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Since our threesome with my old friend, Len, Tanya, my girlfriend, had a
new spring in her step. Of course Len made us promise not to tell Lisa,
his girlfriend that he had strayed without her (just as I had persuaded
them not to tell Tanya that I had strayed without her too!) Sadly I could
not persuade Tanya to have a foursome with them. She said she would be
too self conscious with another girl present. We still met them at
weekends and still used whatever house was available for our sex in
separate rooms and I still got excited hearing them banging away through
the wall.

As I said, four months since the threesome with my best friend Len, and
Tanya had said to me if I got an opportunity, I should take it and tell
her once it was organised to stop her chickening out. Sadly it hadn't
happened. I also had resurrected some old bisexual feelings that I
thought were dead and buried so as well as enjoying seeing Tanya being
fucked, I had also enjoyed the limited contact with Len's cock myself.

I worked as a mechanic for a main Volkswagen dealer in the British
Midlands and the company had a number of dealerships throughout the area.
Due to some staffing problems, I was asked to go to the branch in the
next town for about 4-5 weeks as one of their guys was recovering from a
sports injury. It was only 30 miles away so commuting was easy and it
didn't interfere with our social life. It was a bigger branch than ours
with around 19 guys and 1 woman, all working there. Amongst them were two
really unlikely friends. They were called the "odd couple" because
these two lads were physically opposites. Bradley or "Brad" was half
Caribbean and half Birmingham. He was about 22 and well built but slim.
His skin tone was that wonderful "not quite black" tone which is so
attractive. His "odd" sidekick was Rick who was also of mixed race but
was part Japanese and part Birmingham. His father has apparently been a
visiting Japanese businessman (so I had a pretty good idea what his
mother's profession had been). He was also a fine looking guy. He
wasn't a tiny Asian as the Japanese can be well built, but he was about
5 feet 9 inches also with a good body.

These two joked all day. They played practical jokes and they cracked
jokes all in a thick Birmingham accent. One thing I did catch up on was
their constant references to their wild weekends. They went everywhere
together and seemingly went on the "pull" for "skirt" every weekend.
Both in their early twenties and good looking, they seemed to be
successful. They would either both get a girl or share one and over
tea-breaks when our sole female mechanic wasn't in earshot, the guys
would be regaling how the both took it in turns to "shag some tart" in
an alley behind a club, or "pull two sisters and shag them both,
swapping half way." They obviously had no qualms about performing. They
were so busy talking about themselves that they didn't ask and were
never told much about my home life. This gave me an idea. I had to time
it carefully as it would involve me being present when they did their
next shag. I started to let it slip that I too was a wild one and would
shag anything on two legs. Belonging to another town, I didn't have to
join them on their night out to prove my prowess but I mentioned a
gorgeous 21 year old who looked like "butter wouldn't melt in her
mouth" but shagged with a vengeance. I also mentioned that she wanted to
be really well fucked which is something I couldn't do alone. I then
changed the subject and went back to work. At lunch break Brad caught up
with me and asked what she was like. I told him I had a picture of her
and would bring it the next day.

The picture I had of Tanya had her sitting in her underwear on the bed
leaving little to the imagination and it had the desired effect. "So she
wants three cocks one after the other" said Rick?

"So she says," I said. I pointed out she was just some bird I had been
knocking about with for a few weeks.

"What about Saturday," said Rick? "You could drive her through here
and we'll have a few drinks and find some dark park to fuck her."

Class was one thing these guys didn't have ^� a park for God's sake!"

"Tell you what, I'll book a hotel room at the Holiday Inn and we'll
take her there. That way I can have a drink. It also means we can make
sure she's showered" I wanted to make Tanya out to be a real tart.

"Cool," said Brad, and we made the arrangement.

Tanya was really nervous when I told her. "It's one thing talking about
it but another actually lying with my legs in the air letting two grubby
guys fuck me senseless." She made it sound like she didn't want it but
that was the moment she orgasmed and brought the house down. That told me
her real feelings.

We were really nervous on the Saturday and I made sure Tanya was dressed
in her skimpiest clothes. She didn't look common but she did look like
she would be a willing but classy tart. I was in jeans and t-shirt and we
headed to check in at the hotel first. We moved to the bar where we had
arranged the meet, arriving early to have a pre-meeting drink as a
nerve-calmer. We sat facing the entrance. Brad and Rick arrived ten
minutes late at around 8.10pm and as they searched the bar for me, Tanya
whispered that she thought they were hot. I hadn't told her about their
ethnic origins so that only served to get her hotter still. The guys came
to join as and gave me a knowing nod when they saw "my little tart."

