Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Calls - 6

Jim selected one of his white shirts and donned the trousers of his blue
suit. While brushing his hair he realized he needed a hair cut--badly.

`Oh well,' he thought `not today.'

If he waited for things to be perfect it wouldn't happen. Mister Cornaveau
was determined not to loose his momentum. He went into the study, where he
felt most professional. He had hardly been in the small room with the desk
and chair, walls lined with bookshelves, in the last year. Jim set the free
standing shaving mirror on the desk beside the phone and looked at his
reflection. Freshly shaven and hair neatly combed, if a little raggedy, he
thought his eyes looked as clear as they had in months.

The former Automotive Engineer dialed the number of Montgomery Motors with
butterflies trying to fight their way out of his gut at about the same time
as Kimberly Reynolds was applying her lips to his wife's tit. Jim connected
with Michelle Woznouski. Looking at himself in the shaving mirror he
forced a smile and said,

"Tom Bogdan, please."

"May I say who is calling?" were the words that came from Michelle's sweet
and oh so talented mouth.

"Jim Cornaveau," the smile came easier after listening to the cheerful
voice of Montgomery Motors stress relief toy.

`I bet she's smiling,' Jim thought. `You really CAN hear it in a person's

Moments passed and the butterflies turned into humming birds, or maybe even
sea gulls.

"Tom Bogdan." When he heard the rich baritone voice he began to shake and
almost hung up. Straining to keep a positive look on his face since smiling
seemed to be well beyond his capacity at that moment, he answered.

"Mister Bogdan, my name is Jim Cornaveau; I believe you're acquainted with
my wife."

`Cornaveau... Cornaveau...' Tom searched his vast repository of names but
wasn't connecting.

"How can I help you mister Cornaveau?" the majority owner of Montgomery
Motors asked hoping a connection would come out of the reply.

Jim heard the complete lack of recognition in his voice and again was
tempted to terminate the call. The reflection he saw in the mirror was the
unshaven, disheveled dispirited man he had been little more than an hour

`I can't go back there... I won't!'

"My wife Patricia is working for your wife. She told me that you'd
suggested that I give you a call." The lights that went on were blinding.

`Patricia Cornaveau...' the image that came to the large black man's mind
was of the petit brunette's magnificent rack and his dick twitched.

He was immediately ashamed of himself; he was talking to the woman's
husband after all. If it had been a customer, the connection would have
been instantaneous. Sitting in his office, the list of social contacts and
people he knew only through his wife were stored in a closed compartment of
his brain. Now that the data base was opened the conversation came flooding

"Yeah, yeah you're an Automotive Engineer right?" Tom's voice became more
animated, almost excited. Jim was pleased to hear the statement using the
present tense.

"That's right," he confirmed.

"Your wife... Patty isn't it, said you were looking for a job," the
statement wasn't one hundred percent accurate but it was close enough.

"I might be," Jim responded trying to portray a confidence he didn't
feel. The face in the mirror wasn't smiling.

"Are you working now?" the question hit the unemployed and depressed man
like a body blow. Jim fought the feelings of uselessness that threatened to
overwhelm him, and send him crawling back to his bed.

`No point in lying' he concluded.

"No... No I'm not."

"I'd like to meet with you... are you free for lunch today?"

Jim was tempted to say `Let me check my calendar'; knowing there was
nothing on it--past, present or future. The thought amused him and he found
that he was now sporting a big grin.

"Absolutely!" he assured the car dealership owner, hoping he didn't sound
too anxious.

"Great!" the black man returned with real enthusiasm.

"How about `The Black Angus'... say around twelve-thirty?"

Jim shifted his brain into a mode it hadn't been in for a long time.

`Twelve-thirty... that's less than an hour... I don't have a car... it'll
take longer than that to get downtown from here by public transit at this
time of day.'

"It'd have to be more like one. Ya see my car's still over at your wife's
office and the bus..."

"I'll come and pick you up," Tom offered. "After lunch I can drop you over
at Delia's place so you can pick up your wheels... before that prick
landlord of hers has it towed."

"If you're sure it's not too much trouble," the unemployed engineer was
elated at the lengths to which the car dealer was willing to go.

"Just give me directions and I'll be out the door in ten minutes," the
booming baritone promised.

Jim struggled to swallow his excitement so he could give the man a logical

When he hung up the phone and headed for the bedroom to choose a tie. He
felt like he was walking on air. He couldn't remember when he'd felt this
good or this nervous.


