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A naked Flex and a half naked Devon sat on Devon's bed as Flex
began to tell him about his previous homosexual experiences (bought up last
chap) when he was younger. Flex never discussed these stories with anyone,
far too embarrassed by them to share with even his closest friends (Devon
and Theo).
Flex described a situation which first happened when he was 13 and
getting blown regularly during summer break by his gay southern cousin
Anton. Anton was Flex's mother's sister's son. Flex hated when Anton came
to visit during the summer months when school was out, as he was very
embarrassed by Anton's hick southern effeminate ways. Even at 9 and 10 (the
ages Anton first started to come up to visit) Anton was girly. Flex's
friends teased him whenever his cousin was in town. Flex hated having to
take Anton to the public swimming pool with him, or to basketball games, or
playing any rough athletic sport such as race running or climbing trees, as
they always caused Anton to complain and eventually go home crying foul.

Then on year when Flex and Anton was 13, Flex found his cousin
always catching him "accidentally" naked or exposed; such as catching him
in the bath-tube or shower, or changing clothes or underwear in the
bedroom. Then one night while sharing a bed, Flex awoke up in the middle of
the night to find his dick being suckled gently. He didn't say anything as
the first time blow job felt really good, but Flex realized it was coming
from his male cousin. He shot into Anton's mouth less than 5 minutes after
he woke up. Anton choked down the sizable teenage load, then re-covered his
cousin and pretended to go back to sleep. The next day Flex was much nicer
to the southern boy. He fought anyone who talked bad about him, fought
anyone who got too rough with him while playing, and took him everywhere he
went. Then at night while pretending to be sleep, Anton would peel back the
covers and suck Flex's dick, unaware that the nightly hardons greeting him
were due to Flex's awakened anticipations. So for the next 2 years, Flex
got summer blow jobs from his gay cousin, up until the point where he
discover girl pussy (at 15), and his gay cousin found local dick down south
where he lived.

"Damn..." sighed Devon, unable to believe the story. "...I knew Anton was a
little `funny', but I didn't know he was sucking dick already at 13! And
here YOU were getting blown nightly every summer! How could you keep that
from us?"

"Cause..., I knew if I told y'all that I was getting my dick sucked, y'all
would've wanted to know by WHO, and if I didn't tell you, y'all've say I
was lying!" defended Flex. Devon knew it was true, back then they needed
proof for everything.

"Was that the only gay experience you had?" asked Devon, curiously.

"No, there was one more..." said Flex, thinking back.
Flex described the time when he was 17 years old, and sneaking into
adult night clubs with his older brother Damon and his friends. Flex and
Damon were carbon copies of each other, so when Damon and his buddies would
flash their I.D. cards, Damon would ease his card back to his brother who
would flash the same card a few people later down the line. None of the
doormen ever caught the switch, and Flex was able to get into some of the
hottest adult clubs when he was still in high school.
One night while his brother and friends were getting drunk in a
corner, Flex found a women who was willing to take him home with her. She
didn't know he was just a teenager, and thought he was at least 21. Flex
was all smiles and hardon as he followed her out of the club to her
car. She was 28 with a long weave, a small waist, and cleavage from here to
Alaska. Flex hoped he didn't cum his pants with anticipation as she kept
rubbing his dick bulge and telling him how badly she wanted to feel it
inside her.

When they got to her place, they were kissing and making out before
they even got in the front door. Flex had one hand up her dress, cupping
her fat firm ass through her panties while the other hand had one of her
breasts out. She in turn was unfastening his pants, pulling out his sizable
17 yr old hardon. Impressed, she fell to her knees just inside the open
doorway to her apartment and began sucking his teen dick.
Flex was in heaven, getting his dick sucked by an older women right
there in her doorway where he neighbors could see. She couldn't deep throat
his (then) 8 and 1/2 inch dick, but what she did manage to get down, had
Flex cumming down her throat in 10 seconds flat.

The girl choked on his nut, but did manage to get it all down. When
she came up to her feet, she led Flex into her bedroom where they both
undressed. Flex got down between her legs in bed and started eating her
pussy. Flex started eating girl pussy at 15, and had loved it ever
since. But it was something about eating a woman's pussy, making her moan
and groan from his teenage tongue that made his adolescence feel like a
After making her cum orally, Flex climbed up on top of her and
inserted his thick dick into her vagina. The woman groaned, wrapping her
legs around his waist as he started fucking her with the full length of his
dick. She bucked and bounced like a bronco, fucking back up against Flex's
thrusting boyhood. Her pussy was so moist and wet from her earlier orgasm,
than Flex couldn't help cumming off again quickly inside her. But youth is
a wonderful thing, enabling him to continue to fuck her straight through
another arousing fuck session, making the woman cum two more times before
he shoots his second load inside her overflowing vagina.

