Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Wife's Boss

"Mark, I need to talk to you about Heinz." My wife said after
"Your boss?" I asked.
"Yes, who else?"
"OK - what about him."
"Well, we were talking & I mentioned to him that you were curious."
She said.
"Curious?" I asked, knowing what she meant. I had admitted to Ann
that I had bi-curious feelings after she found the photos on my hard drive.
She was viewing all my pics of hot women with big tits and hairy bushes (my
favorite, which she knows...she has 38DD breasts with wide, dark areola and
a full, dark bush that she rarely trims, let alone shaves) when she came
across a folder marked 'untitled'.

"What's this - new photos?" she asked. I tried to stop her, but she
opened the first JPEG, and a close up of a large, erect penis appeared on
the screen. It had obviously just cum - it's pearly white cream trialing
down the sack below. She opened another, then another. Photo after photo of
cocks - some hard, some soft, some with cum, some close ups of the mushroom
head. She smiled at me knowingly.
"So...these turn you on?" She purred.
"Well, it's not that.... I don't get turned on by them." I
insisted, weakly.
"Of course you do - why wouldn't you? Penises are beautiful - their
long, veiny shafts, nice purple heads, and the sexy way the balls hang in
their sack - I love to look at them - I love sucking your cock until
it...." she trailed off as she flipped through more photos.

I was listening intently & reached down to stroke myself through my

"Ah-ha! You do like them, don't you? That's so hot! What do you
like about this on? I want to hear everything!" She opened a file showing a
big cock spurting a rope of cream on a woman's nipple.

"I like...I...." I stammered, knowing my secret was out, but the
smile on her face told me she was turned on. "I like the look of the hot
cum shooting onto her nipple", I said, trying to emphasize the fact there
was a woman involved.

"Really? What about all these other photos? The ones that just show
all these dicks close up?" She asked.

"OK, OK, They make me hard - I like to imagine touching a cock. Not
a man!" I added quickly, "I'm attracted to cocks, but it's not like I'd
date a guy, or want to kiss a guy or something."

"So you'd like to touch a man's penis? That's tough to do without
having a man around." She smirked. "What else would you like to do to it?"
She asked, turning to the monitor and pointing her fingertip, caressing the
large hole in the mushroom-like head. I noticed her other hand brushed over
her nipple and lingered to pinch the hard tip.

"OK - I'll play" I said, getting into the game. "I fantasize about
stroking a cock, and making it hard..."

"And...."she asked, pinching her nipple hard.

"I'd like to lick it. Lick the shaft & taste it, maybe take it in
my mouth." I said, easing back into my chair and rubbing myself through my
pants. I was so hard it hurt now.

"Really..." she moaned, " Mmmmm - I'd like to see that - would you
suck it?"

"Yes" I answered too quickly, my eagerness showing. "I'd suck the
tip and hold his balls talking him as deep as possible."

"Unzip your fly" she commanded, "Take your cock out". I did as she
wanted, releasing my cock, which strained upward, reaching its full 7
inches. I was so horny it was making me dizzy.

"Don't touch it yet," she said, "tell me, do you want his cum? Will
you swallow?"

"Mmmm, I'd wait till I felt his balls pull up tight, then suck the
head really hard hoping to get all he had to give."

"Do you know what that can be like? Have you tried this yet? her
hands began to move down to her lap.

"No - not yet" I said, looking down at my throbbing prick, a large
drop of pre-cum glistening in the light from the computer screen. "I've
been ashamed of wanting it"

"Noooo, you shouldn't be ashamed, it's natural." She moaned, " I've
sucked a lot of cocks, I'll tell's so amazing.... the head gets
really hard, then it spasm, and a spurt of hot sperm hits your tongue. Then
more comes out, spurt after spurt, and you taste his sweet semen. It's
salty, and sweet, and warm and you'll swallow it, taking his essence into
you." She whispered, "Reach down and bring that drop of pre-cum to your

I did as she commanded, tasting the sweet, clear liquid.

"Now swallow...there, now you've officially swallowed
sperm. Nothing to it!"

