Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became bi........part 9

It's been a while since I added any stories and after a recent meeting with
my friend Michael, I decided I would include my latest adventure. It was a
good one and I've jacked off a number of times reliving it.

Micheal and I had been emailing back and forth, looking forward to our next
trip out and the possibility of getting together to give Leanne another
double fucking.

He told me that he had a new girlfriend that he had let in on our
adventures, and she was very excited about joining in.

He said she got very turned on during sex, while talking about how she
wanted to watch Michael suck my cock, and that she wanted to eat Leannes
pussy after we both filled it with our cum.

That sounded good to me, but unfortunately........... Leanne was not going
to be available for that kind of get together on our next trip out. She had
to go with her family to a wedding.

That was going to leave me on my own because, thankfully........ I didn't
have to attend.

I told Michael that I would be by myself this time and if he was up for it,
maybe just the two of us could get together.

He agreed and said he would set us up with a motel room that had porn on the

When the day came, I arrived and Michael was already there. The porn was
going and he offered me a drink.

We were chatting and watching the sex on the tv when he said he had a

Because I had been good enough to share my wife with him so many times, he
would be returning the favor.

His friend Andrea was on her way and wanted us to fuck her this time,
instead of Leanne. He also said she not only wanted us to do her, she was
hot to see us do each other and no restrasint was necessary. She wanted us
"to do it all".

All I could say was..... Wow. Thanks. This is going to be fun.

At this point Michael was was repositioning his cock in his jeans. I
said...... let me help you with that and leaned across the bed and started
pulling the buttons open.

He didn't have any shorts on under the jeans and his half hard cock came
into view, still pointed off to the side.

I reached in and pulled him into the open, where I could suck his swelling
head into my mouth.

I could feel it instantly increase in size as I swirled my tongue around the
rim of his cock head and into his already leaking pisshole.

It felt good, and tasted good, and...... there was a knock on the door.

I'm sure he was thinking the same thing I was......... (I hope that's Andrea
and not somebody else).

Micheal got up and buttoned his pants (just in case) as he went to the door.

It was Andrea. And she was a cutie.

She came in and Micheal quickly closed the door behind her. She gave him a
big hug and a kiss and then looked over at me on the bed.

I smiled and said.......... hi. She smiled and said........ hi. And,
looking at me with a growing smile on her face......... started pulling her
top off over her head. Now there is the kind of girl you have got to love.
No hesitation at all. She knew what she was there for.

Timeout for a discription of Andrea.

She is about 35. 5'3" 100 lbs. Thin with very short blond hair in kind of
a rough little boys cut.
Little A cup size titties with pretty pink nipples. Overall, a very lean
and tight little body with a flat tummy, narrow hips and a ass that looked
like it belonged on a 12 year old.

I was on the bed with my back up against the headboard as she undressed.

Michael started undressing next to her and I saw her look down at his cock
as she pulled her skirt off. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and I watched as
he ran his finger up her wet slit and brought it to her mouth. He
said.......... are you ready to have some fun?

She said.......... Yea are you........ As she droped down onto her haunches
and took his cock into her mouth.

Andrea moved her position slightly so she could make eye contact with me as
she gave Michael a blow job. She was definately putting on a show for me
and I returned the favor by pulling my jeans open and stroking my cock into
view for her.

After about a minute Michael lifted her up slightly and said........ Why
don't we go over and see if Steven would like some of that.

They both came onto the bed and Andrea started pulling my pants all the way
off as I removed my shirt. Michael took a hold of my cock and went down on
me. Sucking me up to full hardness in a couple of seconds and holding me
for Andrea to take over.

She was putting everything she had into it and gave great head while Michael
watched and then took his turn while she watched.

She was obviously delighted with the sight of Micheals mouth working on and
off and around my cock. She held it tight and stroked it while he sucked,
and said she wanted to see me cum in his mouth.

It was way too soon for that and Michael suggested that we give her some

She said........... ok!

Michael directed her to her hands and knees on the bed, saying that he
wanted to show me that cute little ass he'd told me about.

He said....... you do have the cutest little ass I've ever seen, you know.

Andrea said.... thank you!...... as she lowered her upper body to the bed
and presented her ass to us.

Michael was right. She was perfect. Tight round little cheeks with a nice
tan and the white shadow of a g-string, emerging from her crack.

He put his hands on her cheeks and started to massage and spread them for

Andrea liked how that felt and pushing back, spread her knees slightly.

Michael was massaging her firmly, so that her asshole and pussy were
spreading open for me to see. As her labia spread slightly with the
movement, I could see her bright pink color and pearl like little clit that
was starting to show its presence. Her asshole was a tight little brown
donut that I couldn't resist touching lightly as Michael continued to spread
her cheeks for me.

Her response was a slight moan, that I took to be favorable, so I moved down
down to place my mouth over her hole just briefly, and gently sucked and
licked her there.

As I moved back off, leaving her asshole wet, I looked at Michael and he
said to Andrea......... Did that feel good to have Steven suck your asshole?

She said...... Yes, don't stop.

Michael took my place and started to suck and probe her with his tongue
until he had her pushing back into his face and wanting more.

After a minute, he pulled back and looked at me to say it was my turn.

I went back down on her but this time started to rub my finger around her
hole as I ate her.

Once again her response was a good one as I slowly pushed into her and
started to deeply but gentley fuck her ass with my middle finger.

