Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Calls 4

Jim was still in bed when she took her shiny new lap top to the living room
with her first coffee of the morning. It had been a disappointing
evening. She'd arrived home walking on a cloud. Standing on the front steps
of her home, the one she was now sure they wouldn't loose for non-payment,
looking at her new ride it was hard to believe all that had happened in one
day. The emerald green Mercury shone showroom new, though it wasn't. As
with all the cars Tom Bogdan provided his wife's nursing business it was a
low mileage lease return. The car had been well cared for by the lessee and
Montgomery Motors detailing shop was second to none. The only way to tell
it wasn't new was to look at the odometer.

She'd gone in the door excited to tell her husband about her conversation
with Tom Bogdan; about the possibility that the car dealership owner had a
job for her chronically out of work engineer husband. She found him asleep
on the couch with the evening news playing to no one. She was relieved in a
way. It gave her time to soak in a hot bath, wash off the residuals from
the day's sexcapades and really think about what had happened today; how
her life had changed; how she had changed.

After her bath she'd made dinner before waking her sick husband. Her
enthusiasm when she gave him Tom's business card was not contagious. He had
grunted somewhat noncommittally between mouthfuls and set the card on the
table. It was still there when she cleaned up the dishes. She had excitedly
told him about how much money she'd be making, her new wardrobe, her new
car, her bag of electronic gadgets, none of it got much of a reaction. She
sat with him for a while, watching some police drama that he was looking at
but�she was pretty sure�not watching. She wasn't into it either and
was glad for the interruption when the door bell rang at around

Simone Larue looked really, really tired standing in her doorway holding
the bulging garment bag. The French woman's red rimmed eyes bespoke of the
visually demanding work she'd just done. Patty invited her in but wasn't in
the least surprised when the seamstress declined. She thanked the exhausted
woman profusely for her long hours, and marveled at the normal, ho-hum
nature of their brief conversation. There was no mention whatsoever of
their manage a trios in the Bogdan and Associate's boardroom. She watched
the boutique owner make her way back to her SUV parked behind the green
Mercury. Just before she got in miz Larue called back to her; "I meant what
I zed about zhe `air. Come by zhe shop and I will `elp you wiss eet." The
suggestion made her overused pussy tingle in spite of its deep fatigue.

Patty returned to the couch with her husband after hanging her new wardrobe
in the bedroom closet. She was even less engaged in the program than before
so she retired to the bedroom to read. It had been a physically exhausting
and emotionally draining day. She'd fallen asleep quite quickly and didn't
know when he'd come to bed. When her six o'clock alarm rang he didn't stir
at all.

She opened her computer and logged on, pushing her marital woes as far to
the back of her mind as she could. The remote access WiFi card was
surprisingly fast. She was in the Bogdan and Associates web site in
seconds; logged in and updating her schedule in two minutes. She was sure
there wouldn't be any updates this morning. Jennifer had left early and
she'd left the office with Delia but still she thought it was good
practice. It would become her first order of business each morning. She had
only three appointments on her calendar for the day `Hmmm...' she thought
`Delia had said four a day, and try to get to five... maybe they're just
taking it easy on me the first day' she rationalized.

Each of the entries in her calendar had a map attached. She only had one
appointment in the morning. It was at nine-thirty. The family name was
Reynolds. Patty estimated that in rush hour traffic it would take her
forty-five minutes to get across town, she decided to give herself an
hour. The clock in the corner of her screen said six-forty. She had plenty
of time to shower and have breakfast. Her second appointment was at one and
her last at three-thirty. They were all within blocks of each other so once
she got to the Reynolds's residence her travel time between would be

After her shower she dried and put her shoulder length chestnut locks in a
bun, as she usually did for work. A massive thrill coursed through her when
she put on the pale pink satin undies. The lingerie felt so wonderful
against her erogenous zones. Patricia was amazed she had any sexual
feelings at all after yesterday.

`I had more sexual excitement in that one day than I've had in the previous
year all totaled.' What she wasn't accounting for was the `acclimatization
effect'; the more you get, the more you want.

Applying her makeup the contract nurse consciously suppressed the feelings
of arousal that were emerging.

`You've got work to do sweet cheeks' she reminded herself, but still felt a
firm thump in her womanhood when she caught sight of herself in the bedroom

The rose petal pink blouse looked very nice with the medium grey
suit. Forgetting the advice Delia had offered yesterday she chose the skirt
instead of the pants. Everything was of course perfectly tailored thanks to
Simone. Patty was slightly surprised at how short the skirt was.

