Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kyle and Me, Part 2

After that day, Kyle and me pretty much settled into our old routine. We
became careless about our clothing at home, and although we were aware of
Jean's presence, we pretty much had sex where ever we wanted. In the
morning, it was common for me to be on my knees, bobbing my mouth up and
down Kyle's cock as he sat at the kitchen table, while Jean cooked
breakfast just a few feet away. Kyle would eventually groan, and then
spurt into my mouth. When I had his load in my mouth, I'd straddle Kyle's
lap, and we'd kiss, swapping his cum back and forth. Jean pretended not to
be paying attention, but I knew she was. I was worried about it at first,
but Kyle just said "Fuck it. She's an adult. She might as well see her
old man in all his glory."

Kyle and Jean's relationship was sometimes tense, with Kyle barking out
orders, or expressing his disapproval over something she had done. Jean
basically spent her days cooking and cleaning, washing clothes, and buying
groceries. She usually wore simple shorts and either a tank top or tee
shirt. I forgot to mention it, but we live in central Florida, and it
rarely gets below 50 degrees even in the winter where we live. Kyle and I
often celebrated New Years by fucking out on the back porch, under the

I probably say the word "fuck" more than I should, but I do it because Kyle
does. We are in love with each other, and we really are making love, in
every sense of the word. But I do love it when Kyle comes up behind me,
rubs his cock up and down my crack, and hugs me. "I want to fuck you,
baby" he'll whisper in my ear. When he does that, my cock instantly gets
hard and my hole starts tingling in anticipation. Kyle always tries to see
to my needs as well. After he's fucked me, he offers me his hole or his
mouth, which ever I want. Kyle loves to get fucked about as much as I do.

Though we are committed to each other, Kyle and I do have sex with other
men sometimes. We sometimes have another man or a couple, or once or
twice, we've had 4 or 5 guys over and we all fucked and sucked until we
collapsed on the floor, totally fucked out. Since Jean's been here, we
haven't had anyone over. KYle just doesn't seem comfortable with that.
I'm not either, to tell you the truth. When I think about it rationally,
it's rather funny. Kyle and I are naked most of the time in front of Jean,
and we even suck and fuck in front of her, but having another guy over
seems, well, strange.

Over time, Jean and I developed a good relationship. She was sometimes
frustrated with her father's ranting over some small thing, and found that
mine was a shoulder she could cry on. Kyle is the Alpha male, down to a T.
I'm much more laid back. Eventually, it wasn't that rare for Jean and I to
hug, sometimes with me being totally naked. Sometimes, Jean would hug me
and kiss me on the cheek, and then look down and notice my cock getting
hard. She always laughed when that happened. I would to, and I probably
blushed too. I began to feel like Jean was my little sister.

One day, I was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, watching Kyle
out in back mowing the grass. We took turns doing it, and this week it was
Kyle's turn. I was naked, as usual, but Kyle relented to the possibility
of flying rocks, dirt, etc. and put on shorts and tennis shoes. Jean was
cleaning up the kitchen, wearing her usual shorts and tee shirt.

Jean and I were idly chatting, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't paying
much attention to her, when I suddenly noticed that Jean was silent. At
first, I thought she'd left the room, and I glanced over at her. To my
totaly surprise, she was taking off her tee shirt. My first glance at
those beautiful breasts made my cock stiffen. I said "Jean? What.."

"I just asked you, silly!" she said. "I told you I would like to bare
like you and Daddy, and you said OK."

Wow! I really hadn't been paying attention. I wasn't sure how Kyle would
take this. He might go into a rage and demand she go put some clothes on.
I'd really never thought about this happening, truth be told. I watched,
almost in a trance as she pulled down her short, exposing her dark, hairy
bush. I couldn't help but stare. She tossed the clothes in the laundry
room, and stood there with only her tennis shoes on. Her breasts looked
delicious, deep pink nipples standing out. Her young body was about as
perfect as I could imagine, and my cock stood up and saluted this vision of
beauty. Jean laughed, and said "Oh you, you're getting all hard looking at
ME?" She seemed surprised.

