Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Neighbor Rob

It was a regular weekend day. We, my partner and I, live in a very
nice neighborhood surrounded by very pleasant and interesting people.

We'd noticed that our neighbors across the street seemed to have a
regular visitor...no, not a visitor. He was obviously living there, with
his own key, etc. Was this a "menage a trois?" We joked about it, but there
seemed to be no point, except chuckling about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I ran into the neighbor taking his dog
out for a walk as was I. The dogs sniffed each other, as dogs will do, but
we didn't. We exchanged greetings and actually said our names and shook
hands. The dogs didn't. They calmly got on with their business.

Rob is a quite attractive guy who'd I'd place in his early
thirties. He's slim and seems to keep fit doing whatever exercise he

"So, is everything going well?" I asked just to be polite.

"Yeah," he answered, "Although I'm worried about something but it's
not something I can talk about."

"Okay," I said, "But I'm a pretty good listener if you need someone
like that. I'd be glad to help." Truth be told, I was just being polite,
although I do have quite a bit of training and experience in counseling and
coaching people. We both smiled and went about our dogs' business, if you
know what I mean. They're both males, by the way, the dogs I mean, and male
dogs need to do their job around the whole neighborhood.

It was a couple of days later when we happened to meet again. Dogs
do need to be walked regularly, as I'm sure you know. This time he smiled
rather broadly.

"You still willing to listen to me?" he asked.

"Sure," I answered, returning the smile. Truth was my partner was
away for the evening at a dog club meeting. He went to the meetings; the
dog didn't.

"Why not come over for a drink after you finishing walking Stag,"
which, by the way, I thought was an odd name for a handsome, black standard
Poodle, but that's another matter. My dog and I finished our walk as well
and when I got home I pulled out a couple of glasses and some booze from
the cabinet.

You have to remember, this guy was a neighbor, not a friend. I knew
he'd separated from his wife (his daughter wasn't in evidence on a regular
basis any more) and the woman he was living with seemed to me to be a
girlfriend. I don't always follow what straight people do. But, tell me,
as I digress, why do straight men who are seeking a second mate seem to
hook up with rather sluttish looking women? I think I know the answer but
I'm not sure that it's valid.

I fixed drinks for both of us when he came over and we sat down in
the family room.

"Are you still upset about the separation?" I asked just to start
things off. He kind of chuckled.

"No, both Gerry and I knew that the time had come and that we
weren't good together any more. That's not the problem. We're still
friends, and our daughter seems to be coping. We both intend to work very
hard to see that she doesn't have problems that way."

"That's very good," I said, "So, what's the problem?"

"Perhaps you've noticed that Carla and I had been having a regular
visitor for awhile?" he asked quietly.

"No, but then I don't usually pay attention to the neighbors'
business." Rob smiled.

"Well, we did, and he is sort of the root of my issues," he said
quietly. I just waited for him to go on.

"I met Carla at work," he said with a slight grin, "And no, we
didn't do anything before Gerry and I separated. But after that, since I
was staying in the house, I invited her over after a date or two and we got
it on, if you will." I just nodded

"One thing led to another and a few months later I asked Carla to
move in. I'd explained that I would have my daughter two weekends a month
and she seemed fine with that. When that happened, in fact, the two of them
seemed to get along fine."

"Then, several months ago, we were out with a group at a bar and
Carla introduced me to Jeremy. She said she'd known him for a number of
months as a friend and it all sounded completely understandable."

"Yes, it does," I said, just to keep the story going.

"Well, about three or four days later, Carla made the outrageous
suggestion that I should invite Jeremy to stay with us in my house. In
response to my question, she gave the most unbelievable answer.

"'I think he can teach us things about pleasing each other,' she'd
said." I confess that I chuckled to myself, albeit quietly.

Rob didn't chuckle and in fact he looked fairly glum.

"Look, I knew I wasn't doing the best I could to satisfy Carla, but
I didn't know what I was doing wrong," he said, very defensively. I quit
chuckling. Rob looked at me very sincerely.

"I surely didn't want to fail a second time...I was willing to try
anything to make sure I was pleasing her."

"So you agreed?" I asked. Rob sat silently and then nodded.

"So, was it terrible?" I asked quietly.

"Well, yes and no and yes and no," Rob said with a smile.

"That's going to take some explaining," I countered and we both

"Let me start by explaining that my first wife was very staid," he
said. "She was strictly missionary, lights off and all that. She was
anything but inventive and most often seemed just to want to get sex over
with." I nodded to let him know I understood.

