Thursday, May 14, 2009

Involving My Wife

I am a white 69 year old married bi-sexual male, 5'4" tall, 140lbs, 6.5"
cut, graying black hair, fairly hairy, and medium complexion and I've been
married to the same women for over 40 years. For the past 11 months I have
been having sexual experiences with men and providing them with oral sexual
pleasure. I've been with 33 men, and I have successfully brought 30 of
them to sexual climax and eagerly swallowed their ejaculate. It has been
and continues to be a journey of discovery and thrilling experiences of
intimacy with my same sex. I've written 20 stories on the Nifty Erotic
Stories Archive, and many of the stories are about many of the thoughts,
needs, desires, feelings, and future hopes concerning my continuing
indulgence in male-to-male sexual intimacy.

Ever since I began my encounters with men some 11 months ago, I have been
fantasizing and entertaining thoughts of bringing my wife, Mary, into my
meetings with some of the men...particularly several of the men with whom
I've had repeat encounters. Unfortunately, my wife bespectabled, 66, 5'4"
tall, 137lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair complexion,and very slender
model-like legs, did not share any of my fantasies or desires to be
involved with men...particularly men with whom she had no friendship or
bond of mutual knowledge. As time went by I finally broke the news to my
wife about my bi-sexual proclivities and of the past 11 months of enjoying
intimacies with a number of men. She was totally shocked by my
revelations, at first even revolted, but with some calming talk by me, I
succeeded in convincing her of the safety and care I exercised in my choice
of men, and of our careful practices which made me very safe and not in any
danger of health risks, of which she was most fearful. I then worked on
suggesting to her the tremendous excitement and pleasure that she could
experience. How much more alive it would make her feel, and how much it
meant to me to have her with me, how it would brinig us closer together in
our own intimacies, etc. This I did earnestly, and convincingly, I
thought, in order to convince her to come with me to these sexual m/m
encounters. While doing the talking ove a period of weeks, I held out
little hope for changing her mind and agreeing to do as I asked. Then,
unexpectedly, during our having sex one night, she changed her mind!

I was stunned, elated, excited, and totally in love with her anew for what
she was saying and agreeing to do...for me. She said. She would do it to
please me, but she was apprehensive about it all. After all, I'd been the
only man she'd ever been with...a virgin on our wedding night...something I
was certainly aware had been true. She was morally very conservative...with
a religious basis in her feelings about sexual purity and monogomy. But she
was agreeing to shariing her body with me and other men, and to watching
and participating in sexual acts with men...with me and men and her and

There were three men with whom I'd had repeated sexual encounters that I
wanted Mary to be taken by....actually penetrated and inseminated by. I was
very excited by the thought of these friends of mine, who'd been sucked off
by me, and whose semen I'd repeatedly swallowed over the past year, having
sex with Mary...cumming inside her and uttering the sounds of pleasure
which I'd come to know so well when they'd ejaculated inside my mouth and
had me swallow their seed. The thought of them bucking and bellowing while
Mary had her beautiful slender legs wrapped tightly around them while they
each deeply unloaded their semen inside her lovely vagina had me out of my
mind horny. I was going to get to drink from her pussy after they'd enjoyed
her. I was going to do one of the most intimate things I could think of
with a woman and the same time! I wanted to drink each of the
men's semen from cunt! I also wanted to drain the men and clean them after
each came inside my lovely wife. We were going to be so bonded...close,
connected in such an intimate way. I could scarcely contain myself.

Milton, the 2nd. man I sucked off, jay, the 6th man whose cum I'd
swallowed, and Ken around the 20th I'd done where the men who were the
lucky chosen ones. Milton was 5'5", 165lbs, very hairy, uncut, 6", 69
years old. Jay was 6', 185lbs, cut, 7" 72 years old, and finally there was
Ken, 5'11", 220lbs, cut, 6.5", 59 years old. These were bi-sexual
men...Milton with a girl friend, Jay with a wife, and Ken with a live-in
girl friend. They were what I considered gentlemen, and very respectable.

Milton had hosted me a number of times...even hosted me along with a
3rd. man for a couple of 3-somes. Jay had even been in one of them, and
Ken had sucked off Milton a couple of months ago. So, all of the men knew
eachother. It was my wife, Mary, who was the newbie...not only to being a
part of a m/m/m sexual encounter, but being involved with a man other than a m/m/m/f encounter! She was very nervous about it all. in
the week before our meeting, which we had set a date and time for, she told
me how apprehensive she was. I assured her that I would take care that she
not be harmed or demeaned in any way, and that she would be highly
cherished by all of us, and be the object of pleasure but also someone who
was going to be pleasured as well...that all of us men would see to it that
she would be rewarded with ecstasy and TLC. I meant it, and she believed
me... believed in me, more to the point.

