Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Calls 3

Patricia was recalling the day she'd accepted this job. The memory of
sitting in the car squeezing her crotch thinking about Delia and the Danish
nurse was making her nearly swoon. Her boss was removing her blue silk
blouse and hanging it over the foot board of the bed. Patty barely had time
to appreciate the sky blue satin bra before the black nurse reached up
behind her back and slipped the hooks free. With the tension on the breast
support released Patty detected very little movement downward. Her boss was
looking at her face and the contract nurse tried to make eye contact but as
soon as she looked in those dark soulful eyes her gaze would immediately
revert to the loose blue satin cups.

Delia was delighted with her contractor's focus.

`She's dying to see my tits' the CEO thought happily.

The black woman shrugged and let the shoulder straps fall down her arms
catching them in her hands before the garment could fall all the way to the
floor. Her pear shaped boobs swept down from near her collar bone until the
steep descent flattened out and pointed at nearly right angles to her
ribs. The full milk chocolate mounds were capped with a dark chocolate
circle over three inches in diameter; at the center of those, a bumpy
little peg protruded. It wasn't very long but it was as big around as the
tip of the white nurse's little finger.

Patty was so enthralled looking at her boss's boobs that she didn't notice
the black nurse undo her pants. She only became aware of the progress in
the disrobing when Delia bent to pull the suit pants over each foot. The
wobble and sway of the milk chocolate delicacies made Patty's pussy
twitch. Her boss neatly laid the trousers over the blouse and bra and stood
facing her in just her sky blue satin underpants. Several seconds passed
while she visually explored every exposed inch of her surrogate patient.

"Can I keep these on until, uh... until it's time to... you know," Delia
feigned nervous embarrassment.

She wasn't the actress Jennifer was but she wasn't bad either. Patricia
realized that this examination was going to be done in a role playing mode
just like the one she'd observed. Suddenly her gut tightened as she
realized this was sort of a test; a proficiency exam.

`Oh my God' she thought `whatever you do don't fuck this up.'

It really wasn't fair to expect her to perform her best when she'd been
kept at in such a state arousal for over three hours. Except for the brief
respite at lunch; someone or something had been sending erotic images or
creating erotic thoughts ever since she went over to Simone's
Boutique. Sucking in a deep breath Patricia resolved to stifle her aching
pussy and do her job; somehow.

`Maybe that's the test' she thought, `to see if I can perform
professionally when I'm about to cum in my panties.'

"Of course you can keep them on missus Bogdan" the busty brunette agreed
sliding into her role as nurse practitioner.

She took the stethoscope out of the medical satchel, plugged it into her
ears and said,

"Let's have a listen shall we?"

For the next couple of minutes she had her boss turn and breath and hold it
checking her heart and lungs very thoroughly. The only remarkable thing was
how rapidly her patient's heart was beating and the shallow breathing. The
otoscope came next checking the black woman's throat and ears. She had her
role playing patient sit down on the bed and checked her blood pressure,
which like her heart rate was slightly elevated.

`Now the hard part' Patty reasoned. `I hope I don't have a spontaneous
orgasm in the middle of this.'

It wouldn't have surprised her.

Delia had been waiting for this moment, anticipating for over two
weeks. She wasn't sure how she was going to orchestrate it but she knew
that she was going to get naked and tempt her latest hire to take
advantage. The simulated examination had actually been Jenny's idea; and
what a good one it was!

"Stand up for me please. I'm going to check your breasts now... I need you
to relax and just let your arms hang at your sides."

Patty's hands moved quite quickly through the foot and a half gap between
them. She reasoned that her shaking would be less obvious once her hands
were on the chocolate melons. She was surprised�shocked actually�at
how warm the resilient tit flesh was.

The CEO's boobs were much more than a hand full for the petit nurse. She
pressed and squeezed the plump orbs. She had to clear her throat a couple
of times to cover the moans. The storm, with its thunder and lightning,
which had been raging in her lower belly since her boss had stripped,
reached hurricane status. All of her erogenous zones were on high
alert. Her nipples tingled and burned. She'd really never thought about
whether she could feel her clit by just thinking about it but the very
localized knot at the top of her crease convinced her that she was indeed
feeling her rigid love button scream for attention. Despite her
determination the swooning fainting feeling was coming back.

`If I could just... just... get some relief... finger myself for a
minute... maybe less...'

