Monday, May 11, 2009


Bobby and Ryan were sitting on the couch in Madison and Sophie's
apartment, watching the hockey game. Both had a bottle of beer. Madison
and Sophie were in the bedroom, changing. Ryan and Bobby had picked them
up from the Dollhouse, where Madison worked as a stripper and Sophie
worked as a waitress. They both worked the early shift that night and got
off in time to see the last two periods of the game from Vancouver.

Ryan thought it was exciting to finally get a chance to see Madison work.
She was wearing a studded white leather bikini when he and Bobby got
there, and she looked at him the whole time she stripped out of it. When
she did her turn on the floor she gave him a long, torrid lap dance that
nearly made him cum in his pants. Since then he'd been carrying an
erection in his pants that did not want to go away. The girls were very
amused by this when they all drove home.

The bedroom door opened and Madison and Sophie came out. They were both
wearing nothing but g-strings, Sophie a black one and Madison a white one.
Ryan and Bobby both looked up at them at the same time. They came to the
couch, their tits jiggling and their lips curled in knowing smiles, and
sat between Ryan and Bobby, pushing them to the ends of the couch.

"Is the game any good?" Sophie said.

She was next to Ryan. She put her hand on his thigh. Her fingers
traveled up from his knee to the ridge of his erection.

"Actually, it is."

"Did you ever get a blow job while you were watching a game?"

"No, but one time I got one between periods of a game I was playing."

"No kidding," Sophie said. She didn't seem too interested in that story,
but she was pretty interested in what he had in his pants. "How long have
you had this hard on?"

Ryan looked at Madison.

"Since your sister got it up for me."

Sophie looked at Madison, who grinned back.

"She did? Did she give you a lap dance, or something?"

While she spoke, her hands worked on his jeans, slowly working them open.

"I thought it was just going to be a lap dance. I think she was trying to
make me cum in my pants."

"I was," Madison said. She slipped down to the floor, kneeling between
Bobby's legs, and worked on his pants. "I wanted to see if I could
embarrass you."

"Why would you want to do that?" Bobby said.

He sat limp, letting Madison pull his pants down.

"It was fun."

She reached into Bobby's shorts and lifted out his cock.

Sophie had Ryan's pants open. She shifted to the floor between his legs.
She pulled down his pants and his erection stood way up.

"My God, look how hard it is," Sophie said.

She bent it down and put her mouth around it. Ryan sighed. Madison
watched her sister for a moment, then started sucking Bobby.

Ryan picked up his beer and took a drink. Sophie's eyes look up into his.
Her thick, red lips moved slowly down his shaft, then back up to the
head. She kissed it, licked it, then sucked it to the back of her mouth
again. Ryan looked at Madison. She was doing the same to Bobby. Ryan
held the bottle down by Sophie's mouth. She put her lips around the
opening and Ryan tilted it back. She opened her mouth, showing him the
beer she was holding in her mouth, then put her mouth around his cock.
Ryan gasped. The beer was cold. Sophie giggled and swallowed the beer.

"Check this out," Madison said. "We've been practicing something new."

She stroked Bobby's long cock, licking her lips. She put it in her mouth,
moving it slowly back and forth and deeper, then forced it down her

"Oh my God," Bobby groaned.

Madison's nose moved closer to Bobby's belly until it was buried in the
dark hairs just below his belly button. She held it there, then pulled
his cock out. She and Sophie looked at each other and giggled.

"Where did you learn that?" Bobby said.

"One of the girls at the Dollhouse showed us. She said she uses it
whenever she wants a raise."

"I'll bet she gets it, too," Ryan said.

"She does. She makes more than any of the other girls there. But not for
long," Sophie said.

She took Ryan's cock in her mouth, worked it deeper a little at a time,
just like her sister did with Bobby's, then held on while she forced it
down her throat, fighting back the urge to gag. The head seemed to pop
past something in her throat, and her lips were sliding all the way down
his shaft.

"Oh yeah," Ryan groaned.

Sophie held herself there at the deepest point for as long as she could,
then pulled it out. His cock was a tight fit in her throat and it felt

"You can do that anytime," Ryan said when Sophie had just the head in her
mouth and was breathing hard.

