Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday proposition

"So what's up. You game man," he watched my face as I considered his

Chaz and I had been co-workers for the past six months. We were the only
two males in an office of sixteen. Because of his warm, outgoing
personality. we quickly became friends and confidants. We could discus
anything with each other, especially Chaz's favorite subject, sex. Chaz
was very physical, often gripping my shoulders to get my attention and
hugging me to greet me. He had a habit grabbing his crotch to make a

At twenty-three years old, he was beautiful but he was not my type. He had
smooth, caramel colored skin. His hair was curly and cut short. His only
facial hair was a thin mustache. His eyes were his best feature, a deep
brown color with sparkles. His six foot frame was lean, he weighed about
160 pounds. Why wasn't he my type? He was too lean and...he was straight.

Me? I'm Jakoby. I was gay and twenty-seven. I am five eight and weigh
170 pounds. I have a natural athletic-type build with wide shoulders, a
slim waist and a big round bubble butt. (Chaz once grabbed my ass and told
me, "you have the phinnest, phattest as I have ever seen".) I work out
sparingly. I have coffee colored skin. I wear a medium sized afro, have a
thick mustache and goatee.

Chaz chided me because I dealt with tricks. He felt that I should be in a
stable relationship. I often told him that I knew exactly where a trick
was coming from...they were into sex and money. I could never be sure
about someone who wanted a serious relationship. Chaz had a girlfriend,
Sarita, who was in dental school in Boston. (We live in Detroit.) He was
very serious about her and was condering proprosing. He also had what he
dubbed "his distraction", a freak named Yolanda, who he had been seeing for
about three months.

Yolanda was a short, thick girl with big breasts. According to Chaz, she
was wild in bed and willing to fulfill his every sexual fantasy. Which
brings us to the proposal...

We were eating lunch in the courtyard of the office building where we
worked when Chaz bought up the subject. "Man, you know my birthday's
coming up." I nooded without looking up. "And I'd like to spend it with
my two peeps." I looked up at him, not knowing who he was talking about.
He looked at me as if I was stupid and said, "You and Yo," referring to

"Kewl," I said.

"Know what, Koby, man," I looked up. He was looking directly in to my
eyes, the sparkles in his eyes dancing wildly. "I wanna do sumpin'

He had my attention, "What?"

"I want you to fuck Yolanda," he whispered. My mouth opened, no words came
out. He looked in my eyes and the sparkles in his eyes stopped dancing.
"I know you're gay, but..." he reached out and placed his hand on mind.
"That's not all."

I was still trying to process fucking a woman, but he had my undivided
attention. "I want you to nut in her...and then...I want to eat her out."

I was stunned, but I managed to utter one word. "What!"

He leaned across the table towards me. "Man, you know I like to eat
pussy," he paused as if waiting for an answer. "And you know I eat my nut." I nodded. "I wanna..I want...I want you to fuck her so I
can eat her out!." The last dozen words were spit out. Chaz looked

"C, man, you know I'm gay...I like dudes..." I shook my head. "I don't
know if I could get my hard on for a bitch."

We were silent. Looking at each other, watching each other, as if we were
in the wild west, dueling with pistols.

"Koby, man, you my can do it." He leaned back in his chair. I
lit a cigarette and he took it from my hand.

I shook my head, "I don't know." I lit another cigarette and took a long

"It's my birthday," he sighed. "I can't ask a straight guy and Yolanda
doesn't know any real straight dude freaks who'd be willing."

His eyes never left my face, they were dancing again. "Man...I don't know.
I haven't been with a woman since I was eighteen," I told him.

The sparkles in his eyes were on the move again. "But you my boy and it's
only sex."

I leaned back and finished my cigarette. Chaz smoked and watched me. My
mind was whirling as I thought of the possibilities. I was not sexually
attracted to Chaz. I loved him like a brother. I had not been with a
woman since high school. I loved sex...but with...a female...ewww. What
if I couldn't deliver? What if I couldn't get it up? I put out my
cigarette and sighed.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Chaz was impatiently tapping his bottled water on the
table. He had watched me as I considered the possibilities. "So what's
up. You game man."

