Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Couldn't Believe It!

I couldn't believe it. I hadn't seen Anna in a couple of years. Not since
we broke up. She was one of the best girls that I had ever fucked during
my college years. And now I heard that she was married. I was surprised to
run into her at the store, and probably more surprised (well, maybe not!)
that she was coming on to me there... her hands all over me... her
comments... her moves... everything about her. Then she just blurted out,
"Adam, I would love for you to come home with me right now and let you fuck
me for old time's sake!" Damn, I didn't need a second word of
invitation... I was ready right then to go with her. And the memories of
those very hot fuck sessions we had had in times past really had my cock
stirring. The thoughts of being able to bury my cock inside her fucking
hot and dripping wet pussy made me begin to get oh so very HARD. So I
followed her to her house... all the way there my cock was getting harder
and harder in anticipation. I couldn't wait to get my hands and mouth all
over her hot body... to get my penis inside of her cunt again... to fuck
her like I used to fuck her all those many times in college. And the
thoughts of her being a married woman now made it that much more enticing!!
As soon as we got into the house, I grabbed her, and pulled her close. I
know that she could feel the firmness of my male tool as it pressed against
her sexy body. Oh, her kisses made me that much hotter. Her hands on my
body made me want her more. I was slowly undressing her... She was
unbuttoning my shirt. We slowly were making our way towards her bedroom.
I had her blouse off... was undoing her bra... letting out those fucking
gorgeous tits. She had already pulled my t-shirt over my head. Now we
were both naked at the top. And I pulled her close again... feeling the
warmth of her skin against mine. Her hand slid down and carressed my
boner. She began to undo my belt and my zipper... letting my pants drop
to the floor... Before we knew it, we were both completely naked, in her
bedroom, on the bed, our bodies entwined around each other... caressing,
kissing, licking, sucking, touching, fondling, tasting... Damn, I don't
think my cock could get any harder than it was right then. I felt the
wetness of her vagina. I couldn't wait to plow my steel rod inside of her,
just like I had done in the past. Why had I ever let her get away? Oh,
well, at least I had another opportunity to fuck her this afternoon. It
didn't take long until my cock drove into her... inching its way inside of
her dripping wet pussy... until all fucking HARD 8 inches of my cock were
buried inside of her. Then I began to pump in n out of her... fucking
her... in n out... in n out... damn, that felt so wonderful... it had been
too fucking long since I had fucked her. I was enjoying the pleasure of
this fuck session... sampling what was once mine... but what now belonged
to another man! We were in missionary position with me on top of her and in
between her legs. And I was going to town fucking her like I had never
fucked her before!!

All of a sudden I felt a hand on my ass. I didn't think much of it except
that it felt good. Anna used to stroke my ass and pull me closer when we
fucked in the past. But then I realized that one of her hands was around
my neck playing with my neck and ear. And her other hand was between us on
my chest, tickling my nipples. So how could her hand be on my ass when
both of her hands were already occupied on other parts of my body? I
glanced around and freaked. There was her husband standing behind me... it
was HIS hand on my ass. My first thought was, "Damn, I am a dead dude now!
This guy is gonna kill me for fucking his wife." Then I realized that his
hand on my ass wasn't a threatening one... It wasn't like he was gonna
whoop my ass or anything... He was just stroking it... in a playful
manner. And surprisingly I was kind of enjoying it... after the initial
shock of thinking I was about to meet my doom. Anna said, "Don't worry,
Adam! Steve just wants to join in with us... he wants to play too." My
response was, "Really???" Guess it was shock or surprise or ignorance or
disbelief or something, but I really was confused that a guy wanted to play
with me. I really didn't know what to think... In fact it was a new
sensation. Fucking this hot chick I used to screw in college... who is now
married... and her husband is behind me... with his hand on my ass... and I
am still alive to talk about it... and he is undressing... and Anna says he
wants to play with me and her together! Fuckkkkkk!!!! What is going on
here???? Finally I thought, "What the hell? Just go with the flow and
enjoy it... at least I know I enjoy fucking Anna... and let's see what new
things I can experience here!"

So my cock which had begun to shrink when I realized that Steve was behind
me, now began to grow fucking HARD again. I began to concentrate on my man
tool pumping in n out of Anna's fucking hot pussy again... It didn't take
long until my cock was raging hard and working in n out of her. Then I
realized that Steve was playing with my ass again... touching it, kissing
it, licking it... And then he was playing with my balls... DAMN, that felt
so fucking wonderful. My cock in his wife's pussy and he had his hands and
mouth all over my body. It didn't take me long until I started shooting a
huge load of cum deep inside Anna's hot cunt. FUCK, that felt so
good... so strong... so wonderful... like nothing I had ever felt before.
And then I was spent... I pulled out of her and rolled over on my back on
the bed totally exhausted. But then I couldn't believe what happened next.
Steven moved in on my now deflating cock... he began to lick it... to
taste it... licking all his wife's pussy juices off it... tasting also the
man juice that was still dripping from my cock... DAMN, I had never had a
guy go down on my cock before. Wow!! He was much better than any women I
had ever had sucking my man tool. Fuck... the sensations I was
feeling... My cock began to stir again... starting to get HARD all over
again... FUCK, I wanted more... I was ready for more... I was enjoying
Steve working on my cock. I didn't want him to stop. BUT he and Anna had a
different idea. They wanted me to fuck Steve. Ummmmm, me fuck a guy? I
wasn't sure about that... I had definitely never done that before... never
had touched another guy until today... never had a guy suck me... and sure
as hell had never fucked a guy! Yet I was now so fucking horny that I was
willing to do anything. I was so fucking hot that I was ready to fuck
Anna's husband. Ready to try a new experience. He got on all fours,
doggie style, and I entered his ass from behind. Damn, it was tight... so
much tighter than Anna's hot pussy. Fuck! The feeling... the grip of his
ass muscles on my huge HARD cock. Wow! I had never felt anything like this
before. Fuckkkkkk! I love fucking pussy... and I just had a fucking
wonderful time fucking Anna. But this was so different... such a very
different feeling... so tight... so hot... so new... so exciting... so
fucking great! I knew I wouldn't be able to last very long fucking Steve's
hot tight man ass. I knew that I was gonna erupt with a steamy hot
volcanic load of man cum again very soon. Oh, fuck yeah, here it
cums... oh yeah, deep inside Steve's tight ass. Shooting another
load... Oh, man, was I ever exhausted now... First fucking Anna... then
fucking Steve. Wow! I never dreamed when I ran into Anna at the store
that I would end up doing all this!!! What a day... what a fucking great
experience... what an introduction to sex with another guy... what a way to
begin my new life as a bi-guy!!!

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