Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oral Fixation

"We gotta be quiet," whispered Madison , pushing her body
closer to me. "What for?" I replied, my voice muffled by her breasts. "Your
roommates can hear us." I laughed as I pushed her back against the bed and
began tracing circles across her stomach. "Part of the rules we decided
when we got this beachside room, was whatever went on in the bedroom was
ignored." She smiled, and the sunlight filtering through the window
magnified it. "Then, what are you waiting for?"

I didn't need to be told more than that. My lips homed straight
for her stiffened nipple, and they latched on, biting gently, and provoking
a moan of pleasure to escape from my companion's lips. "You really like
using your mouth, don't you?" she said, a smile in her voice. I looked up,
took my lips away from her breasts for a second, and replied, "Yeah, call
it an oral fixation." I resumed my work, and began kissing a trail down to
her flower, and then I dove in, my tongue lapping up every surface,
searching for the little nub, and then, voila! I found it and began my
ritual of giving her oral pleasure. I felt her body squirming, her
heartbeat racing as her orgasm built up, and up, until I stopped. And then
went back again, always getting her to the point, but then ceasing just as
she was ready to release. After the third time, I pulled up, and looked at
her body. I couldn't help but just gaze at it, her fair-white skin,
raven-coloured hair flowing past her shoulders, her voluptuous body
glistening with just the faintest bit of sweat, two beautiful breasts
clamouring for attention, delicious thighs and angelic legs. Enough was
enough, and my member was already dying for some action. I positioned
myself closer to her and entered her, and began taking her back into
orgasm, her legs wrapped around my back for easier access. It didn't take
long for both of us to reach our peak and orgasm together, her nails
scratching deep into my back.

Spent, I fell to her side, smiling from ear to ear. "What are
you so happy about?" she asked, coyly. "You." I replied, and she gave me a
kiss on the lips. "Well, I have to get going, I have to run some errands,
but I'll be back tomorrow morning." She stood up, stepped back into her
summer dress, and gave me a parting kiss.

As she left the bedroom, I stood up, tossed the used condom in
the trash, went back to the bed, threw a single sheet over my body and
turned on the television. Ten minutes later, the door opened, and in walked
my two suitemates, Adam and Anthony. "Whooooa there, a little bit of
clothes, please." Adam said. Adam was the taller of two, athletic, fit,
jet-black hair, a good looking man, I'd say, he always was seen in college
with one girl or the other. "Yeah man, usually it's proper to at least put
on some boxers after the act." That was Anthony, your all-around American
good ol' boy. Blonde, a little bit thinner than Adam, and more interested
in surfing than girls. "Well, I kinda was going to do that. Where are you
going?" I asked. "Oh, to the pool for a bit, you coming?" I shook my head,
"Nah, I need to rest a bit." They both laughed. "Alright, suit
yourself. We'll be back."

They left, and I dozed off, sleeping like a baby, until the
sound of a slamming door woke me up. I sat up and opened my eyes to see
both Adam and Anthony at the door to my bedroom, in their swimming trunks,
dripping water. "Back already?" I asked. "Dude, we've been gone for 2
hours." I turned to look at the bedside clock, and realized that they were
right. Two hours had passed. "So, how can I help you?" They looked at each
other somewhat nervously, and then Adam spoke up.

"Well, we were talking about your little oral fixation

I flipped. "Dude, we agreed that what happened in the bedroom stayed in the
bedroom!" "Relax, man, hear me out," Adam said, in an appeasing tone, "Oral
fixation. That's a condition where you have to have something in your mouth
all the time, right? I know you have it."

"And how do you know that?"

"Teethmarks on every single fucking pencil I lent you."


"Well, anyway, I have a solution."

Whatever happened next was a blur, but in a flash, both Adam and Anthony
had stepped out of their trunks and stood in their birthday suits facing
me. I sprung out of bed, forgetting completely I was naked underneath the
sheet. "Dude, what's going on?" "Relax," said Adam again. "It's just
harmless fun." Then I let down my guard and Adam crept closer to me, and
pushed me gently against the wall and then forced his tongue into my
mouth. I resisted at bit, but then soon became powerless to resist as I
proved that the rumours of Adam being a great kisser was true. I could feel
my erection painfully pressed against his stomach. After awhile, he pulled
back, leaving me gasping for air.

"Now, on your knees, and kiss my feet."

Baffled, I couldn't help but obey the commanding tone, and I fell to my
knees, all inhibitions gone, leaned down to kiss his feet, and then looked
back up. He grabbed my hair and then, without warning, thrust his
seven-inch long, one-inch wide member, into my mouth. My mouth latched on
to it like it had with Madison 's nipples and clit earlier. As he
mouthfucked me, Adam said, "You're going to be my bitch for the week we're
here, you got it?" I could only nod as his cock tickled the back of my
throat again and again, and my nose by his trimmed pubic hair.

And then, it happened. He shuddered, grabbed my hair tighter, and unleashed
a jet of hot semen was sent to the back of my throat. I gagged a little
bit, but swallowed. Even when he was done, I couldn't help but still keep
the thing in my mouth. Finally, he pulled himself back and Anthony stepped
up to where Adam was. I swallowed, and focusing more on my oral fixation, I
took in Anthony's member, and inch smaller than Adam's, but a little bit
thicker, and repeated the treatment, but this time, I didn't need a guiding
hand this time around and suckled on Anthony's erection, and once again,
built him up into orgasm and felt another stream of manseed in my mouth. I
gulped, then stood up. "What on earth just happened?" Anthony laughed and
gave me a spank on the ass as I crawled on to the bed.

"You just sucked our cocks."

"Madison's going to be pissed."

"Dude, wasn't she bi?"

"Yeah, so?"

"So, she won't mind. It's not like she's your girlfriend, she's a

"Got a point there."

"So do you," he said, pointing at my member. "Guess Anthony's going to have
to help."

"Damn right." Anthony said, and crawled on to the bed and knelt at my legs
and then went down.

"Shit, that feels awesome!" I exclaimed, arching my back slightly. "You
bet." Adam said, rolling to his side and then pressing his face against
mine for another make-out round. I was in heaven for the second time that
day, only this time it was a man giving me pleasure, and for some reason, I
did not want it to stop.

I felt my orgasm build up and then, for the second time that day, too, I
spent myself. Anthony returned the favor of swallowing and laid on the bed
next to me. I pulled back from the kiss, and asked.

"So, are you two gay?"

Anthony laughed. "Nope, bisexual, though."

"You know, I kinda suspected you, Anthony, but not you, Adam. How'd that go

"Well, I'm new to this whole thing, too, I thought I was fully straight,
but remember that time we were here a few months back?"

"Yeah, the time when I wasn't invited?"

"You were working."

"Could've still told me."

"We did, and your answer was "I'm working this weekend!"

"Yeah, but still, asshole."

"Are you going to let me finish?"

"Go on."

"Well, the second day I was there, I had just gotten back from the pool,
and I'm thinking this motherfucker," he gestured at Anthony, "had gone to
the beach with the other two guys. So I undress, and walk into the shower,
stark naked, open the curtain, and there he is."

Anthony laughed. "You should have seen him, he was like hypnotized. But he
jut walked into the shower, with a boner that had materialized out of
nowhere, and we just pretended to not notice each other for a bit. And then
we just kind of exploded into each other, making out. I did most of the
sucking, though."

"Have you two ever done a girl together?"

"Yeah," Adam replied, "But that's a story for another day, in the meantime,
we're going to have to talk about your anal fixation."

"Don't you mean...oh."

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