Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Dragon's Cave

Just thinking about the name made me a little nervous, but, I had signed up
for it, and now I had to do it.

The good thing was that it was in a friend's studio, a little place called
`The Dragon's Cave' off of our city's Chinatown.

I looked at the business card again as I got out of the car. As I shut the
door behind me, I looked up to see a painted-on sign that red `Dragon's
Den'. The studio was next to some dry-cleaners and a movie rental place. I
approached the door and knocked.

A few seconds later, the door opened to reveal a tall asian man a few years
older than my own 21 years. He was shirtless but in shorts, and I could not
help but noticing that he had a tattoo of a dragon's body that swept across
most of his lower stomach, losing itself under his shorts, and chest.
Another thing I noticed was that he was quite fit, and I could have easily
washed my shirt on his abs.

"You must be...Robert,"

I smiled back and said, "Yeah, and you're Lee, right?"

He nodded. "Come on in, shoes at the door."

I followed suit, left my sandals at the door.

The studio, for its size, was pretty spacy. On one side was a backdrop, no
doubt painted by my friend, Lee's girlfriend, and the cameras pointed at
it. I spotted my friend, Lisa, rummaging through a box near where the
computers were set up on the other side of the studio. Far near the back
were a couch, a coffee table. and a big screen television.

I walked over to where Lisa was. For some reason, she was clad in a black,
one-piece swimsuit, and the box she was going through was a box of nothing
other than dildos.

"Hey Robert!" she said, looking up at me and holding two dildos. "Pick


She shook both dildos, each about six inches in length, at me. "Pick one."

"I don't intend to use those."

"I know that, stupid, they're for my own personal use."

"Oh...the one on the left, then."

"Sweet, the bathroom's over there, and a robe for you to use when you

I nodded.

She smiled and coyly pointed one of the sex toys at me. "You're not backing
out, right?"

I shook my head.

"Don't be nervous, you'll be fine. Now, go on and change."

"Question, though. Why did you all call this place the Dragon's Cave. You
don't seem to be the type to go around perpetuating stereotypes."

"Oh, I know, but it gets the clientele."

I laughed, then walked to the restroom and closed the door behind me. The
bathroom itself was deceptively big, as well. It had a large tub and
shower, the toilet and the sink and enough room to move around. Undressing,
I stepped into the shower and let the water run warm on my body for a bit,
then, a thorough shower followed. Even though I had showered before coming
over, I wanted to be fully clean. After a good twenty minutes, I stepped
out and looked at myself in the mirror.

I wasn't that bad-looking of a guy. Despite some less-than-mediocre success
at matters of love, I was pretty good looking and had a charismatic
personality. The man in the mirror stared back at me, admiring himself and
myself as I did the same.

I stood about five foot nine, had a permanent tan by virtue of my latin
birth, and I was fit to an extent. I wasn't about to try out for the
Olympics anytime soon, but I could hold my own in the local tennis leagues
whenever they started up.

I put on the robe and stepped out, back to the studio, and I walked over to
where the cameras were pointed at the backdrop. Lee and Lisa were there,

"So, are we ready?" Lee said, looking at me.

"Wait, what exactly are we going to do?" I had to ask.

"It's simple, you stand on that satin cushion thing we've spread out, and
you follow orders," Lisa said. "Nothing that involves rocket science, I
know you hate math. Now, off with the robe."

I gulped, feeling a bit guilty that Lisa's curves had caused a sudden rise
in my shaft.

"Don't feel bad, we've seen it all." Lee said, and that was all the
encouragement I needed. I stepped out of my robe and into the mat.

"Hey, you're pretty big," Lisa said, gesturing at my six-inch tool, now
standing erect. I shot a nervous look at Lee.

"Don't worry about it, Robert, I'm not jealous." He said, laughing.

I relaxed a little and the photosession began. It was nothing too fancy,
just poses, a few that required more flexibility than others, but I pulled
it off.

And then things got interesting.

"Join him." Lee commanded.

I saw Lisa step out of her swimsuit and I just about had a stroke. She was
beautiful in her natural state, perky breasts, a smooth and thin body, her
boyish hair (a contrast to Lee's long, shoulder-length hair) only making
her appear even sexier. She tiptoed up to where I was and got dangerously
close. Lee resumed giving orders. We took a full series of photos in
different poses, some that required for her to press her warm body against
mine and give my erection even more pain.

After awhile of torture, Lee put his camera down. "I'm going to go upload
the pictures, Lisa, you might want to get rid of his erection, if he goes
any longer I think he'll die."

At this point, I had no idea what else was going to go on. "Relax, it's
just a way to show our appreciation."