She was starting to feel like it was a lost cause she was too far gone. She
almost didn't hear her boss-patient say,

"Do you like my breasts?" Patty did know the black woman had said

"Huh... pardon" the chestnut haired nurse begged.

"I said... do you like my breasts? Do you like the way they feel?"

Patty wanted to say yes. She wasn't sure if it was a test; a way to check
if she could be manipulated into being unprofessional. It didn't matter
because the sound she made wasn't actually a word but it did have an
affirmative ring to it.

"I like yours too... can I see?" she was still holding Delia's tits in the
palms of her hands when her boss began to unbutton the awful patterned

Patty looked down and watched the nimble brown fingers unfastening button
after button. The petit brunette could simply not believe what was
happening and her legs gave way. Missus Bogdan's impressive reflexes took
over. Her hands went under the collapsing woman's arm pits and in a dance
like move swiveled her around so when she inevitably did go down she landed
on the bed.

Patty tried to concentrate on her breathing. Hyper-ventilation was a big
part of her problem. The petit brunette was taking long slow breaths
sitting on the bed while her boss completed her task.

"Very pretty" she complimented when the beige satin cups with the white
lace trim came into view.

Delia ran her hands lightly over the smooth material feeling the rigid
bumps underneath scrape against her palms. She realized that she'd been
wishing for this moment much longer than two weeks. It went all the way
back to the first time she'd seen the voluptuous chestnut haired nurse
changing into her scrubs in the nurse's locker room.

Patty was feeling better, a little more under control. When her boss
reached under the back of her open blouse to unfasten the new bra their
faces came within inches of each other. Their eyes met with a lust so thick
you could have cut and stacked it. Their lips met, a little fiercely at
first, both feeling an urgency fueled by long anticipation. The kiss
quickly turned tender; tongues swirling and exploring, lips sucking and
tasting. The nurse contractor felt a different kind of dizziness overtake

She was back in high school with one of her classmates `practice kissing.'

They were in Amanda's bedroom and she was recalling how badly she wanted to
caress her friend's boobs and wanted Amanda to do the same to her. They
were both too shy. The long since missed opportunity created ripples of
regret. The light pressure of the satin bra released as Delia accomplished
the unhooking task. There was a smacking sound as the black nurse pulled
her mouth away and sat back to lift the beige cups away from Patty's

"Oh my God Patty, they're even more beautiful than I imagined" her boss
complimented holding the bra up at her subordinate's collar bone.

Patricia realized how delightfully her mouth was tingling from the kiss.

`How long has it been since Jim and I kissed... I mean really kissed' that
thought was followed closely by `kissing a man... any man, was never like
that anyway.'

Holding the bra out of the way with her right hand Delia palmed and lifted
Patty's right breast with her left, feeling the weight and the way her
fingers molded into the pliable flesh. Lowering her head she enveloped the
large sensitive areola and began to suck. The busty brunette's head spun
like a top as he black woman's expert lips and tongue paid homage. Electric
currents radiated out from her nipple. The ones that arrived in her head
created and intensified that spinning dizzy feeling. The ones that went
down danced around her pussy, spiraling inward until they were focused
directly in her clit. The clit she'd never been so aware of; the one that
she was imagining was so hard and distended that it could break off like an
appendage on a crystal figurine.

Patty had sort of lost track of�or at least focus on�the demanding
little organ at the epicenter of her arousal. The other stimuli were
wonderful but all the intense pleasure sensations eventually found their
way to her love button. She didn't really think about what she was doing,
her hands were responding to commands being sent from an unconscious
portion of her arousal fuzzed brain.

The fastener at the top of her slacks opened and the zipper descended as if
by magic. Delia's mouth had switched to her other breast but her hand
remained on the right one, thumbing the half inch peg she'd raised. The
black woman playing with both her breasts, simultaneously, caused the
electric pleasure currents to be in stereo. Patty's hand slipped under the
white lace waistband of her new beige panties. Sliding her hand all the way
down underneath, she penetrated the intricate folds and pulled three
fingers full of thick slippery juice up and smeared it on her aching
need. In spite of the feelings she'd been having the curvy white nurse was
still surprised at how large and firm her pleasure button felt. She was
sure it had never been this big and hard before. Pressing on it, bumping
her fingers back and forth across it she felt the familiar, if lately
infrequent, rumblings.

