Monday, May 11, 2009



It was here, --the day Devon was dreading; his date with his
girlfriend Yolanda. Devon dreaded it because he knew his girlfriend was
looking for them to be intimate, to make love, to continue where they left
off earlier in the week when Devon couldn't perform. Devon hadn't really
been able to make-out with his girlfriend since he started messing around
with his roommates. Not because he didn't want to, but because he couldn't,
not with this `issue' of his sexuality looming overhead. Devon seriously
didn't know if he were gay or straight, being strongly attracted to his
roommates and their dicks. Luckily Devon was able to convince his girl to
double date with her roommate Drusilla and HER boyfriend Richard.

The date started off with dinner at one of Devon and Yolanda's
favorite restaurants downtown; Tootsie's. The restaurant is black owned,
and the cuisine first rate African American soul food. The line for a table
is sometimes around the block without reservations. After filling their
stomachs with southern fried catfish, smothered turkey wings, fried
chicken, cabbage, collard greens, candied yams, black eyed peas, string
beans and rice & gravy, --they went to a the movies before heading out to a
neighborhood club they often frequented named; Klub Erik. One of Devon's
roommates (Theo Jones) worked there as a bouncer and often got Devon and
his guests in for free. After nabbing a table, the four ordered drinks and
danced to the latest club hits.
Yolanda and Devon came back to the table after a hard workout on
the dance floor, to find Richard and Drusilla snorting something at the

"Don't you guys have any self respect?" asked Yolanda, causing Richard and
Dru to laugh at her for no apparent reason. "You could at least take that
into the restroom!"

"And which one would we use..." asked Dru, giggling uncontrollably. "...the
men's room or the woman's room? Either way we would be in violation!"

"Then DON'T DO IT!" said Yolanda, sarcastically as she picked up her drink.

"You were always a stick in the mud!" flagged Drusilla, hanging onto her
boyfriend's arm. "YOU need to take some of this..., maybe it'll teach you
to chill and enjoy yourself! BOTH of you!"

"We don't need to do drugs to enjoy ourselves?" sniped Yolanda arrogantly,
as she turned to her boyfriend.

"It's really not a drug, Yolanda..." intervene Richard. "'s more of a
sex drug. It makes you horny is all!"

"Really?" asked Yolanda, suddenly interested. "What's it called?"

"Sextacy!" announced Richard, proudly.

"It's NOT cocaine?" asked Devon, also interested. He thought Sextacy
sounded like the answers to his prayers if it could actually get him to get
a hardon around his girlfriend.

"Naawww, man! I don't do drugs! It's a sex agent! It heightens your
hormones and makes you aroused!"

"Oh!" thrilled Yolanda, both her and Devon's faces lighting with

"Want to try it?" asked Richard, pulling out a small baggy of white powder
and a straw. He handed it to Yolanda, who ducked halfway down under the
table and sorted in the substance. She felt her nasal passages start to
burn as the essence ran straight up into her sinuses.
She handed the bag off to Devon who did the same thing, taking a
huge hit as the felt the overwhelming urge to sneeze, but didn't. From his
vantage point at the door, Theo saw the whole thing, and became very
concerned for his roommate.

"Gurl..., you got shit all over your nose...!" pointed Drusilla, as Yolanda
did her best to wipe it away. "Come on to the restroom with me, we'll clean
up there!" offered Dru, leaving the boys to man the table.
Richard looked across the table at Devon and smiled. Devon looked a
tad paranoid as he waited for the `agent' to affect him. Richard scooted
over to the seat next to him, getting close as he leaned in and asked if
the 19 yr old was alright?

"I'm not sure..." said Devon, feeling flush.

"Just relax and let it seep in..., pretty soon you'll be rock hard and
banging your girlfriend until she's begging you to stop!" laughed
Richard. Devon was so concerned about his health, that he didn't
immediately notice Richard's leg press against his under the table. "You
sure you're alright?" asked Richard, placing his hand on Devon's shoulder,
rubbing it back and forth.

"Yeah..., yeah, I'm kewl..., I think." said Devon, unsure.
Richard lowered his hand to Devon's back, still rubbing him back
and forth as Devon tried to figure out what was happening to his body. He
looked over at Richard, who was looking back at him smiling. Devon stared
into his eyes, noticing something he'd never seen before. A sparkle of
sorts, a hint of something in his expression that said something
unspoken. It was in his eyes. That THING that tells you he's down with it.
Devon smiled back, blushing as he lowered his head and laughed.

"What's so funny?" asked Richard, lowering his hand even more.

"It's nothing..." smiled Devon, not wanting to disclose how his girlfriend
and Yolanda discussed the possibility of him being gay or bisexual. He knew
he'd be offended if the girls were questioning his manhood behind his
back. But it appeared that maybe they were right after all.
When the girls came back from the ladies room, they took the two
empty seats, not even noticing the switch. Yolanda and Drusilla giggled
about how the `agent' was starting to affect them. They continued to drink
and dance to the music for a couple of more hours, before deciding to
leave. They stopped off to say good night to the bouncer (Theo) before they
left, giving him hugs as they walked to the exit.

