Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became bi........ part 2

Wow..... thanks for the pics. Liked your cock (and wife too). I wouldn't
have any problem sucking either of those.

Your mention of eating a just fucked pussy (cream pie :-) reminded me of the
last time I did that.

As I mentioned, I'm not with little Mary any more. Too bad. But it's ok
because........ I'm married to Leanne now.

Mary was what I would call cute. Leanne is more striking and when she gets
dolled up, is a knock-out.

She has red hair. The kind that has a gold highlight that is sometimes
called strawberry blonde. Actually more red than blonde but absolutely
beautiful in the light. She's 5'5"- 118 lbs. Full b-cup/small c-cup
breasts with pointy nipples that can't be missed through her shirts when she
goes braless (most of the time). She's never had children and at 47 she
still has a body that a 20 something would fight for.

Anyway...... she is very open minded sexually. She knows about my bi
experience with Ken, doesn't have any problems with that and in fact, has
enjoyed swapping ends with Leslie several times herself.

Not too long ago while still in SoCal, I was looking for an adventure to
share with her. There is a web site called Adult Friend Finder (AFF) where
you can search for couples or individuals to make a sexual connection.

I found a local guy our age that was looking for a couple to play with. He
said he was curious to try a bi experience and would be interested in
servicing both partners.

I made contact and after a fair amount of communication, decided he sounded
like a good guy.
He was married and a very successful bussiness person whos wife was just not
into any sexual experimentation. He had a family he loved and did not want
to leave, but had a head full of fantasies he wanted badly to experience.

I invited him over one afternoon while Leanne was at work. He left work
early and showed up right on time. He was about 6" tall, very handsom and
had a nice trim body. I was happy to see that, because both me and Leanne
are in good shape and I knew it would be important to her, for him to be
also. We talked and very quickly became comfortable. I concluded he was a
normal/ clean/ healthy/ horney guy. Just like me, and could be trusted to
be safe.

As we sat on the couch and talked for a while, I suggested that he give the
bi thing a first try and show me his cock. If he was really ok with it, I
would like to suck him.

He stood up and undid his Levis and out fell a large, half hard cock. It
was at least 8+" and wasn't even all the way up.

I put my mouth over the head and started sucking. As he got harder I could
tell he was really enjoying it.

After a couple of minutes, he said he wanted to do me. So, we switched
places and he had his first experience with a cock in his mouth.

This was just a short "try it to see if you like it" deal that wasn't sposed
to take all day, so I had him sit back on the couch and proceeded to give
him a real blow job. After he was heated up I moved down to his balls and
pushed his legs up exposing his ass as I sucked on them. He started jacking
his cock with his hand and I moved down to his asshole. When I licked
across his hole and probed it with my tongue, he came all over his stomach.
I'm sure he had never had that done before and it sent him over the top.

I scooped up his cum and used it to jack myself off onto his cock. He
watched as I squirted 3 big shots onto his already wet stomach and softening

With that introduction out of the way we made plans to give my wife a treat.

Leanne was a participant with me on AFF to find another couple to fuck
around with. So she knew I was on there looking to make something happen.

I told her about Micheal and she was suprised and interested (also got very
turned on and fucked me silly). I suggested that we do a fantasy fuck with

The arrangement was that he would come to our house after dark. I would
leave the door unlocked and he would let himself in, undress down stairs and
then come up into our bedroom where we would already be having sex. She was
nervous but agreed.

The bedroom was dark with a couple of candles strategically placed for just
enough light to see.
We were in the 69 position with her on top and her rear facing the doorway.
I had a pillow under my head so that even with her ass up in the air, I
could eat her without having to hold my head up.

The deal was that Michael would quietly come in and join me in pleasuring
her from behind. She would never even see who was there. How's that for a
fantasy ?

He arrived and was very quiet. Leanne was busy sucking my cock as I
continued to eat her. She wasn't even aware that he had arrived yet and was
in the bedroom looking at her in the candlelight.
I had my hands on her ass, spreading her for his viewing pleasure.

I sensed his approach and stopped eating her. I continued to massage her ass
and expose her to him. As he steped up to the foot of the bed, I saw his
half hard cock hanging down dripping precum. He was probably pretty nervous
and needed just a little help in getting all the way up. I opened my mouth
and he moved his cock down into it. I was tasting his juices as he quietly
reached down, and touching my hands, replaced them with his as I moved mine

His cock got hard right away and left my mouth as it angled upward. He
massaged her ass as I watched. His hands moved to where his thumbs were just
on the edges of her asshole and he spread it open slightly as he massaged
around the ring. I raised up and licked across her hole leaving it wet and
shiney. As I relaxed and moved back down , he replaced my mouth on her with
his and continued to lick and suck her hole and all around it.

At that point I motioned for him to move up onto the bed and mount her.

She definately knew he was there now and accepted his cock as it pushed into
her pussy from behind. I had the best view in the house as I watched his
huge cock spread her open as it slid in.
I was just content to watch from my possition for a couple of minutes.
Michaels cock was shining wet with Leannes juices every time he pulled out.

Leanne had stopped sucking my cock now and had her face buried between my
legs as she moaned and breathed through her open mouth.

I had discussed with Michael that this first time was to be a short fantasy
to give Leanne a chance to see how she felt afterwards. I didn't want to
draw it out if it turned out she wasn't comfortable fucking a stranger like
this. It was agreed that he was basically to.......... cum and go.

I reached up around his legs and spread his ass cheeks. I was looking
directly at his puckered little hole and heavy balls swinging as he
continued to pump into my wife.

Remembering what got him off so quick before, I pulled my head up and
started sucking his balls as my finger slid into his ass. I started putting
pressure on his prostrate and within seconds felt his contractions as he
filled my wifes little cunt up with his cum.

For the next minute or so, Michael didn't move, as he recovered from his
orgasm. Leanne was still rocking back and forth slightly, enjoying the
feeling of him being inside her. As she did some of Michaels cum started to
run out from around his deflating cock. I moved up and caught it with my
mouth, tasting the unique mixture that was both his and hers.

As he started to back up and the head of his cock started to pull out, a big
wad of cum started to come with it. All I had to do was open my mouth as it
poured out. If I hadn't been there, it would have left a big wet spot on
the bed, that's for sure !

As Leanne rolled over onto her side and then her back to see what the man
who had just fucked her looked like, I reached up and pulled his dripping
cock into my mouth. She said ......... Hi Michael. Nice to meet you.

He said............ Hi Leanne. You are so beautiful. You and Steve have
just out-done any fantasy I could have ever thought of. Thank you.

Taking his cock out of my mouth and looking up I said....... See I told you
it would be fun..... :-)~

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