Patricia backed out of the Reynolds driveway. She'd done her best to clean
up but she was still a mess. Her skirt was rumpled and there were pussy
juice stains on the front of her blouse from trying to open it after
fingering the teenager to her first climax.

`My next appointment's not until one... I gotta go home and change' she
concluded. `It'll be tight but if I'm a couple of minutes late it's not the
end of the world.'

Swinging onto the expressway she couldn't help reviewing her first
insurance exam.

`What a morning! I tried to stay professional... I really did! I did
amazingly well with the boy. I didn't know I had that much self-control.'

She would have been thoroughly proud of herself if it hadn't been for that
last minute indiscretion.

`If I hadn't jerked him off at the very end... I would have been completely
innocent... in spite of him blowing a massive load during the examination
of his penis. That wasn't my fault. But with the girl... oh my God you
really lost it with her!'

Patty felt her nipple begin to tingle as she recalled the pubescent mouth
tugging on it. That tingling spawned a knot in her pussy and the term
sex-a-holic resurfaced in her mind. Despite the able assist by the sixteen
year old her last climax had come at her own hand.

`You know that never completely satisfies you,' she rationalized. `If only
Jim would...' she'd had that thought so many times in the past year(and
more) that she forced it away. `And how come you're so turned on by women

The picture that forced itself on her was of Delia's dark colorful pussy
hovering over her face as she lay on the boardroom table. That image
brought back the memory of the other part of that scenario. Simone the
tantalizing seamstress between her legs... `zhe `air mon ch�re... Come by
zhe shop and I weel feex eet for you.'

Patty squirmed against the leather seat of the Grand Marquis and bit her
lip as she turned into her own driveway.

The traveling nurse ran to her door as best she could in the wedge heeled
pumps. She was in the bedroom stripping off her soiled blouse when she
realized her husband was nowhere to be seen. Her stomach immediately

`Where is he?' she wondered fretfully as she continued to
undress. "Jim... honey I'm home" she called out loudly; no response.

In the bathroom naked she quickly but thoroughly washed herself. The soapy
washcloth on her still needy vulva sent electric pulses out to her nipples.

`No time for that and no time to look for him,' she decided as she dressed
in the white undies, blue suit and white oxford blouse.

She glanced out the window into the back yard as she scurried toward the
front door, already knowing he wasn't there. Back in the driveway she
looked down the street.

`Maybe he went for a walk,' she thought also knowing that was very
unlikely. She was back on the expressway as Tom and Jim sat down in the
steak house.


Delia strode through the lobby of her office, at an aggressive clip as
usual. Jennifer looked up as her boss flashed by with only the briefest
nod. As soon as she reached her desk she dialed her husband's number.

"Hi Michelle, get Tom for me please," she said to the versatile secretary.

"Oh sorry missus `B' you just missed him. I think he had a lunch date," the
skinny girl informed her.

"Shit!" the Halle Berry look-alike cursed. "I wanted to have lunch with

She was already imagining her husband's stiffness stretching her.

"Are you sure? Maybe I should try his cell."

"Yeah... he said he was going to pick up some guy named Cornwall or
Cornelius... I don't know corn something or other."

"Cornaveau," Delia corrected.

"Yeah; that's it. I'm afraid he's already got a lunch companion... but I'm
free" the nymph giggled.

Missus Bogdan's very active sex drive shifted gears seamlessly. Two images
rode over top of each other in her mind. The first was Cindy Peterson's
sloppy pussy, and the second was Patty Cornaveau looking up from the
boardroom table between her wide open thighs. The imaginary feel of a
lapping tongue on her clit replaced the full sensation she associated with
Tom's dick.

`That'll work!' she concluded.

"You're on!" Bogdan and Associates CEO said. "I'll pick you up in about
twenty minutes."

"You're serious?" Michelle returned skeptically.

"Damn straight" Delia said; "be ready." She meant that in more ways than

Michelle hung up the phone and noticed how her hand was shaking. She knew
that whenever missus `B' wanted to have lunch with her husband it really
meant a `nooner'.

`Did the fact that she's willing to have me stand-in for him include that

The idea thrilled the pixie right between her very slim legs.

She headed for the washroom to freshen up feeling the nipples that were too
large for her little titties begin to tingle.

Missus Bogdan wondered if she was setting herself up for
disappointment. No--worse than that... sexual frustration. She really
didn't know for sure if Michelle was into girls or not. When her husband
hadn't been available she'd invited the cute young woman pretty much on a

`Maybe I should have stuck with Jenny... that's a sure thing--slam
dunk. Nah, you can have that anytime; every time... I need variety' the
gorgeous black woman concluded as she swung into the familiar car
dealership customer parking.

