Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Late Night Out...

Ah, the life of a volunteer EMT. Getting up in the middle of the night,
going out in the cold to take someone to the hospital. Someone who should
have known enough to go to the hospital yesterday afternoon when it wasn't
cold and dark out. I get called out so often, my wife doesn't even hear the
pager anymore, and most mornings, doesn't realize I was out. Sounds like
I'm bitching, right? No way, cuz this means I get to see Tony.

I'm 30, tall and thin, and working on the muscular part. I'm married, and
my wife knows I have a wandering eye, but not that it wanders around both
the men's and ladies locker rooms. We live in the boonies, so my only time
away from home and the wife recently has been to spend time in the back of
the ambulance.

Tony is one of the guys on my regular crew, a volunteer like me. He's about
3 years older than me, and is a physical god. Originally from down south,
Tony is my height, but goes about 195# to my 165# - and he's all muscle.
I've thought Tony was beautiful since we first met, but a couple of things
happened over the years that really sealed the deal.

First, I taught a class at the local gym for some of our EMTs, practicing
water rescue. Tony was one of the instructors, and we finished cleaning up
after the students had finished showering. We had the place to ourselves,
and he stripped of his very nice swimsuit and showed off his very nice
ass. I was already soaped up, not hiding what I had, but he was really
showing off. He took his time with his back to the showerhead and his
gorgeous cock swinging toward the rest of the shower room - and of course
me thinking he's straight, and ready to kill me if I make a move.

That's why I was amazed to hear from a cute gal at the fire station that
she was really bummed. Why? Well she had taken Tony out clubbing after way
too many drinks at an out-of-town conference. I spent most of my night
feeding her those drinks, flirting and went to bed alone. Found out the
next morning that she had closed the bar, gone back to her room, and then
called Tony up to go out. They went dancing, she tried to get him back to
her room (her husband not being on the trip), and that's when he dropped
the bomb. Would she go to just one more club?

Off they went to their last club of the night - Tony took her to a gay club
and hooked up with the best looking stud in the room. She came back to the
hotel very drunk, very horny, and between blowing and fucking me, blurted
out that Tony was gay and had teased her all night and then taken a big
beautiful muscle stud home without her.

I banged her hard that night, got up the next morning for the conference,
and tucked away that little tidbit about Tony.

How I wished I'd learned Tony was gay before we showered off that day in
the gym. I'd have definitely made a move - the man was ripped, hung, and
what I thought was just 'friendly' was actually 'interested'. I'm such a

A couple years later, I found myself with an opening on my crew, and Tony
had some free time. Two phone calls later, Tony's on my crew and I'm
actually looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night for a
call. We have always been good friends, but it's different now. Everybody
used to bail out as soon as we got back from a call, heading for home and
bed. The rest of the crew still does, but Tony hangs around for awhile,
shooting the bull and watching TV. We crash on the couch in the crew room,
turn on something late-night, and grab a soda. Sometimes we play a game of
pool, or use the exercise room in the station. Working up a sweat is always
the best, as it leads to some clothes coming off, and Tony's bare chest
really gets me going.

This goes on for a couple of months until 'the night'.

We get called out around 10:30 for an intoxicated female, a 19 year old
hottie who has had entirely too much to drink. She had passed out, so we
took her to the hospital. During the ride to the hospital, she leans over
to Tony, and in a stage whisper asks if he'd like her to suck him off. He
smiled, thanked her for the offer, and told her she wasn't his type. I
cocked an eyebrow in his direction, and he smiled and winked. I smiled
back, and that was the end of it, until we got back to the station and he
asked if I wanted to watch some TV. Of course I did!

We went into the break room, snapped on the tube, and settled in on the
couch. He asked for the DVD remote, which I didn't think much of, until he
pressed play. The opening titles of a porn video started, and I'm wondering
which shelf at the video store this came from - straight, gay or bi?

Sure enough, Tony's feeling frisky from the offer the girl made on the
call, and stretches out on the couch, showing off a nice semi hard cock
running down his left thigh, outlined very clearly through his running

I asked if he'd like something to drink, and almost ran to the fridge for
the sodas. As I came back into the darkened room, the guys on the screen
were just getting into it. I looked over the back of the couch, and saw
Tony rubbing his cock through his pants. I almost dropped the sodas.