"What always bothered me with Gerry was that I never knew if I was
satisfying her or not. Carla on the other hand, made a lot of noise and
seemed to get very excited during sex, but I still wasn't sure I was
getting it right."

"And Jeremy?" I asked quietly.

"Ah yes, Jeremy was the complete package; he insisted from the
first that he was bisexual and intended to love and please both of us."

"Wow," I said, not sure what else to say.

We both heard the garage door open as my guy came back from his
meeting. I knew Rob wouldn't talk any more so I suggested that we refresh
our drinks, fix one for Rory and sit on the lanai. I also made Rob promise
to come back later to tell me the rest of the story.

The conversation for the next twenty minutes was rather stilted; we
learned about how well Rob's daughter was doing in school,
etc. etc. etc. You get the picture.

After Rob left, I got sort of the third degree from Rory.

"What was he doing over here anyway? He asked.

"A couple of weeks ago we were talking while we walked the dogs and
he said he needed to talk about something. I offered, and here he was."

"Is it about the guy?" he asked.

"I can't tell you that and you know it," I countered.

He looked at me with a sort of 'I'm not sure whether to be angry or
not' look but I just grinned.

"Remember, babe, counseling is what I do." Then I could see him
relax and calm down.


A week or so later, Rory went out of town on a business trip for
three nights. Knowing it ahead of time, I managed to run into Rob and told
him that I'd be available if he wanted to continue our talk. At first I
thought he looked skeptical, but then he smiled.

"Yeah, I would," he said, "It's still very much on my mind and you
really are a good listener." So I suggested that he come over after he'd
walked his dog on the day Rory was leaving and he nodded and said he'd be
over about six-thirty.

I decided to have an early dinner so as not to add the distraction
of that to our conversation, Rob was right on time and I offered him a
drink, which he accepted. I stuck to ginger ale, which is one of my
favorite things.

"I think I remember where we left off, if you're comfortable
starting from there," I said to begin.

Rob's Story -

"Yes, I think I do remember. I was telling you about what Jeremy
said when we talked about him moving in.

"He and I talked privately, without Carla, I mean, and he told me
that he truly was bisexual. I've never known anyone who claimed to be
bisexual before so I asked him to explain.

"What he said, in a nutshell, was that he got turned on by both men
and women and that he prided himself on being able to satisfy both sexually
when given the opportunity.

"I told him I doubted I could have sex with another man." He
stopped, and then he smiled at me in a lopsided kind of way.

"Don't take that as an offense. I mean, it's generally known that
you and Rory are gay, but I didn't mean anything offensive by what I said."

[I just gestured that he should forget that and get on with his

"You know I have three brothers but I never did anything with any
of them. I'm the oldest so I don't know if the others got playful, but I
never did. I'm five years older than my next younger brother."

["That would make a huge difference, of course," I said quietly,
"If brothers experiment with each other it's usually those who are closer
in age or personality." He smiled to let me know he understood.]

"Anyway, Jeremy said that if I'd just relax he'd prove his point at
the appropriate time. I was still dubious, but since I knew Carla wanted to
do this, I acquiesced. I did say that I'd only go along with it for a month
or so at most though. I mean I wasn't interested in having this being an
open-ended thing. I also told Jeremy that he could only have sex with Carla
when I was present. He shrugged and agreed."

["Very sensible," I said, just to keep him going. I did ask him to
give me his impression of Jeremy physically.]

"I suppose one would say that Jeremy is a nice looking guy. As I'd
learn later, he's also very well built and obviously works out
regularly. He's about an inch shorter than I am in height and a bit more

"Anyway, on the first day he was in the house with us, and by the
way, he had his own bedroom, I had a terrible cold and felt like crap. I
asked Carla to please put off any 'experimentation' until I felt better and
both she and Jeremy agreed and were solicitous about how I was feeling.

"Two days later, I got home from work before Carla but after
Jeremy. As I was changing my clothes to walk the dog, Jeremy stuck his head
in the bedroom doorway and spoke very quietly.

"You feeling better, big guy?" I nodded and said that I was indeed
feeling much better.

"You up for a lesson tonight?" Jeremy asked. I asked just what he

"Well, I think your woman needs some attention and I thought we'd
do that together so I can show you both some of my oral skills."