`You're taking a chance of being left high and dry... actually, it
definitely won't be dry,' she snickered as her lunch date came out of the
showroom, heading for her car. Her panties were still quite damp from her
morning adventure.

Michelle could have easily passed for sixteen with her dark hair in her
pig-tails. Delia thought she looked about fourteen. The illusion was
promoted by the secretary's very modest bust development and otherwise
petit build.

"I hope you've got ID with you `cause there's not a bartender in the
country who'll serve you without it," Delia cautioned as the exited the car

"Of course" Michelle assured her. "When you look as young as I do ya gotta
be prepared all the time."

There were lots of restaurants closer but missus Bogdan had a particular
fondness for the caf� across the street from her office. She parked in her
designated spot in her office building parking lot and the lunch companions
threaded their way through traffic to the other side of the road. If it
weren't for the color difference they might have been mistaken for mother
and daughter. As a matter of fact, Delia was technically old enough to be
Michelle's mother.

As predicted when they ordered the waiter asked to see the pig-tailed
cutie's ID. He looked at it very carefully as if he still didn't believe
it, and was examining the driver's license for signs that it was forged.

Michelle proved her conversational skill as well as her intuition about
people by asking Delia how her business was going. The two women hadn't
exchanged more than a half a dozen sentences in a row in the two years
they'd been acquainted. Tom had hired her practically right out of college,
and time had proved that it was a good decision.

Because of their open marriage and verbal pre-nuptial agreement not to keep
secrets missus Bogdan was aware of her lunch guest's oral skills. Tom had
told her a few months after he hired the pixie that as good a
secretary-receptionist as she was, she was an even better cock-sucker. It
wasn't her mate's first extramarital tryst and there was no reason for it
to be his last.

Tom and Delia were so comfortable and confident in their love for each
other that they were able to separate sex as a natural bodily
function. Delia by her own choice did not mess around with other men; just
women. Tom on the other hand, had no desire to engage in sexual activity
with other men but took advantage of his opportunities to get some strange
pussy with his wife's blessings. It was a good thing because with both of
them having a much higher than normal sex drive they'd have probably worn
each other out and gotten bored in no time without some external
resources. It was not being able to find a mate who was willing to indulge
their carnal proclivity that kept them single so long. They were made for
each other.

"The thing that's keeping us hopping at the moment is doing physical exams
for life insurance applicants," Delia told the Montgomery Motor's secretary
between bites of her veggie wrap.

"I got life insurance a couple of years ago," Michelle confided. "Because
of my age and medical history they didn't require a medical."

"Most people don't get a check up often enough," the black nurse commented
washing down her last mouthful with the chardonnay she liked so much.

"When was the last time you had a full check up?" Bogdan and Associate's
CEO asked, formulating a plan.

The young woman with the pig-tails across the table thought for a moment.

"Probably when I started college," she eventually answered.

"That's what, four years ago?" Delia calculated.

"Closer to five," the nymph corrected munching the last of her fries.

"Ya see! That's what I mean. Why have you let it go so long?"

"I don't know. I guess its just one of those things... if you're feeling OK
ya kinda don't think about it," the younger woman said thoughtfully.

"You really should have a thorough check up," Delia tightened her noose.

"You're right," Michelle agreed. "I don't even know if I can remember the
name of the last doctor I saw; wouldn't know where to look for his number."

"You don't have to go and see a strange doctor. I could do it for you right
in my office." The black nurse was on pins and needles waiting for a

`Here we go,' Michelle thought.

She'd been wondering how or if missus `B' was going to approach the topic
of sex. She knew more than a little about the Bogdan's marriage from her
boss. She wasn't sure if it could be called pillow talk, when there were
never any pillows, aside from the seat cushion of his desk chair. Mister
`B' had given her the picture in broad strokes so she wouldn't be nervous
or embarrassed around Delia. Included in the overview had been the tid-bit
that his wife liked to make out with other women. The idea thrilled his
secretary far more than Tom ever knew.

Miz Woznouski had been bi curious since about the tenth grade but no
serious opportunities had ever presented themselves. Knowing that missus
`B' was freely bi sexual the pixie had wished for a chance to tryout the
forbidden pleasures of girl on girl lovin'. She didn't see much of the
boss's wife and when she did she'd never quite figured out how to get
started. Now here it was; landing in her lap so to speak.

