Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sharing His Wife Sharing Myself-3

Picking up the phone, I tried to reach my buddy to his cell phone, but in
vain. Probably he had switched it off so he could sleep.

"I can't get in touch with him now!" I managed to utter to my lady.

"You will, tomorrow, and you will have him here at eight o'clock ready for
me. Now, I need to let go of the tension you have caused me!"

She lied down on our bed, and spread her legs wide apart. Her bald cunt was
completely exposed to my sight.

"Don't just sit there! Eat me" she exclaimed. "Eat me until I cum!" she
ordered in a bitchy way.

I obeyed and started to eat her hairless cunt. She was so moist! Thick
drops of female cum were dribbling from her slit. I drunk her feminine wine
and gently massaged her pussy, until she came with a moan, flooding my face
with her juices.

"And now, tell me. Did you like the feeling of my fingers inside you?" She
asked in a serious way, with a rather soft and maternal voice.

"Yes, I did." I admitted.

"And what about your recent sissy experience?"

"Well, what about it?"

"Were you the man at any point, or you were just the lady?"

"I was a man at the whole time, and it is not what you think. It was an

"Tell me everything about it. We have all night."

"Well, I was drunk and then my friend asked me to fuck his wife because he
couldn't get it up and he hadn't fucked her for months. We went to his
house and I started to fuck her. He got it up and asked me to stop the fuck
so he could fuck her, but she didn't allow this to happen and told him to
find another hole. So he slid it up my ass and he fucked me! There now you
know it all. Happy?"

"No you filthy bitch. You just admitted having cheated on me twice. You
definitely are going to pay for it."

"I am so sorry, I was drunk!"

"I will be drunk myself when I will go and pick up real men to fuck me!"

"I am a real man!"

"No you are not! You stood still and allowed another male fuck you... You
could have stopped this from happening any time! But you didn't! Instead
you shaved up your butt and got it ready for your next experience. You must
have been thrilled by having a dick up your tailpipe, haven't you?"

"Well, it wasn't that bad!" I admitted losing my last drops of dignity.

"Tell me, did you moan back to him as he fucked you?"

"No, No I didn't"

"Did you cum as he fucked you?"

"Yes, I did!"

"You are a slut! And a cheap one! From now on, you will behave like a
woman, and you will be more like my lesbian lover than my husband. You will
help me fuck other guys, and if I want you will get fucked without
protesting or disagreeing. Otherwise you will get a divorce and I will
destroy your reputation. I will do it so don't think of
disobeying. Tomorrow will be the beginning of our new love life."

"I don't have much of a choice, I guess".

"Don't guess! You don't! Now get your ass in the bath and shave up your
entire body. Most men hate body hair."

She lay back to the bed, and closed her eyes. I went to the bathroom and
applied shaving cream all over my legs and shaved them. Then I shaved my
chest, back and armpits. I was completely free of any body hair now. I
washed the cream away with warm water and applied my wife's shaving cream
all over my body. The feeling of cleanliness got my dick hard, but I didn't
touch it, instead I got back to the room to get dressed.

I had just opened my drawer to pick up my underwear, when I hear her voice:

"What are you doing?"

"I am getting dressed!"

"You opened up the wrong drawer. Here let me help you choose your
underwear." She said getting up from the bed.

Getting closer to me, she grabbed my hairless ass and caressed all the way
down to my thighs and up to my balls.

"You have very nice ass and legs!"

She opened up her drawer and picked up a plain black g-string.

"Here put this on!" she exclaimed.

I had never used female underwear again, but since I had to obey, I let her
help me put them on. I pulled the string up and I felt it sliding between
my hairless crack until it touched my clean orifice of lust. She arranged
my cock on the front, forming a bulge behind the small triangle of
fabric. She looked at my butt again and getting in front of me she grabbed
my ass-cheeks with both her hands, pulling me towards her. Kissing me
erotically on my lips she pulled me back on the bed on top of her!

She was making out with me caressing all the time my hairless butt and
legs. She was very aroused and my dick was hard. She got on top of me and
started to rub her hairless cunt against my right thigh while rubbing my
dick with her right thigh the same time! She was still naked, and I could
feel her love juices dribbling from her slit on my thigh. She kept fucking
her cunt against my thigh, with small and bigger fuck-strokes. My legs were
open and she was clearly pretending to be a male, fucking his lady. Soon
enough she came with a moan.

My dick was hard, protruding from the top of the g-string, asking for
sex. She noticed it but did nothing for it. She unmounted me, and lay down
next to me. It was pretty clear that she wanted me to wait until
tomorrow. Soon I was sound asleep.

I got up the next morning and went to work. I kept my thongs on all day
long and I was very anxious that someone might notice. I called my friend
and asked him to pay us a visit, half an hour earlier than the request of
my wife.

Afternoon arrived, and he was at our doorstep just in time. I opened the
door for him and led him in the living room. We sat down and I started:

"My wife made me tell her what happened. I told her that I fucked your wife
and that you fucked me at the same time. She is mad and now she wants you
to fuck her, while I watch. And this is just the beginning. She is going to
fuck her brains out with anyone! And if I protest she told that she will
ruin my reputation."

"I don't know what to say! I am in deep shit! How the hell am I supposed to
fuck her since I have the dysfunction you know?"

"You have to find a way, otherwise she will ruin your reputation. You
cannot believe what she made me do last night..."


"She made me shave up my entire body and wear her underwear!"

"No she didn't!"

"Yes she did!" I replied, lowering my trousers, letting him take a glimpse
of my hairless butt and the g-string disappearing inside my ass... He
seemed to like the view and I let the trousers down a little more...He
couldn't get his eyes of my ass...