`It's the fashion' she recognized.

`Just because you haven't bought anything new in the last five
years... time marches on. And besides you've got the legs for it,' she
ended by complimenting herself and stood in profile to the mirror to check
out her butt.

Turning even further she felt a tickle inside her new satin panties looking
at her ass over her shoulder.

`Well we really think a lot of ourselves today... don't we?' she almost
giggled at the regal thought.

Back facing the mirror she straightened the lapels of her jacket and was
pleased with how it lay so neatly over her boobs.

`That's what expert tailoring will do for ya' she acknowledged.

Getting clothes that fit correctly in the bust without being saggy and
floppy everywhere else had always been a problem.

A quick peck on the side of her unmoving husband's head and she was on her
way to the door. Black wedge heeled pumps were comfortable and sensible
footwear with the grey suit. Lap top case hanging from the shoulder strap
and examination kit bag in hand, she was off.

Her time estimate proved to be pretty much bang on. She pulled up in front
of the Reynolds' residence at ten after nine. The traveling nurse opened
the lap top and reviewed the detail she had on her first appointment. The
application was for Kimberly and Kevin Reynolds.

`Ah-ha!' Patty realized why she had only three appointments. The first one
was a double-header.

Scanning further she noticed the date of birth; `nineteen ninety-one!'
Patricia quickly did the math, `they're not even seventeen yet... they have
the same birthday... they're twins.' The information fit together in a
flowing cascade.

`Obviously they're not the home owners.'

She read through the medical questionnaires. `Two healthy teenagers' she
concluded. The usual childhood diseases measles, chicken pox etcetera but
otherwise no concerns. Her curiosity as to why she'd be doing life
insurance physicals on teenagers was answered in the comments section
filled in by the sales agent.

`Existing coverage only in effect while off-spring are permanent residents
of the policy holder's home. Applicants will attend college in the fall and
be living outside the family home.'

Having all the information she needed and her curiosity satisfied as a
bonus Patty closed her computer. She got the examination kit out of the
trunk and rang the Reynolds' door bell at twenty-five after nine. It was
taking longer than she'd thought it should so she rang again.

She estimated that the handsome young man who answered the door was close
to six feet tall. His tousled sandy blonde hair could have used a combing.

"Good morning, I'm missus Cornaveau. I'm a nurse with Bogdan and
Associates. We've been contra..."

"Contracted to do our medicals" the boy finished her sentence. "We've been
expecting you" he seemed a little jittery as he stepped aside to admit the

"Kimmy!" he shouted "the nurse is here!"

His sister came down the stairs. Patty hadn't known very many twins and she
was fascinated by how alike they looked.

`They're twins... duh' she admonished herself but the thing she couldn't
figure out was how one could look so handsome in a masculine way and the
other be pretty and adorably feminine. She was pondering the question,
looking back and forth between the siblings when Kevin interrupted her

"I've got a soccer practice at eleven. Will we be done by uh... ten-thirty
or so?"

"I guess that settles who's going first," Patty replied smiling at the
nervous looking pair. "It`ll be easiest to do the examination in your

The look of shock; maybe fear, she saw in the boy's eyes brought back the
memory of Jenny's slack jawed look at the beginning of the mock exam
yesterday. There was no detail in it, but the whole erotic scenario flashed
through the traveling nurse's mind at breath-taking speed. She tried to
ignore the tingling between her legs.

`I wonder what he was expecting' Patty mused.

Kevin had woken up with his typical morning woody. He would have still been
sleeping if Kim hadn't pounded on his door at a quarter after nine and
reminded him. He didn't need a dream to wake up hard but this morning he'd
been in that twilight world (the one where you're almost conscious but not
quite) when his sister knocked. He was dreaming of Miz Meyers, his English
Lit teacher and her magnificent hooters. The rumors that were spreading at
the end of the school year that she was lezzie just made her that much more
exciting. Hell, he even had suspicions that his own sister might be headed
that way.

Kevin was imagining using his boyish charm to get her to let him nuzzle
that incredible rack and turn her back to the hetero side. He was
unconsciously pushing against bed. In his dream it was Angela Meyer's
tits. After Kim roused him�OK he was already roused�woke him up; he
stumbled to the bathroom to relieve himself. Struggling to get his still
semi erect cock aimed at the toilet he wondered if he had time to deal with
the problem. He went back in his room and was about to take a crack at it
when the door bell rang. His sister had gone into the washroom as he was
coming out so he knew he had to answer it.

