Monday, May 11, 2009

The Voyage Part 1

It was the summer of my 21st birthday, and I had made plans to go
on a cruise with a group of friends. Little did I know how fun things were
going to turn out to be. But before I start out, let me give you a little
background information on my travel buddies. First, there's Cindy, Cindy's
the youngest of our group at 18, short, fair-skinned, with long, flowing
jet-black hair. Then, there's Adam, my age. He's tall, wiry, also with dark
hair. Then there's Caroline, second youngest at 19. Caroline's a latin
beauty, voluptuous, tan skin, brown eyes, the works, then comes Brad, 20,
your everyday surfer, blonde, blue-eyed, etc. And then me, Alex. I'm just a
regular 5"9 guy, tan skin, black hair, also a proud latino, and we're
sailing on the Dreamweaver Cruise.

Part I: Royal Flush

The first adventure happened to be the night we boarded the
ship. We got together in Adam's cabin, which he shared with me, to play
Texas Hold `Em. The rules were simple, whoever won determined who was going
to carry his or her bags the next day, essentially, be the victor's bitch,
when we landed in Jamaica.

The cabins weren't that small. Two single beds on each side, a
drawer, a closet, a pantry, a space for the television, and the small yet
spacy bathroom.

And of course, I trusted in my own abilities far too much. Cindy
was the first to go, an easy target for one of Brad's bluffs. Unfortunately
for him, he was a good bluffer, but his tell, a twitch in the eyebrow, was
painfully noticeable, and Caroline took him out a few rounds later.

Afterwards, we had a little intermission, and I took a chance to
shower, and change into my pajamas, which were a pair of shorts
only. Caroline went to her room to change into something more comfortable,
and Adam had a bite to eat.

We resumed the game after the break. Caroline tried to work me up, playing
footsie with me to try and distract me, but, regardless of the fact that I
was getting turned on, cards are serious to me, so I ignored my urges and
concentrated on the game, even though I wanted Caroline to service me right
then and there. She fell an hour later, leaving only Adam and me to face
off against each other.

"For the record, I'm going to choose you as my slave when you
lose," he said. I laughed. "And what makes you think I'll lose?"

But the chip pile remained about even, with him only leading by a
few coins, until I got a pair of As, clubs and diamonds. Seeing this as an
ample opportunity to take him out of the game for good, I went all in.

He called, and there was a flop. A king of hearts, a 10 of hearts,
and a Jack of hearts. I smiled, looking at Adam's worried face. A bad flop
for us, but I still had a pair. Then the turn, a King of hearts. More
frowning from Adam. And then finally, the river, an ace of hearts. He
looked downcast. "Aw, what's the matter? Got nothing?" I said, revealing my
three-of-a-kind aces. Then he looked up, a mischievous smile on his
face. "Actually, now that you mention it, I do." And with a flick of the
wrist, he reveals a queen of hearts.

Royal Flush.

"Goddamnit," I said, tossing my cards forward. "Alright, fair enough. I'm
yours for today. Time to turn in to bed, then."


I frowned.

"You're mine, Alex, so, be a good boy and sit over there in the couch."

"Alright, I guess."

I go over to the couch and he sits down next to me, placing a hand on my

"Kiss me." He commanded.

"What the fuck, dude?"

"Well, a debt is a debt. Or do you have no honor."

"Fine, I didn't know you swung that way."

"I don't, I'm bi."

I shrugged, leaned over, and kissed him, a small peck on the lips.

"Ah, come on, you call that a kiss?"

He pushed me back and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I tried to resist, but
it was futile. But to be honest, the feeling of our tongues dancing wasn't
that bad. After awhile, he pulled back.

"Now take off your shirt."

I nodded and took it off, and his hands began trailing all over my chest,
and then they settled on the bulge that had formed in my shorts.

"Take these off." I followed suit, and there I was, in my full birthday
suit. There was no way I could hide the erection Caroline had given me

"Hmmh, not bad." And then he began kissing me again, with his hand wrapping
around my member.

I just surrendered to the feeling and soon enough, I felt it build up, and
then, release.

"Good. Now time for you to reciprocate."

He stood up and undressed completely, and believe it or not, I got aroused
again. He was fit, very fit, ripped muscle on a relatively hairless body,
and his own cock, a full inch in girth, and seven or eight inches in
length, jutting out stffly. For some reason, I salivated just a little bit.

He went over to the bed and laid down, beckoning me forward. "Start
kissing. Feet first, all the way up." I did just as he asked, kissing the
tips of his toes, kissing his legs and thighs, and working my way up, all
the way to his lips again, which parted, and our tongues danced again. "You
learn quick," he said, between kisses. "Now finish the job." I kissed my
way back down to his member. Then I stopped. "I'm not exactly sure what to
do here."

He smiled. "Seen porn?"

I nodded.

"Just like that."

I took a breath, and then went down as best as I could, his member
scratching the back of my throat. My head bobbed up and down slowly,
eliciting small groans from Adam.

"You're good at this. Keep it up, I've got a surprise for you soon."

And sure enough, his member suddenly shook, and a warm, gooey substance was
sent down my throat, leaving me with no choice but to swallow.

I picked my head up, and then crawled up next to him, smitten by this new
type of pleasure. We kissed again.

"Now, we cuddle," he said, crawling under the sheet. "Cuddle?" he
nodded. "What a fag." I said, and then we both laughed as I crawled up next
to him, and cuddled for the rest of the night.

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