"Could you really? I mean would you?" Michelle asked; trying not to sound
as excited as she was.

"I certainly will," the black nurse assured her lunch guest.

Michelle noticed the difference in the way her gorgeous host was looking at

"W--when could you do it?"

"How about right now?" Delia waved at the waiter who waved back. She got up
and took Michelle's hand.

"Don't you have to pay?" the girl said rising to her feet.

"They know me here. When I'm in a hurry they just run a tab and I look
after it the next time." As she spoke the nurse was on her way to the door
almost dragging her husband's secretary behind her.

They crossed the busy street with amazing ease and Delia was still towing
her lunch date when they entered the reception area of the office.

"Hold my calls," she said to Jenny who popped her head above the counter in
front of her desk.

The receptionist - girl Friday caught sight of the look on Michelle's
face. It was a smile, but it was like the smile of a kid on the way up the
first hill of the biggest rollercoaster in the amusement park.

Inside Exam 1 the nurse and CEO closed the door, turned to her patient and

"I'll need you to get completely undressed for me."

Michelle felt her stomach do a back flip. It was happening so fast. Delia
started opening drawers and cupboards of the counter top that occupied most
of one wall. She turned back to the very young looking woman and said,

"There don't seem to be any gowns... you're not shy; are you?"


It made Patty nervous to be passing almost everything on the expressway but
she was in a hurry. She'd only taken the briefest glance at her second
appointment that morning, figuring she'd have plenty of time to look at her
afternoon over lunch. Ain't it funny how time slips away? Fortunately she
had at least had the forethought to program all the addresses for the day
into the luxury car's GPS. The fabulous little device took her directly to
the door with no difficulty whatsoever.

Sitting in front of the house, which was considerably more upscale than the
Reynolds' very comfortable home, the traveling nurse called up the file on
her PDA.

The family name was Howard; the specific client was missus Tanya Howard,
born in sixty-five.

`She's seven years older than me... about three years older than Delia,'
the nurse tried to get a sense of her patient.

Scanning down the application there was nothing remarkable in her medical
history but one thing did catch the nurse's eye. Husband--Bruce--deceased;
it didn't say when.

Satisfied she had all the preliminary information she needed, Patty
retrieved her exam bag from the trunk and made her way to the stately front
door. She immediately assumed that the red hair on the tall woman who
answered was not her natural shade.

Missus Howard smiled but looked a little nervous as she invited missus
Cornaveau in. Patty ignored the impressive entry hall and took stock of her
client instead. The woman's full figure befitted her age. The nurse thought
the legs showing below the hem of the turquoise sundress looked like those
of a dancer; former dancer.

"It's usually best to conduct the examination in a bedroom" she recited
from her script.

A look of some surprise crossed her client's face.

"I... I thought this was just a formality... that's what the agent said,"
the older woman commented as she started up the stairs.

"Actually, Independent Life has a rather extensive qualification physical,"
Patricia informed the woman she was following.

The curvy nurse with the chestnut hair tied in a bun was mildly ashamed of
herself for admiring her client's butt wiggling provocatively under her

In the bedroom missus Howard turned to face her. Patty felt her throat
seize up.

`How long is it gonna take me to be able to walk into people's homes and
after greeting them for two minutes, casually order them to strip.' Then
she excused herself, `it's only your second appointment... it's bound to
get easier.' Trying to swallow saliva she didn't have she said,

"Remove your dress for me please."

Patty used the ruse of rummaging through her examination kit again to avoid
staring at the woman as she undressed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw
the woman blush and hesitate a moment.

"I... I'm not wearing a bra," her client said nervously as she reached up
behind her back for the zipper. The confession was quite unnecessary since
the fact would be obvious in a few seconds.

"You'd need to remove it for the breast exam anyway," Patty commented,
hanging the ear pieces of the stethoscope behind her neck and turning back
toward the redhead.

She thought she'd heard a small gasp from her patient who was now stepping
out of the turquoise summer dress. Patty hoped the woman didn't notice HER
sharp intake of breath.

Missus Howard's breasts were bigger than hers. The traveling nurse's first
thought was,

`How does she get that much support from a sundress.' She hoped her face
was not reflecting the excitement she was feeling.

`There goes another pair of panties' she conceded. `Patty you've really got
to get a grip!' she admonished herself.

Missus Howard had the largest areolas she'd ever seen.

`I thought mine were big!' the nurse reflected. `Hers are as big as my
whole hand.'

