Thursday, May 14, 2009

My wife, her Ex and I part V

In Part IV, I had just been fucked in the ass by Joe, my wife's first
husband, and a friend Tim.

After taking turns licking both cocks clean, we all collapsed on the bed.
Joe, Tim and I caressed Kelly's firm body and she in turn took turns
fondling our cocks. It was not long before Joe's member was starting to
come around and he lay back on the bed and Kelly eagerly knelt down before
him and began to suck his dick with enthusiasm. Tim and I moved off of the
bed to the small love seat to watch as Kelly and Joe had some solo time.

Kelly was on all fours blowing her ex husband, taking most of his large
dick into her mouth. He was moaning, guiding her head with his hands,
thrusting his hips up to feed her as much of his manhood as possible.
Kelly was insatiable and I knew what she wanted. Her pussy lips were puffy
and her hole was open and wet. There were traces of cum still around her
hole from earlier in the evening. After a good five minutes of sucking,
Kelly came off of Joe's cock and looked towards Tim and I. She was
masturbating Joe and said to us to be ready - she wanted to get fucked one
at a time by each of us. With out hesitating she squatted onto Joe's dick
and began riding him in fast furious fashion. His hard cock was fucking
her pink snatch good and she was moaning and screaming in pleasure as she
reached several quick, powerful orgasms.

Tim and I were playing with out own dicks and I felt that it was my duty to
prepare him to please my wife. I got down on my knees in front of Tim and
began sucking his cock. His semi hard dick sprang to life quickly in my
wet mouth and in no time he was hard and I could taste the salty precum
beginning to ooze from his piss slit. As I knelt I could still feel my own
asshole was stretched wide open and wads of cum would ooze from it.

As I slowly performed fellatio on Tim, Kelly and Joe had flipped over on
the bed into missionary position. He was on top of and they were both
moaning loudly. He was thrusting into her with long, deep strokes. Their
mouths were locked in a long, wet tongue kiss. Kelly's legs were spread
and she was thrusting her hips up to meet his cock with each pump into her.
Her hands held his ass and hips. As I sucked on Tim's cock I could hear
Kelly begging Joe to fuck her with that big cock, and to make her cum.
They were oblivious to Tim and I as they engaged in some intense,
passionate fucking. It wasn't long before Kelly's sweet cunt had driven
Joe's meat over the edge. He let out a yell that he was going to come and
drove his cock balls deep into my wife as he unloaded multiple wads of
sperm into her snatch. They kissed wildly as Joe orgasmed inside of her. I
heard her panting in between tongue kisses that she could feel the heat
of his cum filling her. They continued to grind their bodies together for
several minutes, barely breaking off their passionate kiss. The fucking
had changed into post-orgasmic love making and it was hot.

Joe's softening cock slowly slid from Kelly's cunt hole, followed by a
small amount of cum that had followed. With his large dick, I knew that
most of the load was still planted deeply inside of my wife's vagina. Joe
rolled off and it was time for Tim to have his way with my woman.

Tim quickly climbed onto the bed and mounted my wife, entering her well
used vagina in one swift movement. Within a few seconds he was balls deep
inside, kissing her tit and moaning with her in pleasure. Joe came over
and sat on the love seat and I eagerly licked his dick -- tasting his cum
and my wife's pussy juices all mixed together.

Tim and Kelly were fucking pretty intensely on the bed. He was taking fast
strokes, really fucking her hard and deep. She was screaming about his
cock and begging for him to fuck her. She bucked her pelvis wildly in time
with his strokes and they were like two wild animals engaged in lustful
fucking. Their tongues darted in and out of one another's mouths and
Kelly's hands were holding Tim's hips as his own pelvis rapidly thrust his
cock into Kelly. Kelly had several more orgasms and it was not long before
Tim said that he was going to cum again. He took one last thrust then
buried his own cock balls deep inside of my wife as his cum erupted into
her. They were both moaning as she was being bred by Tim's massive member.
They continued to kiss and grind until Tim's cock slid from her snatch.
Tim got up off of Kelly and I motioned him over to taste his cock. His cum
and Kelly's juices tasted good mixed together on his
softened bone and I spent a few minutes savoring his meat.

Kelly sat up and announced that it was my turn to please her. I got off of
my knees and cam over to the bed. I climbed on top of her and we began a
long, deep kiss. Our bodies were grinding against one another and our
tongues locked together in passion. We stopped kissing and looked at one
another I a deep stare. We said I love you and Kelly said that she loved
me more for sharing her like this. I slowly kissed my way down her neck to
her tits, where I spent time on each nipple. I continued kissing her down
her stomach to her pubic region, where my tongue found her pussy and I
began to eat her out. Her clit was swollen and engorged and she arched her
back and screamed in please as my tongue darted over it. Her pussy lips
were swollen and red from the repeated fuckings she had endured and her
hole was stretched out and coated in a glistening layer of semen and
natural pussy juices. I could smell her wetness and the distinct odor of
semen and I allowed my tongue to travel to her well fucked hole and I
tasted the mixture of sperm that was there. After an orgasm or two from
eating her she told me to feed her my dick. I moved up and straddled her
face, feeding my hard, dripping cock head to her. She sucked it in and
easily deep throated my average member into the back of her mouth. Joe and
Tim were on the love seat watching and looked exhausted. It was now my
turn to be oblivious to them.

After sucking me for a few minutes Kelly told me to make love to her. I
climbed onto of her and began kissing her. I grabbed her hands in mine and
moved them above my head as I adjusted my pelvis and my cock easily slid
into her needy pussy. Her pussy was wide, warm and wet. I could feel the
thick wads of cum inside of her -- cum that Tim and Joe and bred into her.
My cock was throbbing hard and it felt different being inside of her - she
was less snug than normal and my average sized dick was hardly hitting the
walls of her vagina (that is how wide Joe and Tim had left her). I said to
her that the guys had stretched her out and that she probably couldn't feel
my dick in her. Suddenly she squeezed her pelvic muscles and tightened her
pussy around my shaft.

She moaned my name and told me she loved me and that I had the best cock of
them all. We began a slow, deep rhythmic fuck -- our bodies tuned in to
one another as more than just sex partners, but lovers. Kelly was
obviously done fucking -- she wanted to make love. I had my arms around
her pulling her tight against me as she held onto me. We kissed and shared
our lust for one another as my manhood reclaimed my wife's love canal. My
cock was slowly pulling Tim and Joe's loads up from the depths of Kelly's
pussy and it was oozing out of the sides. It was also still oozing out of
my own asshole. The smell of semen was overwhelming in the room. Kelly
and I made love for several minutes before she told me she was coming. My
own cock was already strained and my balls exploded, pumping my load into
my wife as her own pussy clamped down on me in a powerful orgasm. We came
together for what seemed like minutes before my
dick softened and slid from her canal. I rolled off and held in my arms.

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