Delia saw her partner's hand dip into her panties. Within a few seconds she
felt the brunette's body begin to tense. Missus Bogdan grabbed Patty's
wrist and pulled the pleasure giving hand away. Patty could have
screamed. She was tempted to lash out at the woman who had stopped her a
second, maybe two, from glory.

She looked into her boss's dark eyes searching for an explanation.

"Oh no honey let me!" the dark skinned woman clad only in the sky blue
satin panties begged and slipped off the three quarter bed.

Once kneeling on the floor she grabbed the seated nurse's slacks and
panties and yanked hard. The garments clung a little on missus Cornaveau's
ample hips but as soon as the polyester and satin assembly cleared that
obstruction they went easily the rest of the way to the floor. The slacks
turned inside out as Delia just kept pulling until everything came
completely off.

It had happened so fast and Patty's brain was so addled with arousal that
she didn't really even understand what was happening; and about to
happen. Looking down at the brown Halle Berry look-a-like face between her
legs the concept of what she was going to do hit home. Strangely her
fantasies about other women had never progressed as far as cunniligus;
maybe because she was too uptight and even a little ashamed that she even
had those dreams. The thrill that shot through her in that brief moment
between Delia getting her pants right off and the gorgeous black woman
tonguing her pussy was like nothing she'd ever experienced. If her boss had
waited a few seconds for the thought to metastasize Patty probably would
have cum from the anticipation alone.

The fact was that the dominating black woman was pretty much out of control
too. As soon as she could get rid of her contract nurse's lower body
covering she shoved the white fleshy thighs apart and pushed her arms
underneath. Grasping the spongy flesh just behind the seated nurse's hip
bones, she pulled the brunette's pelvis forward and dove on the wet pink
vulva. She wanted to lick and suck the delicious treasure for
hours... days, but that would have to wait for another time. The kneeling
CEO didn't focus on it but she couldn't avoid feeling the firm nubbin under
her tongue. A few seconds later she felt her partner go completely
rigid. Patty's hands were in her short black-red highlighted hair pulling
her forward mashing her face in to the spasming quim until it was
impossible for the kneeling woman to breathe.

Patty Cornaveau was quite strong and missus Bogdan was at a positional
disadvantage. Fortunately for the black woman the hunching, face mashing
spasm didn't last. As the initial blast gave way to aftershocks the white
nurse threw herself back, lying widthwise across the bed twitching and
moaning. Delia sat back on her heels watching the sweet cream trickle out
of the fluorescent pink folds.

The rich familiar baritone voice was calling,

"Hello... anybody home? `D' are you here?"

`Shit it's Tom!' she realized; `now what?' his voice was getting further
away, most likely heading for her office.

Tom was well aware of her loving of other women. The subject had been
effectively addressed the very first time they'd had sex almost five years
ago. The topic had been how two very attractive people could get into their
late thirties without becoming attached. Delia had readily confessed her
fluent bi-sexuality. She thought there was room for growth in their
relationship but the only hope was complete forthright honesty.

`If he can't take it then I guess we're better off knowing that sooner than
later' she'd reasoned.

The damaged athlete and soon to be majority owner of Montgomery Motors
convincingly assured his Head Nurse girlfriend that he had no trouble
accepting her dual sexuality.

Tom was pretty sure that his reason for being unattached at this stage of
his life would be a deal breaker. Wisely he leveled with her in spite of
the expected dire consequences. Mister Bogdan confessed to being incapable
of fidelity.

`I just can't seem to keep it in my pants,' he joked expecting to be
slapped at the very least; more probably thrown out of her bedroom and onto
the street naked.

Sitting on her bed in the warm after glow of their love making he was
surprised when she snuggled up to him, tweaked his flaccid organ and said

"Well there's a lot to try and keep in there."

Somehow, against all odds, he was able to convince her that he loved her
and only her; but from time to time he was just compelled to dip his wick
in a foreign honey pot. Delia turned the concept over and over in her mind
for several months. Her love for the large, intelligent car dealer grew and
she eventually managed to find a way to accept the forecast infidelity. She
factored in what a slippery slope she was on.

`If he's balling other women what's to say he won't eventually fall in love
with one of them?' She realized there were no guarantees that had any

Taking the step into marriage, with their agreement flying in the face of
the traditional concept, was not an easy decision. But Delia rationalized
that her status as his wife would give her some say if not control in Tom's
philandering. She had reached the point where she not only wanted him, she
needed him.