Once I heard that, I lost it - starting to spurt my cum all over my
hand, as I tried to contain the geyser. After the tremors subsided, I sat
there, still hard with a palm full of cum. This wasn't just a harmless drop
of pre-cum, but at least 3 tablespoons of thick, white cream.

"I can tell you're still excited" Ann said, "Now you know what to
do" she slipped to the floor, took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard.
The sensation was incredible! I looked past her to the picture on the
screen, the erection I longed to feel. She sucked hard, bobbing her head,
and I knew I would cum again soon. I felt her fingers moving my hand up
toward my face & I understood just as my hand brought the semen to my
mouth, and I tasted it's warm saltiness, I swallowed it down and came in
Ann's mouth. My sperm entering and leaving my body. Both my beautiful wife
and I enjoying the offering of warm, white cream, and I knew I had to try
this again soon.

Since then we had discussed it off & on - mostly while we were in
the middle of particularly hot sex. This was the first time she had brought
it up in conversation while we were wearing clothes. Hearing her talk about
her boss over the dinner table made me realize it may be time to make this
fantasy a reality. She went on.

"You know..." She said softly, staring intently at me over the
dinner table. "His wife had told me at our Christmas party that he's always
been bi, and she likes him to play once in a while so he has stories to
tell her. She also said he's very big, and ever since I've been dying to
get a look. I hadn't seen it up to this point, but one time he came to the
company picnic in tight sweatpants, and you could tell he was huge - I
could see the head outlined clearly."

"Listening to her go on about this man's equipment was making me a
little jealous, but I had to admit - also pretty turned on. I wanted to
hear more.

Chapter 2

"So last weekend at our corporate retreat, we were both a little
tipsy, and all the others had left for the hotel and the subject just kind
of came up." Ann said. " He mentioned something about the waitress being
very hot, and it came out that he was frustrated."

"It's been at least six weeks since I've had any kind of sex."
Ann's boss sighed.

"What about your wife?" Ann Asked.

"She's been out of town for almost a month" he said.

"Do you ever have fun with anyone else?" Ann asked, mischievously.

"Hmmm? What do you mean? Is that a proposition?" He asked with a
comically raised eyebrow.

My wife became a little flushed while recalling this part, and went

"Well, I don't cheat on my husband, but I could help you out..."
she trailed off.

"Well, I'm not going to pass up an offer like that. What do you
have in mind?" he asked.

"Let's go into the men's room & I'll see what I can do." I couldn't
believe my ears as my wife told me this story. Had she actually fucked this
old guy in the men's room? She and I had played around a bit, but not for

"We went into the washroom, and made our way into the largest
stall. I was glad to see it was spotless, and after closing the lid, I sat
on the toilet. Heinz stood in front of me and made no move, waiting to see
what would happen. I pulled him closer until his crotch was directly in
front of me. I didn't unbuckle his belt, just undid his zipper. Reaching in
with one hand while holding open his fly with the other, I fumbled though
the opening of his boxers, and my hand found the warm flesh contained
within. Wrapping my fingers around the shaft, I pulled out his magnificent
cock. I pulled the shaft upward, and was pleased to see that I had enough
room to ease his big testicles out of his pants as well. I looked up at
him, and he was looking down at me with a look of pride on his
face. Sliding my eyes down his tie, over his prominent belly, straight for
the prize before me. His cock hangs down over his big balls, reaching at
least six inches I n its soft state. I was expecting him to be
uncircumcised, due to his age, and I was right. I leaned forward and
nuzzled my face against his big package, holding his balls in my left hand;
I started to stroke his shaft. He was quickly getting harder and I heard
him groan. His big penis was hard enough now to point toward me, my mouth
ached to take him inside. His hips swung forward slightly and the big,
flared head nudged my lips. I held him by the base, kissed the tip, and
pulled back his foreskin to prepare him to be serviced. "

My mouth had gone dry listening to my wife describe this scene. She
was so descriptive; I could see it as though I was there. She went on.

"I opened my mouth wide and took the head inside. Swirling my
tongue around the head I heard his breathing quicken. Then I noticed a
full-length mirror on the sidewall of the stall. I looked over at the
sight. Here was a tall, fully clothed executive with grey hair having his
regal cock sucked by a kneeling woman. It seemed so 'right', you know?"

