Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playing with an ex-boyfriend

This is one of many true stories that my wife and I experienced over the
past 10 years while we search for the perfect threesome partner. We work to
make our fantasies come true and hope you enjoy reading it. Parts of these
stories are being used to write a non-fiction book documenting 10 years
trying to find a guy to join our relationship. Email us at

Its funny how things work especially when you want something really bad but
when it actually starts to happen you start to second guess your reason for
wanting it or realize that it is out of your control. Last night we talked
less than normal as we had to wake up, I asked if we could invite Travis
over to watch a movie the next night, the night before she is leaving to
France for 5 days and surprisingly she said yes. I decided to let her make
the decision to call him in the event she was tired or had a change of
heart. I happen to use the restroom and found a "Penthouse Letters"
magazine, this one specifically about men sharing their wives and quickly
scanned a story. I decided to leave it out for her since the one paragraph
I read sounded pretty cool and would set the mood for us to talk a little.

I mentioned it to her as she sometimes disappears to the bathroom to read
her novel or catch up on who is doing who in Hollywood. Telling her the
story was good, I figured she would read a little of it or at least I hoped
she would just to see what she thought. Remember, English is her second
language and little did I know this was a rather long story so she was
upstairs for a little while. When she came down she had a smile on her face
and quickly told me that she really liked the story and it sounded very much
like us. Not knowing exactly what the story was about, I had to admit that
I didn't read it and asked her to give me the overview. In short it was a
story about a wife who is having a threesome with her husband and a 24 year
old boy, a good looking boy at that, and the way both of the men would do
whatever she asked. She discussed a few details and I was happy she
actually read the story and got turned on by it. At the same time I was
writing downstairs and somehow my imagination was running wild.

The next day I was hoping she had not changed her mind about having Travis
over but I decided to see if she would make things happen without me having
to remind her, of course I had to txt Travis and tell him I wanted him to
come over but that was nothing unusual. The day was going well, her mood
was extremely fun and flirtatious, she actually asked me to say hello to a
guy we where just starting to talk to, something she normally doesn't do but

no mention of Travis. I wasn't sure if she was going to be in the mood to
have visitors. At 6 she had to go out with Larry so I expected her back at
9 like usual at which time we would figure out what we where going to do the

rest of the night. She came home around 915 with a buzz from drinking wine
and a big smile on her face. Again, nothing unusual but before I start
asking her to invite people over I decide to let her come in and settle
down. The first words out of her mouth where "let me borrow the cell phone
really quick", she dialed a number and I could tell she was talking to
Travis. Before she even hung up the phone I heard the door open and someone

walking down the stairs, I then started to wonder what I missed and what she
had planned. She had a grin from ear to ear and I had no idea what or how
she had managed to put things together.

Surprisingly Travis walked around the corner, similar smile on his face as
well and I must admit a little confusion set in. She jumped up too kiss him
and without realizing, Travis had moved towards me and before I new it I had
his 8" cock in my face. His hand guided my head towards it and I heard
Sylvie begin to talk;

She asked "Are you sure you are ready to try what we talked about? You're
not going to shy away or make it difficult for me?

Shocked but turned on I answered "Yes but...' I was quickly cut off by her.

She then stated "Well then you need to do what either one of us ask without
question, understand?"

She reached between my legs and looked up to Travis and said, "Yep, he is
turned on"

Looking back at me "Open your mouth and do what you have been telling me you
want to do"

His dick was in my face and she was inches from me and I couldn't hide my
willingness to take his dick and suck it.

As I started to suck him she asked "By the way, does it taste like anything,
maybe my pussy?:

I realized that it did actually taste like her and then I really started to
wonder what had gone on.

She confirmed "Well it has already been in my pussy and wouldn't you like to
know about that"

She did let me in on a little information "This has been planned for more
than a day and something happened in the kitchen that you will have to
fantasize about for a while."

She then asked "You are loving this aren't you?" as I started to answer, she
quickly told Travis "don't let him stop, he is not supposed to be talking
right now" and he put his hand on my head and pushed his dick deeper into my

She told me to get on my knees and let him sit on the couch next to her and
told me to take off my pants so we could all see how horny I really was.
Almost a blur, they both pushed my head back on to his dick as if I
interrupted something and how dare I stop. She began to kiss and talk to
him almost loud enough for me to hear above the music I could tell it was
about me, them, what they wanted to do, and how much fun they where having.
She looked down on me and asked if I could taste his pre-cum and if I was
having fun. I don't remember how much time passed but at a certain point
she strattled him while I was doing my best to suck his huge cock, at one
point she pushed my head down forcefully and said "Remember when you did
that to me"

Everything was very playful, not demeaning, and happening the right way but
since the two of them planned the night I really had no idea what to expect
and at that moment I didn't think they where going to tell me. Looking at
her ass I could see her wet pussy and I could also tell that his dick had
already been in her but no details had been told to me. She then asked him
"Do you want to be in me or let gay boy down there keep sucking you?" He
said he really wanted to be in her so she whispered to him and he told me
without hesitation "Put my dick in her", she lifted herself and looked
behind as I held his cock for her to sit on. She looked and stated "Like
his dick huh? your are rock hard, must be enjoying this, not as much as I
am going to enjoy his dick sliding into me while you watch.".

