Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Lover of Two


Jaiden, my boyfriend's ex girlfriend. That's who we were going to
see. I met her about two years ago. And as long as I've known her I had a
little thing for her. And I know, that it sounds like, whoa, I'm cheating,
or I'm wanting to cheat on my boyfriend. But it's really not like that. I'm
going through a confusing time right now, and Derrek understands. He knows
there's some things I have to go through, and some things I have to learn.
He knows I have a crush.

Let's not stray too far there. Jaiden is this cute girl, well 23 year old
five foot seven woman. The most adorable woman on the planet as far as I'm
concerned. I actually don't know what her natural hair color is, not
because she dyes it alot, but because I don't see her that often. But don't
get me wrong she does dye it. It's probably naturally brown. Right now
though according to the pictures I've seen of her it this really cute
reddish brown. Am I coming off obsessive? You don't mind do you? Good.

Here, I'll get back on track. We, Alex, Zack and I, are driving 300 miles
to go see Jaiden. We miss her. Zack has known Jai for years, Alex, slightly
less but still longer than me. For descriptive purposes, Zack is five foot
six with dark hair, and is twenty five, Alex is five foot eleven with
brownish hair. He's twenty six. I'm Allissa, I'm five foot seven, like Jai,
I have naturally dirty blonde hair.

Alex was driving his black whatever it is. I was in the front, Zack was
playing his gameboy in the back. None of this really matters. We were
almost to Jai's.

We pulled up and parked in one of the available spots on the side
of her apartment building, as we saw her come around the corner to meet
us. It was about seven o'clock at night, slightly dark, leaves blowing
across the parking lot, a beautiful fall night. She was wearing a black
hoody, and a pair of blue jeans. A tight, low pair of blue jeans.

I started to get things out of the car as she walked up and said hello,
hugged Alex, then turned to hug Zack. My hands were full and she came
towards me, crap. I said, "I can't"

Then Zack said, "Fine I'll steal your hug." Which he did. But I put things
down and went to give her a hug.

She fake pouted, "Why should I? You couldn't do that two seconds
ago." I put my head down, then she walked up and gave me a hug. I resisted
my urge to hold her longer.

We took everything into the apartment, going up porch steps through
the front door, down stairs, through another door, then a right turn to her
apartment. It's a decent size apartment, you walk into the front room
theres a futon bunk bed and two couches, one being a loveseat. Further down
you have the dining room on the left and through that you have the kitchen.
Down the small hallway theres a bathroom to your left, a guest room to your
right and her and her boyfriend's room right at the end of the hallway.

She told us that her boyfriend would be gone for a week to visit
his family, and that we could stay the whole week if we wanted. Didn't
sound like a bad idea to me, because I didn't have anything to do, and
Derrek was going to be working a ton of hours this week and not have much
free time, well free time he wasn't sleeping.

I couldn't stop secretly watching her.

I watched her walk down the hallway to her room, staring at the
tightness in the back of those jeans. I watched her talk, looking into her
eyes and watching her cute facial expressions, like this cute thing she
does with her bottom lip. I watched her curl up into the corner of the
couch, and dreamt that I could curl up right next to her and just hold her,
comfort her and be there for her.

Zack sat at the other end of the couch, Alex and I were on the futon. We
talked and horsed around, she ordered pizza. Pizza Hut is the greatest. I
loved her for that, no, I love her in general. But it helps.

So many times I just wanted to walk up to her, put her hair behind her ear,
lace my hands into hers, look her in the eyes and kiss her. Bring her hands
back down around me and rest mine on her lower back, look her in the eyes
again and kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her.

The thought gave me chills, and I completely lost track of the
conversation. Zack asked if I was okay, I assured him I was just thinking.

Why can't I get this girl out of my head? Why am I so attracted to her? Why
do I have feelings for her? Can she tell I'm crushing? Does she feel the
same way? Could she possibly feel the way I do?

