Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Can't Believe I Did It

Mike and I had been friends for about five years. We met when I was
Asst. Mgr. at a bank branch and he was assigned to the branch as a
management trainee. We were both 24 years old and became instant friends.
We started hanging out together all the time. After several months, Mike
was transfered to another branch as Asst. Mgr. and I took a job as a Human
Resource Manager with a large insurance company. Mike and I remained good

Mike was 5'10" about 155 lbs. with a solid, muscular build. He had dark
skin and short curly hair. His only facial hair was a thin mustache,
however, his chest was covered with curly hair which matched the hair on
his head.

I was 5'6" and weighed about 145 lbs. Thanks to Mike, I had lost over 10
lbs. and was beginning to look toned. I am bald and have caramel colored
skin, thick mustache and goatee. My only body hair is my curly pubic bush.

We started having threesomes about three years ago. Our first was with a
teller Mike knew whose fantasy was to have sex with two men at the same
time. After our first, we had threesomes whenever we could find a willing

We met Pam last year on the day after I moved into my condo. Pam could
have been the inspiration for the song "Brick House". She was about 5'7"
with 36DD breasts and a large, round, solid ass. She lived across the
courtyard and appeared at my door with a pizza and a case of beer to
welcome us to the neighborhood. And welcome us she did. After an
afternoon of pizza, beer and movies, we all enjoyed a night of hot, steamy
sex. Pam became a regular booty call.

One evening, about a month ago, Pam rang the doorbell. Mike and I had been
lounging around the house trying to decide where we could pick up a couple
of ladies for a one night stand. I left Pam and Mike as I made a twenty
minute beer and wine run.

When I returned, Pam was sitting on the couch, sucking Mike's long, slim
eight inch dick. I quickly put away my bags and stripped on my way through
the kitchen to the living room. I stood behind the couch, wrapped my hand
around Pam and grabbed a titty in each hand. I massaged her nipples with
my thumb and forefinger as I watched her bob up and down Mike's dick.

Mike pulled his dick out of Pam's mouth to remove his shorts and shirt. I
quickly moved around the couch. As I reached Pam she laid down along the
couch. I crouched alongside her and sucked a nipple, while removing her
pants. Her pants and panties were at her knees, when Mike came around and
removed them completely. He slid his hand along her thighs, slipping a
finger into her cunt. She hummed. The nipple on which I was sucking was
now about a half inch long and I moved to the other. Mike was now finger
fucking Pam with two fingers.

I stood and leaned my fat six and a half inch dick into her face. My dick
was about five inches around and Pam usually only sucked at the head. I
didn't care, her tongue was doing a fantastic job. I sighed and watched
Mike's long dick disappear into her. Mike was on his knees on the couch as
he held her ass and stroked in and out of her. She stopped sucking and
began swirling her tongue around and up and down my dick as Mike picked up
his stroke.

I had become more of a spectator, stroking my dick as I watched. She
placed the foot that had been on the floor on the couch and began pushing
her pelvis up to meet Mike's stroke. Their midsections were like a
machine. As he pulled most of his eight inches out of her, she would raise
up to meet him. He would then slam into her, pushing her ass back against
the couch pillow. Soon she squealed and I knew an orgasm had hit her.
Mike buried himself inside her until the orgasm subsided.

Mike looked up at me and smiled, pulling out of her as he leaned back
against the end of the couch. I could actually see her cunt juice on his
dick. I moved her into a sitting position, spreading her legs wide as I
kneeled between them. As I leaned my head into her thighs I could feel the
heat of a woman who had been freshly fucked to orgasm. I didn't care. I
am a very oral person and on a few occasions had eaten Pam out after Mike
had cum in her. I had never considered I was eating Mike's juices also.
This time, however, Mike had not cum. I spread and massaged her pussy lips
with my thumbs as my tongue went straight to her clit. I licked up and
down, feeling her shiver and enjoying the affect I had on her. I felt her
clit expand a little and began a sucking motion, removing my thumbs and
placing my hands on her thighs. I completely forgot about Mike as I lapped
at her clit. I took one last lick of her pussy and slid her off the couch
a little.

As I stood and leaned into her, I realized Mike was now crouching alongside
of her, most of his dick buried in her mouth. I planted my feet on the
floor and leaned into her. I grabbed my dick in one hand, as I searched
for her opening with the other. I leaned in more as I guided my dick into
her. Her pussy felt hot and tight around my dick, probably because Mike's
was so slender. I buried myself to the hilt. Because we were almost the
same height, her nipples pressed against my chest and I was face to face
with her and Mike's dick. I actually heard her moan around Mike's dick as
I began a slow stroke. I watched as she sucked Mike's dick, taking about
two thirds into her mouth and then raising off until just the head was
between her lips. I matched my strokes to hers. After enjoying a long
slow fuck for awhile, I picked up the pace. She bobbed faster on Mike's
dick, matching her sucking to my fucking. Her pussy felt so good, but as I
fucked her, I wished she could take my dick in her mouth the way she was
taking Mike's.

Suddenly, she pulled off Mike's dick and screamed. I loved the way she
came. She bucked so hard she nearly knocked the wind out of me and Mike's
dick slapped my cheek. It felt as if Pam was trying to suck my whole body
into her and then her pussy was jerking. I buried my dick into her as deep
as I could and held on for the ride. She came like a man and I could feel
the warm juice as it enveloped my dick. I loved the way she came.

I looked up and there was Mike's dick, hard, long and bobbing right in
front of me. I opened my mouth and his dick slid in. I can't believe I
did it. Mike moaned and I began to suck. I was actually sucking his dick.
As my tongue slid up and down half the length of his dick I realized it was
hard and firm, yet soft and silky. Pam clamped her legs around me and my
mouth slid further down his shaft. I felt the head hit my throat and
almost choked, but he pulled out and began fucking my face. He grabbed my
head, realized I was not Pam and stopped. I can't believe I did it. I
reached up and pulled him to me. He groaned and pushed his dick into my
throat. This time as the gag reflex hit me, I swallowed and his dick slid
in with ease. My dick twitched inside Pam. She had stopped cumming and
when my dick twitched she ground herself against me.

I started fucking again. This time I tried to match my fucking motions to
my sucking motions. Mike growled and his dick jerked in my throat. I
pulled off his dick a little and felt something hot, thick and slightly
salty, hit my tongue. The dick in my mouth jerked again. I buried myself
in Pam and erupted. Pam was slowly fucking my dick as my mouth was filled
with Mike's cum. I pulled my mouth off of his dick to swallow and was shot
three times in the face. I can't believe I did it. When the first shot
hit my face, I jerked and realized I was still cumming and Pam came again.
I lay still buried in Pam as her orgasm subsided. Without thinking I
licked the cum from my lips. It was now cold and sort of slimy.

I pulled out of Pam and looked at Mike who was now sitting beside us. He
stared at me with his mouth open and then turned away. Kneeling I looked
up at Pam. She guided my head to her lap and leaned back against the
couch. As I lay my head in her lap, I glanced at Mike's limp, but still
long dick.

I can't believe I did it.

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