Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I bacame bi....... part 3

After our initial "after the wedding" encounter with Ken and Leslie........
Mary and I talked about what had happened and what we enjoyed about it.
There was no doubt that Mary was turned on to sex with new people and
especially the experience of eating pussy. She admitted she was also really
something of an exibitionist and was obviously stimulated by showing off
everything she had to someone who hadn't seen it before. Like I said,
inhibitions were something that just did not exist in this 18 year old. It
wasn't anything I taught her............ getting naked and pushing the
boundries just came naturally for her. She said she was ready to do it
again as soon as we could.

A couple of days later, I had the chance to go over to Kens house while the
girls were at work and talk about what happened with him.

We talked in detail about both his and Leslies sexual interests. He told me
that not too long ago, Leslie had her first lesbian experience with a girl
that Ken and I had worked with (that was a suprise). She (a beautiful 28yo,
brown eyed brunette named Kristie) was moving out of state and Ken and
Leslie were helping with the move. She had stayed at their house for a week
or so before the big trip and during that time went to bed with them. She
had turned Leslie on to the pleasures of girl/girl sex. That was one of the
reasons Leslie had so eagerly agreed to have Mary come over and put herself
in their hands. She was very turned on to the fantasys of another girl/girl
encounter and was hoping to get into Mary if she could..

I asked him about what happened between us and how he felt about that.

First thing he said was.......... how'd "you" feel about what happened ?

I said........... I asked "you" first. He just sort of looked at me and I
finally said........ Ok, as long as it stays between just us......... I was
pretty horned out about the whole thing and wouldn't mind doing it again
(the way he had so obviously gotten turned on to our sexual contact that
night had me pretty confident that he was hoping for a positive response
from me).

He told me that when he was 10 years old he was molested by an adult that
his family trusted. He said it happened two times and he never told anybody
about it. The man had gotten him to suck his cock and on the second time,
had cum in his mouth. He said, at the time it grossed him out but now it
was a fantasy rememberance that he sometimes thought about when he jacked

He said he was thinking about that when he was sucking my cock and was
hoping I would cum in his mouth so he could experience that again. I told
him that I had suspected he was trying to get me off. I laughingly said
that if I would have known........ I would have let him have it.

He then went on to tell me what both he and Leslie liked "the
most"................. Anal sex !

Once again I was suprised. Here's this girl that I didn't think would say
"fuck" if she was doing it, and it turns out that she's bisexual and into
anal sex. Just goes to show !

Anyway...... he says, she likes anything and everything in her ass and will
do the same in return.

I said............ Return ?

He said......... she has a strap-on cock and enjoys fucking him in the ass
with it on occasion as long as he returns the favor by shooting a load of
cum up hers. He says that the next time we get together, he wants to watch
me do that with her.

I said......... well, I don't know about her sticking that thing up my ass
but I'll be happy to put mine in hers and you can help.

By now we're both hard and adjusting our cocks in our pants for comfort. I
saw him watching me do that and without saying anything, undid the buttons
on my jeans and let my hard cock pop out. I stroked it a couple of times to
get it comfortable and without a word between us, he went down on me.

I was thinking about what he said earlier and just laid back on the couch
and let him suck me off.

After a couple of minutes I told him I was going to cum and he kept going,
so I was sure that he wanted me to do it. I told him again, saying........
I was going to ejaculate in his mouth and fill it up with my jizz ! He
responded favorably by moving his mouth to just the tip and continued to
suck and stroke my shaft.

I could feel my shaft throbbing in his tight grip as I pumped my load into
his mouth. He continued to suck and swallow as I did it.

Of course, after cumming, I didn't feel like continuing to play around so I
told him we would look forward to getting together with him and Leslie on
the weekend and said seeya later. I told him to enjoy jacking off while he
still had the taste of my cum in his mouth. I'm sure he did.

The following weekend................

Me and Mary showed up for dinner at about 6 (it's winter time so It's
already dark). Ken and Leslie have a fire in the fireplace and we have a
nice dinner with lots of wine. After dinner we continue to drink and Leslie
comes up with another suprise (there's no end to them)....... coke.

I looked at Ken and said........... really ! He says.......... Leslie has
a friend that gives her some once in a while. Makes us horney............
want to try some ?

We did............... and in a few minutes the clothes started to come off
in front of the fireplace.

Touching and kissing had started with the girls taking turns sucking on each
others nipples when Mary says............ Too much wine..............I have
to pee.

Ken says............... why don't you go out to the atrium and let us watch
(this, as we are about to find out, is right up my little exibitionists

Ok............ come-on Leslie ! And.......... off she goes, completely

This calls for a discription of the "atrium". Off the living room where the
fireplace is, on the other side of a sliding glass patio door, is a small
completely enclosed patio. It is in the center of the two story house and
so it is only open to the outside at the top. Being mid winter, it is near
freezing outside and this patio isn't much warmer.

Mary opens the slider and goes out into the cold night air. Leslie follows
her out and watches as Mary steps up about two feet onto a brick planter and
looking at us with a big smile starts to pee. She reaches down and spreads
her labia and directs her stream onto a elephant ear plant. Leslie moves up
to her and puts her hands on her legs and rubs them like she is trying to
stay warm as she watches Mary pee onto the giant leaf from up close.

When Mary is done she steps down and says to Leslie.......... your turn.

Leslie steped up onto the planter and spreading her lips, starts to pee onto
the patio deck as we all watch.

As her stream arches out onto the patio in the floodlight, it looks like
diamonds sparkling out from between her legs.