"Your's was a little harder than I thought," she said. "Lorna didn't tell
us how to handle one so big."

"Do it again," Bobby said.

"Ok," Madison said, smiling at Sophie.

They did it to them at the same time. The girls' heads were buried in
their laps for a long time before they finally came up for air.

"Now Sophie and I have a special request for you guys," Madison said. She
glanced at Sophie. "We want to watch you get it on."

"You mean me and Ryan?" Bobby said.


Ryan looked from one to the other.

"You're kidding, right?"

Madison shook her head, grinning.

"We never watched two guys do it."

He looked at Sophie.

"You want me to do this, too?"

She nodded, smiling. Ryan looked at Bobby.

Bobby shrugged.

"Let's do it."

Ryan rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Oh, all right."

The girls giggled and he and Bobby followed them back to the bedroom.

Madison and Sophie pulled up the two chairs from the table to watch. Ryan
removed the rest of his clothes and climbed on the bed. His penis swung
between his legs.

"Do you want to fuck me or do you want me to fuck you?" Ryan asked.

He was trembling with nervous excitement.

Bobby shrugged. "Why don't I fuck you first, then you can fuck me."

He put his hand on Ryan's ass. It made him very uncomfortable, but with
the girls watching, he didn't say anything.

"Lay down on your back," Bobby said. Ryan rolled over, looking up at
Bobby. His cock stuck out like a flagpole, pointing down at Ryan. "Suck
on it for a while," Bobby said.

Ryan licked his lips and opened his mouth, and Bobby lowered the head of
his cock into it. Ryan licked it, then closed his lips around it and
moved his head back and forth as much as he could.

Bobby moved his hips back and forth, careful not to push his dick too far
into Ryan's mouth. He still wasn't as experienced at it as his sister.

Ryan did, however, have a beautiful erection, Bobby thought. He put his
hand around it and stroked. Ryan moaned and sucked Bobby harder. Madison
and Sophie giggled and squirmed in their chairs. Their legs were spread
and their hands started exploring each other's bodies.

"Suck my balls," Bobby said.

Ryan's lips smacked when he took the end of Bobby's cock out of his mouth.
He lifted it and stared at the balls hanging beneath. Ordinarily this
was something that might repulse him, but with the girls watching, he felt
he had to do it, so he closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and sucked them
in. He heard the girls gasp. Bobby's cock rested on the side of his

"Do you have any grease?" Bobby said, looking at Madison.

"Like Vaseline?" she said.


"I think we're out of that, but I can come up with something."

She hopped out of the chair and ran naked to the kitchen. Ryan looked up
at Bobby and kept sucking his balls. Madison returned with a can.

"We have Crisco," Madison said, grinning.

"Crisco? You're kidding, right?" Bobby said.

Madison shook her head, grinning at her sister.

"Nope. You guys are gonna love this."

"Oh come on. You've got to have something better than that," Ryan said.

Madison shook her head again and handed the can to Bobby. Sophie could
not contain herself and started laughing. Madison laughed with her. Ryan
felt humiliated and his face flushed deep red.

"Oh, you're so cute when you're embarrassed," Madison said and put her
hand on Ryan's cheek.

"I'm gonna put this stuff on your asshole next," he said.

Madison feigned shock. He rolled over and got up on his hands and knees.

"This stuff will work fine," Bobby said.

He scooped out a gob and smeared it on Ryan's asshole. He jumped when the
cold stuff touched him. He rolled his eyes and looked away from the
girls, who were enjoying it far too much for him.

Bobby handed the can back to Madison and crawled behind Ryan. The girls
returned to their seats for the show. Bobby spread Ryan's ass apart with
one hand and used the other to rub the head of his cock in the Crisco on
Ryan's asshole.

Ryan watched the girl's out of the corner of his eye. Sophie's fingers
rubbed Madison's pussy and Madison's hands massaged Sophie's tits. He
wanted them so much more than he wanted this. He wondered why he agreed
to do this when he wanted so desperately to be between Sophie's luscious

Bobby pushed the head of his cock into Ryan's asshole and Ryan grunted.
It still caused him a great deal of pain. He hadn't done this as often as
Bobby. Bobby knew this, and he was as gentle as he was the first time.
He stroked Ryan's hips to relax him, which only annoyed Ryan, and gently
worked the head in and out.