Later on that night around midnight, she was tired and wanted to go
to sleep, she made sure everyone had covers, and told us we could change
the thermostat if needed. Zack and Alex didn't seem tired yet, but I kinda
was. Well, until she said her next statement.

"Ali you wanna sleep in there with me? Nick's not home and I'm used
to someone in the bed with me, it makes me sleep better."

Alex gave me a smirk, knowing about the crush.

My response was a nervous, "Huh?" But I had heard what she said.

She continued, "I mean you don't have to, I was just asking."

I said, "Yeah, I could."

She asked, "Am I obligating you? I don't want you to feel

"No Jaiden, it's fine, I want to." She smiled slightly. We said
goodnight and I followed her back into her room. I was asked to shut the
door, and I did so.

She was in her pajamas, and I in mine. No nightgowns. I in a
T-shirt and soft cotton pajama pants, she in shorts and a slinky tang
top. The thoughts going through my head summed up with, "Damn, she is so

She laid down on the left side of the bed, which was more of a king
size mattress on the floor as far as I'm concerned. I was just standing
there, nervous, afraid, but also excited, and wishful. She giggled, "Ali
get over here, what are you doing? I don't bite. I mean unless you want me
to." She stuck her tongue out ending that statement. I walked over slowly
and laid on the bed on the other side. She reached over and turned the lamp
off. We were laying pretty much back to back. The room was slightly lit by
the night sky. I love the feeling of the night, hearing the wind blowing
against the trees, the sounds everything. But tonight's night was even
better, I was sharing it with this amazing girl laying next to me. I never
wanted the night to end.


Laying in that bed was a dream, no, laying anywhere with her that
close to me was a dream. Ten amazing, slow, quiet minutes went by, when she
spoke. "Ali?" I turned around, her back was still to me.


"Are you okay with this really, I feel like I pushed you to come in

"No Jai, you didn't... I'm glad you asked me. But to be honest, I'm
just nervous."

"Why", she said, " There's no reason to be."

"I dunno, Jai. I like you." My heart rate probably just doubled.

I could hear a smile in her voice, "Aw, that's sweet" I felt
rejected, she made me feel like a little kid. But I wanted to know for
sure, so i tested it.

I scooted closer behind her, and put my left arm around her
waist. She made a soft noise but it was a cute nonrejecting sound. So I
cuddled closer, and rested my head at the back of her neck. She never
pushed me away, or asked what the hell I was doing.

She spoke again, "Ali, I like you too. "Nick knows about it. He
said as long as I never leave him for you, he doesn't care. He once even
said we could do something, and left no specifications on what. Though I'd
be completely scared to, and I don't feel like thats something you would
do." I thought, wow my feelings exactly. I kissed the back of her head then
her shoulder and pulled her tighter to me. She started running her
fingertips up and down my arm.

I started, "Jaiden, can you promise me something?"


"That if our relationships end, and we get hurt, um, promise me
that you'll be with me? I can't be with another guy if I get hurt again,
and I like you. I'd be so good to you. Massage your back, neck and feet
when your stressed out, pay attention to you, fulfill your desires. I'd be
whatever you wanted me to be. Do you feel like that's something you can

"Aw, sweetie, that's so adorable. We could be roomies, that would
be cuteness. Yes, I feel I can promise that. I don't think our current
relationships will end, but yes if they do, I would be happy to be with
you." She rolled over to face me at the end of that sentence. I leaned in
and kissed her forehead, and we both smiled.

She closed her eyes, I could see that she kind of liked me, but
that's all that I got out of it. I didn't feel she'd want to act, but I
definetly did. I didn't want to make her cheat on her boyfriend or make her
do something she didn't want to do. But god, if I was a guy I'd have been
so hard right then. I let her drift off in a soft sleep as she was curled
in my arms. I kissed her forehead again, in awe of this moment.

