Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Can't Believe I Did It 2

It had been four days since I'd sucked my best friend, Mike's, dick. I had
managed to avoid him all week. I knew that I would eventually have to face
him, I just could not prepare myself for the confrontation.

How could I explain that in the heat of the moment, his dick waving in my
face, while Pam ground herself against me; that it just kind of slipped
into my open mouth? I could have spit it out but he seemed to enjoy the
moment even after realizing I was sucking his dick and not Pam. How could
I explain swallowing his load and licking his cum off my lips?

I can't believe I did it.

I needed to talk to someone. I crossed the courtyard hoping Pam would be
home. I didn't know how helpful she would be, but there was no one else.
Pam opened the door wearing a short pink robe, which she held against her
chest with her hand to keep closed.

"Eric," I think she was surprised to see me. She released the robe and
opened the door wider for me to step in. I watched as the robe opened at
the top, exposing only cleavage. I had expected her beautiful, firm breast
to break free and was disappointed when that did not happen.

"I kind of need to talk," I told her, looking into her face.

"I was just starting dinner," she said. I followed her into the kitchen
and took a seat at the breakfast bar. Her back was to me as she deveined
shrimp at the sink.

I watched her back for a minute, not knowing how to start. "Well, the
other day," I took a breath. "When, when..."

She turned, wiped her hands on a cloth, leaned back against the counter the
and smiled at me. I had her undivided attention. I looked at her titties
wanting to see them bust through the thin cloth of her robe and then looked
down at the counter.

"When I sucked Mike," she waited. "I can't believe I did it," she looked
at me and didn't say anything. "I mean, I don't know what to do. I've
been avoiding Mike but that can't go on."

She walked across the room and took a seat next to me. I watched, still
expecting her titties to pop out at me. "How do you feel about it?"

I stared at her lap. Her legs were spread slightly, my mind drifted to
what was between them and then refocused. "I can't believe I did it. You
let go of his shit and it was just kind of waving in my face," I swallowed,
"and I leaned into it. I think he thought it was you and grabbed my head
and just kind of stopped a second." She nodded her head, prompting me to
continue. "I kept going, he kept going and I just can't believe it

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes. "How do you think he
feels?" she broke the silence.

"I don't know. He got off. He seemed to enjoy it. We haven't talked
about it."

"Well," she had a look of wisdom now. It was hard to believe she was a sex
kitten. "You at least have to face him. I mean, once you see him you'll
know where to begin." She raised an eyebrow, "how does he feel about gay

"I don't know. He's told a few gay jokes, but otherwise, never really
mentioned anything about it."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"It was the heat of the moment. You were so hot. I was feeling good. I
can't believe I did it."

"Would you do it again?"

"Well," I hadn't considered that, "probably, it really wasn't bad..."

"You just can't believe you did it," she finished my thought. She stood,
walked between my legs and pressed my head to her cleavage. "You have to
face him, look into his eyes, you'll know what to say." She hugged me to
her, rubbing my back with one hand.

I sat there for a minute, wanting to take a nipple into my mouth and make
it swell. I hugged her and knew that she was right. I had to face Mike

"I have shrimp to stir fry," she ushered me to the door and kissed my lips.
"Good luck." I kissed her cleavage and left.

I opened my door and stepped into the house, my mind racing. I crossed the
livingroom and stood face to face with Mike. I hadn't realized he was
there. We just kind of eyed each other. He had definitely changed

"What's up, E?" he smiled.

"What's up."

"Haven't seen you since..."

"I can't believe I did it," I stammered.

"Me neither," he looked me up and down. He placed a hand on my shoulder,
looked around the room as if we were in the middle of a crowd, leaned
closer to me and whispered, "It was good though."

I couldn't respond. I sat in a chair, elbows on my knees, forehead in my

"Eric, man," he came and stood right in front of me. I knew if I sat up
now I would stare directly into his crotch, glimpsing the imprint of his
dick which always seem to hang there, about five inches long. "Do you
think you're the first? I've had my dick sucked by my boys before. It's
been a long time, though." he laughed. "And it's true," I looked at him,
puzzled. "Men do give better head than women."

I was looking into his crotch now. I thought I saw something jump in his
sweats. He grabbed his dick and squeezed. I didn't know if it was a
conscience move or not. "Think about it." He turned an headed up the

I sat there for about fifteen or twenty minutes. Mike seemed alright with
me sucking his dick, but I still couldn't believe I did it. I honestly did
not know if I would do it again.