The Crisco worked just as well as K-Y jelly or Vaseline. Bobby's cock
slowly slid into Ryan until it met resistance, then he started to work it
in and out, slowly at first, then gradually faster.

Ryan balled the sheets in his hands and clenched his teeth together until
his asshole had been stretched enough to become accustomed to Bobby's
thick cock sliding in and out. Then it started to feel good.

Bobby was breathing hard. He was holding Ryan's hips and grinding his
hips back and forth. Every few strokes he would push it deep and hold it
there for a few seconds.

When he did this, Ryan would groan deeply. He hated to admit how good it
felt. His own cock was rock hard.

Bobby grunted, squeezed Ryan's hips, and squirted his cum in his asshole.
Ryan moaned and fought to restrain himself from coming.

The girls applauded. Ryan felt embarrassed again. Bobby pulled his cock
out and laid back on the bed. Ryan felt fluid running down the back of
his leg. Part of it was Bobby's cum and part of it was melted Crisco.
His asshole felt terribly stretched and loose. He sat back.

"What do you want to do now?" Bobby said, staring lustfully at Ryan's
throbbing erection.

Ryan saw his eyes were on his groin and he looked down at his own cock.
It surprised even him. It was huge, thick and hard with blue veins
sticking out like cords. It looked like it was sculpted from marble. It
was so hard it hurt. Then there was the size. It looked bigger than
normal, if that was possible, as if it needed to be any bigger.

He knew what Bobby wanted to do now. Bobby was practically drooling over
the sight of his cock and Ryan was sure he was hoping to feel it sliding
up his asshole.

Ryan looked at the girls. They were staring at his groin, too. Sophie's
jaw hung open. They were in awe. Ryan was impressed himself. It was
unreal how big it looked.

"Maybe I'll just jerk off," Ryan said, and put his hand around his cock.

"No," Bobby shouted, and grabbed Ryan's hand.

Ryan laughed. Madison and Sophie laughed and Bobby blushed.

"You wouldn't want to waste that one, would you, Bobby?" Madison teased.

"If he wants it that bad you'd better give it to him," Sophie said, laughing.

Ryan stared at his cock. This was something he wanted to share with Pam.
When he told her about it later she would be disappointed she didn't get a
chance to feel it inside her. However, he couldn't deny it to Bobby.

Bobby looked at him, his eyes pleading.

"I'd like it if you sucked it," Ryan said.

Sophie and Madison sat back, giggling with eager excitement. It was like
a stage show for them.

Bobby leaned forward, his hand reaching for Ryan's cock. He licked his
lips. His eyes were wide. His own penis was erect.

"If I make you cum, will you still fuck my ass?"


"Good," Bobby said, smiling.

He closed his hand around the thick shaft and moved it slowly up and down,
holding it with a light grip. He bent forward and kissed the bloated head
like he was kissing a championship trophy he had just won for the first

"When you're ready to cum, tell me. I want you to do it in my mouth."

Ryan, on his back, propped himself up on his elbows to watch.

"Deal," he said.

Bobby cradled the cock lovingly in his hands and placed little kisses all
the way down the thick vein on the underside. Ryan's balls were swollen
to an unreal size, and Bobby kissed them, too.

Ryan spread his legs wider. His eyes rolled back and he closed them.
Bobby wasn't doing anything more than kiss his balls and stroke his cock,
but it felt great. He was incredibly turned on. His own asshole was
still sore from being stretched by Bobby's cock, and he could feel Bobby's
cum inside him. He wanted to cum so badly, but he had to hold himself
back. He'd hate to shoot off before Bobby even had it in his mouth.

He fondled them and looked up at Ryan.

"These things are full. When was the last time you came?"

Ryan looked at Sophie. "Last time we did it."

"Two or three days ago," Sophie said.

"I know how much you cum," Bobby said. "I'm gonna get a mouthful. Just
don't choke me with it, ok?"

"Ok," Ryan said, and chuckled.