As the opening scene progressed, I was frozen in place. The guys on the
screen, both about my age and very muscular, were in a workout room. They
both wore running pants, and the darker haired guy had on a tank top, the
other was bare chested. As I watched, they started to kiss. I'm a porn nut,
but rarely do I see porn stars kissing. Generally, they might kiss for a
few seconds, then somebody's getting a blowjob. Not these two. They stand
next to a treadmill, and the dark haired guy leans his buddy up against the

I'm paying complete attention to what's happening on the screen as Tony
reaches from behind me and takes the sodas from my hands.

I snap back to reality as I realize that I'm alone in the station with a
guy whom I idolize, who's sporting a very nice semi, and we're watching gay

I mumble something about having to get home, and Tony turns back toward
me. As he grasps my forearms, my mouth falls open in surprise. And he
kisses me. Not a peck on the cheek, not a sly "is this okay?" kiss, but a
full-on, open mouth, tongue exploring my mouth, hand on the back of my
head, letting me know who is in control kiss.

I start to pull away, but find myself sliding my tongue past his teeth, and
he tastes wonderful. I inhale as I smell him, noticing a little sweatiness,
a little cologne from the day before. God, he smells good.

Reality kicks back in as a neighboring town is paged out for a call - a car
wreck. Our time alone is about to end, as our neighbors call for our
rig. Tony's pressing up against me, and I can feel his hand sliding along
the outside of my jeans, rubbing my cock against his thigh and his now-firm
dick. This can't end like this - We can't be interrupted. But if we
continue, the other crew will be coming through this room as they arrive
for the call, and in only a couple of minutes.

I am not a prude, far from it. I desperately want to finish this, and from
Tony's firm kissing and rubbing, I can tell he's not interested in hearing

Tony's been single for as long as I've known him, occasionally having
'house guests' for a weekend (lucky bastards), but he lives just outside of
town in a very nice place - secluded, neighbors far enough away that if I
scream later, they won't hear. I'll scream later, I decide as we head for
my car. Better to not be here when the next crew shows up. On the way out
the door, I grab the DVD, just in case the next crew gets bored. As I slip
the jewel case into my pocket, I note Tony's initials on the case, and look
up to see his guilty grin.

I've been set up, and just hope to be able to finish this properly before I
have to be at work in 8 hours.

Back at Tony's place, I parked the car while he went to unlock the door. He
met me at the door with a tumbler of something. I'm not much of a drinker -
getting the gal drunk at the conference was one of my biggest drinking
nights yet, and that was just wine. I was pretty sure Tony was offering the
hard stuff, in more ways than one. Thankfully, this wasn't our night on
call, so getting a little drunk wasn't a problem. As I sipped at my drink,
he swallowed his down and led me over to the bar in the corner of the
living room for a refill. He topped mine up, made another for himself, and
asked if I'd brought the DVD.

After popping it into the player, he asked if I'd like to make myself more
comfortable. I gladly peeled off my sweatshirt, leaving me in a t-shirt and
jeans. He started the movie back up, and settled into the huge brown
leather sofa, kicking his feet up onto the coffee table and stretching
out. My eyes were glued to those running pants, his usual under armour
brand stuff. There on his left leg was his cock, clearly outlined. In the
dim lighting, I noticed he was watching me as I watched his cock. With a
slow lick of his lips, he pulled me down next to him, and we were right
back where we left off. His mouth tasted great - that same bit of sweat, a
little cologne, and now some really old scotch. We kissed for what seemed
like hours, stopping occasionally for a drink, and passing our drinks back
and forth from mouth to mouth.

After a while, we both noticed that the guys on the DVD had progressed from
kissing, and were working their way toward being very naked. Without
missing a beat, Tony slid my shirt over my head, and I was untying his
runners. Sliding clothes off left and right, I slipped out of my shoes,
socks and jeans.

As I started to stand up, I came face to face with Tony's under armour
boxer briefs - the short ones that they don't put in the catalogs.

The bulge was undeniable, huge, throbbing, and right at the level of my

Strong arms caught the tops of my shoulders as Tony stood before me,
pushing me back to my knees. Uh-oh.