Sitting atop the rounded globes that had succumbed to the force of gravity,
the dark, slightly elongated circles, appeared large even in relation to
the woman's impressive bust.

Patty was out of luck--sort of. Her patient did notice the nurse's shocked
reaction but she was kind of used to it. It's why she'd felt the need to
warn her examiner she wasn't wearing a bra; even though the admission did
nothing to prepare the younger woman for the spectacle that was about to be
revealed. Tanya was left standing in a pair of sensible blue briefs of
undetermined material.

Missus Howard was embarrassed. Not so much at being nearly naked in front
of a stranger as of her reaction to it.

Since six months after her husband passed away (unexpectedly from a massive
coronary) Tanya found her sex drive had gone haywire. Her husband had been
laid to rest over a year ago and when the horniness started about eight
months ago missus Howard had surmised that it was somehow part of the
grieving process. Not that they had sex all that frequently and in fact,
although she wasn't frigid, Tanya was rarely the one to initiate
intimacy. She hadn't masturbated since college. Now she was doing it, on
average, once a day.

`If Bruce is watching me from wherever he is, he's gonna be so pissed,' the
widow had concluded.

What was even more disturbing to the widow was that even other women had an
erotic effect on her. Never before in her life had she felt a sexual
attraction to a member of her own sex.

She'd abandoned the grief theory a few months back. Now she hypothesized
that it was a hormonal thing, possibly a harbinger of menopause; her cycle
had become less regular in the past year or so. It wasn't troublesome
enough to go and see a doctor about though.

Standing in just her underpants with the very attractive nurse gawking at
her boobs was generating that yearning feeling between her legs; the one
she could scarcely remember feeling until after Bruce died but the one that
had now become a daily occurrence.

Patty thought her client's heart rate was a little high but the white coat
syndrome would account for that in most cases.

"Would you hold your breast up for me?" she asked her patient as she tried
to position the disc of the stethoscope on the woman's ribs.

Tanya lifted her left breast cradling the heavy pliable flesh in her hand.

"Both of them if you don't mind," Patty revised her request.

The traveling nurse found the scene erotic with the large chested woman
holding her tits out like an offering. The tremors in her vulva were
getting worse so she decided to speed things along.

"I'd like you to lie down on the bed for me please," the nurse braced
herself for the breast examination.

With Tanya laying flat on her back her tits laid well to the outsides of
her chest wall. The majority of the fleshy melon was almost on top of her
arms which she had at her sides. Patricia pushed on the spongy flesh of the
woman's nearest mammary firmly, causing the tit to pile back on the top of
her patient's chest.

`They're not only bigger than mine, they're heavier too' Patty realized the
absurdity of her observation.

`If they're bigger of course they're heavier--duh.'

The experienced nurse had never examined boobs this large except her
own. It was a time consuming process. There was so much flesh to be

Normally, being clinically correct, you started at the outer edge and
worked your way in toward the areola, being careful not to touch it. Patty
had pretty much concluded after Delia and Jennifer's exam demo that
clinical procedure was whatever she chose to make it. Not to mention the
fact that the dark flesh surrounding the woman's surprisingly modest sized
nipple was so large that it really couldn't be avoided completely while
still doing a thorough job.

The nurse worked her way around the older woman's breast having to use both
hands; one to keep it in position and the other to palpate.

The very tender textured flesh of Tanya's areola felt sensual under her
finger tips. On the third of the eight or so passes it would take to
complete the process for missus Howard's right breast, Patricia decided to
glance at her client's face. The woman had been totally silent throughout
the procedure so far. The redhead's eyes were closed but the expression on
her face was unmistakably blissful.

The woman on the bed was really starting to enjoy the stimulation of her
tits. It was the first time hands, other than her own, had touched her
since her husband's passing. Tanya found the nurse's small soft fingers
pressing insistently into her fleshy orb quite pleasurable, especially on
her sensitive areola and so close to her hypersensitive nipple. She could
feel the yearning down below turning into a throb, but she didn't care. It
would all be over soon and then she'd dig into her toy drawer for relief.

Patty felt as though she was sitting on some constantly renewing heat
source and cursed herself for forgetting the panty-liner.

Tanya's other boob; the one away from her was harder to do. She actually
found that she was perspiring a little by the time she was
finished. Sitting back on the make-up table chair she'd been using to save
her back, she once again looked at her patient's face.

"Your breasts are fine," she informed the prone redhead whose eye's
fluttered open as if she'd been sleeping. Patty saw a look that she
interpreted as an unspoken thank you; and it was.