He grabbed a pair of jeans conveniently lying on the floor and a T shirt
similarly stored half under the bed. Jumping into the jeans commando style
he dropped the shirt over his head�it was inside out�as he bounded
down the stairs. The pretty face of the nurse with her hair severely pulled
back didn't have much impact, but his eyes automatically descended to
review the rest of her form. He never got further than the tented jacket
that obviously housed some serious guns. For the pubescent boy she no
longer needed a head and if she was gonna have one it might as well be miz
Meyer's; the woman of his dreams. His not quite relaxed boyhood sprang
almost back to full extension. He hunched at the waist almost bowing as he
opened the door to let the busty nurse in, hoping she wouldn't notice his
ogling of her tits or the erection that was pushing unfettered against the
front of his jeans.

He stayed with the door which positioned him at the nurse's side and
allowed him to use the door as partial cover. It wasn't polite to stare at
women's chests. He knew that, and Kevin Reynolds had been raised to be
polite. Polite was why his wet dream about his teacher could never come
true. The young master Reynolds was as shy as he was handsome and
athletic. He would never be able to summon the confidence to put a move on
his well endowed teacher; hell he could hardly summon the courage to put a
move on girls his own age. Did he even have a move?

When the nurse had said they needed to go to his bedroom for the
examination the teenager had gotten a cramp in his balls, and his pubescent
imagination went crazy. He was there when his father had signed the
insurance application. He distinctly recalled the salesman saying;

"Ya just fill in the medical history and they send somebody around to see
if your heart's beating and you're breathing, that's about it."

In truth the salesman had no idea how extensive the physical exam was [he
would have been shocked] but it wouldn't have changed his approach one iota
had he known. He wasn't about to say anything to scare prospective clients
away�was he?

The answer to Patty's unspoken question was that Kevin had been expecting
to have to remove his shirt, at most. There was no need for privacy to do
that. Maybe when she examined Kim but... His racing brain and flip flopping
bowels, not to mention the tension in his scrotum, made him hard of
hearing. The nurse was saying for the second time, after waiting patiently
for his response when she'd originally suggested they go to his room.

Meanwhile Kimberly had been admiring the traveling nurse's expensive
looking outfit and how beautifully it displayed her slightly top heavy

`I wonder if her boobs are bigger than Sue Ellen's�`

Kim gave herself a mental slap for even having such a thought. She was sure
that part of her brother's catatonia was a result of a similar line of
thinking, so she figured she'd better give him a push before they wound up
standing there all day.

"Earth to Kevin, come in Kevin" his sister's stupid parody got his
attention. He looked into the eyes of the nurse from the insurance company,
who was saying,

"You're gonna be late for your practice if we don't get started."

"Yeah, yeah sure" he agreed and headed up the stairs, glad that the curvy
older woman was behind him.

A cyclone probably could have made an improvement on the boy's room. Kevin
scooped up enough stuff from near the door as he entered to give Patty a
place to walk where the soles of her shoes would actually be touching the
floor. The contract nurse set her examination kit on the surprisingly empty
bureau top and pulled out the stethoscope. She clipped the ear pieces
behind her neck and said matter of factly,

"Just slip your T shirt and jeans off for me."

Kevin Reynolds was sure he was going to pass out.


While the boy across town was struggling to remain standing, Delia Bogdan
was picking up her vibrating PDA from the Lincoln's leather seat. "Bogdan
and Associates, Delia speaking"

"Hello miz Bogdan, Charlie Grimes from Worker's Compensation"

"Hi Charles what's up?"

"I was wondering how quickly you could get in to see an injured worker for

Before she even checked her calendar Bogdan's CEO knew she was going to do
it. The state paid really well and her `in' was that she was flexible and
fast. She would take no chances with loosing that advantage. Still she
needed to maintain the mystique.

"Hang on Charlie, I'm checking," she wasn't.

After what she thought was a suitable pause she said, "How's this morning?
That fast enough for ya?"

"Delia you're a Godsend. I'll e-mail you all the particulars right away"
the bureaucrat sounded genuinely relieved.

"Can you give me the basics now?" she asked watching for the mail icon to
pop up.