I laid there in the darkness, not wanting to sleep, not wanting to
miss anything. She awoke about one o'clock, and shifted a little. She
looked up at me and asked, "Have you fallen asleep yet?" I slightly shook
my head no. She just looked at me. Her eyes stayed locked with mine, in
this sweet innocent expression.

As we laid there in the dark with the glow of the moonlight shining
through the window, I couldn't resist. She hasn't turned away, she hasn't
rejected my touch, my embrace or the kiss on her head. She slept and let me
hold her. I looked at her, god, she's beautiful. I thought I said that to
myself. I was wrong.

"What's that?" she said.

"Oh nothing."

And with the cutest smile she said, "Oh, c'mon Ali, you can tell me

I hesitated slightly, "I said you're beautiful" She smiled again,
and i couldn't help myself, she's so adorable. As I watched the shadows of
the trees dancing across the room, I decided I wasn't going to waste
this. It was too much to let go of. I leaned in to kiss her, and she seemed
to lean in as well. We kissed this soft beautiful kiss. I didn't ever want
to leave that spot, I just wanted to stay there with her, and hold her.

She pulled away, her lips still pertruding, and her eyes closed. It
was so adorable. I kissed her on the cheek and smiled.

"Was that okay? I'm sorry." She pulled me back in for a longer
deeper kiss. I felt chills, I don't know if they were mine or hers. I was
hoping both. I rested my hand on her side and slowly moved it up under her
tang top, caressing her side and stomache ever so gently. She didn't stop
me. I ran my fingers along her back and resisted the urg to take her top
off. She was braless under there, and I so badly just wanted to touch
them. But I didn't. I got this far, I didn't want to piss her off.

We kept kissing, I'd pull away for a moment and kiss her neck, and
shoulders then her hands. She'd pull me back into the kiss if it was taking
too long for me to get back up there. She pulled me back and kissed then
nibbled my ear, a weak spot. I wanted her, all of her, right there. I
started kissing her lower neck, and upper chest without seeing too
much. Though, I wanted to, I wanted to see them, I wanted to feel them, and
most of all I wanted to taste them.

She pulled me back into the kiss when Alex knocked slightly and
opened the door.

"Jai, you awake?" I know he saw us in a kiss before we pushed
apart. I could see a slight smirk on his moonlit face. "Oh, nevermind, I'll
let you sleep." He was not hiding the saracasm and the smile in his
voice. He shut the door, and walked out. Jai and I giggled, and the next
thing we heard was, "Yeah, she was sleeping."

We laughed a little again. And I kissed her one last time, for the
night. "We should go to sleep" she said.

"Yeah, I guess so." I agreed, slightly disappointed but still in
awe. She rolled back over, her back to me, and I put my arms around her and
hugged her close. I thought to myself, "I'll be dreaming well tonight." I
smiled, and we both drifted off into peaceful sleep.


I awoke to sunlit room around nine thirty, Jai still in my arms,
sheets still at the bottom of the bed. She's even more adorable when she
sleeps, if that's possible. I laid there looking at the beautiful girls
body, her hair, her feet, her curves. I loved every minute of this. I
leaned up a little bit to see her face, and I softly kissed her cheek. I
ran my fingers along her face, and her arm and rested my hand back on her
waist. Her shirt was pushed up slightly so it was a skin to skin touch. Me
being the overly sensitive to touch type of person I am, got a little
excited about being able to do that, and thought of the things I could do
to her, she could do to me, we could do to each other. But I wouldn't
unless she really wanted to.

I laid there a little bit longer not wanting to wake her up, but I
sadly knew this had to end, at least for now. I kissed her cheek. "Jai?" I
moved my hands to her shoulders, "Jai, hun, it's almost ten, I know you
mentioned you wanted to go out to breakfast this morning."

"Mmm?" She had awaken, kind of.

She rolled over and looked me in the eyes. I wanted to kiss her. I
was at a perfect spot to do so, her on her back, me on my side propped up
with my right arm, god. "Morning beautiful" I said with a smile. She smiled
back and closed her eyes. I moved in slightly to see if she would let me
kiss her.

