Thursday, May 14, 2009

Housecalls 2

Patty and Delia had a pleasant lunch in the chic caf� across the street
from the Bogdan and Associates offices. Getting down to business brought
Patty's raging horniness under control; the hum from her womanhood was
still there, but it was muted.

The CEO filled her in on what she'd be doing,

"This new client - Independent Life - had a major shake up at the top and
suddenly went on a selling spree. They sold so many policies that they
completely swamped their own medical department. Now they've got all these
contracts in limbo because the coverage can't go into effect until the
medicals are done" Delia explained between mouthfuls of her luncheon
salad. "'course they could give a rats ass about the coverage going into
effect, but they can't collect premiums until its finalized, and that they
very much do care about."

"That's it... that's the reason I you hired me... to do physicals for life
insurance policies" Patricia paused before inserting a forkful of her own

"No..." the Halle Berry look alike said dabbing her mouth with her napkin
"there's a lot of other stuff car accident assessments, even some
government work but ILI is the problem at the moment. With both of us
working on it, it'll take us a month to clear the backlog."

Delia was munching her greens and looking pensive. Washing down her last
bite with a sip of water she said,

"Once we're on top of this crisis I want to get you to take over my routine
stuff so I can go out and hustle more business."

Patty was impressed with the creamy chocolate skinned woman's drive.

`Without help she can't cover what she's got... and yet the second thing on
her mind is to go out and get more.'

Delia paid the cheque and they waited for a break in the traffic to cross
the busy thoroughfare.

"When we get back in the office I want to go over ILI's physical exam
protocols with you. They're... uh, excessive..." she informed as they both
broke into a trot between the speeding traffic.

Acquiring the safety of the opposite sidewalk she continued as they made
for the front of the building,

"That's one of the reasons they can't keep up... their qualification
physicals are overly thorough, so they take quite a while to do. I wonder
how many of their new customer's would have signed the contract if they'd
realized up front what they were in for."

In the elevator for the short ride to the fourth floor missus Bogdan
watched the lighted numbers above the door.

"I'll be paying you a hundred dollars per exam... I'm counting on you being
able to do four a day; five would be better." Delia announced stepping out
at their floor.

Patty was doing the math. `Four hundred a day times five days... two
thousand a week, gross' her heart leapt.

The gross on her hospital pay-cheque was barely over a thousand. `That's
what she said... double!'

She didn't extrapolate to realize that it would catapult her into a six
figure annual income. Just as well; she already felt as though her feet
weren't touching the ground.

The curvy brunette was close on her boss's heels when they passed the
reception desk where Jenny was busily updating some database or
other. Without breaking stride Delia informed her office assistant,

"Gonna need you to play patient in about fifteen minutes."

Patty caught the young woman's reaction which she interpreted as some mix
of fear and nervous surprise. She was wrong. The expression signified

"Ah good" the CEO said seeing the black cases on her desk. "This is your
lap top and PDA. All the customer forms and links are preloaded. With the
remote access card in there you can file your reports really fast and
easy... no homework, yeah!"

They both laughed as missus Bogdan unzipped the case and spent the next
half hour introducing her contract nurse to the electronic tools.

"OK we better get on with the ILI protocols... Jenny's probably having a
bird by now."

Out of the corner office they turned left at the reception desk,

"OK honey we're ready now" Delia whispered as they passed by on the way
down the hall where the compact little redhead had gone for the coffee five
or six hours ago.

"Should I... uh, lock the door" the receptionist asked. The quaver in her
voice made Patty look back over her shoulder to see that `deer in the
headlights' look.

"Of course... silly" the boss answered without looking back.

The first door they passed was a room with a counter sink, fridge,
microwave and coffee maker. The next door was closed but the sign attached
at eye level said EXAM 1 in white engraved on black. The door on the
opposite side of the hall had a similar sign which read EXAM 2. The elegant
looking woman in the expensive pant suit preceded the shorter curvier one,
in the K-Mart outfit, into the cramped space.