"Three weeks ago a woman hurt her back at Harper Machinery. The first
diagnosis was just strain; she could return to any work that didn't require
lifting. The next day her family doctor is saying she has a disc problem L2
- L3. Now they're claiming she's lost or is loosing lower body sensation
and some sawbones wants to operate. We need another opinion on her
status. Just to make things hotter Ron Harper himself has gotten into the
mix, claiming the woman had prior injuries. He's very well connected... uh,
politically you know."

"Sounds like your boss wants the fire put out," Delia summarized as the
file came through.

"You got it! I mean if she really is as badly injured as they say
then... well OK... uh, I don't mean OK what I mean..."

"I get the drift Charles. You don't mind paying if it's valid but you don't
want to be on the hook if it's bogus"

"Exactly" the compensation adjuster sounded grateful to have the issue
stated succinctly.

"I'll file my report by two... maybe one if it's really straight forward"

"Thanks Delia, I owe ya one." Those were words she always loved to hear
form customers; particularly the government kind.

She was in the parking lot of her office building but she used the cell to
inform Jenny that something had come up.

"I'll be in some time this afternoon," she informed her girl Friday. Next
she located the name and phone number of the claimant in the file.

"Mister Peterson... Hi my name is Delia Bogdan..." she explained the
situation tactfully to the injured worker's husband. His wife Cynthia was
in bed and couldn't come to the phone. The persuasive nurse with several
years of management and administration under her belt managed to get
permission to come right over. They had no choice, they had to let her see
the victim but she was glad she didn't have to call Charlie back to have
him explain their obligations.

She arrived at the two story older home twenty minutes later. Examination
bag in hand she rang the door bell.

Ned Peterson answered the door looking a little haggard. They shook and he
escorted missus Bogdan up to their bed room.

"Cindy, this is the lady I was telling you about... the one who called a
little while ago," Ned explained from the doorway.

The blonde woman looked up from the book she was reading and acknowledged
their conversation. Delia turned to the husband and said,

"If you could just give us a few minutes�"

Mister Peterson recognized the code for get lost.

"Oh sure, of course," he replied backing out of the bedroom pulling the
door closed as he went.

Cindy Peterson set the romance novel on the bed stand. Delia took a chair
from under what looked like a make up table.

"May I use this" she asked politely.

"Uh-huh" the woman in the bed agreed.

The nurse sat down and tugged at her rather short skirt.

`I gotta get Simmy to make these things a little longer' she
decided. `Fashion is fashion but she has to understand that I don't want to
go around showing off the goods when I'm working... well at least not all
the time.' The last thought made her smile broadly and her patient smiled

Delia knew from the file that the pretty woman lying in the bed was
twenty-two years old and had been working at the machine shop for two years
as a CNC lathe operator. She did a top to bottom scan. The bedclothes were
pulled up to her waist and she was propped up on pillows at her
back. Missus Peterson wore a simple white nightgown with a square neckline
and puffy short sleeves. It appeared to be made of cotton. Delia thought
she could make out her puffy areolas atop her high conical breasts through
the thin material.

"Do you know why I'm here," she asked the woman in the plain nightie.

"'Cause mister Harper thinks I'm fakin'" she replied, sounding a little
bitter. Delia noticed the woman looking at her skirt again and gave it
another tug.

"You're not are you... faking?" Delia got to the point

"Uh... uh no, of course not!" Delia was not a skilled interrogator but the
blonde claimant didn't sound all that convincing to her.

"Can you show me where you're hurt?" the nurse asked. The young woman
rolled a little away from the black woman in the chair pulling the covers
with her and reached behind indicating her very low back. At least that was
consistent with the reports she'd seen so far.

"Right in around here" Cindy explained "but it sorta spreads, uh... like
into my legs and...and hips."

"Can I take a look?" Delia asked.

"Uh, um... OK" her patient agreed sounding a little reluctant.

The nurse started to pull up on the back of the thin nightie. The hem had
already ridden up as the injured woman was sitting in the bed and was
barely below her bum when Delia started. When the material snagged between
Cindy's hip and the bed, she lifted herself enough to free it. Three
thoughts occurred simultaneously in Delia's mind. The first was `she's not
wearing any panties;' followed by `she has the roundest, cutest little bum
I've seen in a while' (Jenny would have been hurt); the last thought was
`there's no way she could lift sideways like that if her back was as bad as
the reports say.'

