Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leanne, Mick & Me

Leanne and I had been fucking for several weeks, just about anytime we could
find a time to get together we would sneak off to the little shed we found
in the woods behind our sub division, she was several years younger than me but
she was one hot piece of ass. I was in my second year of highschool and
she was still in junior high.

I did not know too much about how women had their periods, I had heard about
them and that if a girl missed on she was usually pregnant but that was
about it. On this day I made plans with her to meet me in the little shed
school and she was a little hesitant but said ok, she said she had to babysit
but the kid was a good kid and he would be quiet and not tell, I was so
horny that I did not mind if she didn't and we met in the shed as usual.

She had gotten to the shed before I did and was waiting for me when I opened
the door, she was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that I liked, but
when I looked at the kid I saw that he was maybe 7 or 8 years old, I was a
little shocked that she would bring him but he was grinning and she said he had
promised not to tell anyone. We kissed some, I loved the way she kissed,
I've often felt that if you want to know what a girl's pussy looks like you
need only to look at her lips, and they will be pretty much the same. If a
has big lips she will probably also have big pussy lips, if they are thin
then her pussy lips will be too, and if the girl has a big mouth, well you can
figure the rest out.

The boy stood in a corner watching us, when we parted she began removing her
clothes and he began smiling, she did not take her panties off though which
she usually did, I had not noticed because I had been busy removing my clothes
and we found ourselves standing me naked and her in her panties, I asked why
the panties and she said she was on the rag and could not fuck today, I was
sad and wondered what we could do but she had me sit on the floor on an old
blanket and then she knelt over me and began playing with my cock, I got an
immediate erection as usual. I looked over at the boy to see that he was
holding his cock through his pants and knew he was getting a boner, Leanne
too and then she motioned for him to come over and asked him if he wanted to
get like us, he nodded and she undressed him, his little boner was smooth and
small and very cute and he was holding it, Leanne teased him gently and
asked if she could touch it and he let her and he was grinning from ear to ear
and it got hard. She then took it into her mouth and began blowing him, I had
heard about blow jobs and had been hoping she would soon blow me, and before
the day was over she did, but as she was blowing him he was giggling, she
took it out of her mouth and told me that it was sooo sweet and did I want to
try it, well I was one of those guys who was afraid of being called queer, but
knew that I liked looking at cocks, I reached over and felt of it and it was
so nice meanwhile Leanne put a hand on my cock and was working it, I leaned
over and took it into my mouth and it was indeed very sweet.

I gave him a gentle blow job and then Leanne moved me to where she could get
her mouth on my cock and was soon blowing me, it was a great feeling, we
played around alot, I felt of her tits and played with his little cock, Leanne
kept going from me to him and we were soon the boy and me laying side by side
while she did us, I was really wanting to blow my load and wondered if she
would take my load in her mouth, the little boy of course was too young to cum
but loved being hard and being sucked.

Then Leanne stopped and took one of his hands and placed it on my cock and
showed him how to stroke me, well a guy young or old knows how to stroke a cock
so he was doing pretty good, then she told him that maybe he should blow me
some and at first the little boy didn't want to but she kept urging him and
he soon began kissing it and got the head in his mouth, and his little eyes
were sparkling. Leanne must have realized I was about to shoot off so she
stopped him and told him to watch what would happen and began blowing me again
with ernest, and was stroking me I held back as long as I could but then I felt
the pressure about to explode and just as I began shooting off she took it
out of her mouth and continued to stroke me letting me shoot my load of hot
cum all over my belly. It was a great cum shoot and the boy seemed to love

I thought about what we had done quite a bit and finally came to a
conclusion that I enjoyed playing with and sucking a cock, we never
included the little boy again but from what I heard he never told anyone
about what we had done, a few times I saw him in the neighborhood sometimes
with boys and sometimes with girls and he always seemed to be popular,
maybe we taught him something.

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