I was becoming uncomfortably hard in my pants as she went on. Her
story had me openly stroking myself through my pants, trying not to shoot
before I heard more.

"I decide I didn't want to wait, so I sucked him hard and stroked
his shaft. Within seconds his big nuts started to pull up and he groaned.

"Ooooh, I'm so close, can I cum in your mouth Ann?"

"You better" Ann said, quickly taking him back in her mouth. "I
pumped a couple more times and he jerked forward, holding my head in his
hands. His cock spasmed and I felt the first long spurt of his warm, white
release. The warm cream pooled on my tongue as he sprayed four, five more
times, his long cock passing his sperm into me. I tasted his sweet, salty
cream and then swallowed it all, sucking the last few drops from his
deflating cock, before placing it back in his pants."

That was all I could take, I shot a stream of cum straight up into
my face. Two more strong jets followed. I couldn't believe the force behind
it as I tasted my spend.

"Enjoy that honey - I know you love to taste your cum, but soon
you'll experience another man's. I've arranged for you to meet Heinz to
experience his nectar direct from the source. I told him you were
submissive, and would take the woman's role, accepting his huge cock
wherever he wants."

Coming back to my senses, I looked up at Ann. She was grinning and
had scooped a large drop of my cream from my chin. Looking at the pearly
drop, I thought she was going to lick it from her finger. Instead she moved
her fingers to my mouth, offering me the last drop of my own seed. I took
her finger in my mouth, sucking the precious fluid from her. She moaned and
sat back down.

"Oh, you make me so wet" she hissed. "You're still hard too. I'm
going to bend over this chair, I want you deep inside me while I tell you
the rest...." With that she stood, pushed her skirt and panties down over
her wide hips, exposing her incredible full bush. I could tell she was wet
as her luxurious hair was glistening near her lips, and pressed flat by the
confines of her panties. Just the glimpse of her bare lips and brown pussy
hair trailing up toward her belly button got me super hard. As she turned
and bent over the chair and looked back at me, I grabbed the base of my
cock and moved toward her. I felt her wetness almost immediately as my
glans nudged her swollen pussy lips. Ann pushed back; I surged forward and
sank into her as deep as I could.

"Aaaaah! Oh! That's so good!" Ann moaned. She reached between her
legs and grasped my balls holding me still, feeling every inch that was
buried inside her. Every vein, every ridge of my cock-head. I was bathing
in her warm wetness - the sensation was so complete. The fact that I could
still taste my sperm made me that much hotter. She started to roll her
hips, needing the friction. I took the opportunity to pull out
completely. Before she could protest I lubricated my index finger by
sliding it between her wet lips, then slid it into her inviting anus as my
cock found it's way home to her womb.

"Oh, oh fuck me! FUCK ME!" Ann grunted.

"I thought you were going to tell me the rest of the story?" I
teased, pretending that I was in control for the moment.

"In a minute.... but first.... Fuck Me! Fuck me! - Oh - like that -
like that!" Ann was getting close to coming, I could feel my hard cock with
the finger I had buried in her ass - this always made her cum. "Ooooh yes!
Take me - Take me! Cum inside me, fill me with your hot spunk! oh fuck
meeeee - you cock sucker!!"

This last part was a first. I hadn't ever been called that before,
but hearing Ann call me a cocksucker did the trick. I buried myself in her
and came. I pumped all the sperm I had left into her, all the while feeling
her orgasm rhythmically squeezing it from my balls.

We disengaged, Ann moved to the couch, reclining with her legs

"Now get over here" she said, "look at the mess you've made of my
pretty little pussy."

I looked at her. She had her blouse un-done, one breast
exposed. The wide, dark areola relaxed and showing a pale blue vein running
along its edge. Her pussy was completely exposed, the lips swollen, but
touching in the centre. The natural bush of hair extending from above her
clit up to each side, and trailing off to nothing as it extended up past
the crease left by her panty waistband. The only part of her she did trim
was her lips, and they glistened with our juices.

