Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kyle and me, part 6

Over the next 12 days, I got together with Kathy daily, and she either
jacked me or sucked me off. She wouldn't remove her clothes, so I got only
hand and mouth relief, but I was glad for it. The old lady with the
dentures came over a couple of times and took out her teeth and gave me
some marvelous blowjobs. One time she undid her dress, showing her saggy
old tits and had me cum all over them, and then she proceeded to lift each
old tit to her mouth and suck off my cum. I offered to fuck her, or even
eat her old snatch, but she declined. Kathy insisted that I get naked when
I was there, and that was no problem for me.

A couple of times, she brought out some of her old sex toys, and dildoed me
while she sucked me, and that was just fine with me. The day before I was
supposed to leave to go home, she told me she knew I was gay. I asked her
why she thought that. She said "You love big hard dildoes up your ass too
much not to be gay.". I admitted that I lived with a lover at home, but
told her that I still like pussy. She asked me if I ever got any pussy.
"I'm working on that, I said." She asked for my address, and I gave it to
her, and she promised she'd visit sometime. I kissed her goodbye and went
back to my parent's house.

The next morning, my parents and I fixed a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon,
toast and jelly, and plenty of good coffee. At about 9, I rolled out of
Statesville on I-77, going south. I called Kyle from my cell and told him
I was headed back, and we chit chatted a little. I found out we had a big
plumbing job coming up, and that we should make quite a bit of money from
it. Jean came on the phone, and we talked a little too. She told me she
had a surprise for me. I told her I couldn't wait, and finally we all hung
up and I drove.

In Columbia, I made the exit onto I-26, headed south. A little ways out of
Walterboro, I hit I-95 and went toward Florida and home. I stopped at
another Waffle House and ate a greasy patty melt and hashbrowns. Two seats
over, a truck driver kept giving me the eye while I ate. I ignored it for
a time, but finally caught his gaze, just as I was finishing my meal. He
jerked his head toward the parking lot, and I nodded. I paid for my meal,
went the the bathroom and took a leak. I walked out of the bathroom, and
the truck driver was gone. I walked outside, and heard a whistle. I
turned to look, and the trucker was leaning against the front of his big
Peterbilt rig. He was probably 50, and muscular. I liked what I saw, and
walked his way. He was wearing jeans and a black tee shirt. His muscles
showed under the shirt. I was beginning to wonder what his cock would look

When I was about 10 feet away from him, he turned and walked around to the
driver's side of his truck. I walked to the passenger side, as if I were
his regular teammate. I reached up and found the door unlocked, so I
opened it and climbed into the cab of his really cool Peterbilt. He was
already sitting in the drivers seat, and he looked at me. I smiled and he
leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I felt a little bit of an electric
shock, like I always feel when a hot man kisses me. My cock twitched in my

He pushed his tongue into my mouth, and We licked each other's tongues for
a moment. It was a hot kiss, and my cock was straining against my zipper.
After a few seconds, he broke off the kiss, and took my hand and led be
back to the sleeper. He had a bunk about the size of a queen sized bed
there, all musky and unkempt. I started leaking pre cum now in my pants.

The big man, I'm guessing he weighed probably 245, but very muscular, and
he was about 6' 5", sat me down on the bed. "Let's get naked," he said. I
began untying my shoes, while he skinned off his tee shirt. His nipples
where pierced, with little gold rings through them. He had tattoos all
over his chest, one showing a man with a gigantic erection. I quicky
removed my shirt and my pants, my cock fully hard now. He shucked off his
jeans and a monster sprang up. His huge, uncut cock was nearly 10 inches
long, and probably close to 3 and a half inches thick. The head was
straining to come out of it's shell, but didn't quite make it. Pre cum was
oozing from the head, and I dove in and tried to take it in my mouth.

This cock was huge. I couldn't take it all the way down, but managed about
three forths of the way before I began to choke on it. I backed up, and
ran my tongue around under the hood of his uncut cock and tasted his
cheese. Normally uncut cocks aren't my thing, but this one was so huge, I
had to check it out. I bobbed his knob for a few minutes until he pushed
me off of it. He grasped my ankles, and pushed me back, onto the bed, and
pushed my ankles up over my head. He dove in, pushing his tongue into my
puckered anus, making it wet and pliable. He ate me like a dream, pushing
his tongue in and out of my hole like a piston. He ate my asshole like
there was no tomorrow.