The room was a typical medical examination room practically identical to
the dozens the seasoned nurse had been it before. The official examination
table occupied one wall; one wall was a window the third wall had a counter
with a sink similar to the one in the coffee room.

It wouldn't have been cramped except that, for some reason, a large portion
of the available floor space in the middle was occupied by a three-quarter
bed like you'd find in tens of thousands of bedrooms all over the
country. Delia anticipated her trainee's puzzlement.

"You're... we're going to be doing these exams in people's homes."

As she was explaining the reason for the bed Jenny slipped through the door
and closed it behind her.

"The procedures we use have to be developed with the appropriate... uh,
furniture." Patricia still didn't really understand but she was hoping to
catch on as the demonstration�or whatever it was�continued.

"Jenny's going to pretend to be the policy applicant. We'll do this like
role playing so you can get a better idea of how to proceed right from the
start. She's a pretty good little actress" Delia complimented looking at
her girl-Friday.

The little redhead grinned in appreciation and Patty thought she looked a
lot more relaxed now.

"I'm afraid of loosing her to some sharp Hollywood producer," the woman in
charge of the play acting quipped causing them all to chuckle.

"You mean you've done this before?" Patty queried.

"Yeah, the medical team at ILI wanted to approve the procedure and
techniques before they'd agree to sub-ing the work to us... I told you they
were pretty anal. They sent over two of their doctors and we did a little
floor show for them... didn't we sweetheart," Delia answered looking to her
assistant for verification.

The young woman in the blue print silk dress was nodding and grinning, but
it was the wink they exchanged that struck the nurse contractor as odd.

"I am going to go through the whole process just as though I've just
arrived at Jenny's... uh, miz Wells' home to do the physical. Miz Wells
will give some of the typical reactions I've seen. I'll break out of
character from time to time to fill in important information; like a

Delia picked up a stack of papers from the counter and handed them to
Patty. "These are the basic requirements and categories... the script; sort

Patricia was thinking this was unnecessary,

`I've done lots of physicals... I don't think I need to watch anyone
play-act one out; but it's an interesting orientation.'

She ran her eye down the first page of the examination observations
form. Standard stuff; eyes, ears, throat, heart, blood pressure each had
its own section for numeric results and observations.

Flipping the page her eyes got wide and she realized she was holding her
breath. Page two was divided in half. The top section was headed `Females'
and the bottom had the heading `Males'. The first subsection under female
was breast exam, the second one, the one that caused the complacent nurse
to take notice was the pelvic exam.

`A breast and a pelvic exam as part of an in home insurance physical' Patty
was shocked. She recalled what Delia had said `I wonder how many of their
clients would have signed up if they'd known what they were in for.'

Patty's eyes were still on the page although she could no longer actually
make out the print. It hit home that she would to be going door to door
doing the most intimate examinations possible. The idea sent a thrill to
her dormant pussy, reawakening the pounding need that the seamstress had
conjured. Given her recent proclivity to get aroused by the suggestion of
anything sexy she was not sure her training in maintaining professional
detachment was going to work. Her turbulent thoughts were cut short by her
boss's voice.

"Obviously the applicant will be expecting me; Jenny sets up the
appointments." She turned to the petit redheaded receptionist and started
the role playing.

"Hello miz Wells" she said extending her hand "My name is Delia Bogdan and
I represent the Independent Life Insurance Company" they shook hands.

In an aside Bogdan's CEO said "Of course you have to envision this part
taking place at the front door."

Turning back to the woman in the blue silk dress she continued.

"I'm here to do the physical examination required to qualify for the life
insurance coverage you've applied for."

"Yes, I've been expecting you" Jenny responded.

Patty was impressed to see that nervous expression on the petit
receptionist's face again. She really is a good actress the contract nurse

"We usually find that a bedroom is the most appropriate location to conduct
the exam."

Jenny stood there slack jawed and didn't say anything.

"Can we go up to your bedroom?" Delia prompted.

"Uh... yeah uh, I guess..." the receptionist replied and then mimed
climbing stairs. Both nurses laughed at the rather comical addition to the
role playing scene. Jenny suppressed her smirk as she provided a
punctuation point,

"Here we are;" she said waving her hand over the obstructive three-quarter
bed that took up most of the examination room's floor space.