"Look at this, kneel in front of me." She sounded forceful. As I
obeyed, she reached down, spreading her lips. Bearing down, a large dollop
of pearly white semen appeared. I wasn't really too excited any more,
having just cum, but I was starting to come around already. "Come
closer...." She said, sounding coy. As I placed my hands on her knees she
reached for my head, pulling me within inches of her pussy. The musk from
her was starting to work on me, my desire growing. "I think you should
clean me. Lick all that sperm out of me and if you do it well, I'll tell
you more about Heinz."

I leaned in and kissed her clit, pulling back a little to get my
bearings I extended my tongue to scoop up the white drop.

"Mmmmm, yes, that's it.... Oh yeah! Here's some more." Ann clenched
her vaginal muscles and a large load of my cum slid out of her into my
mouth. I greedily swallowed and kept licking, extending my hand to pinch
her erect nipple.

"Yes, yes, now my ass, lick my ass!"

I moved down trailing my tongue down to her rosebud anus. I tried
to penetrate, but she squeezed tight as she began trembling with
orgasm. Her contractions caused another big glob of semen to spill from her
- I extended the tip of my finger, scooped it up and lifted the sweet fluid
toward her face. Just as she opened her mouth to accept my gift, I diverted
my hand, depositing the silvery cream on her nipple.

"Not so fast" I said. With that she quickly brought her breast to
her own mouth, sucking the nipple. This always blows my mind when she sucks
her own nipple, but with the cum, I felt my cock stiffen again. I couldn't
believe how hot this was. She leaned in to kiss m, our tongues struggling
with each other, swapping the sweet sperm back and forth. I had never felt
closer to Ann.

Chapter 3

So we sat down o the couch, adjusting our clothes to get
comfortable. Her nipple was still visible and I couldn't help but stare at
it. The dark brown nub starting to relax, and widen, along with her
areola. It made me want to take it in my mouth again.

"Heinz's wife is away this weekend. He said he'd like you to stop
by for a 'swim'". Ann said, smoothing her skirt over her legs.

"Whoa, whoa, how did that come up? What did you two talk about?" I
asked, wondering how it all came to this. My wife, setting me up for an
encounter with an older man I'd only met briefly on a few occasions.

"Well, after we went back to our booth in the bar, we just
naturally started to talk about our sex lives..."

"Thank you Ann - that was a huge help." Heinz said, sounding formal
and business like. "I should sleep much better tonight".

"Thank you, I'm glad I finally got to see that big cock I've been
thinking about. How big is it anyway?"

"Well, I've never really...."

"Oh, come on, all men measure them." Ann said.

"OK, OK, it's just a little under nine inches, my wife always says
it's too big." Heinz lamented.

"Wow, that's too bad for her. That's the biggest I've seen!" Ann

"What would your husband think about what we just did?" Heinz

"Gary knows I play around a bit. He'll actually love hearing all
about it - I think he's bisexual, so I'll really give him a description of
your big dick." Ann said, hoping this would start Heinz thinking about
introducing Gary to Bi-sex, knowing he was the 'Authoritarian' type that
would really make it great for Gary's first time. "He'd love to see that."

"Oh, is that right? Why do you think that?" Heinz asked.

"I found a file on his computer of photos of cocks." Ann stated, "I
figure he's the typical bi-curious married man. I know he loves me, I can
tell by the way he reacts to the female body, and mine in particular." Ann
said, "but he's turned on by looking at men's dicks too. He wants to try
something new. I've talked to him about it, and he's really turned on by
his fantasy of servicing an older man."

"An older man? What would you say if I told you I am also bi?"
Heinz said with a grin.

"Really? I'm shocked!" Ann said, "Actually I think that's very hot,
do you think there's a chance you two could..."

"You're not shocked Ann, I know my wife told you about my
interests. She told me you got very interested when she said I had a big
one." Heinz said, "I think you've been trying to set this up for a while."

"Actually, no. I have been trying to see that big cock ever since I
spoke to your wife, but this other thing just came up." She said, "you're
perfect for Gary's first time. You're the older man, 'Alpha Male' he's been
longing for. Dignified, powerful, and very well hung. His fantasy!"

"Well, if you say so" Heinz said, sounding more intrigued.

"What sort of things would you two do, or try?" Ann asked, anxious
to hear details.

"Well, I don't want to be indelicate" Heinz qualified.

"Please, I'd love to hear it." Ann said, really hoping to hear
something dirty form this dignified older man.