Then.................. Mary steps in front of her and the stream starts to
wash over her breasts. She says...... it's so warm and starts to rub her
hands over her hard, wet nipples.

As Leslies pee continued to cover Mary and run to the deck............ steam
starts to come off of Marys warm, wet body. It was so cold out that the
warm water on Marys skin started to turn into steam and was rolling off of
her like she was on fire. Her beautiful young body was shining wet in the
light. She was shivering slightly with goosebumps on her arms and breasts
and her nipples were as hard as they could get. The steam made the whole
thing surreal. Definately the most erotic thing I've ever seen !

Me and Ken were hard as rocks and Leslie was also turned on by what Mary had
unexpectedly done and what we were all seeing.

She wasn't finished yet !

As Leslies stream started to go down, Mary moved in closer to Leslies
pussy. She opened her mouth and just as it started to flow into it, she
buried her face into Leslies pussy and drank what was left with her mouth
sealed tight against Leslies pussy.

As Mary continued to eat Leslie, I felt Kens hand slide across my ass and
into my crack as we watched the sight before us. I looked down at Kens cock
and he was so hot, precum was actually dripping off his balls. I
said........ we need to get these two inside and fuck them before you shoot
your load out here on the patio.

Back in the house, with bath towels for the girls to dry off, we were
quickly all back in front of the fireplace trying to warm up.

Mary laughingly says that Leslie tasted like wine and coke and that she will
probably get even higher.

Using that as my lead, I said let me see how that tastes.............. and
moved down between Leslies legs and started to eat her wet pussy. She
spread wide for me and laid back to enjoy the feeling. Remembering what Ken
had told me, I slid my middle finger into her asshole.

While I was eating Leslie, I was still on my knees so my ass is somewhat up
in the air. Mary had moved around and squating over Leslies face, lowered
herself down on to her mouth.

My focus at this point was to get Leslie to cum. Sucking on her clit and
gently fingering her ass with one finger as Mary covered her mouth and face
with her pussy and asshole. All of Leslies senses were stimulated. She was
building up to an orgasm and her juices were flowing. As they ran out of her
cunt and over her asshole, I found that I could easily slip another finger
into her and then a third.

Deep in Leslie as I could go with my fingers and feeling the warm, slick
insides of her rectum, I was thinking how I would like to be sliding my cock
into her back there and leaving a big deposit of cum for her to carry

That's when I felt Ken put his hands on my ass. I had been aware that my
rear was up in the air and I was kinda hoping he might do something.

He did. He put his mouth directly over my asshole. For the next 5 minutes
as I ate and fingered his wife, he ate me. I had to admit, it felt damn
good. It's no wonder the girls like the anal thing !

After a few minutes, Leslie finished cumming, so I had to stop what I was

Mary had been watching Ken and got up and came around behind me and moved up
against him. She gave Ken a long, open mouth kiss, putting her tongue in
his mouth and then laughing, says...... your mouth tastes like Steves
asshole ! Then she says in her sweetest voice........ Ken. Would you
fuck Steve in the ass for me ? He's done it to me before and he needs to
feel what it's like.

I said......... I have a better idea. Lets save that for another day and
we'll fuck you two girls in the ass !

As if on Q, Leslie rolls over onto her knees, with her ass in the air, and
spreading them wide says........ Ok.

I looked at Mary and smiled.

She looks at both of us and goes................ Ok, but you guys have to do
it for us next time.

Of course we both go...... Um.....Ok, sure.

As I moved down behind Leslie, Mary says........ Lets do Leslie first. I
want to watch.

Ken held a bottle of lube above Leslies exposed hole and let some run out
and cover her brown little ring. He started to rub it around and push
inside, but Mary said....... Oh, let me help with that.

Pushing two fingers around Leslies puckered ring, she pushed on it until
they slid in and she started working them in and out.

Meanwhile Ken had taken to spreading the lub over my cock. It was getting
harder as he stroked it in preperation to enter Leslies back door.

When all was ready, I moved over her in a standing position and bent my
knees, lowering my cock down at a angle at her target. Ken took a hold of
it and directed it up against her spincter and held it there as I pushed.

Slowly she streched open as the head pushed into her. After a slight pause,
we all watched as I continued to push and the rest of my 7 inches
dissapeared into her bowels.

I started a slow pull to nearly all the way out and then back again. With
my hands on her hips for support, I continued at a smooth, steady pace that
would have my already primed cock, cumming quickly.

As I continued, Leslie started to grunt and say between breaths how good it
felt. Then she said......... Oh fuck don't stop, I'm going to cum ! I was
seeing what Ken meant when he said she loved it up the ass. This was
enought to get me off too and just like I wanted to do........ I filled her
butt up with my cum.

The position I was in was becomming uncomfortable so, as I started to
deflate, I slowly pulled out and watched her hole quickly close up as my
cock pulled all the way out, leaving just a thin white line of cum from her
wrinkled little brown hole and across her right butt cheek.

Leslie rolled over and I layed down beside her. We were done and watched as
Ken and Mary started to make love. After some foreplay, he ended up on his
back with Mary lowering her ass down onto his cock. She was much slower to
loosen up and took a while to finally get all the way down on it but once
she got adjusted, she fucked him like she loved it until he finally unloaded
deep inside her.

Well............. This was probably one of my most memorable single sexual
events. I still jack off to visions of some of the things I saw that
evening. Over time we had many more variations of the group including me
and Ken individually as well as a evening with just me and Ken and Leslie.
That is another story worth telling.

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