I told you at the beginning, I had a wandering eye. My dick's wandered a
time or two. At that conference, the drunk chick wanted me, I wanted her,
and it happened. In college, a cute male friend got a little out of hand,
wrestled around in my dorm room, and ended up sucking me off. He wanted
more, I wasn't sure what I was into at the time, and we parted ways. Other
than that, I'd been bi/gay-curious, but very interested. Right until the
very second that Tony pushed me to the floor, I didn't know how I'd react
if I were in this situation.

As his thumbs caught in the waistband of his boxers, I knew.

Tony's hands pulled his very tight boxer briefs off his hips, past the
short, trimmed patch of pubic hair, past the base of his heavy cock, free
of his balls, over his thighs and knees, and dropped them at his feet. A
practiced flick of his toe sent them across the room. He had done this
before, and I was about to get an education.

He took a half step toward me, and I noticed something I hadn't seen in the
shower so many months before. His balls hung down almost 5 inches, and were
the size of lemons. They were shaved, as was most of his groin, except for
the small patch atop his cock. His hand pulled his cock off to one side,
and I took one of his balls in my mouth. It was smooth, soft, and the more
I sucked, the more he groaned. I alternated to his other nut, as they were
too big to suck on together, one was a mouthful. I love the soft, hairless
skin as it slid along my tongue, and he sighed as I made a o-shape with my
mouth and pulled back, sucking his nut until it fell from my lips.

Looking up to meet his eyes, I knew it was showtime. This was further than
I'd ever gone, but Tony being a close friend, and the booze bubbling
through my system, I knew this was it. I could walk away, wondering forever
if I'd made the right choice, or I could dive in and change my life. I

Tony held his cock in his left hand, and gently put his right on the top of
my head. Slowly, he steered my open mouth toward his waiting cock head. His
cock wasn't the biggest I'd ever seen - I'm a porn nut, remember? At that
moment, as his head passed my teeth and headed for the back of my throat,
it was the largest cock in the world. Still soft, it pressed my tongue to
the floor of my mouth, pulled my jaw down, and pressed firmly against the
back of my mouth. A glance down past my nose confirmed what I feared - I
only had the head in my mouth, and there was still a lot of cock to
go. Ever so gently, Tony backed away from me, but kept his hand on my head,
bringing me to my hands and knees. He sat on the edge of the couch as I
knelt before him, and slowly slid his cock head in and out of my
mouth. After 10 minutes or so of slowly fucking my mouth, he brought me to
his lips for a kiss. As soon as I made contact with his soft lips, he fed
me the remaining scotch from both of our glasses, sliding his tongue into
my mouth as he shot it into my mouth. He whispered that the next mouthful I
got would be creamy - if that was what I wanted. Nodding yes, I settled
back to my hands and knees and slid his cock back into my mouth, mingling
it's sweet and salty flavors with the scotch. Swallowing hard, I noticed
the taste of precum as it crossed my tongue.

Sliding his cock past my lips, I noticed that Tony was getting quite hard
and the veins on the bottom of his shaft were huge. I glanced up toward
Tony's face, appreciating every inch of his hard body as my eyes slid
upward. His nipples were dark and rigid, his hairless chest was tight and
solid, and his neck veins bulged as he tipped his head down to look into my
eyes. Without saying a word, he grasped both sides of my head, and slowly
slid his cock to the back of my mouth. Telling me to relax and take a deep
breath, he slid his still-flexible cock past my tongue, and deep into my

I felt his fingers on my throat as he whispered that he could feel his cock
through the skin of my neck. He held his cock there for what seemed like
forever. My mind spun, the room wobbled, and I began to see stars. I looked
up to Tony's eyes, my mind screaming for air as he held his cock in my
throat with two strong hands. I was crying, starving for air. He smiled and
asked if I trusted him. Trusted him? Was he crazy? He was snuffing the life
out of me with his cock. I'm not sure trust fit in here.

Slowly, Tony tensed his cock in my throat. I could feel his shaft growing
in my throat as I neared unconsciousness. As he relaxed, he slowly slid his
cock back enough to allow me a breath - but only one. As I sucked in a huge
breath of air, he followed it with his now rigid cock, a cock that seemed
to have doubled in size since it's last plunge past my lips. He held my
head as I struggled to swallow his shaft, finally releasing me as I again
nearly passed out. I collapsed on the floor, spent.