"Yeah, I noticed that, too," Madison said. "You have more cum than most
other guys. How do you do that?"

Ryan shrugged. "Maybe I eat more red meat than most other guys. Makes my
dick grow big, too."

"That makes you the biggest dick I know," Bobby said.

He put the head in his mouth and the girls laughed. Ryan shook his head,
smirking. Bobby moved his cock slowly in and out of his mouth, letting
the head touch the back of his mouth. Ryan noticed when Bobby didn't look
in his eyes while he sucked. Bobby knew that would make him
uncomfortable. Ryan liked it when girls looked at him while they sucked.
It was incredibly sexy. Ryan, however could not find anything sexy about
a guy, and if Bobby looked at him while they were doing it, he would
probably be turned off like a light switch.

He knew, however, that Bobby liked to look at a guy when he sucked him,
which he did with his gay and bi friends. Bobby made up for it by looking
at the girls while he moved his mouth on Ryan's cock. Sophie and Madison
appeared tickled by this.

Sophie sat on the edge of her chair, leaned forward, and licked the side
of Ryan's shaft. Her wet lips smacked and she giggled. Her tongue
touched Bobby's and they paused for a second to kiss. Ryan saw their
tongues sticking out of their open mouths and touching before their lips
came together.

Bobby passed Ryan's cock to her and she stuck it in her mouth, sucking it
like a popsicle. She smacked her lips, giggling, and passed it back to
Bobby, who closed his lips and tongue over it and promptly slid it to the
back of his mouth. Ryan groaned and laid back on the bed, holding his
hands over his eyes.

"Hey, I'm really wet," Sophie said. "Let's see how it tastes with my
juice on it." She crawled up over Ryan.

"Oh, sure, then he cums inside you," Bobby complained.

"Relax. I won't make him cum. You won't miss any sperm."

She was already lining his cock up with her cunt. She squatted with her
legs spread and slid all the way down on him, then lifted herself off.
His entire cock was coated with her juices like she had dipped him in

"Try it," Sophie said.

Bobby licked Ryan's cock and sucked it in his mouth. He shrugged.

"Not bad. Try it again."

Sophie did it again, pushing herself down on his cock and moving herself
up and down a few times. Ryan groaned again. When she lifted herself off
she bent over and popped it in her mouth. She licked her lips and

"I never tasted myself before."

"Let me try," Madison said.

She jumped on the bed and quickly impaled herself on Ryan's pole.

"You guys have to stop doing this," Ryan said. "You're gonna make me cum
before I'm ready."

"Honey, you're always ready," Madison said, staring back at him from her
squatting position with her legs spread wide and his thick cock up her
tiny cunt. She stood up, bent over, and plunged his cock into her mouth,
then took it out and licked her lips, considering the taste like she was
sampling fine wine. "You're right. Tasting your own cunt is a trip."
She straddled him again. "One more. You can handle that, can't you?"
She was already slipping his cock into her cunt.

"Oh God," Ryan groaned. She slid down on him and tickled his sides.
"Don't make me laugh. I'll lose it."

"He's getting a little touchy. I'd better get him off," Bobby said.

"Oh, all right," Madison said.

Bobby put his hand around Ryan's cock as it came out of Madison's cunt.
He licked the head, smothering it in his lips and tongue.

"Ok, let me have it," Bobby said.

He closed his lips around the end of his cock and sucked hard.

"Uhnn," Ryan groaned.

He loved the feel of Bobby's mouth around his cock. He hated to admit to
himself, but it was true. Because Bobby was a guy he naturally had a
larger mouth than most girls, which made it easier for him to suck on
Ryan's cock without letting his teeth touch. Bobby's wet lips and tongue
sliding over the end of it was an incredible sensation.

His ass lifted off the bed. Bobby held his cock tightly in one had. His
head moved rapidly up and down. Ryan couldn't believe how intense this
was. His orgasm built and built, then exploded in Bobby's mouth.

"Oh yeah," he groaned and bucked his hips up, thrusting his cock deep into
his friend's mouth while it throbbed and spurted cum.