"I instantly got very nervous, but went and had a long think in the
bathroom and decided that if this was going to provide any results I had to
go along with the program.

"As I walked out of the bedroom, Carla came through the door. She
gave me a quick kiss and kicked off her shoes. I swear that gal is a
redneck. Then she went in to change and Jeremy looked at me with the
question on his face. I just nodded and Jeremy grinned at me.

"After I walked the dog and we'd had dinner and watched some
television, Jeremy went into his bathroom and I heard the shower going. I
figured that if that was a prelude to sex then I should do the same so when
the show we were watching was over, I told Carla I was going to have a

"Don't use up all the hot water, you guys," she said, so I knew
she'd heard Jeremy's shower earlier. I just winked at her and promised I'd
leave plenty for her.

"It was typical of our sex life that a shower generally preceded
sex - well, unless it was an unusual circumstance like first thing in the
morning." He looked like he wanted to chuckle about that but he didn't.

"After we'd all finished with the shower, I suggested a night cap
and both Jeremy and Carla agreed. We each had one small drink and then
Carla said she needed to go to bed.

"Are you tired?" I asked.

"No, but it's time for me to go to bed," she answered. I wondered
if Jeremy had talked to her while I was in the shower.

"Come on, guys," Carla said, "Let's get in bed. We have a big
king-size bed in our room so there's plenty of room for three."

["Were you really ready for that scene?" I asked.]

"Not really, but since it seemed it was going to happen, I tried to
put on a happy face and go with the flow. Soon we were all in bed, naked
and with Carla in the middle. She kissed me for several minutes and then
took my hand and put it on her, well, you know, and then turned and kissed
Jeremy. I could hear him moaning softly as they kissed and it didn't make
me one bit happy.

"Soon she turned back to me and we kissed again. Suddenly Jeremy
moved down the bed and crawled between Carla's legs. I could feel myself
tense up but Carla still pulled me toward her to keep kissing. I love
kissing her so that was fine, but the whole situation made me

"Several minutes later Carla started moaning in the most excited
way. I couldn't help but pull my face away and look south.

"I saw Jeremy's tongue doing the most incredible things, and then
he crooked his finger at me. I thought I knew that meant he wanted me down
there with him so I moved.

"Just watch for now," he whispered to me, "Just watch."

"Well I did and I was astonished. I've done oral sex with a couple
of women but I've never seen a performance like that. It was fast and crazy
and from the noises I could hear from Carla, it was obviously working.

"After about ten minutes, Jeremy grabbed my hand."

"Now it's your turn, pal," he said. He pulled me into position and
though the idea of tasting another man's saliva rather put me off, I tried
to do the same as he'd been doing. The excited noises from Carla kept up.

"After about five minutes, Jeremy was back, next to me and he and I
were doing oral on Carla together. I thought it odd, but what got to me was
when I felt his tongue touch mine."

["Guess that would get your attention, wouldn't it?" I commented.]

"Yes, but it only went on a few minutes, and then Carla went
crazy. I'm sure she had at least two if not three orgasms. I mean I know
that she did."

"When I felt her sort of fall back against the pillows I figured we
were done. Wrong. Jeremy took hold of my hard penis...I jumped when he did
that...and then he looked me in the eye."

"Hold your woman," he said, "We need to get off too."

"What he did then was to rearrange us again on either side of Carla
on the bed and then he reached across and took my tool in his hand
again. He stroked it and I have to admit that it felt damn good. I looked
up and our eyes met."

"Go ahead, we both need to get off so let's do it at the same time,
but kiss your woman," he said. I did as he suggested and Carla and I made
out like teenagers. She was incredible. I guess I finally figured out that
yes, women like to kiss even afterwards.

"In a matter of minutes we'd both come. Jeremy came on her right
leg and I came on her left leg. It was one of the most incredible orgasms
I've ever had. When I thought about it afterward, I realized that it was
more exciting than our sexual activity usually was. That bothered me a
bit. The more I thought about it later, through, I think it was the kissing
and the hand job at the same time that made it so intense.

"Afterward, Jeremy got up and brought back a washcloth to clean
everyone up. He even wiped it around the head of my cock and his own.

Anyway, the next morning I asked Carla if she was okay. She put her
arms around my neck and kissed me like crazy.

"It was fabulous," she said, "I mean it really was."

"I didn't know whether I should just hang myself or what?"

My story -

I confess that I chuckled aloud at this point.

"So the first adventure really did teach you something then, didn't
it?" I asked. He grinned at me.