The nightgown was now hiked up past the patient's waist. The nurse ran her
fingers over the supposedly affected potion of the woman's spine.

"Can you curl up a bit for me?"

Cindy pulled her knees up and lowered her head. In this position there was
quite a bit of curve in her spine and her adorable butt was pushed out for
Delia's exploring fingers. Pressing her fingers more firmly on the bumpy
vertebrae she asked,

"Do you feel anything when I touch here?"

"Uh, a little bit," the patient responded after a pause.

"How about down here?" the black nurse asked, taking the opportunity to
move her hand lower and lightly caress the upper part of the twin white

As soon as the brown fingers made contact, a sound escaped missus Peterson
that was somewhere between a sigh and a groan. Delia continued to run her
hand over the velvety firm flesh waiting for an answer and feeling her
temperature rising. She was beginning to think the woman wasn't going to
answer just before Cindy finally said,

"I... I feel something," in a strained voice.

"Does it hurt, or feel uncomfortable?" the nurse asked feeling faint
rumblings between her legs.

"Uh... no it doesn't hurt."

"Roll on you back again, please," missus Bogdan was pretty sure that
whatever the woman's injury was, it wasn't too serious.

She was conducting the examination with prejudice�trying to keep an open
mind. Having not really thought about what was going to happen when the
patient rolled on to her back, Delia felt a spasm in her womanhood when the
young woman's golden fuzz covered mons came into view. The hem of the white
gown was about in line with the points of her patient's hip bones. A
triangle of light golden fleece at the apex of her shapely thighs bore
witness to the fact that she was a natural blonde. The woman-loving nurse
did a thorough expert perusal of the girl's exposed vulva. The light
covering of fine hair obscured the outer lips somewhat but the increasingly
aroused dark skinned caregiver could still see the traces of the deeper
colored inner lips protruding, neatly folded, down the center of her

Placing her hand on the young woman's thigh just above her knee Delia

"You said you had numbness in your legs... do you feel this?" the brown
hand was slowly moving up the silky white thigh getting ever closer to the
blonde curls. Looking into her patient's eyes, while awaiting her answer,
Delia saw the spark. The woman's crystal blue eyes were wide and a quick
glance at the nightgown covered chest revealed that the claimant was
breathing more rapidly than normal.

Cindy met Delia's gaze and nodded in the affirmative. The nurse ended the
upward stroke about an inch short of the plump mons. When she placed her
hand on the patient's other knee and commenced a similar upward stroke
Cindy shifted and made a very tiny whimpering sound. Missus Bogdan couldn't
be sure if it was intentional but the woman's squirming resulted in her
legs parting slightly.

"Is the feeling OK on this side?" the caregiver asked as the relentless
stroke slowly continued up the blonde's leg.

"Yeah," her patient confirmed in a guttural tone. At the same time the
little blonde pushed her hands down into the bed and seemed to be trying to
push away from the `examining' hand.

She may have been trying to get away by pushing herself up higher on the
pillows supporting her back. The fact that her legs spread even more might
have been an accident, but the look on her face told a different story.

With the patient's legs sufficiently open the stroking fingers moved more
to the inside of the white columns. There was no reason to continue this
part of the `examination' except that the nurse was enjoying both the feel
of the soft warm flesh under her fingers and her patient's reaction. Cindy
was watching the brown hand stroke up and down her leg and the warm rushes
her made her feel weak.

Things were very stressful at work. They were way behind on meeting an
important deadline and management was pushing. Everyone in the plant
including Cindy was working too much over time.

That's how the accident happened in the first place; rushing. All she felt
was a little stiffness for a couple of days but when her doctor had said
she should take it easy for a couple of weeks she was happy for the
break. Now, somehow, it had all gotten out of hand. Maybe she'd over stated
her symptoms a little but

`They're the doctors they should have been able to tell how bad it was,'
she rationalized.

In any case she didn't know how to go back. She couldn't tell Ned what
she'd done so he was fussing over her like a mother hen. Lying to him hurt
the most.

Cindy wasn't thinking clearly. The black nurse had an incredibly arousing
method of checking the nerve sensations in her legs. Ned had been afraid to
get amorous ever since the accident and it was going on four weeks.

`That's why her touch is turning me on... her hand on my ass... ooo... that
felt so good and now she's lightly brushing my thighs... I know she's
looking at my kitty... I saw her.'