I could only nod as Lisa calmly knelt down and took me in her mouth. The
feeling was amazing. I had gotten my cock serviced quite a few times
before, but Lisa's blowjob was by far the best I had received at that

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation and felt Lisa shuffling around
beneath me, probably to get a better posture.

And then it happened.

I felt a finger, coated in a lubricant, slide up into my ass.

"What the-" I barked out, at the sudden intrusion, and opened my eyes. Lisa
was still at work on my cock, but now one finger was sliding into my
ass. Then another.

The feeling was surprisingly...amazing.

I neared orgasm, but Lisa was not going to let me get away that easily. She
pulled my cock from her mouth and stood up.

"On your hands and knees."


"Why are you asking questions? On your hands and knees."

I obeyed and got on my hands and knees. Lisa walked over to the side where
the cameras where and fished out a sex toy.

A dildo, to be exact.

The same one I had chosen.

"I thought that was for personal use," I blurted out, not thinking.

"Oh, it is," Lisa replied, with an evil glint in her eye. "For my personal

Until then I had failed to notice how the shaft ended in a weird shape, and
could only stare as Lisa fixed it to another garment, lubed it up, and
stepped into it.

I could have stood up and left then.

Could have at least fought back and attempted to put on my clothes, which
were still in the restroom.

I could have.

But curiosity killed the cat.

Or in this case, curiosity fucked me.

I wanted to find out.

She settled behind me and placed the lubed-up dildo at the entrance to my

And then she went in, slowly at first, letting me get used to the feeling.

Then she started taking long, slow strokes, one hand squeezing my ass and
the other giving me a reach around.

And boy, it was fun.

Growing up, I had always wanted to figure out why some men enjoyed the
feeling of a cock up their ass, if it hurt.

Now, I knew why, even if it was with a fake penis.

As Lisa settled into a pace and had me toeing the line to orgasm, I saw
another sight that took my breath away. Lee had stepped out of his trousers
and was now standing in full naked glory in front of me, and now I knew why
he had nothing to be jealous about.

His cock, at whose base that dragon tattoo ended, or rather, seemed to flow
into, was a full eight inches, thick and cut.

Lisa slammed into me and I gasped in a mix of pleasure and pain. In that
small moment my mouth was open wide, Lee slid into my mouth, his cock
immediately tickling the back of my throat. My gag reflex kicked in, but I
fought it back and concentrated on giving this man pleasure. I thought
about all the porn films I had watched and thought about what the women
usually did to please their man. I flicked my tongue around his slightly
salty tip as it went in and out, slightly bobbed my head to the side in
each entry, and we kept this up for a good ten minutes, my balls about to
burst from the pleasure. And then, he shuddered, stuck himself full on into
me, and released.

A few jets of hot seed hit the back of my throat and I swallowed.

But miraculously, it did not soften one bit.

He walked in back of me and switched places with Lisa. I heard a wet `plop'
as my ass was suddenly free of an intruder.

But not for long.

Without ceremony, Lee just penetrated into me, and this time, it hurt. He
must have sensed it, so he had the kindness to leave his dragon inside me
so my ass could get used to the feeling.

"So...deliciously tight." Lee breathed out, slowly picking up a pace. I
found some humor in the situation. "Well, I was a virgin. Keyword, was."

"Well, with a beautiful ass like this," Lee said as he slapped and groped
both of my cheeks, "I'm surprised, now, do you want to be fucked?"

"Yes!" I heard myself say before my mind kicked in. "Fuck me hard!"

And so he did.

With slow, careful strokes, he began pushing out and then in out of my
more-than-willing ass. I was in heaven, or so I thought until Lisa stepped
back into the picture, settling herself down on me and spread her legs so I
could see, smell and taste her wet cunt.

And that's exactly what I did. With that long, thick cock still in my ass,
I began to eat out Lisa, using my tongue to explore.

I was a natural at that, and a long list of women would back me up in that
matter. Lisa would become one of them, definitely, as I spread her lips
apart with my hands and used my tongue to nurse her clit slowly but
tantalizingly. Then Lee placed one hand on my shoulder in order to ram into
me deeper and the other he wrapped around my own cock, which was just
screaming for attention.

To this day, I don't know how we timed it so perfectly.

Lisa came first, sending a strong flow of juices at me.

Then I came, spilling out my own seed into the floor as Lee jacked me off.

And then the dragon spoke.

Lee rammed into me one last time, then I felt his cock slightly swell, and
then he exploded wave after wave of warm seed into me. It was heaven at

Panting heavily, the three of us simply nestled against each other, kissing
passionately. Lee's cock eventually slipped out of my ass, but it would be
awhile before it slid out of my life altogether.

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