Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sharing his wife, sharing myself

That night was a night of revelations to all of us. We have been best
friends with Joe, since high school, and although that we have both got
married, we would still go out for a drink at the local bar at least twice
a month. We would talk to each other about everything, except of course our
wives, in order not to say anything that could cause misunderstanding and
possibly ruin our friendship. It was something like a sacred rule that we
kept for years.

That night however, Joe wasn't feeling very well. We were sipping the fifth
glass of black rum, and he was still feeling very uneasy, almost nervous,
as if he wanted to say something but he wouldn't dare.

"Ok, spit it out!" I told him in a strict manner.

"Listen, I want to share something with you, but you must promise to our
friendship, that you will not get mad at me!"

"I promise!" I said swallowing a big quantity of rum.

"I am having problems with my wife lately. Actually it is me! She is

"Carry on..."

"Well, I cannot get an erection, and I haven't fucked her for months!"

"You are joking, right?" I said.

"No, I am not!"

"Have you tried a pharmaceutical aid?"

"I cannot take a pill! I have a light heart condition and I simply cannot!"

"Well, maybe it is just a bad phase, and it will soon be over..." I said
tapping him with compassion on his back.

"I hope it is! Meanwhile we are phasing a bigger problem. My wife wants to
divorce me, because she needs to have sex, and since I am impotent, she
doesn't want to waste any more time of her life with me!"

"She actually said that?"

"Yes! She did! But she is right, you know! I haven't fucked her for the
last eight months! And she is a very hot woman with a lot of needs...if you
know what I mean!"

"I think she is a quite a bitch!"

"She is! But I cannot lose her! She is my life! So that's why I accepted
her alternative!"

"What alternative?"

"I have to let her fuck with other men, whenever she feels like it. If I do
so, then she will stay with me as long as I need to get over my erectile

"But that can be devastating! Can you actually tolerate having your wife
fucked by other guys?"

"No, that is the biggest problem!"

"So you are screwed, I guess!" I said, emptying my glass in my thirsty

"There is only one solution. The one that will cause me suffer the least

"And what is that?"

"Having her fucked by just one person, a regular, that can be trusted to
keep his mouth shut, and will not cause suspicions to the neighborhood, so
that I can keep this condition as secret as possible."

"And who might that be?"

"I think you are the best choice." He said.

"No, this is a joke, right?"

"I am afraid not. If you don't do it, I am finished. She will divorce me. I
cannot watch her fucking around like a hooker!"

"But I am married!"

"Your wife will never find out! It will be our secret. Please don't let me
down! You cannot even imagine how difficult the situation already is! Don't
make it harder! I am begging you to fuck the woman of my life! My own wife!
Can you imagine being in my place?"

"Honestly not!" I confessed.

"So, let's get it done! I have told her already, and she agrees. The bitch
has always wanted you. And I believe you would like to fuck her."

I didn't answer. We got up, paid the bill and left the bar. We went
straight to his house. I was following him, a bit dizzy from the drink. He
was a bit drunk himself; otherwise he couldn't have said the things he said
to me.

He opened the door of his house, and we got inside. His lady was standing
up almost naked, wearing high heels red sandals, and a nice pair of laced
underwear. She approached me, and kissed me straight on my mouth sliding
her tongue inside my mouth, grabbing my ass with both of her hands.

"Here we go! Enjoy my wife!" my friend exclaimed with bitterness, and left
from the room.

She was all over me, kissing and caressing, rubbing her body against
me. She guided me to their bedroom, and started to undress me. I was
already feeling horny, from her ferocious attack, so I got myself undressed
without much thinking. She got herself completely naked, and lied down on
the bed spreading her legs wide apart clearly offering me her natural

She was rather fat, with some feminine cellulites on her buttocks. Her
pussy was completely unshaved, with two very fat lips forming an enormous
slit in the middle that was glowing with her love juices. Her tits were
huge and hanging low over her belly. Not much for a fuck I thought, but she
had something that was making her very fuck-able. Her beautiful eyes and
her face were driving me crazy.

My dick was rock hard, and without further thinking I lowered myself over
her. My erection found its way right in her enormous pussy lips, and I felt
it sliding deep inside her tight twat! It felt like deflowering a virgin!
She was so moist, that I entered her with a single push, and the tightness
of her sweet vagina combined with her moisture made my dick spasm with
excitement, releasing some precum inside her thirsty womb.