I sat silent. He leaned towards me, looked around and whispered, "I'll
suck your dick."

The deal was sealed! There is nothing I like more than having my dick
sucked, even if it is by a cute, straight boy.

"Have you ever sucked a dick?" I asked, not knowing if he was serious.

Chaz stood up and grabbed his crotch. "Not yet, but I'm willing to try
anything once." He picked up the water bottle and wrapped his lips around
the nipple, then eased the bottle out of his mouth and he licked around the

My dick twitched and I shrugged, "Well...we'll see."

"Party at my house." Chaz grabbed his crotch , spun around and danced
towards the building singing, "It,s my birthday, it's my birthday."

I stood up and followed.


Saturday, two days later was Chaz's birthday. Chaz and Yolanda picked me
up at nine. We went out for a late dinner then to a dance club. We
arrived at Chaz's apartment a little after one. The minute he shut and
locked the door behind us, I felt nervous.

I took a seat in a chair in the corner of the livingroom. Yolanda excused
herself. "A woman needs to freshen up," she smiled as she grabbed Chaz's
crotch. Chaz danced as he lit candles all around the room, then disappeard
into the bedroom.

Chaz entered the room with three sifters and a bottle of brandy, placing
them on the coffee table. He wore only his t-shirt which hung almost to
his knees. Yolanda entered wearing a matching red bra and garter belt, red
high heels and stockings. Chaz poured the brandy as Yolanda put on a hip
hop CD. She swayed to the music and joined Chaz in front of me as he
handed me a glass of brandy.

Chaz turned around, grabbed Yolanda by her waist and pulled her to him,
grinding into her crotch. I sipped the brandy and stared. He leaned down,
took her in his arms and sucked her neck. I sipped the brandy and stared.
He grabbed her ass, she grabbed his ass under his shirt. I sipped the
brandy and stared. They danced their way to the sofa. Chaz gave a glass
of brandy to Yolanda and took one for himself. He took a sip of brandy,
smiled, grabbed his crotch and then poured brandy onto her chest. She
moaned as he slowly licked the brandy off of her chest. I sipped the
brandy and stared. Yolanda began rubbing Chaz's crotch. He slipped an arm
behind her and her bra dropped into her lap. They both laughed as he tried
to dip her breast into her glass of brandy. I sipped the brandy and
stared. Chaz leaned down and began sucking her nipple. Yolanda moaned and
spread her legs. I realized she was not wearing panties. I gulped the
brandy and stared.

Yolanda suddenly pushed Chaz away. "You are so rude," she scolded Chaz and
nodded at me. "His glass is empty." She picked up the bottle of brandy
and stood in front of me. I lifted my glass and she filled it, smiling.
She turned away from me, then turned back, pouring brandy down the front of
my shirt. "You need to get out of those wet clothes."

Yolanda took the glass of brandy from my hand and pulled me by my arms from
the chair. She unbuttoned my shirt as she pushed me back towards the sofa.
Before we reached the sofa, I bumped into Chaz, who was now standing. Chad
leaned his head into my shoulder and kissed Yolanda. He reached around
with both hands and fumbled to loosen my belt. They held the kiss until
Chaz unbuckled my belt. Yolanda leaned back and slid my shirt off my
shoulders and onto the floor. "Nice," she said as she leaned down and
began kissing my chest. Chaz was grinding into my ass as he fumbled to
unbutton my pants. I was getting an erection.

Yolanda stepped back and unbuttoned, then unzipped my pants. Together,
they slipped my pants down to my knees. Chaz stepped away and Yolanda
pushed me onto the sofa. She removed my pants and crawled between my legs.
She fished my semi hard dick from my boxers and began stroking it. Chaz
kneeled on the floor and leaned in to watch. He grabbed her nipples and
began massaging them, his eyes on her hand and my dick. I responded. My
dick hardened to it's full six inches and Yolanda leaned in and began
sucking the head. I could only see Chaz's head as I leaned back and he
continued to stare. Yolanda moaned and leaned back into Chaz, removing her
mouth from my dick. I looked down and realized that Chaz had brought her
to orgasm with his fingers. My dick went limp instantly.