Missus Peterson's mind was in turmoil. `You can't be getting turned on by
another woman... and a nurse on top of it... you just can't!' Denying it
did no good whatsoever. Her pussy was beginning to pulsate and she gritted
her teeth.

`Just relax and try to hang in... it'll be over soon. Then I'll tell Ned
that I've had a miraculous recovery and we'll...'

Letting her mind stray to lovemaking with her husband was definitely the
wrong way to go. The thought of Ned's hard cock slamming in and out of her
made her coochie spasm and she jerked; thrust her hips actually. The action
caused the `examining' hand to bump against her mons sending an electric
jolt through her clit. Cindy made a guttural cry on impact and her hips
reflexively pulled away from the stimulation.

Delia moved to keep her hand (actually it was her wrist bone) in contact
with the hot doughy, crinkly fuzz covered vulva.

`Oh my God... oh shit,' Cindy moaned to herself as the waves of pleasure
took over muscle control. Her hips were twitching, rubbing her pussy
against the hard bone of the black nurse's wrist. She was trying to stop it
but she couldn't.

When her eyes weren't closed she'd been looking at the ceiling desperately
trying to suppress the sexual longing. The direct stimulation of her
womanhood now made that impossible. She looked up into the nurse's face
with wide embarrassed eyes.

"It's OK honey," the black woman gave her permission.

`It's that damn romance novel... I'm not humping this woman's hand! I'M
NOT!' Her rational brain tried to justify and refused to accept reality.

"I think you need some relief," Delia said pressing her wrist a little
harder against the twitching mons. "Would you like me to help you?"

Missus Bogdan could feel the wetness on her wrist. She was exerting enough
pressure at the top of her patient's crease to have the blonde's labia
separate until her wrist bone was in direct contact with the horny woman's
pleasure center. The accident victim didn't answer in words but the sounds
she was making and the wide blue eyes said all that really needed to be
said. For her own peace of mind Delia wanted an unambiguous confirmation,
so she rephrased the question in clear unmistakable language.

"Do you want me to make you cum sweetie?"

`This can't be happening!' Cindy's rational brain screamed, still in
denial, but her sexual need had taken her vocal chords hostage.

"Yesss..." she hissed out in a breathless whisper.

Delia slipped two fingers into the flooded love tunnel and maintained
pressure on her patient's firm nubbin with her thumb. Thrusting her fingers
in and out in time with the woman's bucking hips, it was over in
seconds. Missus Peterson turned her face into the pillow to muffle the
scream as her pelvis pumped at incredible speed. Delia watched in
satisfaction as the blonde's fingers clenched on the bedclothes and she
pushed herself rigidly up the pillows supporting her back, before
collapsing limply back down.

The black nurse extracted her juice coated fingers from the murmuring
twitching young compensation victim and licked them clean. Cindy opened her
eyes. They were not as full of shame as they had been. They reflected the
glowing inner bliss she was feeling.

"Do you think you can go back to work next week?" missus Bogdan asked
feeling no need to highlight the fact that there was no evidence of an
injury. The blonde nodded.

"Good!" Delia said replacing the chair under the make-up table. "I'll let
the compensation fund people know." She exited without another word.

Back in the Lincoln she felt the dull ache in her pussy. As frequently
happened when she was pleasuring her partner she had put her own arousal on

`I'm gonna see if Tom is free for lunch,' Delia decided as she backed out
of the Peterson's driveway.

`I'll have the sausage and he can dine at the `Y'...' chuckling at her wit
didn't stop a shiver from running through her.

`If he's busy, there's always Jennifer...' another shudder as she
maneuvered the big boat through the late morning traffic toward the office.


James Cornaveau was standing in his kitchen looking at the note his wife
had left with the car dealer's card. *PLEASE CALL HIM!* When his toast
popped he caught sight of his reflection in the shiny chrome surface of the
small appliance. Three days worth of stubble; and when was the last time
he'd combed his hair?

`Probably the same as the last time I shaved' he realized.

His wife's news from last night played in his head; how excited she'd been
and how dreadfully he'd reacted�not reacted, that was the thing. The
chrome surface, that couldn't lie, reflected the stained T shirt.

In a moment of clarity he saw himself as he used to be. Crisp dress shirt
and tie, wavy brown hair neatly combed, freshly showered and shaved ready
to tackle anything.

The coffee maker gurgled signaling that it was ready. Jim poured himself a
cup and sat at the table, leaving the toast poking out of the magic chrome
appliance. The tears trickled through his whiskers, many of them already
coming up grey.

