Sunday, May 10, 2009


Warren lived alone with his mother, who was ever pressing him to "find a
nice girl" and get married, but who managed at the same time to put every
emotional obstacle possible in the way of that happening. Not that Warren
wanted to marry. He was wary of women, and reluctantly admitted to himself
that when he masturbated, which was often, he thought about boys and men
that he knew.

Warren was 38, worked at a large accounting firm, and attended church and
Sunday school regularly. There he became aware of a woman of about his age
who worked in his office as a secretary, and in time they began to attend
church dances together. Enid also lived at home with her mother. As time
passed it didn't seem that it would lead anywhere, but then in the course
of two months, both of their mothers died, one from a heart attack, the
other in a traffic accident. Six months later, not knowing what else to
do, they were married in a small ceremony. Apart from the minister, the
only others present were a couple they had come to know, who served as best
man and maid of honor. Dan owned and operated a small stationery store and
Paula, like Enid, worked as a secretary in the accounting firm.

Warren and Enid went off for a week-long honeymoon at a vacation hotel,
neither with any experience of sex with another. It wasn't until they had
returned to his house, where they decided to make their own home, that
Warren was able to maintain an erection long enough to penetrate Enid. He
came to orgasm, but thought it unpleasant that way, and he found the odor
of her vaginal secretions on his penis even more unpleasant. For Enid, sex
was something to bear. Once he hinted that he would like her to take his
cock into her mouth, but she recoiled at the thought.

For the next few months, out of a sense of mutual obligation, they had sex
once a week. Warren would fake orgasm, then as soon as possible retreat to
the bathroom where he would wash all evidence of her off his penis, and
would masturbate.

It was about this time that Warren discovered a website that sold videos.
He started with some straight porno videos, but when he realized he was
focusing exclusively on the penises, he switched to all-male and solo male
shows. He kept his collection locked in a wall safe in his study at home.

After about six months of marriage, Warren and Enid were invited by Paula
and Dan to spend a weekend at their country place. Warren disliked Paula,
whom he judged to be a malicious gossip, and so he declined, saying he had
too much work to do. So, Enid went off by herself, promising to be home by
late Sunday afternoon. For Warren, her absence provided him with the
privacy he needed to have his own film festival of gay videos. He spend
all day Saturday running through his collection, hardly pausing to eat, and
then on Sunday morning he skipped church and replayed his favorites. He
didn't hear Enid arrive just before noon, and when she walked in he was
nude on the family room floor, watching a steamy gay film and masturbating.
He reached orgasm just as she came into sight.

Enid had always understood that by marrying Warren, she was assuming clear
title to his penis, and could exercise absolute control over how and when
it was used. She became hysterical and fled from the house. She did not
return and she was absent from work for the following week. In the second
week he received notice that Enid had filed for divorce. He also began to
feel uneasily that the men at work seemed to glance at him with smirks, and
the women were icy in their dealings with him.

He did not contest the divorce and the decree was soon granted and became
final in record time.

One evening Warren received a telephone call from Dan. He said he was
terribly sorry to hear about the divorce and said he'd like to get together
with Warren for dinner. They agreed to meet at a mutually convenient
restaurant one day the following week.

At dinner, Dan again expressed his regret at what had happened, and
mentioned that his wife, Paula. "was really carrying the mail" on this,
spreading talk throughout the office that Enid had discovered that Warren
was gay. Warren flushed and shook his head uncomfortably.

"They claim that Paula found you watching a gay male film. Just a lot of
nasty gossip."

"Well," said Warren, "in truth that was just what I was doing."

"You mean you really are gay?"

"Damn it," Warren said, "I was just watching a movie."

Dan reflected a bit and they said no more about it at dinner. After dinner
Warren invited Dan over to his house for a nightcap, and Dan, brightening
up, said "I'll come but only if you agree to show me the movie you were

Warren smiled wanly.

When they arrived at his house, Warren poured out some cognac and turned on
the gas log fireplace in the family room.

"You know, I wasn't kidding," Dan said as they settled down. "I'd really
like to see that video."

Warren sighed and went to his study and retrieved it. He popped it into
the DVD player for the first time since the incident with Enid. Dan
watched attentively, and he began to knead his crotch slowly as the action
progressed. Warren felt desire sweep over himself as he never had before.
He had a wild fantasy of kneeling before Dan and taking his cock in his

When the movie ended they sat in silence for several minutes. Then Dan
said, "Warren, I'd really like you to come to my country place this
weekend. Paula will be out of state visiting her aunt, and I think a quiet
time up country would do us both a lot of good."

Warren agreed readily.

"Oh, and Warren," Dan said almost as an afterthought, "bring your videos."

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