"Your husband...."

"Gary" Ann cut him off.

"Right, Gary should be prepared to engage in allot of oral sex. I
expect my lovers to kneel before me, take my penis in their mouth and
service me. I would generally start things with this right away. After I'm
very hard, we would shower, maybe more sucking, perhaps a sixty-nine. After
we had both cum, we would rest. Maybe watch a video, and then the main

"The main event?" Ann asked, knowing what he meant, but not having
thought about it before now. She was talking about Gary giving a
blowjob. She hadn't brought up the possibility of her husband getting
fucked. The idea got her very hot.

"Yes, once Gary is ready, I'll have him suck me again until I'm
fully erect, then I'll take him properly. He will find out what it's like
to be a woman, to be penetrated by a man, and give him his body to be used
for the superior man's pleasure." Heinz stated, matter of fatly.

"Does that usually hurt the first time?" Ann asked.

"Yes. We'll use plenty of lubricant, but the first time I enter
him, he will feel pain. This will subside quickly though, and by the time
I'm in him all the way, he'll be begging for more." Heinz said.

"Do you use protection?" Ann Asked.

"I don't think Gary will get pregnant!" Heinz laughed. "And I've
been tested. I'm fine. I will use Gary like a woman. I will try to
impregnate him, and if he was a woman, I assure you he would be pregnant
upon his return to you, because I will cum in him many times. What do you

"Mmmmm, that sounds prefect for him." Ann moaned.

"It will be" Heinz said. Ann noticed he had changed his statements
from a hypothetical description, to a statement of fact. Gary would be
meeting with her boss. He would be sucking his cock. Heinz will be making
love to Gary as if he were a woman. Taking him from behind, perhaps, as
Gary did to her. Driving his cock deeply into him, until Gary couldn't take
any more. Finally, depositing his powerful sperm into Gary. The thought of
it all nearly made Ann swoon with passion.

Chapter 4

"So, what do you think?" Ann asked, running her hand inside of her

"My head is spinning." I said, "I'm overwhelmed by all of this, and
so turned on by everything, I can't believe I've cum twice in the past half
an hour, and you're starting to make me hard again." I marveled, adjusting
my shaft in my pants.

"You're pretty excited about trying something new - that's normal."
She said, "I can't wait to hear all about it".

"Assuming I'm going to go through with it?" I said, but we both
knew the truth.

"Yeah, well, by the looks of your hard-on, I'd say you're into
it. Are you nervous? "

"Nervous and excited and really turned on." I said.

"What about the 'main event'?" she asked, making quotations in thee
air with her fingers.

"I think I can handle it. You said he's pretty big, but I've had
some practice with your dildo." I said.

"You have? You dirty thing! How did it feel?" Ann's eyes lit up
with anticipation, hungry for more dirty details.

"It definitely hurt at first. But once the head slipped in, I
slowly sank it in all the way, and it's hard to describe. It felt
different, that's for sure. My cock got soft when it hurt, then got really
hard as the thing stroked my prostate, and after burying it in my ass, and
sliding it in and out, I felt my cock jerk. I looked down at it (I was
lying on my back imagining I was being fucked missionary style) and I
started to cum without even touching it. It was different though, my sperm
just spilled out of me, no spurts, no intense contractions, just a warm
glow, a puddle of semen, and I was till turned on. I slid the dildo out all
the way, my cock swelled up again (the cum was still oozing out) and I felt
the need to be filled." I was getting quite warm telling her this, and Ann
was now actively pulling her right nipple, and making small moaning sounds.

"I shoved the rubber cock all the way in and the feeling was
incredible! The flared mushroom tip forced its way past my anus, and the
whole eight inches flowed into me. My cock jerked and I came in short,
sharp spurts. I let go of the dildo and grabbed my cock, squeezing out the
last few streams. The dildo slid out, leaving me feeling empty. Is that
anything like it is for you, I mean when you and I...." I asked.

"Oh. Wow, sorry, I was lost in your story there." Ann seemed as if
I'd woken her from a dream. "It's sort of like that. It feels good to be
filled, you know, and the eroticism of the whole thing. The penetration,
being 'taken', and finally having him cum inside you is so great. Kind of
like leaving part of himself - no - giving part of himself to you. It's
pretty great." She said, really staring into my eyes.