`What happened to me... I have a beautiful... no, gorgeous wife. A nice
home... thanks all to her for the last two years... and now she'd gone out
and found a way to keep everything together in spite of my... my�` he
had no word that described how he felt about himself.

Usually when these regretful feelings overwhelmed him he retreated to bed
to the seemingly endless capacity to let mindless sleep dull the ache in
his soul.

`I am not useless' he snarled at himself, angrily wiping the tears from his

The business card was hard to see through watery eyes but he picked it up.

`How long is she gonna put up with this bullshit?' the thought of loosing
Patty hit his chest like a hammer.

He got up from the table and resolved `I'm gonna make this call!' but first
I'm gonna get cleaned up. Jim dropped the card beside the phone on the
living room end table and headed for the shower.


"There's no need to be shy or embarrassed Kevin," Patricia said as the
sixteen year old stood looking at her�not moving. "I've examined plenty
of men and I'm sure you don't have anything I haven't seen before."

It was the oldest and most useless comfort phrase in the book. Patty wished
she had a better one. Hell, she would have settled for actually meaning the
one she'd used. While it was certainly true that she'd examined quite a few
men, it had been a while. In addition to that it had been quite sometime
since she'd even seen an erect penis. She didn't count Tom Bogdan's because
that monster was unlike any penis she'd ever seen before.

The contract nurse had noticed her client's tumescent cock as soon as he
opened the front door. She didn't make anything of it.

`The average teenaged boy is probably semi hard half the time,' she told

Unfortunately the completely valid observation didn't prevent the needy
feelings that were rising from between her legs.

She had managed to push her personal problem aside during the exchange in
the Reynolds' entry hall, but now standing in the teenager's cluttered
bedroom with the door closed and asking the young man to strip reignited
the yearning.

Of course the nurse hadn't actually said strip. She'd politely asked him to
remove his T shirt and jeans. She couldn't have known that he hadn't taken
the time to don any underwear; though if she'd analyzed her observations,
she could have concluded from the movement in his jeans that he wasn't
wearing anything under them.

She felt pity for the timid lad standing four feet away with his hands
folded in front of his crotch evidently shaking.

"This won't take long" she said, as if THAT was any comfort.

"But if we don't get started you're gonna be late for your soccer
practice." The only connection between what was exclusively occupying his
mind and soccer, was balls; more specifically the two achers between his

"I... I don't have any uh... underwear on," the boy confessed, not knowing
how the admission was going to help. The revelation hit Patty directly in
the crotch.

"Leave your jeans on... for now, and just take your shirt off," the nurse
compromised. Kevin's slight relief was seriously damaged by the words `for

The boy turned sideways to the nurse since he needed his shielding hands to
pull the inside-out T over his head, hoping against hope that she hadn't
noticed his erection and that he could somehow get it to deflate. He would
have been horrified to know that it was even more evident in the profile
view that he was now providing. Patty's womanhood twitched in time with the
movement of his denim covered boyhood.

The shirt landed half hanging on the foot board of the bed behind
him. Normally being naked from the waist up was not erotic or embarrassing
but as the busty little nurse began to move the disc of the stethoscope
around the teenager's bare chest his balls ached like never before. Her
tiny soft hands were warm and every time they touched his flesh his unit
twitched. When those skilled hands accidentally brushed his pebble hard
nipples he struggled with the resulting cramp in his nuts.

Because of his height she had him sit on the bed for the eyes, ears, and
throat portion.

After issuing the instruction to sit Patty commented on how warm it was in
the tornado stricken bedroom. She removed her jacket and laid it over top
of her examination kit bag�which was the only thing in the room she had
confidence was clean.

The pink silk blouse was not translucent but the thin material did reveal
the intricate lace pattern of her under wired satin bra. The color of her
underwear was so close to that of the blouse that only the decorative
design was visible in relief.

The neck of the blouse fell away from her as she bent forward and applied
the blood pressure cuff. He could see her upper chest but maddeningly no
more than that. All the times he'd caught a glimpse down miz Meyer's top
played in his mind, in place of what he was actually looking at. His woody
should have subsided during this rather mundane part of the exam, but the
images of his teacher's impressive bosom stoked the fire in the absence of
physical stimulation.