"I'm gonna have to ask you to remove your underpants now," the nurse

Instantly Tanya's expression went from gratitude to terror. Patty answered
the woman's unspoken question,

"The insurer requires a full pelvic examination on all female applicants."

Tanya suddenly felt very short of breath,

`Oh Jesus... don't have a heart attack!' she ordered herself.

She knew very well what had been happening inside the fleshy folds of her
pussy and now realized that she was gonna have to share that intimate
secret with the contract nurse.


The meeting had gone exceptionally well. Montgomery Motor's majority owner
was delighted with Jim Cornaveau's knowledge of Ford warrantee
procedures. Turned out the ex-automotive engineer had actually been part of
the team that had developed them. Tom probed the potential Service
Manager's knowledge of repair practices and standards finding his knowledge
more than satisfactory. His experience supervising technicians while he was
involved with R&D was adequate to prove his team leading skills. The
dealership had a good group of mechanics; well disciplined. It should come
as no surprise that Gus `didn't take no guff.'

"I think this could work very well... if you're interested," mister Bogdan
concluded the meeting as they drove up beside the aging Honda.

"Interested!" Jim could barely contain his enthusiasm. "When can I start?"

"You'll have to give me a week or so to iron out the details... I'll be
in-touch," the dealership owner promised as Jim exited the Navigator; his
feet not really touching the ground.

Jim was opening the door of his seven year old sedan when Tom opened the
passenger side window of his SUV.

"Were gonna have to get you a better ride... can't have your wife upstaging
ya like that!"

With a deep belly laugh the huge black man was gone. Montgomery Motors
Service Manager to be couldn't wait to tell his wife.

Both men would have had raging hard-ons if they had been able to see what
was happening four stories above their heads in Exam room 1.


Miz Woznouski wasn't shy. She had begun unbuttoning her blouse the moment
Delia had asked her to get undressed. In less time than it took for Delia
to locate the stethoscope in the examination bag the girl was down to her
panties; cute little white bikinis with lace trim. The black nurse
approached her very small busted patient with the scope hanging from her
neck inspecting the young secretary from head to toe. Her gaze naturally
ended up focusing on Michelle's chest.

Self-consciously Michelle put her hands up to cover her tiny titties. As
small as her hands were she was still able to adequately conceal
them. Delia glanced up at the young woman's face and saw the flush of
embarrassment. Taking the girl by her wrists the nurse gently but firmly
pulled them away,

"Just relax honey... there's nothing to be ashamed of."

"But they're so small," Michelle returned woefully.

"I think they're very pretty, and they suit your tiny slender frame
perfectly," Delia complimented.

"Do you really like them?" the girl asked somewhat incredulously.

"Yes I do very much, especially your big plump nipples."

As if to illustrate her point the black nurse brought her hands up, cupped
the tender little mounds and ran her thumb nail over the already hardening
strawberry tips.

Michelle's eyes closed and her head went back as a deep moan rose from her
core. She was currently between boyfriends and it had been weeks since
another person's hands had teased her ultra sensitive flesh. Her pussy
clenched and she knew that the ruse of a medical exam had entirely

Her little hands came up and cupped as much of the Halle Berry look-alike's
breasts as she could.

"Yours are so big and beautiful though," she groaned as missus Bogdan
continued to thumb her now fully erect nips.

The girl could feel her host's nipples growing through the blouse and bra.

Delia, who's pussy had been in stasis, responded immediately.

The tiny hands stroking her breasts even through two layers of clothing
sent a steady stream of joy directly to her clit. It was the nurse's turn
to look up at the ceiling while groaning in appreciation.

"I want to see them," the girl said as she began to nimbly work the buttons
on her host's blouse.

Delia's hands were idle on the slender young woman's tits as she watched
her blouse being opened.

"You really didn't have to go to all this trouble, ya know," Michelle told
the dark skinned beauty as she pushed the blouse back off her shoulders,
revealing the well filled satin bra.

"Tom told me you liked girls, and I've been waiting... praying that you'd
ask me for a long time."

The nurse took over, pulling the blouse off her wrists and dropping the
expensive garment to the floor. Michelle's hands were back on her tits with
one less layer of clothing in between. The tiny hands fluttered over the
shiny slippery material feeling the hard points sticking out, before
squeezing and kneading the full brown boobs. Waves of pleasure swept
through the nurse.

"Let me see them... they're so beautiful," the all but naked girl sighed.