"You sound like a natural, I'll bet you have a great time. I'm so
glad you'll have the chance to act out this fantasy." Ann pulled up her
skirt, turning around on the couch, offering herself to me. The view of her
pouting labia had me painfully hard, and I quickly got in position behind

"Can I assume you put all that sweet cream to good use?" She
moaned, "the puddle on your belly after my dildo forced it out of you." She
reminded me.

"Mmm, yes." I hissed as I sank in between her slick walls. "I drank
every drop"

"Ooooh! Fuck! That's good!" She yelped, "But I want you in my ass."
I was glad to oblige.

Chapter 5

Two days later it was Friday and I was standing at the front door
of Heinz' mansion. It was a huge place. My head was spinning, and my mouth
was dry from excitement. I had thought about nothing else for the past two
days. Or maybe it was the result of twenty years of fantasies coming to

I pressed the doorbell and waited. After about ten minutes (which
seemed like an eternity), the door opened and there stood Heinz in a long,
silk robe.

"Gary, glad you could make it." He said, seeming very sincere." Ann
has told me allot about you." He said, glancing over his glasses at me,
looking me over. His white beard trimmed neatly, matching the tufts of
chest hair peaking though his robe. "Come, I was just about to relax in the
pool, join me."

"I don't have a suit." I said, as I followed him, remembering I
probably wouldn't need one.

"Nor do I." Heinz said, and led me to his backyard. The area
contained a large oval pool, hot tub, several pieces of lounge furniture,
and was surrounded by high walls.

"As you can see, we have complete privacy." As he said this, he
turned to face me, raising his arms. This spread his robe, giving me a
momentary glimpse of a very large penis surrounded by neatly trimmed white
hair. "Gary, come here." Heinz pointed to the spot directly before him. I
could see the outline of his generous cock through the silk of his robe. I
moved before him.

"I can see you're distracted, Gary, maybe I can put you at
ease. Kneel" I did. Heinz moved the two sides of his robe apart, and tied
them behind him. His impressive penis was now barely a foot forms my face
and beginning to fill-out. "Rather than go through an elaborate and lengthy
seduction, I think we'll break the ice by having you take care of this. I
know you have a need to take me in your mouth and feel me grow. You'll be
seeing and feeling this big penis allot over out time together, so let's
get started."

I looked straight ahead. Heinz's cock had started to bounce
slightly bobbing along with his pulse as it filled with blood. The head was
becoming visible as the slotted tip appeared beyond hid foreskin. The veins
along the shaft became pronounced as it angled toward me, reaching a
45-degree angle. I looked up at him, and he looked into my eyes.

"I know what you need - do it." He said, reaching a hand around to
the back of my head, and using the other to lift his shaft. He pulled back
the foreskin, exposing the big, purple head. And pointing it at my
mouth. His other hand pulled me closer. My denim clad knees shuffled
forward as I looked down at what was now a fully erect penis, inches from
my watering mouth.

He pulled me in, and my lips made contact with his tip. Wetting my
lips with my tongue, I opened enough to take him in, and in he went. I
closed my lips over the head, reaching up to cradle his sack and replacing
his hand on his shaft with my own. I pulled the foreskin back and pushed it
forward, running my tongue over the head. I pushed forward taking him deep,
gagging slightly.

"Whoa, that's OK." He soothed, running his hand through my hair."
We've got plenty of time - no hurry". He pulled from my mouth, making a wet
popping noise. I tried to capture him again, to suck again, but he rubbed
his shaft over my face. "There's' more...inhale my scent, taste my balls,
they're full for you."

I nuzzled my face into his pubic hair, inhaling deeply, his musky
scent so masculine it made my head spin. I pulled his ball-sack forward as
he held his cock up, out of the way, and took first one, then other in my

"Mmmmm...That's it" Heinz moaned. " Now, one little treat before we
swim." Heinz lifted my chin, and ran his fist down his shaft, producing a
single, clear drop at the tip. He deposited this nectar on my extended
tongue. It tasted so sweet I nearly came.