"This shouldn't take too long" the role playing nurse comforted. "Please
take your dress off for me."

The words hit Patty's crotch like a firm slap. She had to clear her throat
to cover the resulting groan. She recalled her arrival this morning and how
the firm round buns displayed under the dress had gotten her going; now she
was gonna...

"Do I really have to get undressed?" Jenny said in a pathetic voice with an
anxious, almost panicked look on her face.

Patty realized it was the same look she'd seen on the young woman's face
when Delia had originally informed her that there was a performance

"Well if you want the insurance coverage, then yes you will have to
disrobe" missus Bogdan said firmly.

The little redhead heaved a big sigh and pulled the neck of her dress up so
she could pull the zipper down far enough. Reversing her hands and reaching
up her back she accomplished the awkward maneuver of lowering the zipper to
its lowest point right about at the top of the hills that piqued the
contract nurse's interest. The receptionist, pretending to be a patient,
hesitated just a moment longer, as if steeling herself for the
exposure. Then she grasped the soft thin fabric over her hips with crossed
arms and raised it over her head.

Patty's eyes were glued to the receptionist's pelvic region as the blue
silk ascended. The movement was quick, but it seemed to be in slow motion
to the curvy brunette who was now gripping the edge of the counter hard
enough to turn her knuckles white.

The pale blue see through panties came into view as the hem of the dress
cleared the redhead's waist. The round globes of her ass cheeks appeared to
be stained a light blue encased in the tight bikinis. The high riding
hemispheres made her shapely legs look much longer than they were; the
shadow of the cleft between them was clearly visible. When the dress was
completely off, over her head, the role playing patient stood there holding
it at her side.

Patty had to force her eyes to leave the fantastic bum that was all she had
imagined it would be. Delia took the dress from the girl's hand and draped
it over the low head board of the out of place bed.

During the removal of the dress the black nurse had hung the question mark
shaped ear tubes of a stethoscope around her neck. After relieving Jenny of
her dress she gripped the skinny upper arms of her patient and turned her
so they were squarely face to face. The new position gave Patty a profile
view of the redhead's plump little tits. The small, high and very firm
looking the mounds were painted the identical shade of blue as her
bum. From less than ten feet away the contract nurse was able to make out
little nubs poking out against the center of the transparent cups.

For the next couple of minutes Delia moved the flat disc around the girl's
chest, abdomen, and back; occasionally issuing curt commands like `breath
in', `hold it', `deep breath'.

She slipped the scope ear pieces out and took the lighted scope from her
medical bag.

"Open wide" she instructed and used the wooden tongue depressor to examine
the back of her throat.

Patty couldn't quite understand why observing the routine exam procedure
she'd performed herself hundreds of time was making her pussy twitch.

`I've done these exams and I've assisted or chaperoned doctors doing
them... they never got me so worked up before' she contemplated.

`Yeah but you never started off by having fantasies about the patient... or
by having a very attractive French woman tantalize you nearly to the point
of orgasm' she analyzed.

The girl's pink tongue sticking out as Delia inspected the back of her
throat caused a larger than usual tremor between her legs.

`Concentrate!' she commanded her lovin' staved brain and body.

Her boss put the otoscope back in her black bag and applied the blood
pressure cuff. Holding the stethoscope on the artery she pumped the cuff up
and took the reading.

Jenny watched her own arm being squeezed by the airbag to an uncomfortable
level. Releasing the pressure completely, there was a loud ripping sound as
the Velcro was pulled apart. Looking her receptionist (pretending to be a
patient) squarely in the eye she said,

"Remove your bra, please."

Patty didn't think the girl's hazel eyes could get any wider but she was
wrong. Patty was so completely drawn in to the role playing performance
that she didn't even realize that the pathetic, and at the same time
adorable little whimpering sound the redhead made as she awkwardly reached
up behind her back, was for her benefit. When the sheer blue synthetic cups
separated from the pert mounds there was no change in their position
whatsoever. The bra was simply a cover; no support was required.

