Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Box

Chapter 1: The Dream

Disclaimer: When reading this story, I suppose you are of legal age
whatever it may be in your country, but if you are not yet of the age of
majority, I still hope you enjoy my work. This series will run through with
hetero- and homo- sexual acts, if you are offended in any way with this
material, I advice that you leave from this page at once. Moreover, this
series will have terms that would refer to psychological condition and
therapies that are practiced but manipulated to an extent that I deem will
be effective for the stories plot.

With a passion so intense, my mouth is concentrated in giving pleasure to
my visitor tonight. Sucking fiercely and sometimes forcing my tongue
through the slit of his dick, everything I am at the moment was this act of
giving pleasure. And like a volcano, my mouth suddenly gets filled with
glorious honey and milk that tasted nothing like I tasted before. But it
started to choke me; each pulsation of his dick and blow of his cum leaves
me more and more breathless and unable to breath for air.

And suddenly, I realize I was in my studio, alone with my girlfriend beside
me. Back in the four cornered room that I called home for the last three
years, I gazed unfocused over the kitchen and counter in front the bed and
the bathroom at the right of the bed. I lazily turn my sight outside the
window beside the bed to its left. Slowly, I started to realize that I
dreamt again.

For the last five months, the same dream has haunted me every night. But
each night, the dream becomes more vivid and longer. Tonight, the taste of
cum somehow lingers even through my consciousness and it disgusts me.

Being twenty-four and a fresh psychology major graduate, it scares me that
it might be an onset of a terrible psychological disease. The dreams are
something I would have never dared to think about. But it somehow felt
terribly familiar and right. My girlfriend is a testament to my
heterosexuality but my dream tells otherwise. In my twenty-four years of
existence in this world, I have never recalled myself of thinking about
having a relationship, moreover a sexual relationship, with another
man. But every night that I have this dream, I continue to doubt my self
and my sexuality more and more.

With great effort, I stood up and headed for the shower. Every night that
the dream haunts me, I always wake up having ejaculated with cum all over
my body. Some other night, my girlfriend even wakes up when I ejaculate
because it either lands on her back or on her chest. It was those nights
that I am thankful for, because I would wake up with my girlfriend sucking
my cock, cleaning me up and making me feel better. But tonight, my cum
landed just above my left nipple and a little strand lies just above my
pubic area.

As I stood there in the bath, the hot water started to relax my tense
muscle. How grateful I am to the inventor of the electric water heater. And
with great surprise, I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist. Slowly
crawling to my sensitive area, the graceful hands started to stroke my
dick. Expecting my girlfriend, I turned and was stupefied as I look face to
face with the visitor from my dream.

"How?" I stammered completely taken by surprise with the situation as I
reach my climax.

And with such force, I wake up ejaculating cum everywhere. My ass was
bucked up in the air humping as hard as it can awhile jets of cum continued
to take off and land on my chest. Finally cooling down, I was amazed with
the amount of cum collected on my belly and started to wonder what

Groggy from everything that happened and completely nauseous with the scent
of sex that fills the room, I slowly crawled and staggered to the shower
and had a long hot shower careful not to wake Anna up. Slowly, I remembered
about the dream and how this was completely different from the other dream.
It was the first time I ever woke up in another dream and stroked by my
visitor. Washing the cum off my chest and my belly, annoyed with the way it
clings on my finger and body hair, I thought why this was happening to
me. Trying to prowl and look deeper into myself, I tried to look for the
source of this dream and the unwanted desire for a man in my dream.

But somehow, I know that my childhood was a happy one. I remembered my mom
and the cookies she baked every Saturday afternoon. I remembered my dad and
his strong arms as he guided the bat in my hand in a swinging motion. I
know that my childhood was a happy one. There was never a tinge of
homosexual inclination to my personality.

Still baffled by the dream, I turned the shower off and dried myself off
with a towel that I shared with Anna last night as we took a bath together.
Anna never knows about this dream I am having the past month we've been
living together. All she knows is that I have wet dreams most the night
than not. A lie I had to tell, fearing she'll leave me if she knows the
truth. Surely baffled with my conspicuous wet dreams, Anna seem to have
been able to adjust well with my situation and have also taken the liberty
of cleaning me up of the mess I made with her studious tongue whenever she
wakes up in the middle of my ejaculation.

Seeing myself on the mirror, I somehow felt good with what I am seeing. I
stop to marvel at my body and how well I am able to maintain it. Playing
basketball and baseball from childhood, I grew up with my father and
brother keeping me company and fit with the games we play. My stomach is
flat but my chest is nicely proportioned to it. The shoulder is broad
enough but not over worked and protruding. I never had trouble with girls.
Although I wasn't the most popular guy in high school, I was able to sleep
and fool around with girls without too much worry of dying with out a son
and alone.

Through the crack of the bathroom door, I saw that Anna was already up and
starting to get dressed for work. I quickly got out of the bathroom and
closed in on her. Tugging at the waistband of her panties, I saw that she
also wants it. Slowly slipping off the panties, I kiss her slowly moving
down to her breast and working my tongue on her nipples.

"How much time do we have?" I asked quickly going back to nibbling her

"5 minutes or so." Gasping and heaving at every word she said.

Fumbling for the drawer, I quickly took out a condom from the drawer and
rip it open. I always had been careful when having sex. But remembering
that I have blown my load just a few minutes ago, I was quite pessimistic
that I will even be able to make enough spit to make her pregnant. But what
the heck, my principle stands stronger than the urge of doing it
unprotected. I quickly slid the extra large condom over my 9" uncut dick
and slowly lied her down on her fours. Feeling that rough sex was perfect
for the moment, I decided to fuck her like there was no tomorrow and
slowly, I felt that I was about the shoot my load.

Two minutes later, the deed was done and I lay there on bed naked slowly
taking the condom off. I was completely amazed with the amount of jizz I
made knowing the amount I just made earlier. It was either I was having a
hormonal imbalance or there is something really wrong with me. But trusting
my instinct and my medical background, I decided that it was because of the
human horniness and nothing more than a coincidence. Anna took off, and I
myself got ready for work.

But suddenly, a gripping fear crawled up my spine bringing a sickly cold
sweat all over my body. I glared at a box on top of the counter with a
bright neon yellow note card attached to it. Panic stricken, I stood and
stared at the box and the ominous feeling I sense it has. Something is
about to unfold. Slowly, I move towards the box and decided to read the
note first. At first contact, the note was neutral and did not give off an
electric shock like I expected.

Examining the note, it says, "From the past, I'll be coming back."

And with such ferocity, the fear that I taught had passed swept back like a
tidal wave and carried me like a small palm tree at Laguna Beach. I
suddenly felt something at the back of my head keeping me from opening the
box, talking to me in the most persuasive way to keep me from seeing what
the odd box kept inside its ominous womb.

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