"I've heard that story before!" recalled Devon, recalling how envious he
and the other friends were to hear Flex getting grown-up pussy.

"Yeah..., but what I didn't tell you was that later, I woke up to her and
her live-in boyfriend, some 30 something yr old man, both taking turns
sucking my dick." continued flex.
He went on to describe how he was paralyzed to find a full grown
man in the room with them, his hard dick halfway stuffed down into the
man's throat. "And the ironic thing was, the man was a better dick sucker"
�says Flex.
But the experience didn't stop there, the man went on to eat out
Flex's asshole while the woman ate his dick. Flex was confused but turned
on by the two stimulating sensations happening at once. He'd never had
anyone touch his asshole before, so this was something that really
disturbed and excited him all at once. But even beyond that, the man
claimed he was angry that Flex had fucked his woman behind his back, so to
make it up to him, he ordered that Flex fuck him too.

Devon's mouth dropped open as Flex went on to describe how the man
got some anal lube, greased his hairy asshole, and then greased Flex's
hardon, and demanded he fuck him. Flex got onto his knees behind him while
the man positioned the woman in front so he could eat out her cum filled
pussy. Flex was at a loss as to what to do next, so the man reached back
behind him and eased his fat curved dick shaft up to his tight hole. Flex
felt the man push back on him, his tight asshole squeezing his dick head
like a vice as his dick inched through the hairy ring. The man groaned and
grunted as Flex's full meat penetrated his bare backside. Flex was balls
deep inside another man's ass. He watched the man eat his cum from the
woman's pussy while the woman encouraged him to fuck her boyfriend. Flex
felt like he was caught in the center of some crazy sex movie, but grabbed
hold of the man's hips as he started to absent-mindedly thrust in and out
of the man's ass.

"Wow man..., you fucked another guy up the butt??" asked Devon, unable to
withhold his excitement. His dick was rock hard in his pants while
listening to the story, as was Flex's exposed dick.

"I had no choice, man! I thought dude would beat me up if I didn't fuck
him, he was a big guy, fully grown with chest hair back hair and a full

Flex explained how he was forced to fuck the man's ass harder on
request, thrusting his dick in and out of the tight gripping manhole. Flex
recalled how painful it felt to his dick, as the man's ass was 10 times
tighter than the woman's pussy. It wasn't as wet and slick either, causing
a friction between the hairy hole and Flex's shaft.
Flex warned the man that he was going to cum soon if he didn't stop
fucking, but the man insisted he continue. Flex fucked in and out at a
steady pace until he felt his orgasm approach, he continued to shove into
the man's ass as his dick started shooting hot thick ball nut deep inside
the ultra tight bunghole.

Flex couldn't believe how hard his orgasm was. He felt totally
drained, as if he'd come twice as much inside the man than he did the
woman. When he pulled his dick out, he collapsed backwards on the bed and
watched as the man inserted his fat 8 inch dick inside the woman's
pussy. They fucked like dogs in front of him, obviously turned on by having
the hot teen in their bed. Flex had a perfect view of the man's fat black
dick slamming in and out of her hard and fast. The man was twice the size
of Flex, with a thick muscular build, the bed jumped and jerked with each
impelling thrust he made into her. Flex wondered how she could take such a
punishing fuck, but when he saw her fingernails clawing into his hairy back
and her legs shaking from orgasm, he knew she loved every minute of
it. When the couple came together, it wasn't long before they were both
sound asleep. Flex took that moment to wander into the bathroom to take a
leak. When he came back out, the man was standing in the doorway naked,
watching him.

"You gotta hot body, kid." said the older man, with a deep baritone voice.

"uh..., thanks." said Flex, unsure how to take the man. Here he'd just
fucked him, yet nothing about the man seemed gay or effeminate. He was 6-4,
dark skin, thickly built with muscled overtones, full beard/mustache, hairy
chest and body, with a thick 8 inch fat dick and a manly masculine
demeanor. Flex felt very intimidated by him and his size.

"How old are you, kid?" asked the man, taking in Flex's muscular but still
developing physique.

"21." lied Flex.

"No..., REALLY..." said the man.

"17." corrected Flex, honestly.

"Damn..." said the man, walking over to him. "...17...and ALL that dick!"
he added, grabbing Flex's meat.
Flex stood still while the man stroked his dick into another
hardon. He got down onto his knees, taking Flex's dick into his mouth. Flex
stood there in shock as the man sucked his dick expertly, swallowing it all
the way down into the very back of his throat. The man was sucking his dick
much differently than he did when the woman was around. Flex thought maybe
he didn't really want her to know how well he really sucked dick?
Flex watched the grown black man eating his dick as if it were the
most natural thing for him in the world. He mashed his face into Flex's
pubic bush, and churned his thick rod down around in his throat. When he
pulled back, he dragged his thick lips up the slick shaft and suckled
feverishly on the head, turned on by Flex's tasty pre-cum.