She opened her eyes tilted her head in my direction, said in a
tired soft voice, "Hey, adorable." I smiled and got closer, slightly
parting my lips, I kissed her very softly, lovingly. I slowly pulled up and
away. She smiled, she welcomed it. Last night wasn't the only chance I
had. I was excited now, more than earlier, with hopes of what could happen.

When we walked out of the bedroom, all was quiet, well except for
the sound of the tv left on a low volume. Alex and Zack were still asleep,
or so I thought. We went into the kitchen, to get something to drink. I
walked up behind her and put my hands around her waist, and kissed the back
of her neck while she was getting glasses for us. "Ali, that tickles" she
giggled, "Maybe we should hide what happened."

"Jai, Alex already knows and he won't say anything, other than that
I agree with you."

Alex walked through the doorway,"Yes I do know" he stated very
stern, serious. Then he smiled, "Guys its fine, I figured something would
happen eventually. I know how Derrek feels about it, and I wasn't planning
on telling Zack, who by the way is still sleeping."

"Alex we love you"

"I know, now put your arms back around her." He stuck his tongue

Jaiden smiled, "Do as the man said. Though we probably should be
waking him up soon. Ack, its almost 11, would you guys be disappointed if
we just went to lunch?"

I shrugged, "Not at all."

"I was in the mood for lunch anyway" Alex said walking back to the
front room.

Jai, slightly bit her lower lip and smiled, "Okay." Damn, I love
when she does that. "Now we can all take showers"

I kissed her neck, and shoulders, "Can I take one with you?"

"Not today, that would make Zack suspicous and uncomfortable don't
you think?"

"Yeah thats' true but I can dream can't I?"

"Yes, yes you can, and so can I" she smiled.

So we all took showers, separatetly, and got ready. Jai and I are
low maintence, so everyone, including Zack was up and ready to go by
12:30. Alex drove, Zack was in the front seat, I and Jai in the back, me
resisting to hold her hand. We went to a relatively large restaurant, the
name escapes me.

We sat in a booth, I sat next to Jai, so I got to secretly touch
flirt with here very easily, knee rubs, hold her hand, things like that. I
was happy about that. (Author's note, I feel like none of this is really
that important, I may come back and write more here later.)

We got back to the apartment around 2:30, chilled out, talked,
played guitar hero watched tv. At one point me and Jai started wrestling,
because Alex wanted to know who was stronger. This was not girl wrestling,
but we weren't trying to hurt each other. Jai and I are tough girls.

We were basically all around the apartment, Zack and Alex
laughing. I got up behind her, grabbed her hands turned her around, pushed
her to the ground forceful but gentle and pinned her. I was sitting right
below her stomache, she bit her lip and flipped me over catching me off
guard. But if I didn't know better she enjoyed me pinning her as much as I
enjoyed her pinning me.

I wanted so bad to grab her, with her legs wrapped around my waist
and take her to the bedroom and rip that dark blue shirt off of her. In the
middle of my daydream Alex said, "I think it's a tie." We both acted
disappointed, and Jai sat on me longer than needed, but I wasn't
complaining. Everyone was smiling.

"Ali can you come with me to the kitchen." I followed Jaiden to the
kitchen. Trying not to look at her ass. What? Sue me, get pinned by someone
you have a thing for and see how you feel after that.

"Yes?" Immediately after I said that, she pushed me against the
wall by the refrigerator, not painfully or overly forceful, but still a
push. And she kissed me, a deep oh my god, I want you kiss. I welcomed it
with open arms. I pulled her closer my hands resting on her butt now.

She pulled away blushing, "I'm sorry"

"Oh my god, Jai, don't be sorry, trust me." I kissed her.