When Yolanda came back from her orgasm, Chaz stood, lifting her with him.
He whispered something in her ear and kissed her cheek. She disappeared
into the bedroom. Chaz turned to me, grabbed his crotch and winked. He
handed me a glass of brandy. I took a sip and handed it back to him. He
sipped, set the glass on the coffee table, took me by the hand and led me
to the bedroom.

We entered the candlelit bedroom and Yolanda was lying on her back,
completely naked. I took her in. Her eyes were closed, yet her full lips
seemed to be smiling. Her big breasts were firm, the nipples so plump they
seemed swollen. I thought she was a thick girl, however, her stomach was
smooth, her hips wide. I noticed she had an outie. She obviously did not
shave. He fat cunt lips were covered in hair. The pink clit protruded
slightly between the lips and her legs. Chaz tugged my boxers down and I
stepped out of them, my dick was limp. Chaz rubbed my ass and I turned.
Damn! Chaz always wore oversized t-shirts. I had never seen him
shirtless. I never knew anyone so slim could be so cut. He had clearly
defined pecs with long nipples. His stomach was ripple, after ripple,
after ripple. I now understood the term "washboard stomach". The ripples
descended to a perfect v-shape. A thin trail of hair traveled from just
below his navel and sparsely covered the width of the vee. His limp dick
seemed about as long as my six inch hard on and his balls hung almost to
his dick head. I took in the sight before me, licked my lips and felt my
dick grow.

Our eyes met and he nodded to the bed. I turned. Yolanda had lifted her
knees slightly and was rubbing her pussy with the palm of her hand. Chaz
placed a hand on each of my ass cheeks, using them to guide me to the edge
of the bed. His dick was now hard. The eight and a half long, fat inches
bobbed against my crack. He used my hips to lift me onto the bed and lead
me between Yolanda's legs, pressing my limp dick against her pussy lips.
Yolanda wrapped her legs around me and ground her moist pussy against my
dick, the hairs slightly tickled. My dick did not respond. Chaz crawled
on the bed behind me and placed my face in her breast. I surprised myself
by taking a nipple into my mouth. Yolanda groaned as I sucked. Chaz eased
against me until his dick lay along the crack of my ass. He placed an arm
around me and caressed my nipple. My dick started to respond. Yolanda
felt my dick twitch and tightened the grip of her legs, grinding a bit
harder against me. Chaz leaned in and kissed my neck. My dick expanded, I
groaned. Chaz's dick twitched against me.

The three of us lay entwined together. Yolanda with her legs around my
waist, grinding her pussy against my dick. Chaz pressing into my ass
cheek, his dick twitching. I was between the two and when Chaz's dick
twitched, mine did also.

Chaz finally moved. He leaned down and kissed one of my ass cheeks. He
then moved to the side of the bed. Yolanda wrapped her arms around me and
began kissing my neck. Chaz moved to the side of us and rubbed my ass
cheeks. My dick grew. Yolanda felt my dick grow and moved, I felt my dick
press against her clit. She dropped her arms to her side and loosened the
grip of her legs around my waist. Her head fell back onto the mattress in
orgasm. I felt my dick respond.

Chaz grapped Yolanda's tit in the palm of his hand. He palmed my ass with
the other hand, then leaned in and began kissing my neck. My dicked soared
to it's full hardness. Yolanda came down from her orgasm and dropped her
legs. She looked at Chaz, "I think he's ready."

Chaz moved in closer. He reached between us and grabbed my dick. I almost
came. Chaz guided about an inch of my dick into Yolanda's pussy. He
brushed my balls as he removed his hand. I moaned and shuddered. Yolanda
wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me further into her. Four
inches of my dick were now embedded in her and I still could not move. My
brain could not process what was happening.

