Monday, May 11, 2009


We cycle back to our cabin from the beach, a little bit sunburned and a lot
satisfied by our marvelous lovemaking. As we get into the shower together,
we enjoy some wonderful caresses, our excitement heightened both by the
wonderful touching and the anticipation of what the evening might hold with
Ron and Sheila. In our brief conversations with them around the grounds
and in the hot tub, we've learned that they're in their late 40s and live
most of the year in Virginia, where Sheila teaches Literature and Creative
Writing at a small college and Ron has a studio where he paints and does
sculpture with parts from old bicycles. They had decided some time ago
that they were content to live on little means and to devote themselves
whenever possible to living a free and "satisfying" life ... the sparkle in
their eyes when they talk about that strongly hints at some fabulously fun
times ... They have invited us to their cabin to cook and enjoy dinner with
them, emphasizing in the invitation their love of good food and their
insistence that "we not come overdressed."

We tarry a moment over our decisionmaking about what to wear ... I settle
on a pair of khaki shorts with an open-neck tennis shirt; you look lovely
in a flowing pair of floral print pants, sandals, and a halter top that
leaves your breasts just free enough to be tantalizing. It is all that I
can do not to attack you as we head out the door!!! We grab the couple
bottles of wine we've picked up to take along and stroll over to their

We are met at the door by Ron, who is well-tanned and muscular and greets
you with a hug and kiss on the cheek ... he escorts us to the kitchen,
where Sheila is slicing vegetables for a salad. Ron is dressed much like I
am, but Sheila is wearing an ultra-short skirt with matching blouse
unbuttoned down to the point where you can easily perceive the inner curve
of her breasts. She hugs you close, brushing her lips across yours, and
blows me a kiss as I accept Ron's offer to begin pouring some wine for all
of us. We settle into an easy and animated conversation about anything and
everything, all of us feeling more and more comfortable despite the
electrical charge of desire in the air. Lingering glances and gentle
caresses seem to be the order of the evening, and I catch your eye as I
wonder if we'll even eat dinner before we all share each other for

Before long, we move out onto the patio and stand around the grill as Ron
expertly roasts some delicious-looking shrimp kabobs, on which we all feast
before long with the salad that Sheila has prepared, a broccoli/mushroom
risotto that Ron has made and some delicious fresh bread from the bakery in
town. Ron and I clear the table and clean up the kitchen as you and Sheila
head to the deck, bottle of wine in hand. When Ron and I follow you in
about 20 minutes, you and Sheila are in lively conversation, laughing and
smiling, as she rests her knee against yours and her hand on your arm.
It's marvelously evident that she is extremely attracted to you! And I
know how she feels, as you slyly wink in my direction. Ron and I join in
the chat for a few minutes, but then he asks who'd like to dance, polling
us each with his eyes and clearly prepared to accept only positive
responses. He steps to the stereo and puts on some Kenny G saxophone music
and helps you to your feet, folding you into his arms. Sheila comes to me,
puts her arms around my neck, and we all sway to the music for a couple of
songs before the sexual tension becomes unbearable and they lead us into
the bedroom ...

We fall in couples onto separate corners of the king-size bed, Ron
caressing your now uncovered chest and licking your swollen nipples as
Sheila loosens my belt and caresses the stiffening bulge in my pants.
Before long, we are all completely undressed and lying amongst each other,
caressing and kissing with abandon, barely aware of where one person's body
ends and the next begins.

Sheila notices that Ron has begun stroking his gorgeous cock between your
breasts and leads me over to your side. She strokes Ron's dick with her
hand and guides it to your waiting lips, then kisses down across your
stomach before plunging her tongue into your delicious pussy and around
your clit. I am kneeling behind her, caressing her buttocks and cupping
her breasts until she motions me to slide into her dripping pussy from
behind. As I rub the tip of my cock over and around her pussy lips, she
moans with pleasure as it crosses her ass, pushing back against me in a way
that indicates she might enjoy that even more. She continues to flip her
tongue all around your engorged clit, fingering your pussy frantically,
while Ron is stroking his gorgeous cock deep into your throat. I take some
jelly from the bedside table and place first one then two fingers slowly
into Sheila's ass before replacing them with my throbbing cock. I reach
around and finger her clit as I stroke in and out and she continues to
pleasure your pussy ... until the three of us explode together in one
crashing climax!!!! To that point, Ron still hasn't cum, so as Sheila
rolls onto her back, I join you on the bed, sharing Ron's member back and
forth between us, sensing that he is very close to exploding. Within
seconds, he stiffens and shoots his load of cum deep into my mouth, before
you and I kiss deeply to share the taste and the excitement. We all
collapse on the bed, snuggling together for a while before cleaning up in
the shower, dressing and saying our goodbyes, content in the fact that our
vacations still have several days to go ... Who knows what else might


