Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kyle and me, part 4

Kyle and me talked about it, and he decided he was not into pussy at all,
and did not want to fuck his own daughter. He told me that he didn't care,
as long as she was willing.

Jean and me met the next morning in the kitchen, Jean was only wearing
panties, no top, and her beautiful tits were standing out, hard pink
nipples. I was naked as usual, and my 6 and a half inch thick, cut cock
popped up. Jean and I said good morning to each other, and I noticed her
checking out my cock, which was standing up and trying to touch my belly
button. My asshole was still leaking her dad's cum down my leg, because he
had given me a very long, hard fuck session in our room last night. Kyle
had come at least 3 times in me, and it was running down my legs, out of my
hole. I scooped a little off my leg and popped it into my mouth.

"MMMMMM" Jean said. "Is that my daddy's cum?"

I just nodded, sucking it off my finger.

"Can I taste?" she asked.

Without thinking, I turned around and bent over. Her finger pushed into my
hole, just a little, and then went out. I turned around and saw her eating
her dad's cum off her index finger. "MMMM Tastes good!" she said.

"It does taste great. I love your dad's cum" I said.

Jean turned back to the stove, but dropped her panties in the process,
leaving them on the kitchen floor. The sight of her naked ass made me leak
a little pre-cum.

"Where's Daddy," she called over her right shoulder.

"He's in the shower. We talked about getting in together, but I'm a little
sore from last night," I said.

"Did Daddy hurt you?" Jean turned to face me, completely nude. My cock
leaked a little more pre-cum.

"Not at all, he just gave it to me pretty hard" I said.

I didn't tell her that Kyle had pissed all over me when he was done. That
was our little secret.

Jean looked at me for a second, as my cock trembled. "Does it hurt you,
you know, when he puts that thing up your butt?" she asked.

"No, it feels good. He likes it too, that's why we do it to each other so
much" I said.

"It doesn't hurt at all? I looks like it would." Jean said.

"No, maybe the first time, without proper lube, it does, but not much after
you're used to it." I said.

Jean hesitated a momoent, but said "Does it hur much after the first time?"

I said no. Jean turned away, the beautiful globes of her perfect ass
shining at me. My cock dribbled out a few more drips of pre-cum.

Jean turned around to me, and seemed to collapse, at least from my vantage
point. Jean walked over and pushed the dishes off the table, or at least
to the side.

She climbed up and on hands and knees, presented her pink little hole to
me. I walked around, and using my two hands, parted her cheeks for easier

I bent down and licked her hole and pushed my tongue into it. I tasted a
little shit, but not much. I continued to tongue her, while jacking
myself. Finally, I got her just right, and lifted her back to the floor.
My cock found her asshole easily, and I slowly pushed it in. She moaned,
and I pushed harder. Grits were burning on the stove, but neither one of
us cared. Inch by inch, I slid into her extremely tight and hot asshole.
Suddenly I head a noise, and I turned my head to look, my cock still
embedded in Jean's asshole. Kyle stood there with a hardon that was
dripping with pre cum.

I winked, and Kyle came around behind me, and slowly worked his hard 7" cut
cock up my hole, while Jean adjusted to mine. Finally, I had my entire
cock inside Jean's hole, and I began to fuck her. Kyle slowly began to
fuck me, and I was on fire. Pretty soon, we built up the right rythym, me
sinking into Jean's hole while Kyle withdrew from mine, me pulling back
from Jeans's hole while Kyle filled mine, and it soon had me on the edge.
"I'm going to cum," I said in Jeans ear. Jean began squirming, and I felt
her hole spasm. I knew she was cumming and I shot my hot sperm deep into
her guts. Kyle felt me spasm and shot his hot cum into my intestines too.

We all collapsed in a heap for a while, but Jean finally crawled out and
started repairing what was left of breakfast. Kyle and me were so spent,
we just lay there, cocks leaking out spent cum.

Jean stood up walked away, my cum draining out her asshole. On impulse, I
stuggled away from Kyle, and pressed my face between those two globes, and
sucked my own cum out of her hole. She parted her legs a little and opened
her hole to me.

I ate her hole a little, tasting my own jism, and started getting hard
again. Kyle noticed this, and crawled over to me and began sucking on my
shitty cock, tasting his daughters shit, and making love to me. I stuck my
tongue up her ass, and tasted more of my cum and her shit, and got harder.
I suddendly stood up and bent Jean over the counter, and cupped her tits.
My cock found her slick asshole and I slid right in. I pinched her nipples
as I fucked her again, and was just driving my cock into her asshole.
Suddenly, I felt a sensation on my balls, and realized that Kyle had knelt
down to lick my balls while I fucked his daughter's asshole. I fucked in
and out for about 6 minutes, until I finally blew my load in Jean's ass,
while Kyle was licking my balls and jacking off. I popped my cock out of
Jean's asshole and bent down to take Kyle's cream in my mouth. He shot,
squirt after squirt, and I took it all in my mough.

Jean was soon beside me, and she begged a kiss, so I shared her daddy's cum
with her, and we tongued each other's mouths until the cum was gone. Kyle
and I got into a 69 position and licked each others cocks clean. We went
to work, but thinking about Jean gave us hardons all day.

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