"You okay?" asked Theo, noticing a slight wobble in Devon's step as he came
in for a hug.

"Yeah man, I'm fucking FINE!" laughed Devon, acting unusual.

"You sure, man? Did you have too much to drink?" asked Theo, concerned
about how he'd get home.

"It wasn't alcohol...!" laughed Devon, whispering loudly in Theo's
ear. "Drusilla's boyfriend gave me and Yolanda something called Sextacy!
It's a sex drug!" said Devon, grabbing his crotch. "I'm going back to
Yolanda's apartment and give it to her GOOD!!"

"Sextacy ain't sex drug...!" said Theo, pulling Devon back from the
door. "'s cocaine!" he added, grabbing his cell phone to call a cab
service. But just as he was about to dial, two girls began slapping each
other silly, causing hair, earrings, and contacts to go flying. In the
confusion, Yolanda came back inside and dragged Devon out by the arm.

"What are you waiting for? Dru and Richard are waiting for us in the car!"

The two couples drove back to the girl's apartment, where they
separated into their own bedrooms. Yolanda changed into something more
comfortable; a sheer black negligee she bought special for the
occasion. Devon lay back on her bed in his black silk boxers, his dick
already hard as cast iron before she even came into the room. When he seen
her walk in with her ass in a thong, and her tits barely covered, his dick
spring up through the piss slit, revealing itself.

"Looks like we won't be having a repeat of last week tonight!" she said,
crawling up onto the bed with him. He crawled on top of him, kissing him
passionately on the lips as she rubbed her breasts against him.
The sex was hot and magical, as Devon ate Yolanda's pussy while she
sucked his dick. Then he slid up into her moist hole and fucked her twice,
cumming both times as he filled her pussy with his sperm.

Two hours later, Devon slipped on his black boxers and got out of
bed. He walked out into the living room of the apartment, just in time to
hear Drusilla kicking Richard from her room for trying to fuck her in the
ass again. She threw all of his shit out into the hall, then told him to go
find "a man to fuck!"
Devon snickered as he tried to head to the bathroom without being
noticed. He slipped in and closed the door as he approached the toilet,
lifting up the seat to aim his semi-hard dick down into the bowl. He threw
his head back and sighed as the stream of piss came flowing from his dick
tip. Just then the door to the bathroom opened. Devon tried to turn away to
hide his hardon incase it wasn't Yolanda.

"Oh shit..." said Richard, walking in to catch Devon peeing. "...I didn't
know anybody was in here (he lied)."

"Its okay." said Devon, expecting him to back out. But instead he closed
the door and came forward.

"I hope you don't mind, man...But I gotta pee wickedly!" said Richard,
standing next to Devon as he whipped out his own dick.
Devon looked mesmerized as he watched Richard's dick piss into the
toilet next to his. The two streams crossed paths as both men aimed inside
(sometimes missing and hitting the back seat). After the piss flows ended,
they still stood there holding their dicks.

"I heard Dru kicking you out of her room, earlier..." said Devon, breaking
the silence. "...what happened?"

"She got mad when I tried to fuck her in the ass." said Richard,
honestly. "She hates it when I try to do anything different, you know? Like
lick her asshole or ask her to lick mine."

"Why do you want her to lick your asshole?" asked Devon, curiously.

"Have you ever had your asshole licked?" asked Richard.

"No." answered Devon.

"You wouldn't ask if you'd ever had it done!" claimed Richard. "It's
like..., the best fucking feeling in the world, man! Like..., the closest
thing a man'll ever experience to what a woman feels like getting her pussy
ate. It's THAT fucking good!"

"You've had women lick your ass before?" asked Devon, intrigued.

"Women..., men..." smiled Richard, confirming Drusilla's suspicions.

"Would you like to have your asshole licked?" asked Richard, touching Devon
on the small of his back.

"I...I dunno..." stumbled Devon, unsure.
Richard slipped his hand down into the ass of Devon's shorts,
squeezing his butt cheeks and sliding his curious fingers down into the
deep crack.
Devon squirmed, but didn't protest as the strange sensation felt
kind of good.

"I could lick your asshole for you right here..." offered Richard, feeling
the tiny hairs that lined around Devon's anus. " one would know but

"Here...?" asked Devon, looking at the door. "...what if one of the girls
catch us?"

"I'll do it quickly, they won't even know!" insisted Richard.
Without waiting for an answer, he gently pushed Devon up against
the bathroom wall, and quickly lowered his shorts to his ankles. Devon
whimpered softly with anticipation as Richard grabbed two hefty handfuls of
his fat butt cheeks, then pulled them apart to reveal the tiny delicate
anus hidden between. Before Devon could reconsider, Richard pressed his
face up into the ass crack, and began licking.