Tanya played the part well, rubbing the inside of my leg as she spoke and
glancing at the guys opposite as she did so. When I returned from the bar
with some drinks, I found her sitting alongside Brad, rubbing her hands
up and down his bare arm. She was definitely trying to heat them up. I
found myself anticipating seeing these hunks naked and more importantly,
hopefully seeing Tanya being impaled. I wondered if they worked together
or just fucked one after the other. I hoped it was the former.

Tanya went to the toilet and the pair were at their lurid best in
describing her. They thought she was a "classy piece" so I was pleased
that even when trying to play the slut, Tanya retained some class.

"Can't wait to get a piece of that ass," said Rick.

I quietly thought, "I can't wait to see you getting a piece of that

Another drink and it was almost 10.00 pm so I suggested we head back to
the hotel where I had some more booze stashed. We headed back, taking
care to enter in two groups of two, and they met us at our room.

Tanya, for ever the clean lady went for a shower while we chatted and
cracked some beer. She returned wearing some panties and a towelling
robe. I suggested the lads might want to freshen and they both went in
together. While they were there, Tanya kissed me passionately and
squeezed my jeans front. My cock was rigid. I felt her panties and found
her already damp with excitement.

When the guys came out, I slipped in and suggested they get used to
Tanya. When I came out, stripped to the waist, Brad was behind her, his
hands on her tits and Rick was kissing her with his hand down her pants,
a finger, I presume, inside her judging by her gasps. They stood back as
I came out but I asked them to keep going as I stepped out of my jeans
and stood in my Jockeys. Tanya pushed Rick back on the bed and unclipped
his jeans, revealing his (not too sexy) boxer shorts. A lump sticking
upwards in the fabric suggested he was ready for action. She hauled his
jeans and socks off while he pulled off his t-shirt. Behind her, Brad was
keeping up and was stripped to a dazzling white pair of Calvin Klein,
tight shorts, with a bright blue band. A sizeable cock shape was visible
at the front.

Rick lay on the bed and Tanya, wearing just a flimsy pair of white
briefs, knelt down to expose his cock. A six inch uncut cock sprung
upwards from a black wiry patch of pubic hair and was immediately
devoured by her. As she knelt, Brad was behind her on all fours, grinding
his erection into her backside through the fabric. I peeled off and
headed to stand alongside so that Tanya could grip my cock.

"Bloody Hell, you're big," exclaimed Rick when he saw my cock.

"Thank you kind sir," I replied.

"Oh yes, keep going," Tanya gasped as he licked her expertly.

Rick kissed her. His mouth explored her face and lips then his tongue
pushed its way into her mouth. He held her head as knelt to her left. I
climbed over and placed my cock to the side of her mouth. Rick pulled
back to allow her to suck me. There was obviously not going to be any
accidental cock contact for me this time. I pulled my cock back out as
Rick replaced me. His cock looked like it was made of stone. The veins
were standing out and it curved tightly upward.

Brad asked me about condoms, but Tanya asked if Rick could go first.

Rick didn't need a second telling and grabbed the condom packet, ripping
it open and stretching a rubber easily over his cock. This was the moment
I really wanted to watch. Tanya rolled on to her side, and Rick took up
position behind her in a "spooning" position. He took his cock in his
hand and positioned it at her entrance.

"I need to get closer and watch," I blurted out. "I just love

They looked at me like I was a pervert. These guys were not into
technique. It was a "wham bam" type of sexual experience but that
suited Tanya and I. We could make love any time.

I dropped down to get really close as Rick pushed his cock into her. The
skin peeled back on his cock and her puffy cunt lips opened as he slid
inside her. He really was in a hurry as he started to fuck her. Brad now
had his thick cock in her mouth. He was ramming it quite forcefully.

"Take that slut," he said as he forced it into her.

Tanya gave little gasps with the force of the two cocks. They really
didn't care if I was there or not and, to be quite honest, it suited me.
I lay, naked in front of these really good looking guys wanking my meat
and watching my lover being shagged ruthlessly. I was in Heaven!