"Yeah, I guess. I learned how to make love to a woman orally so
that she'd go crazy and get off."

"Do you think that just the way he was doing it made the difference
from what you'd done before?" He kind of looked askance.

"I'm sure it did," he said very quietly, "And that's part of what
has me so concerned. My father raised me to never dishonor a woman. You
should never make her feel like a slut. Do you understand what I mean?" He
sounded a bit angry, so I just smiled.

"Of course, Rob," I answered very quietly, "But I don't think your
Dad was talking about what you do in the intimacy of your own bedroom. In
that situation, things are on a different plane. Did you think Jeremy was
dishonoring Carla?"

"No," he said quietly, "He was evidently giving her what she needed
and wanted. I hadn't been, I guess."

I watched as Rob carefully readjusted himself down below. I
understood. He'd actually turned himself on by his description of what had

"To carry on what I meant, I don't think your father meant that you
shouldn't satisfy your wife sexually, do you?"

"No," he said, almost in a whisper. "Of course not."

"The other question I want to ask, and it's not for any scurrilous
reason, was did you come from your stroking or his?" He absolutely

"It was his hand," he said very quietly, "I'm ashamed, I guess." I
laughed again, and then held up my hand to show him how sorry I was.

"You shouldn't be ashamed. What happened pleased your wife and did
no harm to you, did it?" I asked. He looked a bit sad but nodded in

"So what happened next?"

"It was several nights later," Rob said, "Both Carla and Jeremy
were there when I got home from work that night. Jeremy had gotten
everything for us to do a grill out...you know, steaks, corn and
potatoes. It sounded delicious. I fixed everyone a cocktail and then we
sat outside while Jeremy started a fire on the barbecue. He'd gotten the
stuff all ready so it was just a matter of waiting until the coals got hot
and then we'd cook. Carla seemed very happy and I asked how her day had

"Fine, but I couldn't wait to get out of there and come home." I
didn't know what that meant.

"Dinner was delicious and just as we were finishing, Carla spoke

"I think this should be boys' night," she said. "She sounded rather
jaunty if you know what I mean. I'm sure my eyebrows went up but when I
looked at Jeremy he just winked at me. That made me very nervous."

"Carla said she'd clear up the dishes and I offered to help," he

"No, my dear," Carla answered, "Just go and have a nice shower so
you'll be relaxed." I was sure the two of them were up to something but
what could I do?" I nodded, just to get him to keep talking.

"We all showered and after we watched a funny show on TV, Jeremy
suggested an early night. I was watching to see if he and Carla were
communicating, but I didn't see any sign of it."

"Sounds great to me," Carla said and she grinned at me.

They headed off to the bedroom and I took the remaining glasses
into the kitchen. Once we were all on the bed, I was surprised at the
conversation from the two of them.

"Okay, Carla, I think tonight we have to work on Rob, don't you?"

"Sure," she said, as she moved close and held me, kissing me over
and over again. I loved that, but I got a bit nervous as he moved her to
the side and positioned himself between my legs. I almost
panicked. Jeremy's eyes met mine.

"Don't worry, man," Jeremy said, "I'm just trying to help you guys,

"First Carla and I made out...and I got all hot feeling her body
all over. I mean, she's got amazing...uh, well, you know (she does!) and I
love touching her. She kissed me for a long time while I felt several hands
roaming all over my body. Then she just whispered:

"Just relax Rob, you're really going to like this."

I just lay back and told myself to relax. I wasn't sure what was
going to happen, but oh shit, yes I did know, didn't I and there was
nothing I could do to stop it." I admit I chuckled slightly at this.

"You want to tell me about that?" I asked Rob. He blushed.

"I think you know what happened, at least at the beginning, but
it's hard for me to talk about," he said. I could actually see him slump in
his chair.

"You know, don't you," he asked very quietly after a minute or so,
"I got the blow job of my life. I didn't want to get it from a man, but I

I admit I laughed at this point. He looked at me with the most
pained expression I've ever seen so I reached across and touched his arm.

"Oh Rob, I didn't mean to make fun. It's an old saw that only a man
really knows how to give a great blow job, didn't you know that?" Suddenly
he started to grin.

"Yeah, I've heard that and I suspect it's a true one. Damn, it was

"But are you sure that he did it totally alone?" I asked. Rob
looked at me, rather startled and then grinned at me.