The next twitch in the curvy brunette nurse's womanhood lingered until it
morphed itself into a throb. Patty shifted uncomfortably as both nurses
ogled the girl's cupcakes with their pale strawberry frosting.

Patty felt her new panties caress her butt cheeks. She'd never owned
expensive lingerie like this before and was coming to the realization that
there was a lot more to it than looks. The soft satin material stroked
large areas of sensitive skin in the lightest most tantalizing way. The
contract nurse resolved to try to stay still; because if she added tactile
to the visual and auditory stimulation she'd be unable to remain standing.

Delia's hands closed over the pale breasts. The contrast of missus Bogdan's
chocolate brown hands on the white slightly freckled flesh was erotic in
itself. Her boss began to squeeze and gently knead the plump little tits
using an examination technique completely unfamiliar to the trainee nurse.

"Have you had your breasts examined before?" the Halle Berry look a like

"Uh... uh, ya... uh�" the girl grunted "but it... it wasn't like
this..." Jenny answered in a breathy whisper.

"This is just to get a feel for the overall texture. I will do the more
conventional exam when you're lying down."

Patty was so focused on the receptionist's chest that she almost missed the
conspiratorial glance from her boss.

`My God is she suggesting that I play with an applicant's tits?' the
question was rhetorical anyway.

Patricia wasn't about to interrupt the demonstration that had become so
real for her. The unprofessional breast massage continued for several long
seconds. For a grand finale Delia dragged her thumb nail over the pebbly
strawberries atop the perfect little boobs extracting a deep moan from her

Delia was keenly interested in her new contractor's reaction to all of
this. There WERE nuances to the examination protocol that she needed to
communicate but she certainly didn't need to go to this extreme; not that
she wasn't enjoying every minute of it.

Miz Wells regularly provided her boss stress relieving sessions but the
redheaded nymph put it in another gear when she had an audience. Delia was

`It wasn't an exaggeration when I said I was afraid of loosing her to a
Hollywood Producer. It wouldn't be Hollywood, but Jenny could be a porn
star overnight if she wanted to.'

The performance was intended to assess Patricia Cornaveau's interest in
girl on girl games; and so far so good. The Bogdan and Associates CEO could
clearly see the arousal on the brunette nurse's face.

`I'm pretty sure Simone gave her a bit of working over... she usually
does. I can't wait to get a debriefing on the fitting session.'

In the meantime she had at least confirmed that the curvy brunette was
curious about the Sapphic love scene.

"OK miz Wells I'd need you to lie down on your bed for me now," Delia
requested releasing the pretty and now quite pink little boobies.

Patty glanced at the receptionist's face and saw a faint grin. When the
ultra petit woman realized her audience was looking at her face her
expression immediately changed back to the concerned almost terrified look
that she could evidently turn on and off.

When the girl was on her back Delia invited her trainee to get
closer. Patty had been standing just inside the door at the end of the
counter top. She now moved beside her boss and basically peered over the
black woman's shoulder as she performed the conventional breast
exam. Applying three fingers of her right hand she began at the outer
perimeter and made tight circles pressing into the firm fleshy mound and
working her way inward toward the stiff looking bright pink nipples. The
clinical and quite proper examination lasted less than a minute per breast.

Missus Bogdan stood up from her rather uncomfortable, back straining
stooped position and said,

"Take your underpants off please."

The black nurse regretted having her student standing behind her because
she'd loved to have seen the expression on her face when the order was
given. Patty was again drawn into the play acting as Jennifer gasped very

"Ugh... why..." the prone girl moaned.

Missus Cornaveau's nipples had been at attention since the young woman had
pulled her dress off but now they felt so hard they were aching. Patty
shifted nervously feeling the satin cups of her expensive new bra gently
caress her tits. That just made it worse.

"I am going to do a pelvic examination" Delia informed her patient. "Have
you had one before?" she continued as she snapped on a pair of latex
examination gloves.

"Ugh... ugh... no," the redhead sobbed convincingly.