"Jeesus Christ," said Rick. I dropped to watch really closely.

His cock had stopped humping and I could see the veins pump as his spunk
fired into Tanya. I had such a desire to have it on my face. It just
suddenly seemed like something I wanted. He slid his cock out and the sac
at the end was well filled.

"Now it's me," said Brad, slipping round to replace Rick as his condom
was slipped off and dropped in the waste bin.

He stretched the next condom over his cock and took up exactly the same
position behind Tanya. I dropped back down again, gripping my cock to
stop it exploding.

This time the cock took some time to enter Tanya. She yelped a little as
he went into her but with some gentle pushing, he was soon inside and
only his balls were visible. He slid all the way out, then he hammered it
in to a squeal from Tanya. Then he really got going. As he pummelled her,
little yelps came as the air exhaled with each thump against her

Brad then pulled out and turned her on to her back, took both legs and
separated them widely. His cock was pushed into the exposed entrance and
disappeared almost immediately up to his balls. He was kissing her quite
violently, licking her face, holding her tits and biting her nipples.
This guy was not gentle. He suddenly stopped, pulled back, gasped and
hammered it back in, then stopped again. I could actually see the pumping
of his cock as he disgorged his seed into her. He pulled out and repeated
the action of his friend who I could see was already dressed and waiting
to go. Definitely no finesse!

"We'll leave her to you," said Brad as he pulled his clothes back on.

They were gone in 5 minutes.

"Now the real fun begins," I said.

Tanya smiled. He may have been rough but she hadn't been harmed.

I took the condoms out of the bin, and emptied then over Tanya's chest.

I started to fuck her harder than I ever had before. I held her hips
upwards as I thrust into her. I felt the sticky cum run between our
bodies as I pummelled into her. Tanya grunted and then started the warm
up to her orgasm. Her pitch rose and her screams increased as I continued
to impale her on my eight inch steel-like cock.

Stating the obvious she screamed," Fuck me Tom," as my own climax
rocketed up my cock length to squeeze through the slit in the top with a
force like an erupting volcano. My cum shot inside her and she reached
her own finale at exactly the same time.

We both collapsed sticky and exhausted on the bed.

After showering and while we raided the mini bar, Tanya discussed this
escalation in our sexual promiscuity.

"I have to say, Tom, they were crap sex, but it was still exciting,"
she said.

I had to agree, the guys had virtually no technique but I realised that
the scenario of watching two raw lads fucking her, had given me a sexual
high I had never experienced. Even odder, I loved her more than ever! She
agreed that she felt exactly the same though neither of us understood

I was glad my period at the other dealership only had five days to run as
I didn't have any desire to repeat the performance even though the lads
did hint at it the following week. I suppose I had "been there and got
the t-shirt," as they say!

Once more we had a great sex life, reliving the experience, and this
carried us forward for a number of weeks until Len told me about a group
who met for relaxed sessions in a club on certain Sunday nights (when it
was technically closed to the public). He and Lisa has been a number of
times. Usually there were more men than woman so women who wanted to be
the centre of attraction could have a great deal of fun without contact
with other woman. He also mentioned a dark room where anything went. He
said he had the great delight of fucking Lisa as a complete stranger
which he said he found really exciting. This appealed to me too.

I talked to Tanya who was very apprehensive about moving firstly from one
guy to two guys and then on to multiple guys and in front of a group too.
She was excited about doing it incognito, in the dark, and also for some
reason, of having older guys abusing her. A new kink, I felt sure!

We agreed to go and also agreed that if either of us didn't like it, we
would leave immediately. I wasn't sure if Lisa and Len would be there
and didn't mention it in case it put Tanya off. Another little trick I
played on Tanya was to suggest she shouldn't wear her contacts as they
sometimes irritated her in hot environments. I also knew that she would
have less on an idea what people looked like in the semi dark and would
be more susceptible to sex with a wider range of people.

I did something I had never done before we went and that was to buy and
take a Viagra. I didn't need Viagra but fancied the idea of a cock that
wouldn't go down!

On arrival, we were met and taken to the lounge area where we mixed with
around 30 other people. Tanya and I were probably the youngest there and
were definitely popular. I would say there were around 20 men to 10
women. We all had some drinks and were told that at 9.00 pm, the entrance
would be closed to new admissions and we would all strip to pants only
and enter the inner part of the club. Condoms would be provided in dishes
around the walls as well as lubricant if anyone needed it. We were also
told that "NO" meant exactly that.