Bobby's lips tightened and he kept up with all of it. His cheeks
ballooned as his mouth filled with sperm. He looked like a squirrel
carrying acorns. Ryan's cock kept pumping and filling his mouth. Bobby's
eyes grew wide and he squealed in surprise. It didn't take long to
overflow and start leaking from the corners of his mouth.

"My God, that's a lot of cum," Sophie said.

Madison nodded. They were watching Bobby, who appeared to be getting

When Ryan's orgasm finally ended, Bobby carefully sucked his mouth off,
keeping his lips tight around the tip of Ryan's cock and only letting a
little bit of cum leak out.

Ryan sighed and raised his head to see Bobby. He motioned with his hand
for Sophie to come to him. She leaned forward with her hands on the bed.
Bobby put one hand behind her head and one hand around her jaw, tilted her
head back and opened her mouth. He hovered over her with his face down,
parted his lips slightly, and poured Ryan's cum directly into her mouth.

"Oh my God," Madison squealed.

Sophie tried to get away, but Bobby held her in place, letting a white
stream of cum flow from his mouth into hers. He cut it off and let her
go. She looked at Ryan with her mouth open. Her tongue was covered with
his white liquid.

"Cool," Ryan said.

Madison was laughing out loud, her arm across her belly and her hand
covering her mouth. Sophie closed her mouth and swallowed.

"Bobby, you do the weirdest things," she said, and wiped her mouth on her

Bobby had already swallowed and was laughing.

"Oh come on, you loved it," he said.

Sophie nodded. "All right, I did. But it was still weird."

Bobby got on his hands and knees, sticking his ass in Madison's direction.

"Would you put some grease on my ass? I want to make sure I get plenty of
it before Ryan comes near me."

"Why me?" Madison said.

"You're the one who thought of the Crisco."

"Fine," she said.

She scooped out a huge glob of it and slapped it on Bobby's asshole.

Bobby winced. "Damn that's cold."

Madison rubbed it in vigorously, smearing it around and pushing it into
his asshole with her fingers. Finally she slapped his ass with her greasy

"He's ready now if you want him," she said.

She sat back and wiped her hands on a towel.

Ryan's erection went down briefly after his orgasm, but it grew hard again
watching Madison's tits jiggle while she greased up Bobby. He was more
than happy to do this for his friend, but he would much rather sink his
cock into the warmth of one of the girl's cunts.

Ryan looked at Bobby's ass. Bobby was looking at him expectantly,
breathing hard. Ryan was no longer repulsed by the sight of Bobby's naked
ass. He wondered if he could do this with other men, or only with Bobby.
He knew Bobby had gay friends. Maybe he would ask him if any of them was
willing to give it a try.

He put his hand around his rigid cock and stroked it. It was still wet
with Bobby's saliva and sticky with the girl's juices. They were watching
him, as well, as expectant as Bobby. Both of them had their feet up on
the chairs and their legs spread, fingering their pussies and staring at
his cock.

Ryan got up and went around the bed. Sophie and Madison touched his cock
as he went by like it was a religious idol. He kneeled behind Bobby,
glancing down at his balls and cock hanging between his legs. He was
hard. Ryan reached down and squeezed it. Bobby gasped.

"Relax, you've done this before," Ryan said.

"Just once with you, and it hurt like hell."

"I'll be gentle."

"You said that last time and it still hurt like hell. You can't be gentle
with that thing, so just stick it in."

"All right, all right. Spread your ass apart."

Bobby reached back with both hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart. Ryan
held his cock and touched the head to Bobby's asshole. Bobby was very
tense, trembling with nervousness and excitement. He pressed forward
gently. Bobby moaned. It looked like he was trying to stuff a baseball
bat into a small sink drain. He pressed harder. The tip of his cock
squished in the Crisco and penetrated the tight ring of his asshole.
Bobby groaned more loudly. Ryan pressed further. The head popped in.

"Oh God ... oh God," Bobby moaned.

Ryan stopped to give him a chance to get accustomed to the feel. He knew
how much this part hurt and how important it was for him to go slow. This
was what Bobby always did for him when he go to this point. Bobby was
built himself and it was this part that always hurt like hell.

Bobby pushed his hips back. "Keep going," he said.