"I want you to fuck me again, kid!" ordered the man, standing up over Flex
and pulling him (by the hard dick) over towards the couch. Flex expected
the man to get back into doggy position, but the man surprised him by
getting onto his back on the sofa, raising his thick legs to expose his
hairy asshole. Flex watched him hog-spit onto his fingers, then massage
them around his cum moist hole. "Come on, kid...fuck me!"
Flex climbed up onto the couch between his legs, and aimed his
thick curved dick up to the tight tiny black hole. He pushed and pushed
until the tiny black-bud opened and swallowed him up. Flex's entire 17 yr
old hardon pressed into the 36 yr old man. Flex's pelvis pressed into the
man's ass, his entire dick sheathed inside the man's tight cave. Flex
grabbed onto the man's thick calves as he started to thrust in and out,
watching his brown dick sliding in and out of the tight darker brown

"OOooohh yeeeaahhh, kid...fuck that ass with that big dick!" encouraged the
man, lying back massaging his own fat hardon. "Don't hold back either, fuck
me as hard as you want to! I can take it! I love it rough!"
Flex was shocked. Never in all of his experiences had anyone ever
asked him to fuck them roughly. Most girls liked being make love to, and on
occasions when he got a little too carried away, they pushed him off saying
he was hurting them. Now finally he had someone asking to be fucked totally
by the full length of his thickly curved sausage. He started to fuck the
man's ass harder, pressing in and out faster than he had in bed with the
woman. The man started moaning, obviously liking the thick curve of Flex's
meat. He told Flex to fuck "harder! Go deeper, man! I can take it! Fuck me!
Show me what'chu got!"

Flex took the man at his word, and despite every instinct in him
telling him to be careful, he started fucking harder with wild abandon. The
man moaned louder, his dick thickening in his fist as he spread his legs
wider to give Flex better access.
Flex fucked the man's hole so hard and fast, that the cum inside
him began to back out. The excess semen slicken the man's hole so there was
much less friction, enabling him to fuck even faster. Flex couldn't believe
how fast his dick piston through the man's clinching anus. Flex's dick
thickened and throbbed from this usual fucking, he watched the man throw
back his head as cum erupted from his dick and soaked into his hairy bare
chest. Flex felt his asshole spasm around his plunging manhood, and
hammered the man harder. The man started to whimper like a little girl, his
asshole and innards finally feeling the strain and pressure of Flex's
plunging meat. Just then, Flex shoved his dick all the way up inside the
man's gut, and came a volcano of cum into his scolding hot entrails.

"AAARRRRRRHHHHHHHH YEEEAAAAAAA!!" screamed Flex, cumming hard. The man
clamped his asshole down around him, capturing his dick inside his butt as
Flex finished cumming. When they were done, Flex was again surprised when
the man offered to invite Flex back for some "one on one action" without
the female. Flex thought fucking the man without the woman around sounded
too gay for comfort, and never returned, --though he often wondered if he
should have.

Devon was so turned on by Flex's story and his pre-cum leaking
dick, that he was compelled to lean forward and take his dick back between
his lips even before Flex finished talking. Flex was lying back against
Devon's bedroom wall while Devon bobbed his head up and down in his lap,
eating as much of his dick as possible without choking and gagging. It
didn't take long (giving Flex's hot state), to white wash Devon's mouth
with a fresh coat of salty cum.
Flex watched Devon choke down the plentiful juice, licking his lips
and suckling the head and shaft to be certain he got every drop. Flex liked
that Devon was becoming more and more comfortable with eating his dick and
cum. He couldn't take his eyes off Devon's plump ass as he lay half naked
on his stomach sucking Flex's dick. Flex even reached down and pushed his
hand into the ass of Devon's loosened jeans to feel the firm fleshy buttock
inside. Devon didn't protest until he felt Flex's middle finger graze over
his puckered asshole.

"HEYYY...!!" protested Devon, jumping up off the bed. "...I liked the story
and all..., but I ain't nowhere ready to start with the ass play yet!"

"Okay, okay..." laughed Flex, getting up out of bed, his thick dead dick
swinging back and forth. "...just so long as you keep ME in mind when
you're ready." he smiled, before walking out the door.
On the way back to his room, he sniffed his finger, smelling
Devon's fresh anal scent and making his dick stir. Devon closed his door,
cut the lights, and started jacking off on his back with the taste of
Flex's cum in his mouth and his vivid story in his head.