I looked at the assembled guests and saw two women I could fuck if I had
the inclination. The men seemed in better shape with one other young guy
of around 20 with a similarly aged girl but all the rest were in their
30's or 40's.

The time arrived and the lights were dimmed while we all stripped. There
were now about 24 men and 11 women. We all walked through to the main
club area which was very dim, with some ultraviolet lighting on the
walls. My Jockeys looked great! I could see a darker area beyond with
even dimmer lighting, which I presumed was the dark room area. There were
mattresses on the floor in some corners, a padded table in the middle and
it was obvious that this was a place for serious fun. Tanya squeezed my
hand tightly. She whispered that her heart was thumping.

"If you don't want to stay^�.." I started to say.

"No, I really want to, I'm just a bit scared," she said.

The drink was having an effect on most and some were already kissing,
usually two men per woman. I assumed it would be husband and stranger but
I could have been wrong. This scenario would have suited us but we waited
to see what was going to happen. I took Tanya and led her over to a
corner where I started to kiss her. I was amazed at the speed my cock
rose and at its solidity. I suppose the Viagra I took before we left home
was helping. Tanya had taken one too, having been told that women could
benefit from it too.

She was having some difficulty in making out details due to the lack of
contacts, but was generally aware who was attractive and who wasn't. As
I kissed, I was aware that we had company. A hand brushed between us and
my cock was stroked. The hand moved over and gently stroked Tanya. I
looked round in the semi-darkness and found a well built guy in his
forties. He was stark naked and sporting a cock which seemed at least as
big as mine. Another dark haired guy in his late thirties stood behind
Tanya rubbing his cock against her backside. I was still firmly wrapped
around her, kissing her. The second guy had a shaved head and looked like
the sort of guy you would call to have some building work done. He was
obviously running an erection against Tanya as she was quietly purring
and one of her hands disappeared behind her. The guy was nuzzling her
neck and she tilted back to allow him. My cock was being stroked from
behind by the older guy. It hadn't actually crossed my mind that
bisexual men might frequent places like this but I suppose by its nature,
most of the men must have some bisexual tendencies.

Tanya turned away from me and kissed the shaven headed guy fully on the
lips. She then dropped to her knees and I caught a glimpse of a six inch
cock just before it disappeared into her mouth. My guest, did likewise,
dropping to join Tanya on his knees and swallowing my cock. He licked my
balls and took my entire shaft into his mouth. The sensation was amazing.
This guy really knew what he was doing. The shaved guy was standing
alongside me and he winked as we both stood side by side being sucked.
Suddenly his eyes closed and his knees buckled and I realised he was
filling Tanya's mouth. She wasn't one for swallowing too much cum so
she started to gag and pulled off enough for me to see cum spurt. My guy
moved over quickly and caught the remainder from the shaven headed guy's
cock and sucking until his shaft dropped and slipped out.

We quickly drifted away but were not alone for long. As probably the
youngest people there, both of us were being watched by many. An older
couple approached. They looked to be late forties. He was quite plump
whereas his wife was slimmer and not unattractive. He fondled Tanya's
tits. His thick, short cock was standing to attention and he pushed Tanya
down to suck it. His wife had managed to manipulate me to a full erection
and she sucked my cock. As she sucked, she procured a condom which she
slipped over me as her mouth came off. She wanted fucked.

She lay back on the padded table and guided me into her, my feet still on
the floor. I slid in very easily and started to fuck her. The older man
now had Tanya in the same position and was proceeding to enter her. This
was not the scenario I had fantasised about but there was something quite
decadent about these older people using us. The crowd started to gather
around, fondling Tanya's tits, kissing her. Two women stood behind me,
handling my balls as I fucked and one even fingered my hole. I was
fucking like a madman and my middle-aged lady was climaxing. Her
husband's grunting could be heard as he slammed into Tanya. He came
quite quickly with a final grunt, and pulled out. He was replaced almost
immediately by an enthusiastic Indian guy in his late twenties. I felt I
was missing so with a final push, faked an orgasm and withdrew from the
lady. She thanked me and left. Her replacement, handled my condom clad
cock, realised the sac in the end was empty, and lay back on the couch to
be fucked by me. She was a pretty redhead in her thirties. I was happy to