Tony reached down, lifting me back to me knees. He gently fed me his
cockhead again, slowly fucking it in and out of my mouth, unable to go as
deep as he had before. I finally had a chance to catch my breath, and got
back into the job at hand. My head was spinning - had that been some kind
of test?

I slobbered my way down half of Tony's cock, slurping at his now-purple
cockhead as it popped from my lips. I was naked, in another man's house,
and it was after midnight. What were his plans for me? And then, as his
cock took another plunge into my mouth, I flashed back to an email
conversation from last year. I had taken a shift for him, and he had
offered to make it up to me, however I wanted - I'd replied that he could
surprise me, I was versatile. I knew exactly what I'd said when I said it,
but he had laughed and said he could tell me stories about versatility. In
that instant, I knew he was planning to fuck me.

I was no anal virgin - a girlfriend in college had a thing for being tied
up and sometimes doing the tying. She had been my first, and we dated for
about 6 months. I went from total virgin to kinky in about 2 weeks. She was
the reason I flunked Chem 200 the first time - she sat in the back row
across the aisle from me, and would tease with a little cleavage, or a
quick peek of silky panties. We were in bed after our first date, and Chem
became the least of my worries. She was into everything - nothing was taboo
or too wild for her. I asked her if she was into piercings, she came by the
dorm later that day to show me her new nipple rings. I asked if she had
ever been fucked in the ass, she came by later with a buttplug already in
and a new bottle of lube. After the first two weeks, things got a little
out of hand. I shaved her pussy, she tied me down and shaved my nuts. Get
the picture? She was into everything, but also liked to hand some of it out

That's how I lost my cherry.

One day after class, I came back to the dorm, intent on getting a paper
finished up. My roommate was out of town, at some convention for a week. I
opened my dorm room door to find her sitting on the desk, fingering her
brand new clit ring. Paper, school, homework, finals - all of it left my
head. Two minutes later I'm kneeling in front of her, eating her pussy, and
noticing the buttplug is back in. She looks my way with a devilish grin,
and asks if I trust her. Yes ma'am, you're the one with the pussy, duh.

I found myself handcuffed to my steel bedframe about two minutes after
that. I was kneeling on the bed, with my ankles cuffed to the side of the
bed, my hands cuffed off to either side, and her feeding me her pussy over
the footboard. I was just getting into it when she walked behind me, and I
felt a cool sensation in my asscrack. She lubed me up before sliding the
warm buttplug out of her ass and slipping it into mine. The lube was
nice. The part that wasn't so nice was that she inserted the largest
buttplug I'd seen to that point. She'd been working her way up, apparently.

The plug penetrated my ass, and as I started to moan, the ball gag slid
into my mouth and was tied firmly behind my head. She spent that afternoon
fucking my ass with various sized dildos, only showing them to me after
sliding them out of my ass. She left me hogtied for most of the day,
stretching my ass gradually, and keeping me wound up so long that after
awhile, I looked forward to the next intrusion. I eventually got untied,
and we spent the rest of the weekend in bed. I willingly took a dildo
anytime she asked after that. She never did let me down.

So when Tony got that look in his eye, I wasn't really scared, I was
excited. It had been awhile since I'd played with my ass, another little
something my wife didn't know about. I knew I was going to be tight, but I
also knew that since I'd broken up with the college girlfriend, she and I
had gotten together a few times. And every time she brought a new, bigger
dildo to ream me with. To say I was a size queen was an understatement.

She'd asked once or twice if I'd let her new boyfriend fuck me. She showed
me pictures, said he was hung like a horse, said he'd be gentle. That never
happened, and now I was faced with my first live cock, and a horny stud who
was ready to fuck me with it.

Tony took my hand, and walked me to a side room. Past the threshold was the
largest bathroom I'd ever seen. The tile shower was easily 6 feet square,
with 4 shower heads and a bench. Tony reached into a cabinet, bringing out
a large bottle of lube, and walked me to the shower. Kissing me slowly, he
reached for the controls, and suddenly we were warm, wet, and the room was
starting to steam up. He pressed me against the glass wall, kissing and
tonguing my mouth as his hand found my cock. Slowly, he started to slide
his palm up and down my shaft, and I started to get dizzy again. Was it the
booze? Had he slipped me something? Or was I just really into this?

