Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pound My ASS

Let me introduce you to my friends, John and his wife Sandy. I had met
John when I was doing some painting for another friend. He was doing some
repair work. Seeing him made my cock and my mind stir. He stood about 6'
2" weighed about 210 and had a nice bulge in his tight jeans. We began
talking and became friends quick. As most guys our talks got around to
talking sex and women. I walked around most of the time with a hardon.

One day it was just him and me working for a few hours. We were about
to break for lunch, when this sexy woman walked in. It was Sandy his
wife. He laughed when my jaw dropped and my tongue hang out. She was so
sexy. She had on a pair of skin tight short shorts and a halter top. Her
40D tits almost falling out of her top. Sandy has a very nice round ass
and long legs.

They went into another part of the house to spend some time
together. I took my lunch and went out and ate under a tree. After I ate I
walked around a little and I heard some noises coming from one of the back
rooms. I snuck up hoping I would see them making out. I peeked into the
window and my jaw dropped. John was bent over with his pants down to his
ankles. Sandy was jacking his hardon (8 inches I fould out later) with one
hand and she had 3 fingers deep in his ass with the other.

I watched a couple minutes and then heard John say,"Hurry up Before
Dan comes back in." I saw Sandy smile and said,"Well if he does I might
have to do the same thing to him.What do you think of that?" As soon as she
said that John blew his load all over the floor. Sandy kept stroking his
cock to make sure all his cum came out. Slowly she removed her fingers and
John raised up. A couple of drops of cum were hanging on the tip of his
cock. Sandy bent over and licked them off. Then she let him pull up his

I ran back around front and was sitting there when they came out. They
acted like nothing happened. I just smiled to myself as she kissed him bye
and left. This happened a couple more times while we worked there. The
last time it happened, I had moved to the other side of the window to get a
better view. Sandy was stroking him slow and long, when all of a sudden
she looked and saw me at the window.

I thought I was dead then, but she just smiled and went to town. She
began to really pound his ass and cock hard. John was grunting and moaning
harder and harder. I could see she was getting off too doing that to
him. Again when she left, she kissed him and then she just smiled at me as
she got in her car. We finished the job we were woking on and John invited
me to his house the next weekend for supper and to celebrate.

The next few days were a blur. I cock seemed to never go down. I
arrived saturday afternoon to their home. The house was down a long drive
and surrounded by trees. I pulled up to the house and John walked out. All
he had on was a pair of baggy shorts. He said to follow him that sandy was
in the back getting some sun. We stopped in the house for drinks and he
showed me around their home.

We got to the back door and walked out and there was Sandy laying on a
chair in a very skimpy bikini. She got up and her tits almost fell out of
her top. I didn't see how they stayed in anyway. As the evening rolled on
and the drinks flowed freely we all got bolder and bolder. Sandy floored us
both when she told John that I saw then playing on the job. We looked at
eachother and I thought I was dead. John had turned several shades or red
as I know I had too. Sandy just laughed and said it had turned her on so
much that she had came home and masturbated all afternoon.

I told them I would leave if they wanted but Sandy just laughed and
said not to worry that she was sure I had been watching from the first and
it turned me on too. Again I blushed red and said yeah that John was a
lucky man. Sandy kissed her husband and said he loved it when she did that
to him and more. Then it was John's turn to blush. She asked if i ever had
a woman do that to me. I said I had a girfriend once that loved using a
dildo on me, but it had been a long time ago.

Well more drinks were called for after that confession. Soon we were
feel no pain. Nothing much else was said after that. Then after the sun had
set Sandy said she was going in to take a shower and change. John and I sat
outside talking. He said he was sorry about all that happened. I said don't
worry about it I just didn't want that to interfere with our friendship. I
called him a lucky dog and we laughed. We heard a noise at the house and we
turned to see Sandy standing there with nothing on but a strapon.

She looked at us and said in a stearn voice, "GET OUT OF THOSE CLOTHES
NOW!!!!" John immediately jumped up and dropped his shorts. Sandy looked
at me and said,"THAT\line MEANS YOU TOO BUSTER!!!" I did as she
ordered. Her girl cock swung from side to side as she walked up to us. She
grabbed our cocks and began stroking us.

My jaw dropped when she told John to get down and suck my cock. He
dropped to his knees at once and took my cock into his mouth. She was
grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. Her nipples were hard as
rocks and hot to the touch. I kneaded them and pinched her nipples soon I
felt my balls rise as they unloaded spurt after spurt down John's
throat. She just said good boy now for your reward. I thought I was going
to suck John, but she told John to sit down and rest. She told me to suck
her cock.

I dropped to my knees and began kissing and licking her cock. She said
to get it good and wet. I began slobbering and spitting on it like no bodys
business. She called John over and had him lay down in front of me. She
told me to suck his cock. I crawled over between his legs and took his
beautiful cock into my mouth. It tasted great. I got into pleasing his cock
so much I didn't notice Sandy had got behind me. I felt something cold hit
my asshole. Soon a finger had penetrated me. Soon another then another
followed the first. My asshole opened up like a flower.

Moans were coming from from us all. I almost passed out from pleasure
when Sandy shoved her girl cock up my ass to the hilt. Her hips slapped my
ass hard as she bottomed out in one push. Johns cock was rammed down my
throat when she had done that. I gagged so she pulled out some so I could
raise up. She started with slow deep strokes. Soon she got a good rythem
and really began pounding my ass.

With her action in my ass and the sucking I was doing I felt John tense
up then his cock began pumping wad after wad down my throat. All I could do
is swallow and hold on. Sandy didn't seem to tire at all. I just held
John's linp cock in my mouth and rested my head on his hips. Sandy was
going for broke. She picked up speed and slammed her 8" girl cock deep in
my ass. I bet you could of heard us a mile down the road from the noise we
were making. Soon I felt her tense up and then she screamed as she

Sandy fell across my back breathing hard. Her cock was still buried up
my ass. I rolled over and we all lay there under the stars sweating and
saited for the time being. We gathered our breath and Sandy slowly pulled
her cock from my ass with a plop. I felt emptyness when that happened. I
rolled over on my back and Sandy looked at me. I smiled and said thank you.
I reached over and fondled her tit. We rested a few minutes then got up and
got a drink.

A few minutes Sandy said time for round two and started laughing. She
told me to get back on my knees that it was time for some real meat pound
my ass. I looked at her and she was stroking Johns hard cock. I was on my
knees before she finished her sentence. John was pulled by his cock and she
guided it to my asshole. I was already lubed and streached, so he slid in
to the hilt with one thrust.Before he could pull out Sandy shoved her cock
up his ass. He yelped at the intrusion and Sandy laughed. Finally we got a
good rythem going and we we moaning and groaning and sweating bullets. With
the pressure on our prostates John and I didn't last long. We came with
seconds of eachother. Mine flying all over the ground. Sandy didn't miss a
beat. She grabbed his hips and began pounding John merciless.

Her pounding his ass made him do the same to mine. I didn't know how
much more I could take. Soon Sandy screamed she was cumming. She came hard
and long. Again we fell over and rested. When I could get up I had to walk
bowlegged. My ass was sore but it was a good sore. I thanked them for
supper and the good times after. I slipped my shorts on and went to my
car. I was hoping this would happen again. Several weeks went by then the
phone rang. It was Sandy inviting me up for the long weekend. She said
shehad a suprise for me. But that's another story.

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