I was sure Tanya wasn't sure who was fucking her as without her contacts
she couldn't see too well in poor light. Her Indian guy had lifted her
down on to a mattress and was now really fucking her as others surrounded
her. There was a woman sucking her tits now and as the Indian guy started
to cum, a second older guy shot a wad of cum on to Tanya. As the Indian
stood up, a guy in his late twenties moved in. His cock looked really
long and thin. Tanya just lay and let him enter. I hammered into my lady
but realised I was much more interested in being with Tanya than doing
anything here. When my redhead came, I used the opportunity to withdraw.
I went over to join the group of some ten men around Tanya, all stroking
their cocks. To see my loved one as the centre of attraction to all these
men had me really going. The young guy who was fucking her looked up at
me and smiled, I presume he knew we were together. He then withdrew
without cumming allowing a heavy set guy with a medium cock but massive
balls to climb on board and take his place. The young guy slipped into
the darkness.

Another man shot his load over Tanya as she was being fucked by the heavy
guy in his late thirties. I suddenly felt a hand come from behind and
grip my cock. I tried to turn, but the sharp jab from a cock made me
realise this wasn't a girl.

"She's a great fuck," came a voice from behind me, "Are you?"

I realised it was the young guy who had just fucked her. His finger was
gently massaging my hole and I was aware of a wetness which I presumed
was lubricant. I was about to tell him it wasn't my scene when his
finger entered quite a few inches. He was kissing the back of my neck.

"Remember this cock was inside your girlfriend just five minutes ago,"
he said.

The jump in my cock told him that the scenario appealed to me in some

A young woman, also in her twenties, knelt before me sucking my cock and
I realised I had seen the two of them together earlier. She was good.
Tanya was screaming another orgasm as the heavy guy came. Next into her
was a ginger haired, plain looking thirty something with freckles all
over his back. His cock was rigid in his hand as he plunged into her.

Behind me, more fingers entered and at my front, wet lips expertly sucked
my cock. The fingers withdrew and his cock started its rubber clad entry.
Slowly it entered until the head was inside me. His sweet little
girlfriend, gripped my cock firmly, running her tongue over the head and
plunging the full length before repeating it all again. Another guy shot
his cum straight over Tanya's face and mouth as the redheaded guy
gripped her hips and hammered his cock home. It looked so erotic. It was
erotic enough that the sharp pain now assailing my hole was almost

"Just over half way," he whispered. "I've never fucked a husband and
wife before, but then, I've never fucked a guy while my sister sucks
him, before."

"Sister," I yelped?

"Yup, sister," he responded as he pushed the final length into me and
started a gentle onslaught.

She stood up and started to kiss me on the lips, tweaking my nipples as
she did it. We had our own audience. Some guys were fondling him, some
were fondling his sister and one guy had my balls in his hands and was
also feeling the guy behind as his shaft entered me. My young assailant
started to build up to cumming and his thrusts became more urgent. I
would like to say that my first fuck was an exhilarating experience but I
felt my arse was on fire and only the eroticism of the event was keeping
me from passing out. He came loudly and from the thrusts in my hole, he
came copiously. I looked down as Tanya's current partner also came in
her and another load of cum from one of the spectators landed fairly on
her tits.

I short guy in his forties with a five inch cock knelt down and started
to enter her, as I was saying my farewells to the taker of my anal
virginity. He came as he was entering, poor guy. I desperately wanted to
fuck her while she was so high and I hoped she might not realise it was

I quickly pulled the next guy out of the way and plunged into her
bareback. I fucked like I had never fucked before, holding her hips, she
thrusted up to me as it rained cum on us from all corners. Tanya wailed
out her orgasm and as her mouth opened another splodge of cum landed in
it. I kissed her and tasted its saltiness mixed with our saliva as my own
cum fired into her. I pushed and held letting my liquid fire inside her.
Her own prolonged orgasm continued in waves. I pulled out and as I stood
up a guy in his fifties dropped down and started to lap my cum out of
her. She lay and let him for a few moments until. I gripped her hand and
lifted her. We towelled off as best we could and both limped out, our
insides a little tender.

"How can people behave like that," she said as we walked home.

"I'm not sure but perhaps we should go back some time and find out," I

She smiled and held me close. We had arrived!

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