As the head of his dick spread her lips she teased him and me for that
matter, she was already very wet but she decided to have a little fun.

Looking at me she asked "You like holding his big cock?"

She let just the tip in and a moan came from her resembling the sigh of
relief that we had discussed earlier.

He told me to stay there and watch and asked "that's what you want right?"

She began to move on his dick and she did something different than before,
she started talking, telling us how good his dick felt and how she loved
fucking him in front of me. She added that fucking him in the kitchen
without me knowing was pretty exciting too.

All three of us where having an amazing time, it was drama-free and he
understood the game and wanted to play it. Somehow I think it started the
day before when he came over and said "hey gay boy, where is my girl", it
was in a way that was playful but understood and it turned all three of us
on. I told him she was taking a bath and he quickly went up to see her,
normally she wouldn't have been happy but she had no complaints about him
walking in on her as she was shaving her legs but that was two days ago and
tonight I had no control of what they had planned and it was easy for me to
commit to letting them play it out, I had no worries well then again, maybe
I should be a little worried.

Almost cumming as I watched her ride him on the couch, I could see her
opening up and letting her self try new things and enjoying every second.
She was making sure we both saw it, arching her back, unable to hide what
she was feeling, he was doing the same, making sure I saw everything close
up. The hierarchy went, she was in control of him and she let him control
me putting me in the most submissive position, something we talked about
trying but something I didn't think she could or would actually go through
with, I was wrong. As she rode him slowly her moans and facial expression
said it all, she was working on pleasing him and allowing herself to play
every fantasy out in her mind; having sex with a young hot boy with a bigger
dick than me, doing it in front of me, and telling us both what she was
feeling or thinking, and every thought or feeling she was having, she made
sure to truly feel it the way she said. When she told us she loved feeling
his dick deep in her, she really did love it and saying it made her love it
even more. These things also hypnotized Travis as he already loved having
sex with her / us but the way she was doing it now was blowing his mind.

She stopped for a second and thanked me "Baby, thanks for making me wait for

his dick, it's been what 3 weeks and although I didn't believe it, it was
worth it"

She told us that fucking him slowly was driving her crazy and she wanted it
to last for hours. I knew what was coming next and she knew I was going to
get shy. She asked Travis "do you want to hear what we talk about, what Jon
says?" he responded yes and before I knew it, she was telling us both some
of the things that we talked about when we where really buzzed and saying
just about anything. Each comment was directed as a question and she wanted
me to admit that I said it and occasionally she would ask what I meant or
why. Some of the comments are too embarrassing for me to write in this
story, no not bad, just very deep and very revealing. As she did this she
also asked Travis if he liked what we where doing and if he wanted to hear
more, he responded with a definite yes and she asked why and if it was
turning him on.

He pulled her head towards his lips and whispered something, she responded
with an ok. She lifted herself off of his dick and his hand pointed it
towards my face, I didn't even have to be told but they decided to tell me
anyway. She turned around on him facing me and watched as I sucked his wet
dick with her pussy inches from my face. Without realizing it, I was
consumed by all the excitement, he told me to look up and a flash went off,
then another. They where both taking pictures of me going down on him and
giggling as they saw the image come up. They told me it was really hot and
that they wanted to seem me get into it, they wanted to see me let go and
make love to his dick with my mouth. Excited from it all, I did let go and
the camera continued to flash and hearing my wife say that I looked good
with a dick in my mouth was different but hearing her say that it somehow
looked and felt like this was the way it should be threw me back but I
couldn't stop doing what I was doing, somewhere I loved it. Breaking the
silence, she said she wanted his come in her and she wanted it right then,
she turned around and told me to put it in her and without a second notice
the pace changed and her connection with Travis grew, she focused her energy
on him knowing I was inches from his dick as she slammed her body down on
him, she wanted it deep and she worked to get him as deep as he could. She
started asking him things like "Do you want to come in me" and other sexy
comments that drove him and I crazy.

Begging him to make her come, her moans grew almost to a scream, his hands
dug into her harder as he was workinhg to hold back his orgasm. So loud the
neighbors probably heard she began to scream and buck on his cock, her body
spasming out of control, at the same time he couldn't hold it any longer and
as she felt it I watched here grab him and pull him deep into her, not
letting him out. At the same time, the site, smells and sounds caused me to

come. She was having a multiple orgasm on him, something that is rare,
especially with someone else but I watched as her body shuddered for what
seemed like an hour. I couldn't help but see the white liquid squirting out

of her, coating his dick almost like a waterfall. When she stopped, she
laid on top of him feeling his dick get smaller. Looking back at me, she
asked if I enjoyed it, I could barely respond, it was different. Without
hesitating, she told me to clean him off, I hesitated and she quickly told
said "that's not going to work this time" they both ganged up on me and
pushed his cum covered dick into my mouth and like Daniel, they told me to
clean it all off. Almost gagging at first, they didn't mind, pushing my
head farther down, although not nearly as big, she took a picture of me as
white liquid squirted out of the corners of my lips.

We all finally collapsed next to each other, we couldn't even go upstairs to
get a rag to clean ourselves off. We started seeing him weekly again and we
talked about increasing that to two or three times a week but you will have
to wait to hear those stories.

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