Patricia thought she could detect actual tears in the corners of those
large hazel eyes.

"The insurance company requires it as part of a complete female
physical. What I will be doing is taking a close look at your outer
genitals checking for any visible abnormalities; then I will palpate your
labia, that means feel around, to detect any problems that aren't visible;
finally I'll be inserting two fingers in your vagina and feel your pelvic
organs making sure everything is normal in there; and then we're done."

While Delia was providing her succinct description of the examination
process, Patricia's eyes wandered down Jenny's supine little body. When she
arrived at the transparent blue panties a shockwave hammered into her
womanhood and she had to press her thighs together hard to staunch the
sensation. Like the view of her ass, the frontal view was no less arousing.

The young woman's plump and obviously hairless mons appeared to be painted
light blue but otherwise was clearly visible. Not much more than the
beginnings of what looked like a rather demure crease could be seen with
the prone young woman's legs quite close together. The plumpness of the
redhead's mons fascinated the brunette nurse, the way it made the
transparent panties bulge.

"Ugh... ugh... do you have to... uh, touch me down there... and, and even
put your fingers inside?"

Patty tore her eyes from the receptionist's pudendum to look at the
shocked, fearful expression the talented young woman was able to
conjure. There was no doubt anymore, there were definitely teardrops
rolling down toward her ears.

"If I don't complete the examination requirements then your policy
application will be denied... so it's up to you," the black nurse said in a
matter of fact tone while she adjusted and fitted her examination gloves by
knitting her fingers together.

There was a pause. It probably wasn't very long but for the examination
observer it seemed like minutes. She couldn't deny it; she was dying to see
the redhead's pussy.

With a groan of resignation Jenny hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the
diaphanous material and pulled them down. Threading them over her feet she
laid her underwear on the bed beside her. While the girl was stripping off
her panties Delia turned to Patty,

"Make sure you get yourself on the correct side of the bed. You're right
handed aren't you?" her student nodded. "So you need to be on the left side
like I am. Doing the pelvic without a proper table and stirrups is
awkward... thank God they didn't ask for a PAP smear that would have been
really hard."

The CEO of Bogdan and Associates was delighted at the stunned expression on
her contract nurse's face. Patty glanced at her when she spoke but her eyes
darted back to the girl on the bed removing her underwear.

Delia turned back to her play acting patient and said,

"Very good miz Wells. What I need you to do now is put your heels up as
close to your butt as you can with your feet flat on the bed."

Jenny pulled her feet up until her thighs and calves were essentially
vertical, her knees pointed at the ceiling. The black nurse put her right
hip and butt on the bed in the space the young woman's legs had just
vacated. Bending her right knee until her calf was almost underneath her
Delia squared her shoulders with her patient's pelvis.

"This can be quite awkward and potentially embarrassing if you're wearing a
skirt," the seated woman said in an aside.

Running her hands up the outside of naked girl's thighs, when she reached
the top Delia gripped the girl's knees and in her best bedside voice said,

"Now just relax and let your knees fall outward."

Jenny made a pitiful little squeak or sob Patty wasn't sure which. The
nurse in training saw the girl's legs parting and she wondered how much
force her boss was applying. Slowly but surely the bald plump flushed mound
was being exposed. In the end the outsides of the girl's legs were
virtually touching the bed, a tribute to her flexible hips and supple

The slit wasn't quite as demure in this position as it had appeared through
the sheer panties. The bright pink boat shaped gap between the plump outer
lips displayed the girl's very small and delicate inner lips; the inverted
`V' where they joined covered by the extra flap. Her prepuce seemed to have
a little bulge to it and the brunette nurse noticed the wetness that was
glistening under the office fluorescents.

Patty was wondering if there was anyway she could excuse herself to use the
bathroom. She knew very well she couldn't but the thought of how wonderful
it would be to attend to the throbbing that was becoming an ache between
her legs nearly made her swoon.

Delia put her left hand on the top of her girl Friday's mons and pulled up,
while forcing the lips apart with two fingers. The upward and outward
pressure made the breath mint sized clit squeeze out of its hiding place.