Pulling my trousers up, I sat down again.

"Do you need a drink?"

"Yes, I do need one!"

"Hello faggots!" my wife said entering the room.

We both looked at her, only to see a porn star walking in the room! She was
wearing high heels sandals, laced stockings up to the thighs, garter belt
and suspenders, and nothing else... She walked our way and stopped in front
of my friend.

"Kiss me..." she told him...

"Here..." she continued pointing at her twat.

He leaned forward almost magnetized and kissed her slit. It was the first
time that I had seen another man touching my wife! I got mad with jealousy
but I had to obey so I stood still.

"No like that! Kiss me more, use your tongue, taste my love pot!" she said,
grabbing his head, pulling it against her pussy. He started licking her
slit up and down, sucking and swallowing, inserting his tongue inside my
wife's womanhood. She leaned her head back and moaned looking at me
directly in my eyes. She was so mean!

He was eating my wife, and she was moaning and I was just sitting there
watching another man making out with my wife.

"Undress!", she commanded, "Both of you!"

I removed my clothes and he did the same. My dick was in a weird semi erect
phase, while his little pecker was lying completely flat against his
balls. My wife now kissed him on his mouth using her tongue. She reached
for his dick with her hand, and grabbed his tool and balls with lust. He
got balder and he grabbed her firm ass with both his hands. She continued
making out with him, playing with his dick and he continued touching my
wife at her breasts, her ass, and her pussy. He must have inserted a finger
inside because I heard a sudden moan from her.

She then got on her knees and took his limb member inside her mouth. She
swallowed his whole dick and balls, sucking him like a pro. She was moving
her head back and forth, trying to get him hard. He was holding his eyes
closed, and I was watching helplessly the efforts of my wife to get
fucked. After a while, she managed to get him semi hard. She lied on the
couch on her back and he lowered himself over her. She guided his prick
inside her love pot. Another man was inside my wife now, and she was going
to get fucked right there, in front of me without being capable to do

He was now pushing his ass against her, and she was guiding his dick with
both her hands inside her vagina. She was soon moaning. I couldn't tell if
she was faking or she was truly enjoying it, so I got closer to them from
behind and looked between them. His dick was almost limb, but the way she
was holding it, she managed to help him fuck her and he was clearly
enjoying the feeling.

"I need to fuck!!" she shouted almost desperately, but without letting go
of his willy.

"Don't just sit there, help him fuck your wife!" she said!

"How?" I asked

"Kiss his ass, lick his balls and tease him with your nice ass! It was this
what got him hard...wasn't it?"

"I don't know!"

"Do it now, you slut, or else..."

I lowered myself behind him, and spreading his ass apart, I started eating
his butthole. It was small, clean and wriggled. I started eating him, while
I reached with my hand and touched for the first time of my life another
man's balls and dick. I started squeezing his bass, and eating his ass at
the rhythm he was pushing against my lady. I felt his balls tighten and
swell and my wife started moaning with genuine moans. His dick was getting
hard and she was getting the fuck she craved.

His butthole was now soft and semi open. I inserted my tongues inside
several times and he reacted with a moan.

"He needs more! Give him something more!" my wife shouted, letting go of
his hard dick grabbing him from his ass, pulling him firmly, spreading his
ass for my. Her moans, his smell, the feeling of his balls inside my hand
had a positive reaction on my dick that was now really hard. I pulled my
g-string apart, releasing my tool. I approached at his face and guided my
erection to his mouth. He started blowing me with lust! I pulled back and
guided the tip of my dick on his little moist hole. I pushed steady and the
head just popped inside him. He moaned deeply and my wife moaned too.

I pushed firmly with gentle strokes until he got the whole length of my
dick inside him.

"He is growing harder and bigger! He is a slut, just like you!" my wife
screamed shaking in an orgasmic state.

I started to fuck him violently, with rage and he was moaning like a
wounded animal. My wife suddenly pulled away from him, and I pulled out of
his ass with a loud pop. My dick was a little dirty, with a brownish stain
on the side. She grabbed my dick and licked it clean. Then spreading her
legs, she said:

"Fuck me now! I need to feel you big tool ripping apart my vagina"

I got on top of her and slid my dick inside her juicy, used pussy.

He got behind me and started to play with his dick while watching my ass.

"Fuck him!" my wife ordered!

"He has shaved his entire body for you! Look at that nice ass of his! He is
wearing a g-string for you! Give him what he needs!"

Needing no more, he parted the string from my ass and rammed his dick
inside me. I released a moan and an amount of precum inside the womb of my
wife. For sure it wasn't the first precum in there...

He was now fucking me and I was fucking her getting what is most of the two
worlds... I started moaning like a whore and my wife started shaking and
trembling from the orgasms around my stiff flesh rod!

Soon I felt him shooting his seed, inside my back door, and I released mine
inside her thirsty womb. My ass was feeling so nice! I collapsed on top of
her and she must have passed away. He sat on the floor staring at my
freshly fucked ass.

"I guess I am not having erectile dysfunctions...I am just gay!" he

"I guess so!" I responded.

"You are two faggots!" my wife said.

"I will find a real man and then I will have him fuck you both, you little

She got up and headed for the bedroom.

I stood up and so did my friend. He got near me and kissed my tenderly on
my mouth, grabbing my ass at the same time. I grabbed his dick and balls
and kissed back.

"I guess that after that, we shall not be needing them, anymore!" he said.

"I guess not" I responded kissing him goodbye.

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