Chaz took control. He leaned down and licked from the small of my back to
the tip of my ass crack, then placed his hand on my ass and pushed me into
Yolanda. Yolanda let out a shreik. I didn't move. I felt the warmth
around my dick. Fucking asses for the last eight years, I had forgotten
what a pussy felt like. I began to move slowly, enjoying the heat around
my dick. Yolanda moved with me. Chaz kissed his way up my back until he
reached my neck. "Fuck me," Yolanda groaned. "Fuck her," Chaz whispered
in my ear. I started pumping vigorously. Yolanda began pumping to match
my stokes, using her legs to pull me deep into her. I humped and groaned,
humped and groaned. "Ohhh, shiiit." Chaz moved his face between us, his
hand on my back. He kissed Yolanda, tonguing her deeply. He turned his
face up and offered his tongue to me, I accepted. I leaned down and kissed
Yolanda. Chaz leaned in and we tried a three way kiss. At this point we
were really only licking each other.

I drove deep into Yolanda. She shreiked and shuttered. I pulled out and
felt the first blast of cum. "Oh, ohh, ohhh," Yolanda groaned, clamped her
legs around me and tried to pull my midsection into her pussy. I blasted
and my second shot as my dick lodged as far into her as I could go.
Yolanda bucked beneath me. "Ooh, ohhh, ooh," she shrieked. "Ahh, Ahh,
Ahhhh," I bellowed. Finally I stopped coming and fell onto Yolanda,
nuzzling my head into her shoulder blade. Yolanda shrieked one last time
and slowly loosened the grips her legs had on me. "Ohhh, damn, shit," Chaz
moaned and I felt his hot jizz on my back.

I felt about eight blast of cum land on my back. We all froze. I was
still between Yolanda's legs, my dick slipping out of her as it softened.
Chaz was on his knees beside us, looking down at his softening dick as he
held it in his hand.

Chaz leaned over and licked the cum from my back. I thought I heard him
humming as he licked. When he was finished he gently rolled me off of
Yolanda. He positioned himself between Yolanda's legs and raised her legs
at the knees. He looked at me and smiled then dipped his tongue into her
pussy lips. I watched in awe as he attached the lips of his mouth to the
lips of her pussy. Yolanda began to purr, her pussy twitching against his
face. He reached out, face still in her pussy, grabbed my dick and pulled.
I quickly got the message and crawled towards him. When my dick was close
enough, he leaned in and swallowed all six inches. Chaz choked, eased off
until just the head was between his lips and then swallowed me whole with
ease. He bobbed his head up and down my dick, his tongue swirling around
my head. It felt so good. My dick began to harden. Chaz pulled away from
me. "Mmm, mmm good," he said, then licked his lips and stuck his tongue
back into Yolanda's snatch.

Yolanda tapped my shoulder and licked her lips when I turned to her. I
crawled to her head, placing my dick into her mouth. As she sucked, I
watched Chaz who was now licking around her pussy lips. He eased his way
up her body and slid his dick into her. Yolanda tightened her lips around
my dick. Even though she was only sucking half of my dick, it was hard.
Chaz licked his way along Yolanda's cheek, then used his tongue to take my
dick from her mouth and slide it into his own. He pounded her hard as he
slid up and down the entire length of my dick. Yolanda reached up and
pulled my dick from his mouth, taking it into her own. Chaz kissed the
side of her face as she sucked. I sighed and leaned back as Chaz swallowed
my dick again.

Chaz and Yolanda took turns sucking my dick as he continued to pound into
her. Suddenly, my dick plopped from her mouth as she tossed her head back
and shuttered. She had reached her orgasm. I grabbed my dick, stoked it
twice and shot a wad a cum onto her lip. Chaz leaned in and grabbed my
dick between his lips in time to catch the next shot. This time I clearly
heard him humming. I finished shooting into his mouth and laid alongside
Yolanda and Chaz. I was exhausted.

Chaz grunted like a caveman and buried his dick deep into Yolanda. Two
minutes later he rolled between the two of us. Shoulder to shoulder with
her and me. "Happy birthday to me," he tiredly exclaimed.

Yolanda and I sang "Happy birthday, happy birthday to you, happy birthday."

I drifted off to sleep.

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