The black nurse was running two of the gloved fingers of her right hand
over the exposed and evidently sopping labia. Jenny made a soft wailing
sound as her most personal space was invaded. The gloved fingers contacted
the projecting nubbin at the top, and the girl's hips would surely have
heaved off the bed if it hadn't been for Delia pinning them down with her
left hand.

"Easy honey" the black nurse crooned and began to insert two fingers
between the slick lips. Patty watched the beige latex covered brown fingers
disappear inside the groaning little redhead. The curvy brunette thought
she was going to faint from her arousal.


Tom had done his usual tour of the car dealership on arrival, and then
called his service manager to see when the car for Delia's latest
contractor was going to be ready. Augustus Witherby, cigar chomping Vietnam
vet, boyhood chum of Will Montgomery bit his head off.

Gus was abrasive and had become cantankerous since his friend's death. It
was bad enough that his Service Manager was nasty to him; the majority
partner. But he was just as rude with the paying customers, as often as
not. He was a thorn in Tom's side.

The VP - General Manager and the Sales Manager had done damage control so
many times that it wasn't even a topic for conversation or meetings
anymore. He knew Sid, his Sales Manager, was getting fed up. He didn't want
to loose the only guy he'd been able to find who could fill in the sales
gap left when he'd stopped actively selling.

`How the fuck do ya expect me ta get any repeat business with that asshole
pissing off all our customers. How many new customers do you think I have
to bring in to replace them? And how many potential customers does that
idiot think are out there in this little Berg?' Sid Mills had ranted on him
just last week throwing a hand full of customer complaints across the
office before storming out and winding up at the local watering hole for a
snoot full.

`I can't fire him... he is... was, Will's best friend. He's been here
almost since day one and he has a ten percent share.'

Tom was kneading his brow and running both hands over his shaven head.

`I could give him some kind of executive position... figure head... out of
the loop... but I'd have to find somebody to replace him... how the hell
can I discretely look for a replacement without tipping him off...' no
answer was forth coming.

What was forth coming was the strain on the seams of his boxers. On the
ride to the dealership he'd managed to get his dick settled down; at least
passably so for his morning tour. Now as his thoughts strayed to his
lingerie clad wife asking him when the car would be delivered; her
tantalizing touch also invaded his senses. The demanding member was growing
down the leg of his shorts and straining to acquire room above. The
pressure of the material keeping the pole from achieving its natural
vertical position was getting quite uncomfortable.

`What to do, what to do,' the car dealership owner puzzled.

Trying to get through the rest of the day like this was out of the
question. Could he get his mind on something else and get the situation
under control; like he did coming in this morning? It might be possible but
it would also be an unreliable solution. The slightest stimulus or stray
thought and he'd be hard again; maybe when he wasn't in a good position to
hide it.

`I can't risk it,' he concluded.

Michelle wasn't his secretary; she was the secretary for the
dealership. Being the top dog, he of course could pull rank and have her
drop what she was doing to fulfill his requirement first. His requirement
at the moment had nothing to do with secretarial work but that hadn't fazed
the darling twenty-something before. As a matter of fact the first time it
had been her idea.

`Save it for me... or not it's up to you... I can always make another one,'
his wife's words echoed in his ears.

"Sorry honey," he said under his breath as he pressed Michelle Woznouski's
intercom button.

"Hi mister `B'," she answered immediately.

"Michelle do you have a couple of minutes?"

"For you; of course boss. Do you need me in there?"

"Uh, yeah come in here please" the strain in his voice alerted the
secretary to which of her services were required before she even got up
from her desk.

Miz Woznouski was a cute pixyish imp. When she wore her shoulder length
dark hair in pig-tails she could have passed for sixteen. Skinny with
almost no boobs, she knew her most attractive feature was her high round
bum. She displayed it most days, like she was doing today, in short tight
skirts. She stood in Tom Bogdan's office doorway awaiting instructions.

"Michelle honey... I'm having a hard time here," Tom said using their
transparent code.