Right now he was getting closer still calling out in the apparently empty
office suite. Missus Bogdan was trying to decide what to do but she took
too long.

"Deee" he called out as he opened the door to Exam 1.

His normally large dark eyes got larger. His wife was on her knees between
a white woman's legs. The woman lying across the bed shrieked and pulled
the open blouse around her and then curled up into the fetal position to
hide the rest of her nakedness the best she could. Tom's initial surprise
was replaced by arousal. He felt his member twitch firmly as his wife
wearing only her panties approached him very quickly and shoved him out the

In the hall Delia inserted her hands under his suit jacket and slid them up
his muscular torso, making sure she got fingernail contact with his nipples
on the way up. Slipping outside his lapels she laced her fingers behind his
neck and nuzzled the side of his neck; Patty's juices still coated her
face. She pressed her panty clad and very needy pussy against him and felt
the rod down the leg of his trousers. Pushing up on tip toe she whispered
in his ear with a liberal helping of tongue,

"Fuck me... fuck me NOW."

At five-foot six and a hundred and twenty pounds Delia Bogdan was an armful
but she felt weightless when her powerful husband swept her off her
feet. Cradled in his arms she said,

"In there," indicating Exam 2 across the hall.

Tom's left arm was around her back his hand pressing on the outer contour
of her left breast; his right arm was under her knees. Delia operated the
door handle and her husband transported her to the examination table as
effortlessly as if he were carrying a box of feathers. When he set her down
on the thin vinyl pad she did not let go of his neck. Instead she pulled
him down and they kissed like seasoned lovers. Missus Bogdan had initiated
the kiss and she was the one who ended it out of pure raging lust.

The black nurse wiggled out of her panties and swung her legs around until
she was lengthwise on the table. Her husband went to the foot and realized
what a perfect set up this was. Taking a foot in each hand he guided his
wife's heels into the stirrups. Delia automatically scooted her hips toward
the end of the table. He was looking at the pastrami colored folds of his
wife's labia parting, exposing their inner pinkness while he unbuckled his
belt. As soon as he had unlatched and unzipped the suit pants he pushed
them down freeing the chocolate colored pole which stood not quite straight
out from his pelvis. Nearly eight inches long and big enough around that
even his large hand was nearly full when he took hold of it near the base.

Delia had pushed her hips even further down the examination table. Tom gave
his tumescent organ a couple of quick pumps. His wife's vulva was
glistening; open, wet and pink in the traditional pelvic examination
position. Tom thought

`I should have been a gynecologist.' He immediately corrected himself, `are
you crazy... you'd have gotten yourself arrested the first day!'

His pole was not at full power yet,

`Not as young as I used to be' he acknowledged, thinking Michelle had taken
more out of him than he'd realized.

Tapping the sensitive underside of his dickhead on the soft bald mons he
sent ecstatic surges through both of them.

"Aaahhaa... oh fuck" the splayed nurse wailed as multiple lightning bolts
in the form of Tom's slapping penis shot through her.

The impacts were not directly on her clit, at least not the most sensitive
part, but they were close enough in her advanced state of arousal to make
her teeter on the brink of release.

Uncurling from the ball as soon as the Bogdans left the room; Patty lay
there as embarrassed as she'd ever been in her life. She was hearing the
noises�sexy noises, that came through the open examination room doors.

In spite of her shame the sounds from across the hall intrigued her. She
would not have been able to explain why she shed her half on half off
blouse and unfastened brassiere, but she did. Padding naked across the hall
she arrived in time to watch mister Bogdan wipe the dark brown almost black
head of his stiffening organ up and down his wife's flooded
crease. Patricia had never seen a black penis before, and she had never
seen a penis in any color as large as the one Tom Bogdan was wiping through
the splayed nurse's labia. Her recently satiated pussy began to itch again.

`Oh my God Patty... you're turning into a sex-a-holic' she chastised
herself but nevertheless felt her sexual temperature rising.

The former pro football prospect was accomplishing three worthwhile things
by stroking the head of his cock through the plump slippery folds.

First he was spreading his wife's abundant juices all around her engorged
vulva; second he was pre-lubing the black mushroom shaped knob; third and
maybe more to the point he was giving them both insane pleasure
sensations. At the top of each stroke he felt the ultra sensitive tip of
his organ collide with Delia's bulging clit. The splayed woman was
constantly moaning but each time her husband's gland bumped her love button
she also gasped.

