Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Big Surprise

John and Karen often talk about their fantasies to each other. Usually its
just John pestering her about having a threesome. This time it would be no
different. The kids were off at school and the two were taking a bath together.
John was horny and brought up the idea them hooking up with a man for a hot
threesome some time. She obliged him by listening and then saying " well you
never know, but I wouldn't count on it." He agreed and assumed he had been
shot down again. He was starting to lose hope that it would ever happen. He
just stroked himself while they were in the tub, and relieved his giant hard on
of the fullness from thinking about something that would never happen.

The couple got out of the tub and went about their day. All day long they
were flirting and looking at each other talking about how much sex they were
going to have tonight once the kids were asleep. Its something they always do
but usually just go to sleep once they hit the bed. John though wanted sex so
just before getting the kids to bed he made a big pot of coffee and they both
had some hoping not to be tired. He also found some porn for them to watch.
He was going to make sure there was going to be sex tonight.

After the kids were asleep John went to get the porn on, but Karen had other
ideas. She called him into the bedroom where she was naked on the bed
waiting for him. She ordered him to get naked and lay on the bed. She was going to
be in control of the sex tonight. Karen is generally a little more laid back
and John is extremely turned on by the fact that she is going to be in
control, so he does as she says and is laying naked on the bed in a matter of
seconds. What a huge surprise for John and he is instantly hard.

Karen starts to kiss john passionately. She also is getting extremely turned
on by this and the fact that she can feel his hard cock on her now sopping
wet pussy. He reaches down and inserts one finger in her pussy and she softly
moans from the pleasure. She isn't ready for that yet and grabs his hands and
ties them up to the bedposts. She then gets out the blindfold and ties it
around his eyes so that he can't see what's going on. John is in heaven, his
dick is so hard now its hurting from all the blood filling it up. She then
kisses John deeply again as if it was the first time they had ever kissed and
she had been waiting forever.

Karen then slowly worked her way down his body. She encircled each nipple
with her tongue. John couldn't take much more the feeling of being tied up,
Karen licking his nipples and his rock hard cock. It was almost too much to
take. He thought he was going to cum without her even touching his cock. Then she
took his cock in her mouth and he lost it. He started shooting loads of cum
in her mouth. She continued sucking until he was done. He thought it was the
biggest orgasm he had ever had. Maybe it was but she wasn't done with him yet.

She came up and again kissed him passionately, and when she did she had a
mouthful of his cum. He was shocked at first but swallowed it as she continued
kissing her. He always wondered how it would taste, and he kind of liked it.
She said to him" If you ever want that threesome you are going to have to get
used to the taste of cum." He laughed because he knew it wasn't going to
happen, but he did enjoy the kiss nonetheless.

Karen then put her pussy on his face and began to grind away on his tongue
while he was still blindfolded and tied up. John loved eating pussy and this
time was no different. Karen was extremely wet and he was trying to make her
cum on his face. He inserted his tongue as deep as he could and Karen felt
herself getting close. She wasn't ready though and got off of him.

She wanted him to cum again. She also had a secret plan that he didn't know
about. John again was hard from eating her pussy, and she went down and
started giving him another nice wet blowjob. She then worked her way down even
more. She started licking his asshole. John moaned because it felt so good. He
loved it when she fucked him with her strap-on, and hoped that was going to
happen next. She continued eating his ass and began to slowly insert a finger at
a time to open him up and make sure he was good and ready. He was tonight
and she was able to insert her whole fist into him. John moaned and begged her
not to stop. This was an amazing feeling. She slowly worked her fist in him
and he was moaning with the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced. He
wanted her to continue and bring him to a powerful orgasm. She stopped though
and got up off the bed.

John wanted to continue and asked her to come back. She told him to be quiet
, that she was in charge and she would be right back. He heard her get up
and walk around a little bit. He had thought in his head about what was
happening and how he wanted to continue. He thought maybe she was grabbing the
strap-on. That would definitely make him happy. He thought about how he would
love to have a real dick fucking him, even though he knew that would never
happen. He thought he was going to burst waiting for her to come back. Just when
he thought he couldn't wait any longer he felt a familiar tongue back on his
asshole. He almost came right there. Then he felt his ass part as she inserted
the strap-on in him. Oh it felt so good inside him, but maybe a little
different than normal. He wondered if she went out and bought them a new one. It
felt really good so he didn't care he just wanted to be fucked.

She was banging away and he was enjoying every minute of it. Then he felt a
mouth on his cock. Karen has done this before while using a dildo on him and
he loved it, but this time she was still fucking him. She then sat her pussy
on his face and told him to eat her. He then realized that it wasn't her
fucking him. That's why it felt a little different. He was having a threesome
right there and didn't even realize it `til now. He was amazed , happy,
And hornier than he had ever been at that moment. He lapped at Karen pussy
like he never had before and she had a tremendous orgasm in his mouth. Then
she bent over in John's ear and whispered to him" How do you like a big hard
cock in your ass?" He moaned as the unknown man continued fucking him. He then
came all over his stomach as the man came in his ass. Johns dick wasn't even
touched but everything was just too much. He reached up to Karen and gave
her the biggest kiss off his life and said "Thank you for the big

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