The young pixie smiled and pulled the chain on the vertical blind beside
her. The slats of grey material rotated obscuring the General Manager's
office from the hall side.

"I can help you with that," she smiled closing the door.

Tom wheeled his executive chair back until he could reach the chain on the
identical set of strips for the window that overlooked the showroom, as the
exceptionally slender young woman crossed the office. Michelle sunk to her
knees and looked up at her boss with her big dark eyes and said in a pouty

"Did that mean missus `B' get you all worked up this morning?"

Her hands were busy unfastening his belt. Briefly the image of her boss's
spectacular wife flashed in her mind and she felt her pussy twitch in

"Yeah we kinda ran short of time," he replied as the catch at the top of
his black suit pants released and the zipper began to descend.

"Well we can't have you walking around in this state," the kneeling
secretary said in the same pouty voice as she gripped the waistband of his
trousers and boxers together.

Tom was looking at her cute face as she spoke with her lips pursed in an
exaggerated kiss-like pucker.

`If there was ever a mouth made for sucking cock, Michelle had it,' the
dealership owner thought as his pants and shorts moved down his legs.

Lifting his hips, the obstructing clothing reached his knees. He emitted a
grunt as the brown pole sprung skyward.

Tom Bogdan was a big man, in everyway. There has always been speculation
about a man's race, sometimes hands, or feet; even his nose being a
predictor of the size of his penis. The simple fact was that, with some
exceptions, everything was in proportion. At six-foot-five the black man
had a unit that was in proportion to his massive frame.

His secretary pushed the pants all the way to his ankles. Tom spread his
legs to give her access, and the cute little office assistant shuffled
forward on her knees. His manhood was two shades darker than the rest of
his caf�-au-lait colored skin, and the head was a shade or two darker than
that. The effect was that the pole, now almost lying on his flat abdomen up
past his navel, looked like a big round chocolate bar with a licorice ball
on top. To the enthusiastic cocksucker it looked even more delicious than
that. When both tiny white hands lifted his aching member off his belly the
reclining executive didn't try to suppress a pleasure filled groan.

"Oh mister `B', you are in a bad way aren't you?" she said as she began to
gently, with a feather-light touch, run both hands up and down the bumpy

One of her soft little hands could not encompass the girth of the chocolate
love stick but that was OK `cause she had two. Pulling just slightly on the
turgid organ she took just the licorice head in her mouth. Miz Woznouski
felt the tremors in her pussy intensify. She loved the salty musky
taste. It made her mouth water. Still holding the base of his rock hardness
she moved her head down until the plumb sized mushroom shaped licorice ball
was on the back of her tongue.

Tom felt the velvet slipperiness of the inside of the girl's mouth on the
upper third of his member and gripped the arms of his desk
chair�hard. The muscles and sinews in his powerful forearms stood out
like a body builder posing in competition. He gritted his teeth against the
wail of pleasure as his secretary worked the head of his cock around inside
her mouth; rubbing the sensitive glans on the insides of her cheeks and
drawing her tongue along the slit in the end.

Moving her head back she began to apply a little suction. She continued to
pull away until the prod popped out of her mouth bringing with it an
incredible amount of saliva. The spit began to roll down the textured
shaft. Michelle assisted in the distribution by sliding both her hands
slowly up and down. When the black and brown shaft was thoroughly coated
she put the knob back in her mouth and began a rapid rhythmic sucking while
tonguing all around the bulbous head.

`How does she make that much spit,' Tom wondered as he felt his balls

The grunts came from deep in his throat as the pixie's right hand scooped
up his sack. Once again the girl's hand was much too small, but she cradled
his aching nuts and sort of wiggled her fingers, rolling the tender
cumquats around. Her head was moving up and down. On the up stroke she
sucked firmly. On the down stroke she swirled the licorice ball around in
her flooded mouth as she gradually took more and more of her boss's
organ. She could only take about half of it before the satin smooth knob
hit the back of her throat. Each time this happened she swallowed hard to
stifle the gag reflex. The working of her throat muscles provided the car
dealership owner with an electrifying extra pinch on his not so little

The experienced fellati-ist recognized the subtle change in her subject's
twitching and groaning. She applied the knuckles of her ball cradling hand
as hard as she could to the soft spot immediately behind the scrotum. One
final hard upward moving suck, before she plunged down on as much of his
meat as she could. When the black bulb hit the back of her throat this time
she had an additional reason to swallow. The first blast of cream shot out
hitting the back of her throat with surprising force. The second and third
spurts of ejaculate weren't quite as powerful. She continued to grind her
knuckles externally against the spasming prostate while pulling her head
back and sucking as hard as she could.