Finally, he had me lubed up with his spit, and never taking his hands from
my ankles, he raised himself up and I felt his wet cock at my hole. He
gave a mighty push, and was in. I thought I was going to pass out with the
pain, but my asshole quickly adjusted to his cock. He began to ram fuck
me, as hard as was humanly possible, while he begain to bite and suck my
hard nipples.

After the pain gave way to pleasure, I came. Didn't have to touch myself
at all, but I shot cum all over both of us. Some of it landed on my tit,
and he sucked it up and kept fucking me like it was his last fuck ever. My
asshole was taking a tremendous pounding, but I wouldn't ever trade that
feeling for anything in the world. He was fucking my lights out.

We fucked for about 10 minutes, and my cock started to get hard again,
rubbing against his belly as he fucked me. Suddenly, he yanked his huge
cock out of me, and straddled my face. I put the head of his shit stained
cock to my lips and I began to suck. He jacked himself a few times, then
backed up, and blew a huge load of cum all over my face. "Damn!" I
thought. "This dude must have been storing that up for a month!"

My face was completely covered with sperm, and the trucker was gasping for
breath. He lowered himself down, and plugged my hole again. "Wow," I
thought. "Can he possibly fuck me twice in a row?"

His cock didn't feel as hard, but suddenly I felt a sensation, like I
usually feel when I douche myself. He was pissing inside me! My cock got
hard like a rock against his belly as he emptied his bladder into me. When
he was done, he pulled out his cock, and I clenched my asshole to keep from
making a mess all over his bed. He went down to my cock and took it all
the way down his throat. I was about to die, as horny as I could be but
feeling like I was about to evacuate my bowels all over his bed. I came in
about 20 seconds, and he swallowed all my cum. I pushed him up, and away,
and staggered to the passenger side door of the cab. I opened it, and bent
over hanging my butt out the door. I let fly, spraying his piss, and my
turds all over the parking lot. He cupped my face in his big hands, and
licked up his cum from my face.

When I was done cleaning out from his enema, I went down on him, cleaning
my shit off his cock, and making sure his balls were nice and clean with my
tongue. After a while, we got dressed. He was on his way to Baltimore,
and wanted me to ride with him, but I of course couldn't go. I gave him my
cell number, and told him to call me whenever he was in central Florida.
He said he would. Reluctantly, I got out of the Peterbilt and walked over
to my old pickup truck.

I started the engine and drove away, looking over my shoulder at the 18
wheeler. He gave me a grin and a wave, and I waved back. God, what a cock
this dude had! I thought about Kyle, and felt a little guilty, but we had
both had our flings at times. If this trucker ever gave me a call, I'd
invite him over and Kyle and me could both enjoy that monster cock. Maybe
even Jean, if she was willing.

I got home about 10 AM the next day, and Kyle ran out the door completely
nude. His cock was flopping around, looking like a loose snake. Jean came
out on the porch nude as well, and I found what the surprise was.

Her pubic hair was gone, completely shaven off! Kyle wrapped me up in a
bear hug, his cock getting hard against the front of my jeans. He kissed
me deeply, running his tongue all over my teeth and gums, and made me hard
too. Kyle broke off the kiss, and pulled me to the rear of the truck. He
lowered the tailgate, and undid my belt and my pants and shucked them down.
My cock sprang free, and Kyle's mouth immediatly went to my cock, bobbing
up and down. Jean came down and removed my shoes and pants, as Kyle bobbed
up and down on my cock while I sat on the tailgate of the truck. Jean
pulled my shirt up over my head, and soon I was as naked as Kyle and Jean.

Finally, Kyle pushed me back, on my back, and lifted my legs up over my
head. He dove in, and began licking my asshole, pushing his tongue into
it. Jean climbed up into the back of the truck, and squatted over my face.
What had been a mass of hair was gone, and her clean shaven genitals
hovered over my face. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her lips, and her
clit. She squatted a little lower, and I pushed my tongue into her vagina.
God, she tasted sweet! Kyle finally got done tonguing me, and entered me,
fucking me hard. I feasted on his daughter's pussy, and I came about the
same time Kyle did, his cum squirting into my asshole, and Jean came on my

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