaned. I could feel how moist she was and
I sank my dick as far as it would go. I paused, enjoying the warm
sensation. Pam was now sucking the head of Mike's dick as he stroked the
shaft. His head was back and his eyes closed. I pulled Pam's knees up and
kind of crawled into her. Mike opened his eyes, let go of his dick and
moved up her face a little, to get more of his dick in her mouth. He
looked directly into my eyes as I started fucking Pam with deep, slow
stokes. I loved the way Pam would cum around my dick and was trying to get
her off without blowing my own load. Pam grabbed my ass and pulled me
deeper. Mike reached out and began stroking my nipples. I heard his dick
pop out of Pam's mouth as I felt a tongue on my own nipple. "Damn!" I
shouted. Pam was trying to grind herself on my dick as Mike sucked one of
my nipples and then the other. I began pumping vigorously. The sensations
were overwhelming me. I planted my hands and knees into the pillows and
used all the force in my midsection to pump into Pam. I leaned my head
back and howled. Just as I thought I would blow my load, Pam screamed.
She slammed me into her and shot torrents. My dick felt as if it was
caught in some type of whirlpool as the warm hot liquid engulfed it. I
slumped on to her and lay still as her pussy jerked around my fat dick.

When Pam's spasms finally stopped, I realized I hadn't cum and was still
hard. I looked up, Pam's head was turned to the side. She seemed to have
fainted. Mike stared at my dick in her pussy, seemingly awestruck. Pam
finally lifted her head. "Shit, that was good," she said. Mike pushed me
back and my dick popped from Pam's warm wet pussy. "I get sloppy seconds,"
he quickly took my place between her legs. I kissed Pam as Mike rammed his
long dick deep into her. The "umph" sound she made got lost somewhere in
my throat. I stood and looked down at my dick and noticed there were
yellowish streaks all along my dick. I looked at Mike. He was in a
kneeling position, pumping into Pam and staring at my yellow streaked dick.
He finally looked into my face, "I want to taste that pussy juice," my dick
twitched when he said it.

I planted my legs on each side of Pam's body and made my way to Mike as
best I could walking on the pillows. I stopped when my dick was inches
from his head. Mike stopped pumping, Pam groaned. He looked up at me and
then at my dick. I grabbed it and held it for him. He leaned in and
licked the undershaft, just above my hand. He looked up, twirling his
tongue around is mouth, smiled, nodded at me and began earnestly licking
Pam's cum from my dick. I watched with my mouth open. Finally, with a
sigh he took my dick head into his mouth. I let go of my dick and placed
my hands on his shoulders to keep from falling. I sighed and closed my
eyes. Mike began to pump into Pam and she reached up and started massaging
my balls, then the space between my ass and balls. Mike's mouth was now
sliding up and down about three inches of my dick as he pumped into Pam. I
enjoyed the feeling, watching him as he sucked my dick. Pam's finger was
now rubbing my ass hole. She pressed on my hole and without warning my
dick jerked and shot. Mike literally spit out my dick and cum started
spraying his face. "Augh," I thought he was choking on my shot of cum. He
fell flat onto Pam and ground his dick into her. I could tell by the way
his ass muscles flexed that he was cumming. As he fell into her, she
screamed. Pam's legs rose straight up into the air and came down,
clutching him tightly to her. I could tell by the way she was jerking that
she was cumming again.

All the movement caused me to lose my balance and I came crashing down on
my side. One leg across Pam's stomach. I was thankful I hadn't hurt
anyone. We all laughed as we came down from our orgasms. The three of us
lying there. Pam on her back legs wide open. Mike laying her still legs,
wearing Pam's peignoir with streaks of cum all over his face. I was laying
beside them, one leg trapped between their two bodies.

Finally we moved until we were all laying face to face next to each other,
Mike in the middle. "Happy birthday to you," we all sang as Pam and I
licked as much of the dried cum off Mike's face as we could. Mike crawled
over Pam so that she was in the middle.

Pam: "I'm exhausted. You guys are my favorite fuck."

Me: "Damn, damn, damn that shit was good."

Mike: "Hell, yeah. But I can't believe I did it."

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