"Well, yeah, uh" I stammered. I felt myself blushing, but couldn't help
it. "You're...uh, beautiful, Jean."

"You've never seen a naked woman before?" Jean asked. "I can't be the
first one you've ever seen."

"Oh no, not at all. I was married once, you know." I said. My eyes just
couldn't take in enough of that beautiful young body.

Jean and I talked while Kyle mowed the yard and sweated. I was sweating
too, but for a different reason. As we talked, my cock stood at rigid
attention. I asked Jean about boyfriends. She'd had a couple, but they
were not very satisfying to her. She said they just wanted to ram it in
her, cum and leave. She wasn't a virgin, but had never truly made love
with a man. I asked her how long it had been since she'd had sex. She
said about a year. I asked her if she ever felt, well, horny. She laughed
and said all the time! She said she played with herself a lot. I asked
her what she thought about when she played with herself. She said mostly
you and Daddy. I thought about that. Practically every day, she saw her
father and me fucking in sucking. I had a dilemna here. I wanted to make
love to this beautiful young girl, and she seemed to be ready, willing and
able. What about Kyle though? This was Kyle's daughter, for Christ's
sake, and I want to fuck my lover's daughter? Wow. It was just too much
to handle.

I abruptly stood up and walked out on the back porch. Kyle saw me, and
mouthed a kiss at me. Then he noticed my rock hard cock and stopped the
mower. He walked over to me and said "Looks like you need some relief
there, man." I just stood there, and Kyle knelt down and took my cock in
his mouth and began to suck. I came in about 30 seconds, filling KYle's
mouth with my cum, and then we kissed, pushing my cum back and forth until
we'd swallowed it. Kyle's shorts were tenting now, and he shucked them
off, and motioned me to lie down. I did, and he raised my legs in the air
and began to eat my asshole, pushing his tongue into me, getting me lubed
up. When he had got me ready, he rubbed some spit on his cock, and mounted
me right there on the porch, pushing his big cock into me, holding my
ankles up in the air. Kyle rough fucked me for a minute or so, I was in
heaven. Then he stopped. I opened my eyes and looked up. Kyle was
staring into the kitchen, and I crained my head back. Jean was standing
there, naked, with one hand carressing her breast, the other hand burried
between her legs. I looked back up at Kyle, and saw a slow smile spread
across his face, and then he slowly began thrusting into me again. His
cock seemed to grow, bigger than I'd ever felt it. Soon he picked up the
pace, and he was slamming his cock up my asshole. My own cock started to
harden again, and suddenly I felt Kyle swell to what felt like an almost
impossible size, and felt his hard shots of cum filling my colon. My cock
spasmed, and I shot cum all over my belly and chest, and onto Kyle's belly
as well. After he had stopped cumming, Kyle lay down on me, his cock still
lodged in my ass. I had tears in my eyes, as I felt so happy.

From behind me, I heard Jean moan, and knew she was cumming too. Again, I
crained my head back to look at her, and she was standing with her legs
spread slightly apart, her hand parting her pretty pink pussy lips, and I
saw first 1, the 2 and then 3 jets of liquid squirt from her pussy. I
looked up at Kyle and saw him staring at her too, as if transfixed. Jean
stood there heaving for a few moments, then sank to the porch, completely
spent. Kyle slowly withdrew from my hole, his cock making a popping sound
as it exited. He brought up his half hard organ to my lips, and I sucked
on it, cleaning my shit and his cum off of it. As Kyle straddled my chest,
he reached forward and dipped his fingers into the liquid that his daughter
had squirted onto the porch. He sniffed it then tasted it, then held his
hand down to let me taste. It was slightly sweet, but seemed to be a clear
liquid, almost like water. It definitely wasn't urine. I'd never seen a
woman squirt before, and I don't think Kyle had either.

Jean just lay there, her breasts heaving, he eyes closed. Finally she said
"Damn, I've never cum so hard in my life!"

Kyle just grinned at her. Then he said "Welcome to the family, honey!"

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