Delia was ready to cum; more than ready. She would have popped a couple of
clit bumps ago if she weren't holding back, waiting for the fabulous orgasm
she normally achieved with Tom inside her. She couldn't hold on much longer
with what he was doing.

"Please... oh, oh ugh... please honey... put it in... FUCK ME!"

Tom wiggled the head rapidly near the middle of the sloppy slit until he
felt the tip of his manhood lodge in his wife's vestibule. With slow
forward pressure he began to penetrate. Deeper and deeper he went testing
depth which for some reason it seemed he had to refresh every time. When he
felt the tip of his organ touch his wife's cervix he paused enjoying the
velvet slippery heat on all but the last inch of his dick.

Patty watched the massive prod disappear inside her boss. Hands cupping her
large melons she caught her pebbly nipples between her thumb and the
outside of her index finger and pulled on the sensitive nubs. A stream of
thrilling pulses sparked in her resurrected clit. She swallowed a groan
fearing detection.

Tom began a rhythmic movement of his hips. Delia's moans were marking
time. The pace was slowly but steadily increasing. The thrusting black
athlete put his hand on top of his wife's mons and stroked her protruding
clit with his thumb. The sound her boss made was indescribable but Patty
was sure it was the harbinger of her climax.

When Tom felt the vagina muscles clamp down like a vice, he was feeling the
fruits of Delia's religiously performed daily Kegle exercises; and sweet
fruit it was! The pressure on his cock spawned a tightening in his balls
and he grunted loudly. The wonderful hot rush was tempered with a twinge of
pain when his testicles and prostate were commanded to deliver fluid they
hadn't had time to make yet.

Patty slipped back across the hall and entered the washroom that adjoined
Exam 1. She cleaned up as best she could considering every time her hands
went anywhere near her womanhood she began to shudder and shake.

`God I wish Jim would snap out of it... even if he doesn't have a weapon
like mister Bogdan.'

The contract nurse was careful not to even glance in the direction of Exam
2 when she stealthily made her way to her boss's office.

She was checking out the contents of her lap top case when Delia strode
in. Just seeing the elegant black woman sent a lovely tingle through her
whole body. Her boss set a black medical bag on the desk beside the
electronic equipment.

"I forgot to give you this earlier," she said wearing that just fucked

The contract nurse was amazed at how her boss seemed to be taking the
events of the last hour or so completely in stride.

`Does she know I was watching them... watching them right after she ate my

Patty had to suspend that line of thinking. She was going to need time to
come to grips with the fact that she'd let another woman perform oral sex
on her and this wasn't the time.

Her boss was acting s though nothing out of the ordinary had
happened. Delia opened the examination kit and was going through the
contents with her traveling nurse when Tom Bogdan walked through the door.

"Patricia Cornaveau this is my husband Tom. Tom this is the lady I was
telling you about. She'll be shouldering a lot of the in-home exams... all
of them once we get over the hump."

"Pleased to meet you Patricia" the giant said extending his hand.

The white nurse's pussy twitched as the big paw enveloped her tiny
hand. Feeling those large fingers brought the image of his monstrous cock
back to her mind.

"Patty... uh, call me Patty" she offered as they shook briefly.

Exacerbating her agitated state was the fact that Tom's eyes were now
exploring her chest. Mister Bogdan was trying to fight off the image of
Patty virtually naked with his wife between her legs. Most men's eyes
focused on her bosom within moments of meeting the curvaceous brunette.

`But he's actually seen them... just a few minutes ago' the contract nurse
was aware of how red her face was.

Reaching in his pocket Tom produced a key fob with Bogdan Motors embossed
in it. A key and keyless entry control also hung from the gold key ring.

"These are for you... it's an emerald green Marquis. I parked it right
beside Delia's Town Car."

The voluptuous chestnut haired woman gratefully accepted the keys feeling a
rush of excitement.

`I don't know exactly what a Marquis is but if it's anything like Delia's

"What are you going to do with the Honda?" her boss asked interrupting her
little mental celebration. "You'll have to get it out of the parking lot by
the weekend. The landlord gets pissed when we leave vehicles parked out
there for extended periods."

"No problem. I'll drive Jim over tonight to pick it up."

"If you don't really need it Tom could try to sell it for you."