Theo didn't come home from his night club gig until 2:30 in the
morning, tired from a long day's work working both his morning mechanic
job, and his evening night club gig. As usual he ventured into the kitchen
for a midnight snack, making himself and ham and cheese sandwich and a tall
glass of ice water.
Going into the living room, he sat down in his favorite chair, and
turned on the tube. The porno he left inside the DVD player cut on
automatically, starting up where Devon left off. Theo fumbled for the
volume to turn it down as not to disturb his roommates. He finished his
sandwich while watching some robust black girl getting his pussy served
properly by some ample dick jock. He carried her big ass around the room,
bouncing her up and down on his thick meat as she whimpered and took every
inch of it. Theo toyed with the idea of pulling out his dick and jacking
off, but was too tired to. Instead he turned off the television and headed
upstairs to bed. Foregoing the shower, he shredded his clothes and went
straight to bed. It wasn't long at all before he was out like a light,
snoring like an elk.

Theo dreamed of owning his own home, having a happy white Christmas
with his daughter (Brittney) and his wife (Lisa). Their daughter Brittney
was happy opening all of her plentiful X-Mas presents, while her married
parents sat at the table watching her glee. Everything seemed so perfect,
the way Theo always wanted it to be, until Lisa suddenly got up, tore off
her white robe to reveal her stripper costume underneath, and announced she
had to go to work. "On Christmas??" asked Theo in his dream, the happy
white background fading to black as the arguing and bickering began. They
could never be happy as a couple, Lisa was much too absorbed in her own
selfishness to raise a family the right way. Theo felt himself swell with
anger when he asked his wife "what about Brittney?" and she responded
"forget her!" In his dream, Theo grabbed his wife around her throat, and
began choking the shit out of her. His mom, his friends, the police, even
Brittney couldn't pry his strong muscular hands from around her long
neck. But just as real as that dream seemed, another dream quickly took its
place. A split second later Theo found himself sitting in a car seat,
getting his dick royally sucked by a 22 yr old stripper (Lisa) he'd just
met inside a strip club he snuck into at 16. It was a real memory triggered
by a dream, a dream which seemed to consume Theo as he could actually feel
every descent of her warm moist mouth on his dick.

In reality, Theo woke up to find his roommate Devon once again
eating his dick. Theo was tired, but grateful to be getting his dick taken
care of, though he had mixed emotions about allowing another man to suck
him off. But the fact that Devon didn't know he knew of it, somehow seemed
to make it okay in his eyes.
Devon snuck into Theo's room around 4am, when he got up to use the
bathroom. He decided to peek in to see if Theo was home, and found himself
unable to leave without sampling some of his dick. Like last time, he crept
into the bed and pulled back the covers until he had Theo's thick piece
between his lips. At that very moment, Theo's dreams turned from throttling
his dream-wife, to getting blown by her in his dad's car. This was
triggered unknowingly by Devon's actions.

Devon sucked his way up and down Theo's dick, realizing Theo's 10
inch Moby was actually thicker than Flex's 9 inch curve. He couldn't suck
down nearly as far on Theo's as he could on Flex's dick. He had to content
himself with sucking mostly about the head and only an inch or two of the
shaft, he stroked his slick hand up and down the rest of the shaft that his
mouth couldn't reach. Devon listened closely as Theo continued to snore,
not knowing it was an act to keep them from growing tension towards one
another. Theo didn't want to face Devon knowing he'd sucked his dick more
than once, no more than Devon wanted to. Both men knew if they spoke of it,
some unpleasant things would have to come to light. Devon decided to only
risk sucking Theo in his sleep, having successfully blown him that way once
(or so it seemed). Theo lay full awake, playfully snoring to throw Devon
Theo wasn't used to anyone being able to suck his whole dick
anyway, he'd always had to content himself with getting just the head
sucked. Luckily it was one of his trigger points, causing him to cum more
times than not. Devon's mouth felt so good on his dick, painting the whole
head with a thick coating of saliva which Devon also used to jack off the
shaft. Theo found his body starting to stiffen. His toes curled under the
covers as he gripped the bed sheets, wishing he could grab his roommate's
head. Theo bite his lower lip to keep from crying out loud as his balls
tightened and his dick shaft swelled. Devon felt the dick pulse and throb
just before the head burst a thick blast of hot sperm into his mouth.

"Huummhhhhhpppp...!!" groaned Devon, trying to take all the semen flowing
forcibly into his mouth like water from an open hydrant.
Devon sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, and sucked and
swallowed until he had managed to devour all of the sweet fruitful
nectar. Devon pumped his hand up and down the pulsating shaft until he felt
the dick starting to quickly deflate. Devon replaced the dick and the
covers, then slipped back out the door to rush to his room to jack off once
more. Theo settled back into a restful night's sleep, dreaming nothing but
pleasant dreams.

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