Slowly I moved with him as we went to the shower bench. The warm water had
me feeling drowsy, and I felt like I was in a fog as he sat down on the
bench and I knelt before his cock again. Feeding me inch after inch, Tony
gently leaned forward, lubing up a finger as he slid it into my tight
ass. He hesitated as he passed my sphincter ring, and I snuggled back
against his hand, embedding him deeper into me. God this felt good!

Tony carefully slid a second finger alongside the first, and I pushed back
against it too, taking it in easily. As he slid the third finger in, I felt
just a twinge of pain, quickly replaced by warm feelings as I worked at
swallowing his cock deeper. He worked his fingers in and out of my ass,
adding more lube until they slid freely. Sliding his fingers out, he
reached under my arms and guided me to a standing position. Sliding his
muscular ass toward the edge of the bench, he turned me away from him, and
guided me down until I was almost in his lap.

I felt his cockhead throbbing at my sphincter ring, and half expected him
to thrust up into me. Instead, he waited. I looked over my shoulder into
his eyes and sat down with my full weight. I could feel his cock break
through my ring, forcing it's way up inside. It was so big, and felt so
different from my previous experiences with toys.

His cock was alive, moving inside me, warm, and hard.

Sliding down his shaft, I could feel him filling me up as he groaned into
my ear. Seemed like he was into this too. I settled at the base of his
shaft, with all of his length firmly inside of me. Turning my head to face
him, he kissed me deeply and asked if he could fuck me. A mile of thoughts
ran through my mind in an instant. I couldn't say anything as the hot water
rained down on the two of us. I simply nodded.

He slid his arms under my own limp ones, lifting me almost off his shaft,
before thrusting us back together. Each time he impaled me on his shaft, I
found myself grunting and moaning. Finally, we found our way back to our
feet, and he leaned me up against the thick glass wall. Pressing my
shoulders against the wall, Tony fucked me from behind with such force I
was sure the glass would break. Heaving against me, he drove his hard shaft
deep inside of me over and over. I'd have fallen down if my shoulders
hadn't been pressed to the wall.

After what seemed like hours, Tony lifted me up, still impaled on his
cock. His muscular arms carried me back to the bench, his cock sliding out
of my ass, where he placed me on my back before kneeling in front of
me. Pulling me towards him, my ass hung defenseless over the edge of the
low bench. Tony's head pressed against what was left of my ring, pushing up
into me as he slid back into tight hole. As he held my legs out to my
sides, I understand why past girlfriends hadn't liked this position
much. The person on the bottom has no control over how deep the top fucks
them. They are simply along for the ride.

Tony slid easily into my ass, leaning forward to nip and suck my nipples as
he hunched his abs forward, lifting me almost off the bench with each
thrust. Pain quickly brought tears to my eyes as he ruthlessly fucked me,
less concerned about what I needed or felt and mostly concerned with
getting himself off.

He grinned at me as I felt his cock begin to tense. I had lost all sense of
time and place as I felt him start to cum. All thoughts of safe sex were
gone from my mind as he pumped his hot load deep into my greedy ass.

Leaning in to kiss me, his still hard cock in my ass, he asked if I was in
the mood to return the favor. Fucking men, I thought - I'm not even over
the last orgasm and he's ready to go again.

I assured him that I would return the favor, but that I'd have to get some
feeling back in my legs. He slid his now-soft cock from my ass with a
little 'pop', stood and began to shower. I laid on the bench for a few
minutes before slowly finding my feet and rinsing off. The hot water and
booze had started to take it's toll as I stumbled out of the shower,
wrapped a towel around my waist and was led to the bedroom.

Tony opened the door, revealing a king sized bed with fresh sheets. All I
could think about at that moment was sleep, but Tony pulled me to him,
kissing me deeply. Does this guy ever quit?