Mister Bogdan winced at his wife's suggestion.

"No... No, it'll be very handy when Jim is feeling better and is able to go
out job hunting," Patty responded.

There was a pause so Tom jumped in to keep the conversation going. He was
enjoying ogling the busty nurse's tits.

"Your husband's not working?" the Car Dealership owner asked for

"Uh... not right now," Patty answered feeling embarrassed. "He was one of
the engineers that got laid off from Ford a while ago."

She hated to think about how long ago that had been. Tom had just been
making conversation but this news sparked his interest.

"How long was he with Ford?" he asked.

"He was working there before we were married," Patty replied offhandedly
thinking the large black man was just being polite; "six or seven years I

"What kind of work did he do?" Tom persisted.

"He had a number of jobs... the last one had to do with revising and
updating all the service manuals."

The busty little nurse didn't realize that she'd said the magic word;
service. Mister Bogdan fished in his pocket and came out with a leather
card holder from which he extracted one of his business cards.

"Get him to give me a call," Tom said extending his arm. "I may have
something for him... and even if I don't, I know a lot of people in the car

Patty felt a completely new thrill race through her.

`A job! The chance of a job!'

"Thanks," she said as evenly as she could accepting the card.

They heard the massive door to the suite close.

"That's probably my ride" Tom speculated. "Nice to have met you," he said
extending his hand again.

"Same here," Patty acknowledged as her hand was totally enveloped once

The big athletic car salesman gave his wife a peck on the cheek and said,

"See ya later doll," before he turned to leave. "Get your husband to call
me�soon" he added on his way out.

"I WILL!" Patricia called after him enthusiastically.

"We're pretty well all settled" Delia announced. "Jenny has entered all
your appointments into your Outlook file. You need to log on at least once
a day to get any updates. If there's anything urgent you'll get a message
on the PDA."

"Thank you so much Delia," Patty said sincerely taking her boss's hand and
squeezing it. The recollection of how those very fingers had felt on her
tits made her shiver.

The outer door thumped again.

"Allo... who is here?" they both recognized Simone's delightful French

"Back here Simmy in my office," the CEO called back.

The magenta haired woman entered the office carrying a full looking garment

"I have sree ready," she informed her customer, "but zey need to be feeted
properly. I am not... how you say... a magician."

"Oh, Simmy... and I always thought you were," the boss quipped and they all
chuckled. "Can you do it here?"

"Zee feeting oui, zhe sewing nho" the seamstress agreed with

"Let's do it in the conference room; there's more space," missus Bogdan

Patty's heart skipped a beat recalling the measuring session that
morning. Also her boss saying `let's' as in let us... what did she have to
do with it?

"As you weesh," Simone said leading the way, obviously familiar with the
layout of the suite.

As they passed through the lobby Delia detoured to lock the big main door.

`There's getting to be far too much traffic in here,' she thought to
herself, raising a smile.

They walked down the hall past the examination rooms single file; Simone
leading and Delia bringing up the rear.

The largest room in the suite had a board room table that dominated the
middle, surrounded by twelve chairs. The table was closer to one end of the
room than the other. The clothing designer automatically went to the end
with more space; floor area allocated for a presenter. Immediately she laid
the heavy garment bag on the large table, opened it and began hanging
outfits on a wall hook. Three pant suits emerged each with a jacket, a pair
of trousers and a matching skirt; one medium grey, one dark blue�very
similar to the one the boss was wearing�and one in an exciting shade of
plum. Once the outfits were hung up the dress shop owner pulled out three
tops in colors complimentary to the suits. Lastly three bra and panty sets,
similar to the one the curvy brunette was already wearing.

The warm thrill of seeing her new wardrobe turned hot when she realized
that both women were looking at her. Miz Larue had that `you know what
you're supposed to do' look on her face. She tried to remember if she'd
ever been in and out of the same outfit this many times in one day as she
worked the buttons on her polyester blouse.

Missus Cornaveau was embarrassed as she removed her top revealing the beige
bra with the white lace trim to two sets of attentive eyes.

`At least I won't have to take my underwear off,' she thought as she
removed the caramel colored slacks.

Delia took the shed clothing from her and said,

"Can I burn these?" the comment brought a tension breaking round of
laughter from all three of them. "Doesn't she have a wonderful body Simmy,"
the boss commented.