Tom felt his testicles jerk upward, laying on the kneeling girl's soft
wrist. The pressure she was applying on the repository of his seminal fluid
made the ejaculation more powerful. The aching tightness turned into warm
tingling as his balls discharged their load. He put his head back against
the executive chair and bit his lip to suppress the loud vocalization of
his release that was rising from his core. His vision was blurred and his
body jerked a couple more times as his secretary sat back on her heels;
still holding his slightly drooping member.

"Did that help?" she asked, and then licked the residual leakage from his
softening slit.

"Oh my God honey... you're the best," he sighed.

"Better than missus `B'" she asked impishly as she got to her feet. The car
dealership owner nodded contentedly and then whispered

"But don't tell her."

"We'll see..." the nymph teased and left the office.


Delia lowered her right shoulder to provide the correct angle to reach her
receptionist-patient's cervix. Pushing and poking the rubbery organ feeling
for abnormalities she knew weren't there. The black nurse made sure the
heel of her probing hand pressed directly on the girl's exposed love

The deep wiggling penetration combined with the pressure on her clit became
too much for the excited young woman. Her boss felt the contractions of the
vaginal walls on her gloved fingers.

To Jenny they felt like hot surges flowing up and out from her belly,
washing over the rest of her body. Delia left the relatively insensitive
cervix in favor of pulling up just behind the thrusting young woman's pubic
bone, cocking her hand severely to maintain pressure on the girl's
pulsating clit.

"Ugh,ugh, oh, aaawwwaah..." Jenny wailed and jerked spasmodically as the
intense `G' spot orgasm overwhelmed her.

Bogdan and Associate's CEO felt the warm spurt through the palm of the
latex glove, and the thin fluid trickle down and drip off her fingers while
she continued to massage the firm flesh protecting the girl's urethra.

The spasms subsided to twitches. Delia slowly and gently pulled her fingers
out of her patient and glanced over her shoulder at the contracted
nurse. The look on Patty's face told her all she wanted to know.

"OK miz Wells, we're all done," she put a cap on the exam simulation. "You
can get dressed now."

Jennifer was a little slow to rise but soon picked up speed. Delia busied
herself packing her exam bag back up while Patty just stood there looking
dazed. The receptionist was zipping up her dress when she asked "I have to
pick up printer ink... so can I go now?"

"Sure sweetie," her boss agreed. "Switch the phones over to night service
before you leave."

"OK," the little redhead affirmed as she exited Examination Room 1.

Both nurses watched in appreciation as the pert backside draped on blue
silk sashayed out the door. Missus Bogdan had been carefully suppressing
her own arousal up until now. She let herself acknowledge the heat and
throb between her legs as the exam room door closed. She was in need of
relief and release; badly. Turning to her latest hire she asked,

"Do you think you've got it?"

Patty seemed flabbergasted by the question. She scanned the information
that had managed to penetrate the filter of her extreme arousal. She knew
how to conduct a physical examination. What was different about this one?
The only thing she could think of was the pelvic exam being done on a low
residential style bed. Even that process wasn't much different than
performing it on a patient in a hospital bed; except for having to sit down
because of the height of the surface. After due consideration she finally

"Yeah... uh-huh... I think so." Her hesitant equivocation was not

"Show me what you've learned," Delia said and began unbuttoning her blouse.

NEXT: Patricia has her first lesbian encounter; followed by her first
excursion into voyeurism; followed by her second
girl-on-girl-on-girl. She's a busy woman!

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