Mike came bounding down the stairs. I looked up, he was naked, his limp
dick bouncing as he walked towards me. "I know it was you first time and
the only way you're going to be alright ," he snickered, "is to do it

I looked up at him. He was standing directly in front of me, hands on his
hips, smiling. I looked down at his limp dick and swallowed, then back
into his face. Mike grabbed his dick, stroking slowly. I just sat and
watched his dick lengthen. I could not take my eyes off of it. He grapped
my shoulder and leaned my face into his crotch. He smelled good, a hint of
soap, a slight hint of musk. He rubbed his long, slim dick against my
cheek and it seemed to expand to it's full eight inches. He slid his dick
along my cheek until it was pressed against my lips.

At this point he seemed to be in control. I licked the tip of his dick.
The taste reminded me of snack crackers, salty with a slight taste of sweet
butter. I took the circumcised head in my mouth and began swirling my
tongue around it. Mike moaned and leaned into me, giving me a few more
inches. I held him in my mouth, realizing I enjoyed the hard, yet pliable
flesh. I tightened my suction on his shaft and started a licking motion
with my tongue. Mike slid slowly along my tongue, back and forth. I felt
my own dick jerk in my pants. I grabbed his hips and pulled his body into
my face. I now had six inches in my mouth and could feel my throat opening.
Mike pulled back. I pulled him to me, taking all eight inches of him. I
gagged and choked as his dick pierced my throat. "Shit," Mike shouted. He
grabbed my shoulders and pushed me off his dick, until just the head was in
my mouth. When the burning in my throat subsided, I began bobbing along
his dick, sucking in a little more on each down stroke. His dick hit my
throat again and I swallowed without gagging, holding it in my throat.

"Suck," he moaned, grabbing the back of my head. He held the back of my
head with one hand, the other using my shoulder to steady himself and began
stroking into my throat until he was fucking my face. "Shit," he screamed.
My dick jerked each time his dick hit my throat. I squeezed his hips
tighter, urging him on. He stopped, his dick lodged deep in my face. I
felt him jerk in my throat and used his hips to slide his dick out of my
throat until it rested on my tongue. I jerked and I felt his hot cum hit
my tongue. I released my suction and relaxed my tongue. After two more
shots, I swallowed. It tasted good. The thick load went down smoothly and
I began to drink. "Damn," Mike pulled his dick out of his mouth by my

He was breathing heavily and pulled my head back into his crotch. His long
dick rested on my shoulders and a drop of cum slide down my back. We kept
this position until Mike's breathing returned to normal. My dick was
jerking like crazy, I thought I might be coming.

"Stand up," Mike squeezed my shoulders and I stood. Mike got down on his
knees, unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I thought I saw his hands
shake. He pulled my pants and underwear down at the same time allowing me
to step out of them. My dick was hard as a rock and hurting. It jerked
and a drop a pre cum landed on the side of Mike's nose. Mike looked up at
me. "Damn," was all he said. He pushed me back into the chair and crawled
between my knees. He grabbed my dick at the base, between his thumb and
forefinger, as if he were handling a snake and stared at it. He leaned
into my dick, lips slightly parted. I could feel his breath on my dick.
He pulled his head back. "I can't do it," he whispered, apologizing.

He pressed his palms against my chest leaning me further into the chair.
He grabbed my dick into his fist and began stroking slowly. His fist
seemed to fit perfectly around my dick. I groaned at his touch. He
reached up with his other hand a pinched my nipple. I moaned and he sped
up his stoke on my dick. He stoked my dick with one hand, pinched my
nipple with the other and kept his eyes on my dick the whole time. I
clinched my buttocks. "I..I..." I tried to warn Mike. I jerked. The
first shot was like a bullet, shooting high in the air and landing in
Mike's hair. He aimed my dick towards my chest, still jacking and watching
my dick. I shot myself under the chin and kept shooting on my shirt and
Mike's hand. He watched my dick until I finished shooting and did not let
go. I slumped in the chair.

Finally, Mike let go of my dick and looked at the cum on his hand. He
shrugged, placed his hands on my knees and lifted himself up. He stared
into my eyes, smiled and said, "maybe next time."

He leaned down, gave me a quick peck on the lips, turned and ran up the

I can't believe he did it.

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