It was about 6:00 now, and she walked in the front room and asked
people if spaghetti was okay for dinner. I helped her a little bit. We ate,
then sat down to watch a movie. I sat on the couch, using the arm for a
back rest, and Jai walked in. "Uh, Allissa, you are in my spot."

"Oh, Noes, what are you gonna do about it?"

She came over and sat on my lap, "This?"

Zack said, "Aw no battle?"

Jaiden answered him with, "No we already did that today, I'm gonna
be lazy and sit right here." I fake acted like I was pushing her off, and
Zack just seemed to think Jai was being Jai. She's done similiar things to
me before.

She pulled a cover over us, because she was cold. Yes!, i
thought. I put my arms around her waist, and she scooted lower resting the
back of her head on my upper chest.

We watched two movies, I don't recall the titles and it's not like
it matters. I was daydreaming about her most of the time anyway. Zack had
passed out in the middle of the second one. Which doesn't make sense, Zack
doesn't sleep and it was only 10ish. A little after realizing that, she
pulled her legs up against her chest and I ran my fingers down her
hamstrings. I pulled my legs up around hers also, so we were pretty much
wrapped in each other.

Alex was yawing, "I'm tired"

"Alex its only like 10 o'clock" I said.

"Yeah but we stayed up late last night playing a game, and I don't
want to waste medicine and stay up that much longer. I think I'll pass out
when this movie is over.

Jai, said "Aw, okay, well you can have the couch, since Zack passed
out on the Futon. Here we will switch you."

Sure enough by the end of the movie he was out like a light. Part
of me thought he was just making excuses so me and Jai could be alone
longer, but he was actually passed out. Jaiden turned the tv to comedy
central after the movie was over, and turned the tv down slightly. "You
wanna watch TV?" She whispered.

"No not really"

"Wanna head to my room, and talk?" I nodded.

Again, I watched her head to the room and I followed in the


Once in her room, I shut the door and locked it behind me. She
didn't noticed that I locked it. She wasn't wearing her night clothes yet,
I had put mine on before the movies. She said she was just gonna put them
on. "Why? You could just sleep naked." I said, half serious. I'd welcome
it. I didn't feel right looking at her change. I hadn't seen her body
yet. I wanted it to be a surprise but not like that.

I heard her bra hit the floor. "Ali your so cute with your turning

"I respect you that's all"

"It's cuteness. Okay all done." She was wearing a darker tang top
and black short shorts.

"So hot" Damnit I did it again!

"What?" "Sorry, talking to myself."

"Sure you were" But she let it go."Sorry again about the kitchen

"Jaiden, it was hot, the wrestling got to me too. I'm really glad
you kissed me. And to be completely honest I loved every minute of the
wrestling and the kiss afterwards."

"Okay, if you say so."

"I do, did you?"

"Of course! Do you think Zack knows anything?"

"No I don't, that's how we act around him."

"Well, except for the needing to touch me at the restaurant."

I smiled at the corner of my mouth, "I do not know what you are
refferring to." She threw a pillow at me. "What? He didn't see anything." I
walked over to join her on the bed. "Jaiden, I owe you a back massage."

"You do?"

"Yes remember when you were all stressed out and I said I would
give you one? I never got to."

"Oh, Yeah."

"So can I keep my word?"

"Uh, Yes."


I scooted up behind her, and put my hands on her shoulders, rubbing
them. then i started bringing both of my hands in a line one over the
other, then back up. I massaged her neck, upper and lower. I moved my hands
to her shoulders and upper arms, then down the small of her back, which was
slightly showing. I put my right hand up the the back of her shirt. Skin to
skin massages feel better. She indeed was not wearing a bra. I continued
massaging for about a half an hour, when she turned to look at me.

"Damn that feels so good."

I smiled, "Now if only I can get you to say that during sex."

"You brat" I got softly smacked.

"You thought it was funny." She kissed me. I pulled back, "Do you
feel guilty about this or anything from last night Jai?"

"No, Ali, I told you what Nick said."