Delia reached up behind her back and slipped the fasteners of her bra with
practiced ease. Anxiously the shivering secretary gasped the shoulder
straps and pulled the luxurious material off the magnificent black tits.

They weren't actually black. Milk chocolate was a much more accurate
description of their color. The girl looked in awe at the heavy pear shaped
mounds with the circular dark brown caps.

Michelle was trying to remember when she'd ever seen another woman's
breasts, in the flesh. She supposed it went back to high school gym
class. That memory made her shiver, recalling how embarrassed she'd been
since most of the other girls had so much more on top than she did. She'd
always changed in a hurry to hide her diminutive bust but hung around
fussing with her things so she could look at her classmates in various
stages of undress. By the time she went to her next class her pussy was
positively throbbing; just like it was doing now. As a bonus attraction she
had never in her life seen brown tits. There were no girls of color in her

Delia's breasts were aching. They had been yearning for attention since
she'd first seen missus Peterson's ass that morning. Her luncheon companion
was taking too long, so she pulled the slender young woman's hands up and
mashed them against her needy boobs. It was all the prompting the girl
needed. Her hands went to work kneading and squeezing the plump fleshy

While her tits got the attention they so craved, Delia slipped the
fasteners on her skirt and let it fall. Now they were even; both just a
pair of bikini underpants away from nudity.

Michelle's lips and tongue were sort of tingling. She wasn't Linda Lovelace
but her mouth was a highly erogenous zone for her. Because of the height
differential she didn't have to stoop much to capture one of the dark
chocolate treasures fronting the milk chocolate mound in her mouth.

Michelle always considered her round pert ass to be her number one sexual
asset, and from a visual point of view it was. The hidden asset was her
oral talent.

Delia laced her fingers in the girl's dark hair as much for support as to
keep that fantastic mouth in contact with her boob. The nurse felt her legs
buckling as her young companion ever so gently sucked and licked her
nipple. The very experienced black woman had had her tits adored by
many--men and women--but she'd never felt anything like what her husband's
secretary was doing. The pleasure rush threatened to take her over the edge
prematurely, so she pulled on the girl's hair and redirected the
unbelievably talented mouth to her other boob.

Now she knew what Tom had been raving about. She obviously didn't have a
dick but she could still somehow imagine what that sucking tonguing would
feel like if she did.

`I don't have a dick but I have something just as good... better,' the
swooning nurse thought.

She was sorry she'd had Jennifer pack up the bed, leaving the examination
table as her only option. There was a soft smacking sound when she pulled
the girl's mouth off her boob. Michelle looked at her host wondering if she
done something wrong, never having sucked a tit before.

The CEO stripped off the satin panties in breathtakingly quick move and
hoisted herself onto the crunch paper covering the examination
table. Michelle watched her boss's wife spread her legs wide revealing the
dark skin of her shaven vulva, split down the middle by a bright pink gash.

The girl could hardly breathe as the nurse's womanhood was put on
display. She was trying to adjust to that awesome sight when missus Bogdan
reached between her legs and pulled the fleshy folds open even further. The
secretary had looked at her own sex before, but in terms of close detailed
examination, that was it. She knew what the basic structures were called
and where they were located, and she was intimately familiar with what and
where the clitoris was; her own at least. She was surprised and thrilled
when the black woman on the exam table forced her love button from under
its protective cover and whispered breathlessly,

"Suck it."

For a moment the girl couldn't work out the logistics of how to properly
get her mouth on the protruding organ. As bad a way as she was in, Delia
still recognized the young woman's dilemma and said,

"Use the exam stool."

Immediately Michelle spied the low vinyl roll-about seat. She sat on it and
positioned herself between the milk chocolate thighs. The height was
perfect and she paused only briefly to inhale the woman's unique fragrance
before applying her talented and ever more versatile mouth to her boss's
wife's vulva.

Waves of pleasure swamped the naked nurse. Michelle's talent apparently was
universal. She swirled and licked quite rapidly before attaching to the
dark woman's pleasure center and giving it the kind of attention she'd only
applied to the head of a penis before. The clitoral glans was of course
much smaller than any cock she'd ever sucked but she did her best to give
it the full treatment.

Delia's long pent up orgasm gushed out in a rush of heat and ecstasy. She
didn't scream or tense up; it was more like all the tension and cares she
had, flowed out of her along with all the air in her lungs.

The girl felt her playmate go limp and surmised correctly what had
happened. She drank down the thin sweet nectar that was flowing, along with
continuing to collect the thicker abundant pussy juice.