I felt Micheal move up close and when I looked up, his cock was there, ready
to go to work. After sucking him briefly, to get him wet and taste his
precum, I moved off to the side a little to give him access. He moved up
behind her and started to push his hard 8 inches into her pussy from behind.

I watched as the head seperated her lips and disapeared into what would seem
to be, just too small a body to take a pole like that. I could feel the
shape of his cockhead as it moved over my finger, seperated by the inside
wall of her vagina and rectum.

She was soon cumming and I could feel her asshole tighten up and see the
cream from her cunt coating Michaels cock as he continued to slowly pump her
until she was finished.

As I eased my finger out of her, Michaels still hard cock slid out into
view. He was covered with juices from Andreas orgasm. She rolled over
onto her side and watched as I sucked him clean.

With Andrea weakened for the moment it was time for me and Michael to put on
a show for her while she rested.

Michael positioned me so that she would have a good view and proceded to
suck my cock, and pushing my legs back...... my balls and asshole.
Spreading me for her to see what he was doing.

Within minutes she was down there with him, sucking my balls and her middle
finger moving deep in my ass. She begged me to cum in Michaels mouth and
said she wanted to see him swallow it.

I didn't have to say anything and neither did he. We both knew we needed to
grant her wish and I filled his mouth with long, hard contractions.

She could feel me cumming and my cock was still squirting cum when she,
wanting to share the experience, pulled me from Michaels mouth and sucked it
into hers. When she had sucked me for all I was worth, she squeezed and
milked it to produce one last drop from the hole in the tip. As Michael and
I watched, she licked it into her mouth and savored the taste.

Then........ just when she thought that was all there was........ Michael
had a surprise for her.

He leaned down and kissed her lips, and I saw my cum start to run from his
mouth into hers. She suddenly realized he hadn't swallowed and eagerly
shared the mouthfull with half of it dripping down her chin.

Afterwards.......... Andrea told me that was her most erotic fantasy and
said thank you with a cum coated, tongue sucking kiss, that had me already
comming back to life.

At that point we all took turns taking a pee break and ended up back on the
bed , stretched out side by side, watching the porn that was showing on the

Michael hadn't cum yet and was hard as a rock. Andrea was gently playing
with mine and had it about 3/4 of the way back when Michael sugested she get
into a 69 position with me.

She turned around, swung her leg over and set her pussy down on my face as
she once again took my cock into her mouth and started to suck and stroke me

Michael moved up behind her and went onto his knees, lining his cock up to
fuck her with his balls right over my face.

We had done this with Leanne and he knew, I would not only enjoy sucking
Andreas pussy and the underside of his shaft as he fucked her, but with a
little variation of his position, I could aslo suck his balls and asshole.

Of course I know what Michael likes and I figured it was his turn to get

Andreas attention had me ready for round two with her and I knew I didn't
want to leave without fucking her tight little cunt.

Michael was starting to pick up the pace pumping Andrea, with my mouth
sucking hard on his shaft as it slid in and out. I could feel that his cock
had gotten harder and the tube along the botom was pulsing. I moved back a
little and started sucking his scrotum and slowly working back from there.
His tension was building and I knew it wouldn't be long.

I felt him change his position to thrust at an upward angle into her and
that moved his asshole over my mouth.

It wasn't a coincidence.

He reached back with both hands and spread his cheeks as my mouth covered
his hole. I sucked hard and pushed and penitrated his asshole with my
tongue as deeply as I could, and felt it contract as he ejaculated into
Andreas tight little vagina.

When he was done and started to relax, I scooted down a little to make sure
I was in position for the next event. I knew when Michael pulled out, a
whole load of his cum would get dragged out by the head of his cock. I
wanted to be there to enjoy it.

I wasn't disapointed.

One long strand dripped from the head of his cock as it pulled out but the
rest simply slid out of Andreas open hole. Michaels large cock had
stretched her enough that her little cunt just couldn't close up instantly.

The white cum load poured out into my mouth as I watched her opening slowly

I sucked what was left from Michaels cock and finished sucking what I could
out of Andrea before I had her move down from the 69 position we were still
in and have her seat herself on my hard cock. This was going to be her
lasting fucking of the day and I wanted her going home with a load of my cum
in her cunt.

Michael was spent and rested at the head of the bed while we both watched
Andrea fuck herself on my dick. She did all the work and we watched, as
Michaels jizz continued to run out of her and soak my pubic hair as she rode
me. I was surprised at how much was still in there.

My second orgasm wasn't as quick and easy to cum as the first and I focused
on the sight of my friends cum puddling around the base of my cock to push
me closer to the edge.

I was almost there and just needed one added stimulas.

I reached down and scooped up some of Michaels cum. The smell alone was
enough and as I sucked it off my fingers, I added mine to what was left of
Michaels load inside of her.

That was the end of the party and Michael had to get back to work. The room
was rented until the next day and I didn't have to be anywere so I decided
to lay around and rest for awhile.

I said goodby and thanks to Michael, and Andrea said she wanted to take a
shower and get cleaned up before she went home. He said have fun and talk
to you later.

As Michael drove off I went back inside to the bathroom and Andrea was
sitting on the toilet.

She certainly wasn't bashful, that's for sure. She had her legs spread,
peeing with a long string of cum hanging from her pussy.

I said that looks good. She said.................

Well, I did tell Michael later, but that's another story. Hope you enjoyed
this one. It's true and we're going to do it again soon. But this time my
Leanne will be there too.

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