"I know but I wanted to check with you."

"I'm going to go turn the light off." She walked up an did so. She
also checked the door. "Why is the door already locked?"

"I don't know what you are talking about. Wait, you said already."
I smiled a really big smile. She blushed. That made me completely hopeful
of her intentions. Were they as serious as mine?

I walked up behind her before she got to the bed and put my hands
on her waist. I moved them up very slowly under her tang top, kissing her
neck. She turned to meet my lips. I bit her ear sofly and her head pushed
back against my shoulder. She loved that. I did it again, and so did
she. My hands got really close to her breasts, and I circled my hands under
them, never touching them. I wanted her to want me, no I wanted her to need

She turned around and I pulled her into a kiss. I got down on my
knees and kissed her stomache part that was showing. I knew that I loved
it, I was hoping she did too. I looked up as i was doing it, and her eyes
were closed. I think I was right. I stood up and kissed her again, she
pushed me down on the bed. I watched her body scoot across mine. It was my


I could see she was slightly nervous, not sure of what to do.

"I don't know what you like."

"Jai, I don't know what you like either, I just went off what I

"But I like what you did."

"Is that a problem?" So she did what I did to her back to me. I
loved every minute of it. She however did not share the respect for the
boobs. She started kissing my stomache and going up, her hands met both of
them. She pulled my shirt off over my head, with no help from me and sat on
my legs. She started again from my stomache back up. She put her hands back
on my chest thumbing my nipples making me arch. She brought her soft lips
down on the left one. I was in heaven. Words can't express how I felt at
that moment. She nibbled and kissed it so sweetly, and shared the love with
the right one.

"Jai" I pulled her in for a kiss, and I flipped her over.

"Ali, I'm a screamer."

"I know, you've told me, its hot."

"I don't know if I can keep my sounds to sighs like you can."

"Oh yeah, boys in the other room. Damn. Would biting a pillow work?
That would be hot and effective."

Silence. I kissed her deeply, in need. I wanted her bad, I wanted
her to scream for me, I wanted to please her. I bit at her stomache, and
went down, I pulled her shorts down a little, and kissed the top of the
area wanting more.

I didn't proceed there. I wanted her to remember all of this, I
wanted this to be one of the best, if not the best sexual experience she's
ever had. And I know in order to do that, I had to make every second last,
I had to tease her. I bit at her hips, and kissed her stomache, I rubbed my
hand between her legs, she arched and I wanted to melt. It was so hot, but
adorable as well. She let out a soft sound, I stopped and went back up to
meet her lips.

As I'm teasing her, it's getting to me more and more. I don't know
how much longer I can keep doing this. I started kissing around her
neck. She sat up, me still kissing, and she pulled her shirt over her
head. That's what I wanted.

"God Jai, you're so beautiful." She was blushing. Her boobs were
perfect in my opinion. About my size, small, cute, perky. I loved them.

I was losing control, I went for them, faster and more aggressive
than I wanted. I kissed them, I bit them, I sucked them, and I didn't want
to stop. Jai was biting a pillow now, and her soft muffled moaning got me
going even more. I pulled the pillow away to kiss her again.

She sighed, "Ali, I need you, I want you."

"How bad Jai" I said, my breathing hard.

I went to nibble her breast again. As she said, "Really, Uh, bad."

"What should I do about it?" I teased.

"Whatever the fuck you want."

I went down to her shorts, I slid them off of her to reveal these
silky, black panties. She kicked the shorts the rest of the way off. I
looked up and saw her reach for the pillow. I licked the outsides of them,
already soaked. I couldn't wait, i pulled them off of her. She was so wet,
and beautiful. Most girls to me have gross, feminine areas, but Jai's was
so beautiful, like a flower. I licked up the wetness that was there. I'm
sure, in turn creating more. To top this all off, she tasted amazing as
well. Everything I was hoping for and more. I pushed my tongue into the
opening and her back arched in pleasure. She let out this beautiful muffled
moan I wanted to hear it.