`It's sure nothing like semen,' she thought recalling the salty musky taste
of male seed. `It's so sweet and thin... It's like desert!' she almost
giggled as she felt missus `B' pushing her head away again.

"It's too much... too much right now sweetheart," the woman on the table
explained, seeing the disappointment on the girl's face.

Michelle understood completely. Sometimes when she came she couldn't bear
to be touched for several minutes.

Montgomery Motors star oralist contented herself by closely inspecting her
host's vulva. Who knew when or if she'd get this chance again?


Tom Bogdan was rolling up the passenger window of the Navigator at about
the same time his wife was experiencing her longsuffering orgasm. Turning
toward his dealership he knew what he had to do; he just didn't know how to
do it.

He went to his office to hang up his suit jacket and was surprised to see
Michelle's desk vacant. Sid had just rounded the corner and evidently
noticed the boss's reaction.

"She went to lunch... with YOUR wife," the Sales Manager announced and
without breaking stride disappeared into his own office.

Tom couldn't help but chuckle as he hung up his coat.

`I wonder if the little pixie knew she'd be on the menu when she accepted
the invite.' The light hearted moment was welcome respite from his stressed

`This isn't gonna get any easier,' he spurred himself and headed to the
service department.

"Hey Gus," he called jovially from the Service Manager's office doorway,
"Got a few minutes?"

The crusty vet looked up from his computer screen with a scowl and Tom
braced himself for a barrage.


Patty had no trouble understanding the woman's reaction. Even though she
was pretty certain her patient had enjoyed receiving the breast examination
at least as much as she'd enjoyed giving it; letting some stranger poke
around between your legs was another matter altogether.

"I know this is quite an onerous requirement... but I'm afraid they have
made it mandatory, the nurse placed the blame squarely on the insurer,
which was where it belonged.

Tanya didn't move for several seconds. Missus Cornaveau didn't know if she
was considering her options, which were few, or bracing herself for the
embarrassment. In fact it was a little of both.

The redhead lay there asking herself how badly she actually needed this

`I could go to another company... I've never heard of having to under go a
pelvic exam to qualify for life insurance... I'm sure they don't all
require it.'

That was one option.

`Obviously if I don't let her do the examination the application will be

She was mulling over the consequences of refusing when her pussy put in its

From somewhere deep in her subconscious, so deep that the thought didn't
have words, came the idea, the concept, the feeling, that she wanted the
attractive nurse to touch her intimately. That's when her womanhood spoke
up in favor by sending a wonderful thrill up through her core. Tanya's
conscious mind interpreted the subconscious message and she felt ashamed of
herself again but then the rationalization started.

`No one has touched me down there in so long... she's a professional, she
doesn't care if you're all wet... she does this all the time I'm sure she's
seen it before.'

Soon she found herself hooking her fingers into the waist band of her tummy
control underpants and pushing them down over her full hips.

Patricia realized she'd been wrong. The muff did match the hat. Missus
Howard had a full luxuriant growth of red pubic hair. The older woman was
definitely not up on the latest trends in pubic hair coiffure. The nurse
could not make out any details of the prone woman's vulva, but she did
notice that the hair directly between her patient's legs was stringy with

`I guess she did enjoy the breast exam,' Patty thought as she took the two
steps necessary to position herself near the foot of the bed.

"Would you draw your knees up as far as you can for me," the nurse

When missus Howard's knees were essentially pointed at the ceiling and her
heels were nearly up against her butt; Patty sat at the foot of the bed in
the space that Tanya's lower legs had just vacated. From her new vantage
point it was even more evident how damp the red curly pubes were.

"Now if I can just get you to relax... I know how uncomfortable and
embarrassing this is," Patty consoled her patient as she pushed gently
outward on the older woman's knees.

"Let your legs go... let them fall completely open."

Tanya was complying and Patty unintentionally let her hands slide all the
way down the woman's inner thighs. The tantalizing touch evoked a long
groan from the naked widow.

"I'm sure you've had this done plenty of times... but I'll let you know
what I'm going to do before I do it... so you won't be surprised," the
nurse vowed.

"Is there anything you want me to explain before I begin?" Patty asked as
she donned the latex gloves.

"No" came the reply. It was weak and terrified sounding.

NEXT: Making the opening for Jim Cornaveau turns out to be easier than Tom
thought. Delia provides another first in young Miss Woznouski's life, and
Patty succumbs to one temptation only to encounter yet another.

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