Thursday, May 14, 2009

Part IV: My Wife, Her Ex and I

Tim and Joe lay back on the bed side by side and Kelly eagerly knelt down
before them and began sucking them. She would work a few minutes on Tim's
cock, then work her way over to Joes. Kelly's hot ass was exposed to me
and I could clearly see her asshole still gaping open and wet with Joe's
load. Her pussy lips were swollen and coated in a mixture of cum and pussy
juices. I knelt down behind her and licked her from her ass to her pussy,
tasting Joe and Tim's cum mixed in with my wife's wetness. Kelly moaned
and wiggled her hips in approval as I tasted my wife's well bred fuck

It did not take long before both men were sporting impressive hard ons.
As promised, I was indeed next. Joe instructed Kelly to move over so that I
could take over. I eagerly crawled up in her place and gripped Joe's cock,
guiding it into my mouth.

"You like that, huh?" Joe said as he grabbed the back of my head to pace
the blow job. I nodded in agreement.

"You like tasting your wife's ass on my cock? You like sucking a cock
that was just up your wife's ass?" Joe said. I did not stop sucking and
merely nodded in approval.

After a few minutes of servicing Joe, Tim reached over and guided me to
his over sized cock. "Taste your woman's cunt" he barked out as my mouth
slid onto his pole. I worked him good. As I sucked Tim I felt Kelly
behind me rimming my hole. I moaned and she giggled that she was getting
it ready for some action.

I did not have to wait long for that action. Within a minute or so Joe
was moving behind me and rubbing his large cock head over my asshole.
After teasing me for what seemed like minutes I heard Kelly tell him to
give it to me. Joe aimed his cock head at my pucker and in one quick,
skillful thrust he was in balls deep. Joe began to fuck me with long, fast
strokes. He was pulling out until his cock head was just barely in my
hole, then thrusting in quickly to bury his entire length inside of my
rectum. His large balls slapped against my cheeks as he fucked me.

Kelly was rubbing my ass cheeks and I could hear her and Joe kissing.
She was telling him how hot it was to see him fuck me, and how she liked
watching me take such a big dick.

Tim was moaning and enjoying his own pleasure as I worked his cock. It
was hard to concentrate on giving great head with Joe's large dick in my
ass, but I gave it a good shot. Tim asked Joe how my ass felt and Joe just
laughed and said it was real tight and needed to get opened up a bit before
taking Tim's monster cock.

After a good ten or fifteen minutes of fucking me Joe began to take
short, fast strokes and I knew he was close. Then he made one final thrust
and pushed the head of his cock far into my rectum. His hands were on my
hips and he was pulling me back against him as he drove his member in to
me. I felt a wave of heat inside me and heard Kelly saying to breed my
slutty ass. Joe's orgasm pumped into me for a good minute before his cock
slipped from my asshole. Tim wasted no time in moving in behind me. Kelly
grabbed Tim's cock and told me that I was in for a real stretching. I felt
Tim's large head at my hole -- which was gaping open and wet with spit and
sperm. Tim pushed his cock against my hole and I felt it sliding in. My
ass -- even though it was already well fucked -- stretched further and I
felt the immense girth of Tim's cock opening my sphincter wide. His length
slowly slid into my rectum and traveled deeper into my ass than any man
ever had. When he bottomed out I could feel his full balls resting on my
ass. Kelly said she was impressed that I could take it and Joe mentioned
something about seeing his cum oozing from my hole around Tim's pole.

Time began to slowly fuck me up the ass, taking long, deep strokes that
seemed to last forever. He long dicked me for several minutes and I did my
best to squeeze my as muscles around his girth in approval. He said that y
hole was incredible and that he was going to breed me good and that he
would not last long. His pace quickened and his strokes were faster now,
his balls flapping against me with each thrust into me. I was lost in
total lust at having such a big cock fucking me -- and knowing that another
man's sperm was the lube. Kelly was talking dirty to Tim and kissing him
and massaging my ass cheeks. By this point, Joe had moved in front of me
to feed his soft dick to me. I sucked it into my mouth and tasted my own
ass as Tim continued to pound me. In one fast, violent thrust Tim jammed
his cock as deep as he could and pulled my hips back against him. The head
of his cock expanded and I felt the hot sensation of another load of cum
shooting far inside of my rectum. Joe just screamed in pleasure as he
unloaded his seed into my ass. His cock was far up inside of me -- further
than Joe's -- and his load was being emptied into me deep inside. Tim held
his cock in me as his orgasm subsided and let it slowly pop out as his dick
softened. Both men now collapsed onto the bed and Kelly and I took turns
sucking their cocks clean of sperm. My fuck hole was wide open and I could
feel blobs of sperm slowly oozing out of it. A thick trail of mixed semen
was running from my hole down along my crotch and onto my thigh. Kelly and
I had just shared two men together and their sperms were now swimming
around inside both of us. As Kelly and I sucked the ass covered cocks
together our lips met and we told one another `I love you'.

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