"Magnifique..." the seamstress agreed handing Patty one of the pairs of

For the next half an hour Patricia put on one garment after another. Simone
spent a considerable amount to the time kneeling. She marked and pinned
each item with expert precision and speed. Delia assumed the role of
garment conveyor; handing Patty the next piece each time the dressmaker
finished with the previous one. The marked up and pinned garments were
returned to the garment bag one by one.

Patty was breathing a sigh of relief. The French woman's hands flitting
over her body, even through her clothes was generating little electric arcs
that all seemed to affect her nipples and pussy. She was looking forward to
getting dressed once and for all.

"I will have zeez ready tonight" the boutique owner assured. "Give me your
address and I will drop zem off."

Patty imagined she could feel the two sets of eyes on her ass as she bent
over and scribbled her address using one of the notepad - pen combinations
that had been placed at each station around the large table. A lewd thrill
tickled through her vulva at the thought.

`Now you're not only a sex-a-holic... you're an exhibitionist too,' she
scolded herself as she handed the piece of note paper to `Frenchy'.

"Just one more sing," the magenta haired woman with the engaging accent
added. "Zere are different styles of lingerie. We need to be sure they all
feet properly."

The contract nurse's stomach did a somersault. The light tingles that had
been chronic since she'd spied on the Bogdan's having intercourse ramped up
to an attention-getting level.

`Oh Jesus!' not again.'

Simone took the black bra and panty set from its hanger. Patty felt Delia's
hands between her shoulder blades unfastening her. The black nurse gave the
white lace shoulder straps a push but the well filled cups clung to her
melons, holding the beige satin in place. Simone handed the black satin
underwear she was holding to Delia and gripped the outsides of the
decorative cups. The French woman was looking her directly in the eye when
she pulled it off.

`We already did this' Patty's mind protested, but she said nothing.

"Not zee bra so much as zee panties" the seamstress redirected Bogdan's

`Well why did my bra have to come off then,' the internally shivering nurse
wondered but her thought was interrupted by the sensation of Delia pulling
her underpants down.

Waves of heat were washing over her as her kneeing boss gently persuaded
her to lift one foot after the other completing the removal of the beige
satin and lace. Patty was sure her face was several shades of scarlet as
the two women drank in her nakedness.

"Doesn't she have the most beautiful breasts?" Delia directed her question
to the dressmaker as she got to her feet.

"Mmmmm..." Simone said and it sounded like the humming noise you make when
you've just eaten something delicious.

Patricia might have felt objectified by the women talking about her as
though she wasn't there; but she didn't. All she felt was an ego surge as
the two women who were both very beautiful in their own right appreciated
her body. As a matter of fact the compliment seemed to be driving her
modesty down and raising her excitement. She no longer had the urge to try
and cover herself as useless as that would have been. Patty thought she
could almost feel the French woman's eyes on her skin. Simone's gaze had
descended until she was clearly focused on the fuzzy triangle at the
juncture of missus Cornaveau's thighs. This time it was Simone who spoke as
though the naked nurse weren't there.

"And `er pussy `ave you seen eet?"

"Uh-huh," missus Bogdan confirmed. "It's as ripe, pink and juicy as you
could ever want."

Her boss's explicit description of her womanhood made the subject of her
compliment pulsate.

"I would love to see eet," the seamstress returned as though she was
talking to herself.

Patty felt her boss behind her. The black nurse was gently running her
hands up and down her outer arms from Patty's shoulders to her
elbows. Delia's lips were on the back of her ear in a breathy hot whisper
the Halle Berry look -a-like said

"Will you show her sweetie... would that be OK, if Simmy has a look at your

The naked brunette was feeling weak in the knees again.

`Yesterday...yesterday I had barely had a lesbian fantasy... and now...'

Her boss was supporting her under her elbows, but more than that she was
guiding her toward the conference table. When Patty felt her butt press
against the edge of the cold wood she lifted a little.

`Oh my God what am I doing?'

With the help of both women, one on each side, the next thing she knew she
was sitting on the table with the magenta haired French woman between her

Simone stroked gently through the sparse fuzzy hair before separating the
slick folds with her fingers.

"Ahhh... c'est tr�s bon" the kneeling woman sighed as she made a detailed
visual exploration of the contract nurse's vulva.