"Jai, can I hear you once, please?" She let go of the pillow, I
pushed my tongue in again, and wiggled it around. And that moan, that
beautiful noise. I can only paraphrase it. "MmmAhhooAli" then a sigh then,

She never ceases to give me chills. "I think my pajamas will need
washed by the end of the night." She laughed softly.

"So I'm accomplishing something without really doing anything?"

"Trust me you are doing a whole lot." I went back up to kiss her. I
know she tasted herself on me, and that was an incredible thought. I pushed
my tongue in her mouth deepening the kiss, similiar to what I was doing
between her other lips. I went to kiss her chest again, and her nipples,
god I love them. I looked up to see her biting her thumb. She was enjoying
this. And that excited me even more.

I went up to whisper in her ear. "So are you ready to cum yet. I
wanna hear you cum." I bit her ear, she whimpered slightly and nodded. "I'm
not ready to let you yet."

I think she got both turned on and irritated at that statement, she
flipped me over. She started going down my body, sliding her teeth along my
chest and stomach. She bit my right nipple softly and that made me arch.
She reached between my legs, and when she pressed I realize how wet I
really was. "Wow" is all she said. She pulled my pajamas off, and revealed
that I too, was wearing black. Those came off as well. She said, "I'm not
as beautiful as you."

"Bull crap Jai." She licked it up and down, me grasping the sheets
with my hands out to the side. I was trying to not make a noise. It's
usually easy for me. My head was going back, my back was arching. "Jai, uh,
I hope you're, Ohh, having fun, because, god, I'm lost in bliss." I tried
to look down but couldn't, she pushed her tongue inside like I had before,
and my head was thrown back immediately.

She started gently licking, and slowly teased her finger on the
outside of the opening. "Hey Ali?"

"Hmm?" I said biting my lip hard. She didn't say anything, and the
next thing I know I'm struggling to keep quiet as she pushed two fingers
inside. In and out, in and out, as she continued to lick the outer part.
"Fuck" I said in a hard to contain whisper. She sucked at it for a little
bit, then crawled back up my body.

She went right to my ears, and sucked at the left ear lobe. "Ali,
are you ready to cum yet." She whispered "Cus, I'm not ready to let you."
She backed away slightly and looked me in the eyes. She smirked. It was so
damn hot.

She laid next to me, and I rolled over to look her in the
eyes. "How do we want to fix our problem?"

"Ali, my 'problem' has never been fully fixed before, you know

"What's your point? I can be the first one to fix it."

"You sound ambitous."

"So far, you're alot like me in what you find a turn on and where
you are sensitive. I'd like to think I can make you feel good, and hit the
peak of that pleasure."

I pulled her on top of me, she kissed me, I rubbed my hand along
her back and her butt. I pushed down on her butt and arched mine to feel
each others pressure down there. "Mm, Hey Jai, lemme try something. Lay on
your side" Jai rotated onto her left side. Then I went down and lifted her
right leg up slightly and straddle her, making our sensitive areas touch.

"Does that really work?"

"I'm not sure, lets find out." I said grabbing her right leg and
using it for leverage. I started pushing my body against hers, and pulling
her to meet mine, at least until she started to meet mine herself. The the
look in her eyes when she came up to meet me each time was too much for
words. It was too phenomonal.

"How does that feel beautiful?" I said curiously.

"Pretty damn good."

"Good. I don't think we will finish this way though."

"Me either" We continued to rise and fall meeting each other until
we started to get tired, and my leg fell asleep. "Stupid leg"

"It fell asleep didn't it?" I delaced our bodys and stood up
kicking my foot. "You're so cute." She said.

"How many times do we have to go over this? You're the cute one."

"I think we have a problem Ali"

"I know we do" I stuck my tongue out.

"No not that problem. The problem that girls have more endurance
than guys."