After arriving back at our cabin after the incredibly erotic evening with
Ron and Sheila, we held each other close in bed, sleeping soundly as
visions of sugarplums (and cocks and pussies and asses and breasts and lips
and tongues .......... mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!) danced in our heads!! I awoke to
the feeling of your hand gently stroking my cock, which stiffened quickly
under your marvelous touch (as it is doing now just thinking about it!! Is
your pussy wet as you read this??? I hope so ...). As I started to caress
your clit and deliciously wet pussy, you lay on your back and motioned me
into a 69 position above you, from which I could feast on your clit, taking
it deep between my lips as I fingered your g-spot and your ass. I could
sense your breath quickening and your hips begin to move as you took my
cock deep into your throat ... and it wasn't more than a moment before we
both came explosively!! Oh, God, the feeling of cumming in your mouth is so

We got up, showered together, and made some coffee and breakfast, which we
were eating on the deck when Ron and Sheila called to ask if we wanted to
get together that afternoon. Of course, we readily agreed, and invited
them over for a late lunch. We spent the rest of the morning puttering
around the cabin and getting some sandwiches and salad ready for their

Sheila and Ron arrived around 1:30, looking fabulous. Sheila was wearing
the barest of bikinis with a matching wrap-around beach cover-up slung low
on her hips; her small but gorgeous breasts were barely contained by the
top. Ron looked dapper in a t-shirt and knee length swim suit. As they
arrived, we all hugged and kissed, and I could sense in the way that Sheila
greeted you that she was more than interested in further exploring the
lovemaking that the two of you began to share last night. We ate lunch and
drank Mimosas until mid-afternoon, when Ron asked if we wanted to stroll
down to the pier and do some fishing. We traded glances, and I could tell
that you and Sheila were looking for some time alone, so I suggested that
Ron and I let the two of you relax by the hot tub while he and I tried our
luck with the fish. We grabbed our fishing gear and sunscreen and head off

After a couple of hours of only modestly successful angling, Ron and I
arrived back at the house, having already wandered by the hot tub and
noticing that you and Sheila were not there. As we entered the cabin, we
could hear the shower running and were surprised (and pleased!!) to find
the two of you in there together. We guessed, correctly as it turned out,
that the two of you had enjoyed yourselves at the hot tub but soon were so
enamored of each other that you retired to the cabin and were cleaning up
in anticipation of some wonderfully intense lovemaking. As Ron and I
arrived, you were leaning back against the shower wall, legs spread,
caressing your taut nipples as Sheila knelt between your legs and hungrily
tongued your clit. Ron and I watched until you finished and stepped out of
the shower, obviously both pleased to see us and ever so intensely aroused.
You dried off only a little before telling Ron and me to have a seat off to
the side of the bedroom as you and Sheila tumbled into bed, hurriedly
caressing and kissing. Before long, you were lying side by side kissing
each other as Sheila fingered your pussy and you fucked with her a large
cock-shaped dildo, both of you quickly reaching the first of several
crashing climaxes!!!

Needless to say, Ron and I couldn't watch this wonderful display of
sensuality without getting incredibly turned on ourselves, and after just a
few moments we were both undressed, sitting in our chairs stroking our
cocks. Ron dropped to his knees in front of me and licked the drops of
pre-cum from the tip of my cock before taking me so deep inside his throat
and sliding a finger deep into my ass, foreshadowing things to come in a
few minutes. Under his expert attention, I quickly shot a huge load of hot
sticky cum into his mouth and held him close for a minute before wanting to
return the favor. He lay on the floor and I cupped and caressed his
scrotum as I ran my tongue along the underside of his stiff shaft and
quickly sucked him inside me. While I had enjoyed the taste of his cum the
night before, the feel of his finger in my ass had me wanting more, so
after he was throbbing with desire I turned around, knelt before him and
had him coat my ass with some lubricant before gently but persistently
sliding his rock hard dick deep inside me. The pain of my first anal
encounter soon gave way to an amazing sensation of impending climax as we
both came together, he blasting inside me and me shooting all over his hand
which had been caressing me as he fucked me from behind. As we finished,
you and Sheila both screamed in yet another orgasm, and we all collapsed in
the bed together for a brief but satisfying nap.

We invited Ron and Sheila to join us that evening for dinner, and their
initial protestations that they were about to be joined by their friends
Tim and Jan were quickly allayed by our insistence that they come along too
... after all, the more the merrier!! Sound like more fun to come?????

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