The waves of pleasure were too intense. Patty had to lie back on the
table. The cold wood felt hard on her back but the wonderful sensations
rising from her womanhood all but blotted it out. She closed her eyes and
surrendered to her lust. The first swiping contact of the seamstress's
tongue made her yelp and jerk. She had been smelling the intoxicating scent
of arousal�hers mostly, she assumed since she was the one who was
naked. All of a sudden the fragrance was changed and became much
stronger. She opened her eyes and gasped.

Delia, now quite naked, was straddling her head. Barely a foot away was the
beautiful shaven brown vulva with it protruding dark lips. Her boss reached
down and separated her fleshy folds exposing not only the hot pink cream
coated interior but the jellybean sized girl-cock that poked its head from
under the protective flap.

Patty heard her boss murmur and managed to tear her eyes off the
mesmerizing spectacle. Looking up into Delia's face the black nurse was
looking down at her with pleading eyes.

Patricia wasn't a lip reader but she had no trouble figuring out that woman
kneeling over her was whispering the word `please', over and over again.

Missus Cornaveau had never licked a pussy before. Even her fantasies had
never taken her that far but her boss had performed the unbelievably
sensual act on her and it was only fair to return the favor; wasn't it? The
thought didn't really occur that way. In fact Patty's thinking brain had
pretty much shutdown. She was a bundle of over stimulated senses and lust.

The French woman between her legs was licking and sucking creating great
sheets of ecstasy that enfolded her and then tossed her into the air, only
to plunge back into the intense sexual stimulation again.

Patty raised her head enough to make a swirl around the black nurse's
flooded love tunnel which made her boss squeal her approval. The thick
cream that she collected on her tongue had very little, if any flavor but
it still felt wonderful in her mouth and she went back for more.

Delia laced her fingers behind the reclining brunette's head and lowered
her pelvis at the same time. Not only did Patty have full access to the
squishy folds but she found that she was quite enjoying exploring the
spongy hot lips; maybe not as much as what was happening between her own
legs�but a lot. The inexperienced pussy licker found herself trying to
copy the technique and movements of the very skilled woman from France.

The reclining nurse's nose had been bumping and rubbing the firm jellybean
at the apex of her boss's lips. When miz Larue chose to focus on her clit,
Patty did the same with Delia's. The contract nurse found herself screaming
out her orgasm while still holding her boss's love button between her
lips. Simultaneously she reached up and grabbed the black woman's firm ass
because the kneeling woman's hips were jerking so violently that it was
hard to hold on.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck I'm cumming!" the CEO announced, followed by a deep
prolonged grunt and her grinding her snatch against Patty's face.

`Tit for tat,' the white nurse thought as her own climax was already

Simone hoisted herself into one of the chairs arranged around the large
table. Patricia Cornaveau just lay there, naked thinking she had never been
so sexually satiated in her life. Delia had lain down beside her, also
naked. Her boss rolled onto her side and propped her head on her
hand. Looking across her nursing partner's pan caked tits she asked Simone,

"Did I lie? Wasn't that one of the most succulent pussies you've ever had?"

"Oui... uh yes it was very good but zhe `air mon ch�re you must do zomezing
wiss zhe `air... C'est mal a la bouche," Frenchy turned up her nose and
appeared to be picking Patty's pubes out of her mouth.

"Come by zhe shop and I weel feex eet for you." Both nurses giggled at the
expression on her face although Patricia was feeling more than a little

Suddenly Delia jumped off the table causing her very firm `C' cup boobs to
bounce vigorously.

"I gotta get going" she said as she was stepping into her panties. And you
two have gotta get out of here so I can lock up."

The white nurse felt like her bones were made of plasticine but she managed
to get herself dressed anyway.

In less than fifteen minutes the three women were in the elevator. Delia
carried Patty's medical kit for her, while the new traveling nurse carried
her lap top in its case. Simmy of course had the biggest load, carrying all
Patty's new outfits.

"Huu... I've go a lot of work to do," the seamstress sighed as they exited
the building.

They all kissed each other very primly on the cheek before going their
separate ways.

Patricia felt like a queen pulling out of the parking lot in her leather
appointed luxury sedan. Turning for home she had a sobering thought.

`What if today's the day Jim rediscovers his manhood?' Her stomach rolled
but her pussy was too exhausted to twitch.

NEXT: The house calls begin. Patty's very first insurance medical is for
teenaged twins. Delia gets an emergency call and responds with speed and

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