Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Wife, Her Ex and I part III

That evening the three of us showered up and headed off to one of the
finer eateries in town for a nice dinner. Joe had invited a friend of his
to join us. Tim was Kelly's age and a decent looking guy going through a
pretty tough divorce. His wife was literally taking him for everything she
could so he was in desperate need to get out and meet new people and have
some fun.

Dinner was nice and we enjoyed some cocktails before deciding to head
home to entertain. I had an idea that Joe had planned a little more than
just dinner and drinks back at the house. But I figured, I had already
been sharing my wife with him, so let's see what another guy could add to
the situation.

We relaxed over drinks in the living room and Joe casually mentioned to
Kelly that Tim had not gotten laid in months and that he had a big dick in
need of attention. Tim seemed a bit uncomfortable and made some small
comments to try to prove he was not behind the idea, but Joe and I assured
him not to worry, that he should go with the flow. Kelly took that as her
cue and stripped naked in front of us and went over to Tim and began to rub
his crotch. He moaned a bit and began to play with her tits as Joe reached
over and fingered her pussy and I caressed her ass. Tim was a quick
learner and eagerly stripped his clothes off, revealing a large thick cock.
It was larger than Joes and much thicker and even Kelly seemed surprised by
the length and girth.

"I don't know that I can take this" she said as she lowered her mouth
onto the large member. Tim grabbed the back of her head and began to guide
her up and down on his shaft. Kelly could not get a lot of the cock in her
mouth and I guestimated that the cock must have been at least ten inches in
length � much more than Joe. She worked it enthusiastically as Joe and
I rubbed her tits, ass and pussy.

After several minutes of sucking we moved to the bed room. Tim lay back
on the bed with his massive dick sticking straight up. It was wet from my
wife's spit and his precum oozing from the piss slit. Kelly climbed on top
of him and lined his swollen cock head up to her hot pussy. Joe and I had
both stripped naked and were stroking our own cocks as Kelly rubbed Tim's
dick over her wet cunt lips. After about thirty seconds of this she
positioned his head against her tight hole and sat back onto it. What a
fucking site � her pussy lips parted to new widths as Tim's extreme
girth slowly penetrated her pink hole and stretched it wide. She let out a
loud, deep moan as he entered her and she continued to lower herself onto
his cock until she had managed to rest onto his pelvis. I jerked my dick
furiously knowing that she was taking all of that meat into her.

Kelly and Tim began a passionate hot rhythm. She rode his cock in a
state of passion � moaning and screaming in pleasure. He was hitting
something inside of her that no man had ever hit, and she was reacting with
powerful orgasms. Joe climbed onto the bed next to her and fed his own
cock to her. She eagerly sucked on Joe and Tim continued to give her the
largest dick of her life. Not wanting to be left out I knelt down behind
Kelly and began to lick her asshole. I pulled her cheeks wide apart to
expose her hot pucker. I also had a close up view of Tim's cock and my
wife's overstretched cunt lips. I couldn't help but lick down to her lips
and his shaft. I didn't know if Tim was into male on male action, but at
the moment it did not matter. I licked shaft as it plunged in and out of
my wife. The mixed taste of his precum and her cunt juice was amazing. I
grabbed his balls and cupped them tightly before licking down to them and
tasting his nuts. His cock
slipped out of her and I quickly grabbed the shaft and planted the head
into my mouth. Tim reached past my wife's ass to try and grab my head,
moaning that he wanted me to taste his wife on his cock. I sucked for a
few before guiding the cock back into Kelly.

As Kelly continued her hot ride on Tim, Joe cam down and wanted to taste
Kelly's asshole. I took his spot with my cock in her mouth, watching her
suck me as Tim continue to please her. Joe was licking anxiously at
Kelly's hole, pulling her cheeks wide to dart his tongue inside of her
rectum. Joe then moved up and I saw that he was rubbing his own large cock
head over Kelly's asshole. Joe spit onto the head of his cock then lined
it up with her tight sphincter. He pushed gently and as his head popped
into her she gasped a bit � taking my dick from her mouth for a second
to say `holy shit, that feels incredible'. She then took my dick back into
her mouth as the other men fucked her ass and pussy. I was telling Kelly
that she was a hot slut taking three cocks at once, and the other guys were
also saying similar things. I was the first to lose it. The site of my
wife getting double penetrated by two large cocks was a bit much and I held
her head tightly as she deep
throated me and I unloaded a nice load of cum into her mouth. She
swallowed my load and continued to keep my dick in her mouth as I emptied
the last drops of load.

Tim was next he began to thrust wildly then drove his dick far into
Kelly. He screamed as his load began to shoot from his cock more than ten
inches deep into my wife. She must have felt the heat of his cum in her as
she came off of my cock and said to him that she could feel his sperm
filling her. Joe was only a minute or so out and he grabbed Kelly's hips
and drove his cock as far up her rectum as he could before he unloaded his
own seed into her. After Joe and Tim's orgasms subsided we all collapsed
onto the bed. Cum was oozing from Kelly's pussy and asshole. My wife had
just taken three loads and her pussy lips were red and swollen from Tim's
cock. Her cunt hole and asshole were both stretched open and I could see
the massive loads that both men had given her. I reached over and rubbed
her ass and pussy, commenting on how wide she was. Joe reached over and
grabbed my ass and said "you're next".

Watch for Part IV, where both men tag team my ass!

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