"Oh my gosh...!" gasped Devon, standing on his tip-toes as the tongue
licked up and down his sensitive crack. Richard pushed his face all up into
the ass and began sucking out the hole, causing Devon to bit his quivering
Richard was very oral, and loved eating ass and pussy. He pulled
the cheeks further apart and pressed his face further in the
crevice. Devon's face was pressed against the cold tile as his dick caused
him to arch his back. Richard took full advantage of Devon's naiveness, and
shoved his tongue as far as he could up into Devon's anus. Devon couldn't
believe how weird and absolutely intense and exquisite it felt having his
asshole sucked. He rested his body against the wall and surrendered his
buttock to Richard. The wet slick and smooth tongue glided over his anal
lips, darting deep into the ring and sucked tenderly at the hole. Devon's
body tingled all over as he relaxed over the oral/anal passion.

Richard Wedlaw felt the anal muscles relaxing under the tender
pressure his tongue and mouth administered. He knew Devon was still high
off the Sextacy he gave him at the club, making him receptive
sexually. Richard pushed a forefinger into the anus, feeling the hot
suction of the rectum suck him in.
Richard stood up behind Devon, and began rubbing his slim 8 inch
dick up and down the anal crack. Devon moaned softly as the penis fit
perfectly between his butt cheeks. Richard leaned forward and began feeling
and rubbing Devon's naked torso. He pulled back his hips and pressed his
dick head up to hole.

"Just relax..." whispered Richard, pressing his dick inward.
Devon groaned as the dick head pressed into him, popping through
his tight anal ring to slide deep inside him. Richard wrapped his arms
around Devon's body and hugged him tightly as he ground his pelvis into his
buttock. Slowly he pulled back and pushed in, fucking his dick in and out.
Devon tried to keep his groans down to a minimum, not wanting to attract
any unwanted attention from the girls. He couldn't believe he was being
fucked up the ass. He expected more pain, but his body felt sort of numb as
the dick moved through his rectum. He suspected it was the results from the
Richard slid through the tight gripping rectum, the slick wet
sphincter muscles sucking strongly at thrusting shaft. Richard had just
finished fucking his girlfriend (Drusilla) just awhile ago, and now he was
sticking his dick into one of the most tightest asses he'd ever fucked. He
picked up the pace as he pulled Devon back by the waist, bending him over
so he could have deeper access into his colon. Devon felt the dick plunging
deeper, and cried out loud as he was bitch fucked like a female.

"Shhh...!!" warned Richard, never easing his thrusts, he fucked in and out
as fast and hard as he could, loving the way the hole griped his meat.
Devon tried to keep quiet as he was fucked, but it was hard to
control his painful/lustful moans, as his body was continuously invaded. He
reached out to hold onto the wall, to steady himself as Richard gripped his
hips and fucked harder into his buttock. He slammed his pelvis into the
round buns, sending his dick between the brown cheeks repeatedly. There
wasn't much Richard Wedlaw like more than fucking ass, especially when it
belonged to a hot guy that wasn't used to getting fucked.
He hammered into Devon's ass with faster and deeper strokes, his
balls slapping into Devon's with every forceful plunge. Devon bore the
brunt of the impacts, his gut feeling the constant pressure as the penis
fucked through him with increasing speed and determination. Devon felt
Richard's hands grabbing onto his shoulders, pulling him back into his
crotch as he thrust all the way up inside him.

"AWWW Ssshhhhhiittttt...!!" cried Richard, shaking as he lost his load in
Devon's ass.
Devon felt the dick swell and pulse inside him as Richard ground
his hips into his ass. His rectum grow wet as cum filled his bowels. He
could feel Richard desperately pulling at his body, gripping him tightly as
he emptied his load inside him.
Devon couldn't believe he'd just been butt fucked in his
girlfriend's bathroom by her roommate's boyfriend. He was still bent over
when Richard finally started to pull his dick from his asshole. Devon stood
up, his rock hard dick leaking a steady stream of pre-cum onto the floor.
Devon looked down at the dick that just fucked him, it shone with the
glisten of spit and cum from Devon's ass, the shaft was still shrinking as
it hung outside the slit of his shorts.

"How you feeling?" asked Richard, curiously.

"I'm okay." said Devon, feeling a little dizzy and dazed. Richard reached
down and stroked Devon's hardon.

"You're gonna be needing to take care of that!" he smiled, Devon's hardon
proof that he liked getting fucked. He let go of the penis, then tucked his
own back into his shorts before leaving. Devon pulled up his boxers, his
hard dick poking out the front of his shorts.
He flushed the toilet, then went back to his girlfriend's room.
Yolanda was still sleeping in bed when Devon shred his underwear and
climbed back into her bed. He hugged up behind his girl, his dick pressing
between her closed legs as it seek her moist cove. He pushed in, sinking
inside her. Yolanda stirred as he kissed her softly on her bare shoulder
while gently fucking her from behind, his own asshole still throbbing from
the fucking it just received.

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