Monday, May 11, 2009

George-and-Karo Part 3

George and Karo have just begun their first love-making session on the
couch as they take a break from preparing a dinner party for some friends.
George continues his story for Karo ...

Oh, Baby! The feel of you cumming so forcefully as I licked your delicious
pussy and felt the full firmness of your clit between my lips was so
incredible!! I love to help that happen for you!

Well, as your muscles relax from that forceful climax and your breathing
settles down, I slide back up in the bed and hold you close as you rest
your head on my chest. Your breasts and firm nipples feel so good on my
chest, and your hand slides down to take my firm cock in its gentle grip.

I ask if you want a back rub, and you readily agree, rolling over onto your
stomach. I straddle your hips and warm some lotion by rubbing it in my
hands, and begin caressing your back and shoulders, feeling the tension ebb
out of the muscles. As we both get progressively more aroused with each
new application of lotion, my cock swells even more resting against your

I slide down a little bit and pull you to your knees, sliding my hand
between your legs and into your rapidly moistening pussy. You catch your
breath as my fingers find your clit and your spot, and you push back
against me, ready for me to slide my cock deep inside your pussy from
behind. As we fuck that way, slowly at first then faster and faster, I
reach around and cup your breasts, feeling your nipples tighten in my

Our breathing gets more and more ragged until all of a sudden, almost
without warning, we both explode in an amazing orgasm!! We fall together
on the bed, catching our breath before cuddling up and together falling
into a deep restful nap ...

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