"So in turn 'that' problem" I stuck my tongue out again.

"I guess you're right. I have toys."

"No" I said defensively "I want it to be natural, I want it to be
me that makes you feel good, and only me."

"Ooh protective." I climbed onto the bed and over her body to meet
her lips.

"Of course, that a problem?" I kissed her.

"Nope, not at all."

I reached my hand down between her legs, making sure her want had
not went away. Nope, still there. I slowly made my way down to the
center. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was to me. I slowly pushed two
fingers in and out and began to lick the outside. I picked up speed, and
saw her reach for the pillow again. I did that for a few minutes. Her back
seeming to get higher and higher each one. "How's this Jai?" She just
nodded, her eyes closed. Hopefully rolling around in the back of her
head. The thought just made me speed up more.

As I was doing that, it was too much for me, I started taking care
of myself with my free hand. If I had my way we end at the same time. I'd
let her do it, but I'd love to see us end together. That image before sleep
would be so incredible.

I kept going, I heard my name muffled through the pillow. I slowed
down a little bit to tease her. I reached my hands up to rub her legs,
while I buried my tongue inside. Her leg muscles tightened extremely. I
moved it in and out and wrapped her legs around my shoulders. I scrunched
her body up a little bit, and reached up for the soft mounded beauty that
is her chest. I thumbed her nipples gently.

I looked up, the pillow was gone. She was biting her lip now. I let
her legs go back down on the bed, and went up to kiss her, then the middle
of her chest, and stomache, inner thigh then back to the other lips. I
pushed 3 fingers inside, as I watched her arch and bite her lip, I pulled
them in and out repeatedly. I could feel her inner wall muscles tightening
hard. She was struggling not to make a noise. I reached my free hand back
down to myself.

I sped up what I was doing to both of us. I didn't care if the boys
heard or not. I wanted to hear her. "Jai, please don't grab the pillow."
She looked at me briefly, and seemed to nod. I knew she was getting her
close, and myself also. I kept kissing her inner thigh. I heard my name in
a soft sigh. I looked up to see what she was doing. Her head was back and
she was playing with her right boob.

"God, Jaiden, you're so adorable." I said softly.

"Uhn, Ali, that feels so damn good." Now at that point I didn't
know if she was mocking me from the massage or it really felt that damn
good. I think it was both. And I had no problem with that.

"Oh, Jai," I was getting close, "Cum for me Jai." Her breathing was
getting harder, she was close too. She was moaning, shallow breath. I was

It was getting hard for me to keep my hand moving. She started
bucking her hips to meet me. I felt her muscles, she was going to.. "Fuck!,
Ali, uh, oo, god." She kept trying to look at me, but couldn't, her head
kept going back.

"Oh, Jai" I sighed. I was cumming too. I bit her inner thigh softly
containing my sounds.

I watched her chest rise and fall, and went up there to hold her
while our breathing went down. I kissed her forehead. "Any good?"

"Damn Ali, that's what I've been missing?"

I smiled, and nodded. "Apparently"

We laid there for a while, naked in each others arms, when she
decided we should get dressed. I didn't want to, but I knew we had to. We
both had gotten our lower clothes on and as she reached for her shirt, I
walked up to her, and put her hair behind her ear. I laced my hands into
hers, looked her in the eyes and kissed her. I brought her hands back down
around me and rested mine on her lower back. I looked her in the eyes again
and kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her.

I pulled her into a tight hug, and held her. Without saying
anything, I let her get back to putting her shirt on. I found mine and did
the same. She went to unlock the door, and she turned off the bedside lamp.
I was already laying down when she curled into my arms facing me. I hugged
her close to my body, when she whispered. "Ali, that was amazing. Is it
possible to love two people, and not be taking love away from the other?"

"I'm not sure Jaiden, I was wondering the same thing." I kissed
her forehead, then she looked up and kissed my lips. We drifted into an
exhausted sleep. The rest of this week would be interesting.

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