"Now - let's cool off!" Heinz exclaimed as he dropped his robe and
headed for the pool.

Chapter 6

We swam for about half an hour. His pool was was large, and heated,
and felt great on my naked body. We brushed up against each other on
several occasions, my erection dragging across his body, showing him how I
felt. I would try to take a hold of him whenever we met in the middle of
pool, but he kept moving, seeming serious about his workout. Finally, he
swam to the edge where I was resting, pulled himself up on the side, and
sat with his legs dangling in the pool. The water was only about four feet
deep at this spot, so I moved toward him. I stopped, lowered myself under
water, and rose up, water streaming from my hair, and body, about three
feet from the edge, and Heinz.

I looked at him, his gaze shifted downward toward his lap. His
heavy scrotum was hanging off the edge of the pool, between his deeply
tanned thighs. His flaccid cock hung down to the left of his big bull
balls, reaching nearly to the water, the tip dripping with water. He looked
up at me, then down again. I watched as his penis seemed to lengthen,
pushing the grooved tip out of the foreskin slightly. It was coming to life
as I watched, lengthening, and throbbing. At first it hung beside his
balls, now it was extending out, at a downward angle, directly in front of
his balls. The head was half exposed now, and dipped into the water as the
waves I was making lapped at the side of the pool. He hadn't even touched
it, and it was growing! He took the shaft in his hand and stroked it,
pulling the foreskin back, and pointing it toward the sky. His head moved
back, and he closed his eyes, lost in the moment, loving the sensation of
his hand on his big cock, and loving the fact that he was being watched. He
reached his hand out to me, not opening his eyes. I moved forward and he
found my head with his hand, pulling me in. I took him in my mouth, and he
moaned his approval. It was getting difficult to angle his cock downward to
my mouth, as he sat up on the poolside. I could feel it wanting to spring
up against his belly. He popped free of my mouth and lay back on the pool
deck. I pulled myself from the water and approached him from between his
legs. His erection was like steel, pulled up against his belly, and leaving
his balls, shaved clean, and dripping with chlorinated water, exposed to my
tongue. I sucked them, reveled in them, and realized that I was doing it. I
was here, taking this man's sex organs in my mouth, servicing him just like
my wife had earlier. I wished she were here with me. Maybe some other time.

Heinz rolled his hips upward, exposing his tiny anus to me, I
sought it out with my tongue, and heard a long groan escape him as I licked
from behind hid rosebud, over his heavy ball-sack, and moved up over the
underside of his shaft. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and started
to slowly bob. I took him deeper and deeper, until I had at least two
thirds of his stiffness in my throat on the down stroke. My own cock was
straining for release, and I was thinking I might shoot just from the
experience, without him touching it. Heinz read my thoughts and nudged my
hip, trying to have me turn so I could straddle his head. I shifted, moved
my leg over him, so we were in position for a full sixty-nine. I dove back
at his cock, able to take even more down my throat in this position. I
bobbed down further, and was bursting with pride when my nose contacted his
testicles. I had taken it all down my throat! I held him in this position,
feeling him pulse in my mouth.

"Oh my goodness." Heinz moaned, "My wife has never been able to do
that. That feels so good."

I became aware of my own cock as he captured it in his hand, and
directed it to his waiting mouth. The head slid against his beard, tickling
me, and making me alarmed. I was going to lose it for sure. This was all
too much. Even the fact that I was deep-throating this man would be enough
to make me cum, with him touching me, it was guaranteed. He let go of my
cock, and it slid across his beard again.

"I'm going to....I'm....I'm cumming!" I exclaimed.

"Hold on." Heinz said calmly, turning his head, and capturing the
head of my cock with his mouth. I felt my prostate contract, and my cum
shot out of me in long, exquisite streams. One, two, three, four, five, I
took my mouth from his shaft, and concentrated on my cock. I couldn't stop
cumming, the contractions sent rope after rope of slippery sperm into his
mouth. "Oh no, what have I done!" I thought, I can't cum in his mouth like
this. We just got started, and I shoot off right away. On top of that it's
not my place to cum in HIS mouth, he's the master. I'm so embarrassed. I
finally stopped convulsing, and felt him suck hard on me as if to drain the
last drops.