With the culminating gesture of stowing the blood pressure cuff back in her
bag, Patty deliberately busied herself writing down her readings and
results of her examination so far. She wasn't looking at the boy when she

"OK, the jeans are gonna have to come off now."

She heard the gasp but she still didn't look up.

She was busy reading through the "Male" section of the examination
requirement. She'd read it before and it had given her a panty flutter even
sitting in her own home. Now in the bedroom of this handsome sixteen year
old with the persistent hard-on, her pussy screamed at what she was about
to do. The checklist went like this;

PENIS: Glans: Urethral opening: Shaft: SCROTUM: Color and regularity:
Texture and elasticity: TESTICLES: Size (equality) and regularity:
Consistency: ANUS: Lesions hemorrhoids, other: PROSTATE: Size regularity:

Beside each item was a line for observations. Patty knew what she was
examining for, the Independent Insurance Incorporated document just
provided a standard format to record the results.

Kevin sat, gut churning, trying to figure out what to do. He really
couldn't see any way out.

He could `just say NO.'

They'd been telling him for years, since he had developed language in fact,
that his body was his, and no one had the right to touch him without his
permission. The next part of the sermon he'd heard since he learned to talk
was about "good touches" and "bad touches". Touches by a nurse or a doctor
were good touches weren't they? Oh did he ever hope so! He wanted the curvy
nurse to touch him; more than just touch in fact. The very thought made him
feel like he was ready to explode. His shyness, his mortal fear that he
would ejaculate during the exam, left him paralyzed. Saying `No' was never
an option; really. His father would be pissed big time, and how would he
explain why he'd refused?

Patty waited head down, back turned. It was as close as she could come
under the circumstances to giving the young man privacy to undress. The
seconds ticked away. She thought she was going to have to prompt him
again. A moment before she gave up hope the teenager stood up and began to
unfasten his pants. After he pulled down the zipper he hesitated for just
one final moment of reluctance before he pushed the blue denim to the floor
and stepped out.

The sixteen year old was completely naked.

Patricia did her utmost when she turned to keep her eyes on his face. If it
had been any redder she would have had a medical concern about it. She
couldn't prevent her eyes from taking in the free standing member, at least
in her peripheral vision. The sight of the brownish pink shaft and the hint
of a purple head poking ever so slightly through the uncut foreskin made
her pussy go into full spasm. She knew she had to speak, to reassure the
lad but for several seconds she was breathless and speechless. She hadn't
seen a dick that firm in a long time. The spasms subsided and became an
ache which was easier to deal with�in a way.

"Don't be embarrassed. This kind of thing happens all the time to health
young men in this situation," Patty tried to ease the boy's discomfort. It
had very little affect.

Kevin Reynolds wished that a hole would open up in the bedroom floor so
that he could drop into it or they that could get this over with; either
one would do. He and the nurse at least had that much in common. Missus
Cornaveau was desperately trying to figure out how she was going to get
through this too.

"I think it would be best if you lie down on the bed" the nurse instructed.

That suited the youngster fine since he really had very little confidence
in his legs any more.

`If she touches me... I... I don't know what's gonna happen.'

At some level he knew the word `if' was incorrect, but he wouldn't allow
himself to use the word `when'. At the very same time in another seemingly
less articulate part of his brain he was dying for exactly that�her

The nurse pulled the chair over from his desk and sat beside the boy lying
prone on the bed, His boyhood at full, throbbing, painful attention was
hovering over his lower belly.

"I will tell you what I'm going to do and why before I do it so you can be
prepared," the nurse reassured him as she donned a pair of latex gloves.

Kevin wasn't really sure if that was a good idea or not. The anticipation
might have him shooting his load all over the ceiling.

"I am going to start by retracting your foreskin so I can check the glans
of your penis. Most people call that the head. I'm just looking for sores
or irregular color, that kind of thing, which might indicate a problem. I
shouldn't need to touch the glans for this part, but if I do, I'll let you
know first."

Patty was looking the handsome and terrified young man directly in the face
as she spoke. His color seemed to have reduced to a dark shade of pink but
his eyes were so wide it looked painful.

"I will need to check the opening of your urethra, where the pee comes out,
for inflammation or any other abnorm... uh problem. For that I will have to
touch you and very gently pry the slit open... OK... any questions?"

The wide eyed boy shook his head in the negative.

"Good then let's begin."

NEXT: Patricia THOROUGHLY examines both of the twins and the prettier one
gives the contract nurse what she desperately needs.

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