The Saturday afternoon finally arrive. It was 1pm, and Mary and I drove
the 6 miles to Milton's apartment in about 20 minutes. She was quiet and
sat with her legs close together and her arms folded across her lap
throughout the drive. She wore a medium length skirt, a light colored
shirt, and open sandles, as it was quite warm for a spring day. She had on
little make-up, and no jewelry. She wore a bra and panties, but no
slip. She looked so vulnerable, so ready to be
pleasure us men, and hopefully, to enjoy what all of us could give
her....masculine sex from men who knew eachother in as intimate a way as
men can know eachother....having had m/m sexual pleasures with eachother
numerous times. I'd swallowed their semen. We'd sucked eachothers off. We
were special friends.

We knocked at Milton's door, and he answered wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
Ken and Jay had already arrived and sat on a couch. Jay wore jeans and a
sport shirt, and Ken wore a pull-over and short pants. They both wore
walking shoes. Their eyes seemed to light up when they saw Mary. She
smiled as she greeted each of the men, taking their hands to shake. She
made eye contact with them, and they with her. These were my intimate male
sexual partners who were going to experience sexual orgasms by my
fucking my beautiful lady. And she was going to receive each of my men's,
an my, semen into her lovely feminine mature body. I could hardly wait for
us to cum in her, and for me to sip from her lovely cup, and then to drain
each of my friends softening cocks of their residual semen...the last drops
of their cum while they were coming down from the high of having fucked my
wife and cumming in her.

We sat and chatted for a few minutes. All of us men were calm and
comfortable, while also getting hard and horny as we anticipated what was
to happen. They all eyed Mary, and she knew it and clamped her legs
together from the embarrassment she was feeling...knowing how they yearned
to get inside of her and make her theirs. She smiled, tried to contribute
to the small talk, tried to keep eye-contact. Finally I suggested we go
into the bedroom. We all rose, and took Mary's hand and led her into
Milton's bedroom. I then began to undress my wife, starting with her shirt
as I pulled it over her head and off. Next I unhooked her bra and revealed
her lovely mature breasts, then I pulled down her skirt...letting it fall
to the floor as she stepped out of it, at the same time kicking off her
sandles. In one quick pull, I slid off her panties. The men were very
aroused at watching this, and they began quickly undressing, as did I.
Mary had her eyes closed during a portion of my undressing her, but now he
looked around toward the bed, and then lay on it with her legs closed and
bend toward her chest, and her arms covering her breasts.

Everyone was now in the nude. We men all were hard, and most of us were
wet with pre-cum. Mary saw how excited we were, and she then removed her
eye-glasses, which she'd forgot she was wearing. Her matronly
school-teacher look now vanished, and she looked ever so sexy waiting for
the inevitable...the possession of her body by virile older gentlemen...her
husband among them, who would be the last in line, and who would benefit by
also taking into his body each of the men's seed that ran out of Mary's
lovely pussy...drinking of the precious runoff out of Mary of his friends

Who would be first, second, and third? I was to be last, this I'd decided.
We asked Mary to choose. She hesitated, looked at each of the men, and then
she chose. Jay was to be first, followed by Ken, and then Milton. I
didn't care. I was going to get the runoff of what they seeded her with
regardless of the order the procession.

Jay moved to the bed and climbed on top of Mary. She was somewhat startled
at his abruptness, but she submitted by placing her arms around him, at
first half-heartedly, but them more naturally. Her legs stayed together
for the first few moments, but Jay used his knees to force them apart as he
lowered himself and began to kiss her neck, shoulders, breasts and then her
mouth...deep kisses with his tongue inside her mouth. Mary's eyes widened
as he began his assault of her, but then she half closed them and turned
her head to one side as he kissed her face and neck while he sought
entrance for his penis into her vagina. Then he was in.

Her eyes opened widely as she felt him thrust into her with the first
penetration. He moaned and began his motion and she utterred "oh God,
God," as his excitement continued to build. Her legs which were spread but
laying to the sides of Jay were then liften up as she wrapped them around
him snuggly and closed her eyes. Jay said, "you're going to be mine little
lady. I'm making you all mine." And he continued to kiss her neck, her
mouth, and sucked on her nipples...from one to the other. He was very
excited and near cumming, I thought. I then bent over the bed and gently
took hold of his testicles and began to massage them. "ohhhhh, ohhhh", he
moaned, as he felt my hand work his balls. I then got on the bed and began
to kiss and lick his balls. He responded by speeding up inside my wife. She
responded by tightly holding Jay in her arms and returning his kisses for
the first time. I then felt his balls pull up into his body and he let out
a loud cry......"aaahhhh, ooohhhhh, I'm cumming, cumming, aaarrrggghhhhh",
and he thrust one last deep push and stopped as his legs trembled and his
testicles twitched in my hands. Mary's face was flushed; her nails were
digging into Jays back, and her legs were tightly clenched around his
waist. She cried out "Jay, oh Jay, it's happening, so good, so
good. Finish in me, do it." And he did it. They finally lay still. He'd
taken her, and she'd been won over...made to cum with another man other
than her, for the first time.