"I'm sorry." I said while looking down at his hard cock. The veins
prominent along the shaft, the tip drooling pre-cum on his belly. "I didn't
mean to..."

"Sorry?" Heinz said, "Why would you be sorry? It's the most natural
thing in the world. And you taste great!"

"I didn't want to finish so quickly, and this is all about me
making you cum, not the other way around" I said in between feverish kisses
I was covering his crotch with.

"You'll get your chance, don't worry." Heinz reassured me "Now get
back to work!"

He had commanded me, and I wasn't going to disappoint. I felt his
tongue on my asshole, as I took him back in my mouth. The sensation was
powerful. He licked my backdoor for a few minutes while I bobbed on his
shaft; taking more & more, then introduced a finger back there.

"Oooooh, that's amazing!" I moaned, quickly taking him back in my
mouth. I worked him as well as I could, and noticed his balls were pulling
up tight against the base of his shaft. I knew it wouldn't be long.

Without warning, he pulled me off his shaft, rolled away from me
and stood up, leaving me on the pool deck. I got to my feet and faced him,
reaching down for the prize between his legs.

"This is how I like to cum." He said, pushing me to my
knees. "Kneel."

I quickly did as he said. He held my head in both hands, his
bobbing cock moving freely up and down. He guided me to him, and I took him

"Now, I'm going to fuck your mouth, relax"

I relaxed my throat, and held his hips, puling him to me. He slid
into my mouth, past my throat, and down my gullet until my nose was buried
in his hair. I reached around behind him and held him deep within
me. Running my fingers down the crack of his ass, I felt for his puckered
anus. Heinz began moving in and out of my throat, really fucking my mouth.

"Oh yes, oh yes, that's it!" He said still fairly calmly. "I can't
wait, put your finger in my ass!"

I slid my finger into his ass, still wet from the pool and found
there was little resistance. His cock was all the way down my throat, and I
felt it twitch.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! That's it, here it is!"

I pushed hard on the finger in his ass. His anus clenched in rhythm
to his orgasm. He pumped his load directly into my belly, and I wanted to
see some of it shoot, so I withdrew after four or five bursts. I hoped this
wouldn't ruin his moment. I withdrew my finger from him, and held his cock
in front of me so I could see the trembling head. I pulled back on the
foreskin, completely exposing the mushroom tip. This also pulled open the
large hole of his urethra, I couldn't believe the size of it, and just as I
was thinking I could insert my little finger, it jerked and another strong
stream of white cum shot out onto my face. I quickly engulfed it and milked
out the last of his spend. Rolling it around in my mouth I tasted his
semen. It was slightly different than mine, sweet, and not as salty. I
swallowed him down, and smiled up at him.

Heinz looked down at me, hands on his hips, the tip of his cock
still in my mouth. The scene must have looked amazing to anyone spying on
us. Here I was, on my knees in front of this man I could only describe as
an 'Alpha Male'. We were both naked, and he had just emptied his balls into
me. I had sucked him, allowed him to fuck my face until he was overcome and
gave me his juice. I was so turned on I couldn't believe it. My cock
strained for another release.

"I think I need to jerk off." I strained, " I'll take care of it."

"No, no, just relax, we'll take a rest. I've never met anyone who
gets so turned on by sucking a cock." Heinz said. "It really must be your
first time. I think you're a full-fledged cocksucker now. There's no shame
in that, either, you should be very proud. You took my cock like a man. I'm
very proud of you." With that, Heinz folded me in his arms, and walked me
over to the large lounge chair in the sun. "You've just sucked a man for
the first time. Now you know how powerful your beautiful wife Ann feels
whenever she sucks you. Do you see what I mean?"

"I think maybe I do." I said, my head still spinning with lust.

"You used your hands, and mouth to give me pleasure. That's a gift
that's been around since the beginning of time. I'm your elder; you're
superior if you will. There's a beautiful symmetry to the fact that I can
give you money, protection, wisdom, and in return you can give me
pleasure. Now you know what it's like to be a woman. Or to some degree."

"Well, not quite. There are still other things..." I said, looking
into his eyes.

"Yes, there are. And we'll get to that as well. We'll see how long
I need to rest."

To be continued....

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