She felt it, and reacted positively to the idea of getting my seed inside
her thirsty cunt! She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me deeper inside her
with lust, releasing a big moan of excitement. I started humping her, and
she was a great screamer, sending me to heaven! The fuck of her unfucked
pussy was the fuck of my life! I was pushing inside her, feeling her
shaking and cumming, orgasming furiously around my flesh rod!

I was so excited, that I didn't notice my friend that was standing right
behind me, watching me fucking his beloved woman!

"I am having an erection!" he exclaimed, pointing at his dick inside his

"Let us see it!" his wife screamed.

I didn't care; all I wanted to do was to keep fucking her tight vagina.

He got rid of his clothes, and came towards us. His dick was small and
thin, and the shape of his dick was very pointy. He was indeed having a
hard on.

"Get off her, I want to fuck my wife" he said in agony

"No, I don't think so. Let me enjoy his fuck. It was part of our deal." his
wife said.

"I want to fuck!"

"Find yourself another hole!" his wife shouted back in a bitchy way.

"Man, pull out, or I will..." he said.

"You will do what" I panted, increasing the rhythm of my fuck.

"I will stick it up your ass"

"No, you will not. His ass is mine" his wife shouted, pushing suddenly her
middle finger inside my virgin asshole.

It didn't felt bad at all. In fact it made my dick grow bigger, reacting
positively to the sudden intrusion. I was mad with lust. My balls were
slapping furiously on her. My dick was enjoying the fuck of its life I
would never stop fucking that fat bitch. No matter if she inserted her
whole arm inside my butt.

"You asked for it" I hear my friend whispering in my ear.

His wife pulled out her finger, and instantly he pushed the tip of his
pointy dick inside my virgin opening. I was humping her furiously, and
keeping his pressure steady soon he managed to push the whole length of his
prick inside my virgin anus.

I felt a sharp pain, and as I was humping his woman, I was also fucking my
asshole with his hard dick. He was growing bigger and bigger inside me, and
the pain was getting more and more intense. Too late to stop now, I
thought. I continued fucking the fat bitch with the fantastic pussy, and he
grabbed my from my ass pushing himself as deep as he could, inside my
conquered pooper.

I was getting fucked by my best buddy, and I was fucking his wife! He was
now pulling completely out of my shot hole and then back again inside with
rage, punishing me for fucking his woman. The pain was very intense, and I
wasn't feeling my asshole anymore. I was feeling numbness back on my butt
together with a sweet feeling of pleasure at the same time.

"He is breeding your wife!" the bitch screamed in lust and squeezed my
balls at the same time. Her pussy was cumming again, squirting female cum
over my dick and balls!

He pushed his prick as far as he could, stretching my ass to the limits of
pain, and I felt my dick instantly exploding inside her squirting womb. My
firm asshole was milking rhythmically his dick on every squirt of semen I
injected inside her womb! I filled her up completely, and when my orgasm
was over, she pulled away, holding her pussy lips closed with her hand!

"You fuck! You didn't wear a condom!" my friend exclaimed!

My dick was limb, and my ass was on fire. He was still fucking me.

"He got me pregnant! Yes he did! I love the feeling of his thick cum
breeding my womb right now! He is a real man, no matter how much you think
you fuck him with your pathetic little dick!" she yelled!

He exploded instantly inside me, screaming like a wounded animal. He pulled
out and collapsed on the bed. His wife got next to him, still holding her
pussy lips tightly closed together. His dick was indeed pathetically small,
although when it was in my ass the feeling was much different. I reached
back for my penetrated hole. It was filled up with his cream and rather

His wife climbed on top of his head, and ordered him to open his mouth.

"Now it is time to drink you milk!" she said pushing my creamy load out of
her vagina and straight into his mouth.

"I will bear his child, he has made me his woman!" she continued
humiliating him.

I got myself dressed, and left their house without saying good night. What
a night, full of revelations! My friend had a small dick that could not
fuck his wife but certainly could fuck the ass of his buddy. His wife had
the best pussy I had ever fucked. Finally, my ass certainly enjoyed getting
a dick inside. I reached back and touched my ass again. What a sweet new
sensation it had offered me just seconds ago, I thought. A completely new
source of pleasure I thought, rushing my way back home to my wife.

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