Jay kissed her gently on the lips and rolled off her. I quickly bent my
head over his softening cock and gripped it to milk it of his last seminal
spurt...a spurt brought on by my squeezing him dry. His cum was thick and
white...a strong taste for my mouth. I swallowed it. Mary had a calm
dreamy look on her face, and I kissed her on the lips...deeply into her
mouth. "Mary, straddle my mouth," I told her. She immediately complied,
and I pulled her down so that her pussy entrance was enveloped by my lips
and I began to suck and sip. It was great! What a ran and ran
and I eagerly swallowed jay's seed. When I was finished, Mary got off and
bent down to French kiss me. She now also knew what Jays semen tasted

It was now Ken's turn in line. Ken and Milton had been stroking and
feeling eachother's cocks all the while Mary was being fucked, and now they
were really wet and hard. Ken got on the bed and quickly mounted my wife.
She eagerly spread her legs for Ken to enter her, which he did in one
smooth motion as he embraced her and kissed her passion- ately. Mary
responded instantly by wrapping her arms and legs around him and returning
his ardour. Ken wasted no time. He was very close to cumming already, so
his thrusts were quick and deep, and his kisses and caresses prefunctory.
He needed to cum, and Mary was his place to do it. I got behind him and
began to fondle his balls...kissing and licking them. He moaned, and Mary
sighed as she felt him swelling inside her. "Come on Ken, fill me up, do
it, ohhhhh, aaahhhhh, yes, yes," she cried out as an orgasm swept over her
and her legs and arms squeezed the big man who was taking her. Ken now was
bucking, and he bellowed her name...."Mary, Mary, you're mine sweetheart,
all mine. I'm going to breed you. Ahhhhh, ohhhhhh, aaarrrrggghhhhh," and
his body trembled and he tensed up with a final deep thrust as his semen
washed through her vagina. His balls were very tight inside his body as I
felt him unload while fondling them, and I squeezed them one final time as
he relaxed between my wife's legs and in her arms.

Kens penis, so familiar to me, felt wonderful in my mouth as a milked the
residual semen from it. Ken got off the bed, and Mary, knowing the
routine, straddled me for the rushing stream of kens sperm from her pussy
lips into my open mouth. I sipped, sucked and swallowed all that came down
from her. It was so deeply personal to experience both of
them at once like that...Ken and Mary, as I had moments before experienced
Jay and Mary in just that way. I fondly kissed my wife, inserting my tongue
into her mouth for her to taste Kens ejaculate. She knew him that way now,
as well.

Milton was dripping pre-cum so that his cock's tip was shiny with it. "Oh,
Mary," he said. "I'm ready for you darling." He quickly got on top of my
wife and just as quickly mounted her. She winced at his abruptness, but
quickly held him with her arms and legs and began to kiss him on his neck
and wet kiss his ears. He enjoyed that, and also loved sucking on her
nipples and kissing her neck and breasts. She French kissed him as he
began to thrust in her faster and faster. He, too, was near cumming after
all he'd watched before getting his turn. Mary sighed and said "that's it,
Milton, come ahead, come on, fill me up. What a man you are." She was
spurring him on to get through the last of the three "strangers." I
surmised. And it was working. Before I could even place a hand, much less
my mouth, on Miltons ball sac, he was beginning to climax. "Ahhhhh,
aaarrrggghhh, ohhhhhh, Mary, Mary," he bellowed out, and then he began to
ejaculate. Mary was taken by surprise as her eyes widened and then closed
as she accepted this strange man's seed inside her. She wasn't cumming, but
she just submitted to my friend and allowed him the ultimate liberty with
her lovely body. She held him tightly as he continued to ejaculate deep
inside her...even kissing his face and ears, and telling him "good man,
such a man, I can feel it. It's so warm, Milton, so nice and warm. Thank

Milton was just totally drained...exhausted, and Mary gently rolled him off
her with a parting kiss on the lips. I pounced on Miltons cock to suck him
dry, as I had so often done in the recent past. He had a nice gob of sperm
for me to swallow, which I did. As before with the other men, I kissed Mary
deeply with my tongue so that she could learn what Milton's semen tasted
like...know him in that special way as I knew each of the men.

Now it was my turn to claim back my wife. I held her, looked deeply into
her eyes, and I said "I love you, Mary." I then began to do what I'd done
with her several thousand times in our 40 years of marriage. I took her
once more for both our pleasures. I came quickly, and she responded by
crying into my neck and chest as I finished inside her, filling her with my
copius semen. We held eachother for a while, and then I got off her and
each of the men took turns eating her out, kissing her legs, her body all
over, and licking her anally to make her squirm with delight. There wasn't
a part of her body my friends didn't get to know the feel and taste of in
the last hour of our meeting together. It all ended with Mary having a
final orgasm to the multiple hands, lips, mouths and tongues probing and
discovering her in the last few minutes of our play.

We all dressed back up, hugged, kissed, and parted totally satiated and
happy with the joys we'd discovered when a woman freely enjoys men who
enjoy eachother as well.

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