"I don't know," he whispered, "I don't think so. I mean Carla did
move down there and I was sure it was her soft hands on my balls at least
part of the time, but I had my eyes closed so tightly so I wouldn't see. I
just didn't want to know."

I admit I couldn't help but chuckle.

"So you don't know if you should really feel guilty or not, do
you?" I said. He actually laughed at that point.

"Oh shit, I'm honest enough to admit that whoever it was, I got the
best blow job I've ever had. Doesn't that make me an idiot?" I confess that
I laughed.

"No, that doesn't make you an idiot at all. All that makes you is a
guy...and, in this case, an honest guy. Why don't you see this as training
Carla in the same way he'd trained you a few nights before?" I was so
pleased when he smiled at that point.

"Okay, now that we've gotten past the guilty feeling part of all
this, tell me what really happened to you physically and emotionally that

"Well, after my initial reaction when I knew it was Jeremy who had
me in his mouth, I tried to focus on Carla - you know, kissing her and
feeling her body. But after a while I couldn't help but be almost totally
focused on the way he was sucking me off." He stopped and thought for a
minute or so.

"Now that I remember, it was just about then that Carla moved away
from me and I was aware of the second pair of hands on me down there. But
oh, that mouth action was incredible." He seemed to stop as he remembered

"Yes, now that I think about it, at least part of the time I know
that it was Carla sucking me. She does it less vigorously I guess one could
say. But I'm also sure that when I came it was Jeremy who was doing it.

"Oh, and he swallowed my load too - all of it. I know that because
he was wiping his hand across his mouth when I opened my eyes and I know I
came in a mouth. He grinned at me and that made me feel a bit guilty too."

"I don't think it should have made you feel guilty," I said
quietly. He looked at me rather curiously as if asking me to explain so I
went on.

"Look you can choose to feel guilty about being in a three-way if
you want, but once you're there you shouldn't feel guilty about the
individual acts of it." He nodded slightly.

"What I guess I was feeling guilty about," he said and his voice
was almost a whisper, "Was that it was a man who had now gotten me off two

"How were things after each bout of sex?" I asked. "I mean, did
Jeremy stay there in bed with you two and sleep?"

"No, no," Rob said, "He said he slept better if he slept alone and
of course I was just as glad for that. Carla and I sleep together fine."


"So, do you want to go on or quit for tonight? Rory will be away
for another couple of days if you're feeling tired."

"No," Rob countered, "Let me tell you about the next week or
so. Two nights after they had 'worked' on me, Jeremy announced that he
wouldn't be home that evening but was staying with a friend visiting from
out of town. Carla and I decided to go out to dinner and had a very nice
time alone.

"When we got home, I heard her go into the bathroom and start the
shower. I took that as a distinct hint that she was interested in sex again
which was, of course, fine with me. So after she finished I showered too.

"Later when we were in bed, kissing like crazy as usual, she took
my hand and placed it on herself - down there - and just sort of moaned
quietly. I took that to mean she wanted me to do oral again."

"I think that's a logical conclusion," I said with a chuckle.

"So it became to me like a testing ground, if you know what I
mean," he went on, "Like seeing if I could do it as well as Jeremy did and
give her that same kind of satisfaction." I nodded for him to go on.

"It was really incredible," he said with a grin, "I did what he'd
showed me and what he'd done and got the most positive result. I could tell
she was getting very close and then she kind of stopped me. Well, she put
her hand on my chin and lifted it so our eyes met.

"I want yours too, Rob," she whispered. It took me just that long
to figure it out so I moved so we were in a 69 position.

"I'll tell you," he said and again his voice dropped very low, "It
was the wildest set of feelings I've ever had. Both of us went crazy
somewhat and we each had an incredible orgasm. Actually, Carla later said
she'd had several. I just had one but it was certainly as good as the one
I'd had with Jeremy."

"Do you think that's because both of you were involved in the
action?" I asked. He grinned again.

"Oh yeah," he said, "And I went to bed a very happy guy that night
and admitted to myself that yes, Jeremy had helped us in a way that was far
greater than I'd ever expected."

"Did you tell him?" I asked. He nodded.

"And what was his reaction?" I asked again.

"He just smiled and said that there was lots more to learn and he
was looking forward to showing us. I just sort of shrugged, but he smiled
big time.

"And now I think I'll quit talking and ask you for another drink
before I go on home, if you don't mind."

That's what we did and he promised to return the next night to

To be continued.

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