Ryan's cock made a wet squishing sound in the grease as it slowly sunk
inside Bobby. It was a tight fit. There wasn't much room for a shaft as
thick as his. He moved his hips slowly back and forth, each time working
a little bit more of his cock in.

"A little more," Bobby said. He had already taken about half of it. Ryan
pushed his cock deeper. "Oh yeah, right there. That's as deep as it will

"Does it hurt?"

"Of course it hurts. Now start fucking me."

Ryan was not disturbed by Bobby's attitude. He'd known him too long. He
put his hands on Bobby's hips and started fucking him. He pumped his hips
firmly and made Bobby groan.

The girls were loving every minute of it. This was the show they wanted
to see and Ryan felt strange putting himself on display for them. He'd
never fucked for an audience before.

Bobby's asshole eventually loosened up and it was easier to slide his cock
in and out. He pulled it out to the tip of the head and slid the whole
thing back in.

"Oh, Jesus, do that again," Bobby moaned.

Ryan pulled his hips back and his cock fell out. He lifted it, placed the
head back in Bobby's asshole, and shoved it back in.

"Ow. Not so hard."

"Go easy with him, Ryan. He's delicate," Madison said.

She and Sophie laughed.

"Shut up," Bobby said. "I'd like to see you take this thing up your ass
like this."

He was looking at Madison. Ryan looked at Madison. She was not taking
him seriously. He reached down and squeezed Bobby's cock.

"Does that feel good?" he said, stroking it while he pumped his own cock
in and out of his ass.

"Yeah, it does. You're gonna make me cum too fast."

"If I make you cum do you want me to cum, too?"

Bobby shook his head. "Take your time. Make it last. I don't get to do
this with you too often."

Ryan put his hands on Bobby's hips and moved his own pelvis back and forth
slowly. They were all quiet for a long time. Ryan could hear the wetness
of the girls' pussies as their fingers worked in and out of them and the
smacking of the grease in Bobby's ass.

"Roll over," Ryan said, nudging Bobby to the side.

He pulled back and his cock fell from Bobby's ass, dripping with melted
Crisco. Bobby rolled on his back and pulled his legs back. His long cock
pointed straight in the air. Ryan lined his cock up with his asshole and
shoved it in again. Bobby groaned, wincing. Ryan had to creep forward on
the bed as he fed his cock in. Bobby just clenched his teeth together.

Ryan fucked him roughly, squeezing and pulling on Bobby's cock.

"Oh God ... oh God," Bobby moaned.

He grunted once and cum shot from his cock all over Ryan's chest. Madison
and Sophie squealed in surprise. Ryan kept pumping. Shot after shot of
Bobby's cum landed on his chest and dripped down over his rigid stomach

Ryan felt his own orgasm building. He was fucking faster, shoving his
cock deeper and deeper.

"Oh yeah," he muttered, and shot his cum inside Bobby.

"Oh my," Bobby cried.

His eyes got real wide and he stared up at Ryan.

Ryan's mouth was open. Bobby's cum was running down over his hand, while
he still pumped Bobby's cock hard, and he moved his hips back and forth
forcefully, filling Bobby's bowels with warm cum. He could feel Bobby's
sphincter constricting around his throbbing cock, and it felt great.

His orgasm gradually faded and he stopped thrusting his hips. He was
breathing hard. His groin ached. His right hand was covered with Bobby's
cum. He looked down at his abdomen, which was covered with more of the
white fluid.

"That was great, Ryan," Bobby said.

He let go of his legs and put his feet down on the bed on either side of
Ryan's legs. Ryan pulled his cock from Bobby's ass with a soft plop and
sat back on the bed. Cum dripped from the end of his cock and leaked from
Bobby's asshole.

"What a mess. Let me clean that up for you," Sophie said.

She came to the bed and licked up the drops of cum on Ryan's chest.

"Don't let me stop you," Ryan said, leaning back.

Her lips closed around his nipple and sucked. Her fingers wrapped around
his sticky rod and pumped gently. Her moist lips and tongue traced the
drops that ran down over his hard stomach muscles, licking up each one.
When she got to his cock, she slipped it into her mouth.

"Mmm, butter flavor," she said, licking her lips. They all laughed.

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