Sliding his hand across my chest, I half expected to be pushed to the floor
again. Instead, Tony walked me to the bed, sliding my towel from my smooth,
but sore, behind. Laying down next to me, he kissed me again as his
muscular hand found my cock. Kissing his way down my neck, he sucked on my
nipples as his hand slid up and down my hardening shaft. Gently kissing his
way past my navel, he ran his nose through the few pubes I don't shave off.

I've hated the feel of pubic hair for years, but only started shaving it a
couple of years ago. A hot shower, a bottle of shave secret and a mach3 and
I'm as smooth as can be in a few passes. It feels great when the wife goes
down on me, and lets me freeball if I want without getting hair caught in
the zipper. I've always left a small patch just below my waistband, but
from there down, I'm smooth.

Tony noticed this as he approached my hard shaft. As I had, he spent some
time with my nuts first, sucking one at a time into his mouth. The
anticipation of what was to come was killing me, but Tony took his time
anyway. Finally, he took my cock head into his mouth and put his amazing
tongue to work. Licking and sucking his way around my shaft, he gradually
took most of my shaft into his mouth. I could feel my head hitting the back
of his throat as he worked on it, and noticed he was pacing his breathing
as he worked past his gag reflex. I didn't need to force him to swallow it
all, he was more than capable.

A gentle tug at his towel brought his eyes to mine, as I nudged him beside
me on the bed. Moments later, I found myself on top of a 69, with Tony
fingering my freshly fucked ass as he swallowed my cock. The feel of his
chin stubble against my bare belly was hot, but not as hot as seeing my
nuts resting over the bridge of his nose.

His cock smelled like sweat, and tasted slightly sweet as I settled in to
sucking it again. I found myself competing with Tony to see who could drive
the other crazier. Reaching to the bedside, I found the bottle of lube,
which I used on a few fingers as he worked on my cock. He spread his legs
as I slid one, then two fingers into his waiting ass, all while keeping his
cock in my mouth. I worked the fingers in past the second knuckle, slowly
working them around as I slobbered on his cock head. He was moaning now,
and his cock was getting very hard. Could he come again so fast?

I felt that firm hand again on my neck as he began to tense. Pressing my
head down onto his cock, Tony began to cum in spurts, filling my mouth and
forcing me to let him slide out to make room for his load. Swallowing hard,
I felt his warm fluids as they were pushed down my throat. Still with a
mouthful, I slid off of Tony and kissed him, sharing his fluids with him as
he had shared the booze with me. Cuddling up against me, he kissed me
deeply, and I could feel his cum rolling between our mouths.

Slowly, I pushed Tony away and onto his chest, leaving his cute bubble butt
facing skyward. Straddling his strong thighs, and then pushing them apart,
I found his tight hole at the top of his very muscular legs. Adding a
little more lube to my hard cock, I pressed my head against his waiting
opening. I waited for his approval, which I quickly received as he pressed
himself back onto my waiting shaft. Sliding in, I noticed how tight Tony
was - he was clenching his ring against my cock. This was not his first
time. I slid my shaft in until I felt my balls slap against his ass. This
felt amazing!

Gently at first, I started to fuck Tony from behind. Finding that he was
too low on the bed, I reached down and lifted him to a kneeling position, a
perfect angle to fuck his tight ass. As I increased my pace, he began to
moan, then mumble. Fucking him harder now, he started to howl as I thrust
my cock deep inside of him. I felt powerful drawing that response from so
powerful a man.

After the night we'd had, I have to say I didn't last too long. I kept
fucking Tony as he moaned, and as he started to howl, I joined in. Feeling
my balls slapping his ass as I drove my cock deep into Tony's ass really
got me going, and before I knew it, I dumped my load deep inside of him. I
stayed inside of him for a moment until he surprised me by turning and
taking my cock into his mouth. Sucking me deeply, Tony brought me back from
almost soft to hard in under a minute. I've cum twice in a night before,
but never that fast. He swallowed every drop as I pushed my shaft down his
throat, holding his head tight to my belly.

Cleaning my cock with his tongue, he kissed me again as we curled up in the
bed. I glanced over at the clock to find it was only 3am - plenty of time
to cuddle, get cleaned up and still make it to work. I drifted off to sleep
with that thought and the feel of Tony's warm abs pressed against my back.

Of course when I awoke 4 hours later with a sore ass and a foggy head, Tony
had other ideas....

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